That Òwò  massacre….


St. Francis Catholic Church

THEY woke up  on that Sunday morning bubbling with life. Yes, they woke up hale and hearty .They  took their bath , wore their best clothes  to celebrate and to  do thanksgiving . ‘Armed’   with their rosaries dangling in their hands  and  necks  as  they  clutched   their Holy Bibles under their armpits  then  headed  for  church to serve God. While in Church  the Choristers  joyfully sang to high heavens , praised the Lord  and  danced like skilled dancers rejoicing  and praising God .In fact they   mashed Satan on the ground  and they sang  “mash am , mash am “.  They  te èsù pa and shouted Hallelujah as they  danced  to the tune of Organ. The Priest performed his Priestly  rituals  while the congregation  prayed, poured their  troubled minds  and deposited their problems  to   Holy Mary   mother of Jesus whose ‘picture’ was on the wall of the altar    to solve  .Yes , they looked forward to seeing another week and waiting for their prayers to be answered  and manifested  the following week  in order to come back to give  testimonies the following Sunday.


As the the church service was coming to an end the  unexpected happened . Tragedy struck.  Within a twinkle of  an eye catastrophy   reared its ugly head. The  congregants’  joy was cut short .  It was an unhappy ending as some  criminals entered  the church and punctured their happiness . Sadness took over as the church  received some visitants : the Devil they prayed against  appeared from nowhere. The  Devil  they avoided and cursed  appeared in Church. Yes!, the  Satan they mashed and crushed suddenly rose  as  he manifested himself through his Satanic  messengers . The Devil came to kill, maim, steal and destroy . And they came , killed, maimed, stole and destroyed.

  Ha! Oloun Oba o! the unsuspected  congregants  met  one -on -one  armed -to-the -teeth    daredevil armed  men. They were face -to -face -with  the men of the underworld  holding AK 47  (Kalashnikov automatic   rifles). They  saw   the  blood –  thirsty and  fierce- looking bloodshot eyes of  these wicked  men   . Haaa  ki l’eleyi?.  Igbe a n’fe ewé! Guns ke , in the church!. Wàhálà de! . Òràn ńlá!. Oghàn mó gbé! Mo wèsún òràn. Òrò  di bi o ko lo y’àgò  fun mi. Oloun Oba o, eni orí kó yo o d’ile. The sound of their guns  gbàù, kà-kà-kà-kàà   rent the air and  made some to climb the fence , some hid  under the pulpit , some under the Pews , some ran into Sacristy while  some laid flat  as the  assassins  emptied bullets on them .They  opened fire and sprayed  their bullets mercilessly  on them .God have mercy .They  shelled heavily . Then a loud sound was heard, it was  a dynamite  . It was an explosive . It was  bomb!. Bómbù kè in the House of God?.  The church building vibrated and shook to its foundation. All the materials on the table  came down crashing , human  brains  spilled on the altar. Human flesh littered the ground like leaves. Blood splattered on the walls as they stained the pictures  of  Holy Mary on the altar. Ha! it was a Black Sunday . Yes, ojó burúkú  èsù  gb’omi mu. The old ones who could not run with their feeble legs were not as lucky. Innocent children were caught in the  melee  as they were soaked in their own pool of blood. Ha , nwon o nii jèrè. Ik ú òjijì  will kill these wicked people.

While some mothers  abandoned their children and ran for their dear lives  having the Yoruba saying in mind that  bi iná jo ni jo omo eni t’ara eni laa ko gbòn, O di bii o kò lo y’àgò  fun mi .While some too died alongside  with their children. Husband and wife were forcefully ‘joined’ together in death as they were shot dead!. It was like a movie but real.

The assailants opened fire and   shot the  innocent congregants  .Limbs were separated from the bodies. Some had their bones shattered . Body parts scattered on the floor .Blood was everywhere .  It was  ikú gbígbóná as innocent souls were sent to the grave  . Many of them were identified by their clothes and shoes they wore. It reminds  one the Hotel Rwanda Movie – a 2004 drama film directed by Terry George .  Haaa ! O ma se o. Ìkà l’ènìyàn, ènìyàn  ni ìkà.


This toddler came from America to visit her grandparents, was among the victims

Some minutes later ( after the monsters had left) the church was besieged by sympathizers  as tears flowed freely while many   lay dead  and some were  writhing in pain, dying .The assailants left behind  sorrow ,tears and  blood courtesy of Fela Anikulapo -Kuti.  The Federal Medical Centre, St Louis Catholic Hospital  had  their mortuaries filled  with  dead bodies. Over 40 were killed. The  victims had their blood -soaked  clothes and shoes returned home  by sympathizers who  identified them  telling the family members of the victims  that the owners of these properties are no more. Tears flowed freely, the shouts of õróóó òòò  rent the air. In the victims’ homes crying and anguish filled the air. Many were rolling on the floor while the bold ones were gnashing their teeth. Wailing took over. Wàláítàlaì the old held their heads  biting  their lower lips as if regretting going to church that day. It was a Black Sunday.


The ancient town where Action Group (AG) was formed in 1951 which made it popular politically  became  the sacrificial lamb for the ISWAP who owned up to the killings . Who could have done it?.  Questions remained unanswered while others guess as well as theories upon theories emerged. This dastardly act shook not only  Òwò but Yorubaland and Nigeria as a whole. Unexpectedly , the ancient town became a Mecca of sorts for genuine and fake sympathizers  for some politicians  came for political reasons . Politicians came to show sympathy while the CNN and other foreign media reported the ugly incident that occurred at St. Francis Catholic Church , Òwálúwà Street , Òwò, Ondo State. The whole world was taken by surprise. Òwò for that matter? .Òwò  the land of Honour was dishonoured   by the intruders  that day as the assailants spilled innocent blood. Òwò of all towns? ÒGHÒ!.OGHÒ!!.


On the third day women and children came out not only to protest but to lay  curse  and invoke the spirit of Òronshèn (a goddess in Òwò) on those who performed the heinous act. Few  days later  the whole town  trooped to the palace Of Olówò  of Òwò, Oba Ajíbádé Ògúnoyè  III  to  have a glimpse of  those  were allegedly  caught  whom they suspected to have  performed  the  wicked act. Rumour went round  from Òwò to America, Canada , France that the assailants had been arrested. Na lie, no bi dem jare .Those arrested were later discovered to be Hausas selling Indian Hemp in the farm. Again , the whole town and the world were told that  the search for the assailants continued. When will we apprehend these criminals?

Elerewe’s killers yet to be prosecuted


Although this ugly incident is not new. What is new is that  it happened in a  Church  . About 21 years ago dozens of  people were killed in Owo  during the  OPC members’ clash . About 22 years ago Engineer Fadare Amúlélé was brutally killed alongside his wife and his house was burnt down .In fact petrol was poured into the toilet where he and his wife ran into to hide and the couple were     gruesomely burnt alive!.  Six  years ago some robbers invaded the ancient  town and unleashed terror on the indigenes as they  killed many  including one Mr. Ogundipe Adene who was in his late 70s. He relocated from America to Ipènmèn after   spending 29years in the United Sate of America  .The report said that some were caught but that was all we heard about it till date.

Exactly six months ago High Chief  Elérèwè of Owo Kingdom Túndé Ìlòrí was brutally murdered in Owo  .According to reports some suspects were arrested but released and up till the moment of filing this report nothing was done.

About one month ago news went round that a foreigner was kidnapped after killing a soldier who was guarding the Engineer working on  road construction in Owo. The soldier was shot in  the head and the video went viral .Up till the moment of reporting this story  nobody  has been arrested.

Couple killed


Since the ugly incident the social media   has been  awashed  with all kinds of ugly and unbelievable stories that  some disgruntled people were after the Olowo Of Owo’s life . The video has been going round . Not only this some Bloggers seized  the opportunity to  have verbal  diarrhea  talking jargons . Let me remind you all that we don’t toy with our traditional ruler, the Olowo of wo. We respect our King and therefore those self -aclaimed sympathizers or Sòròsòrò ( Presenters) should be mindful of their words if not we would sue them to Court and would ask Òronshèn to deal with them. One of them was talking about the money donated to the Church and to the family members of the victims, please Bloggers be warned  and know  that Owo is  a land of Honour !.


According to history Òwò  has never been conquered in war and no one has ever invaded Òwò .So what is happening? .Where are the Babalawos and the gods  in Òwò? Where are the powerful  men in Òwò?. Is Owo no longer the Ogho  we know?. I doubt if we will get these assailants , infact I doubt 1,00000 times for if the killers  of Elerewe cannot be fished out  , and when the suspects were arrested it  was turned  to  awúrúju , it was done in  màgòmágó  way and they were released. It is almost going  the way of Dele Giwa’s case when we all knew the killers of Dele Giwa yet none of them was brought to book. Please when are we going to  arrest , re arrest killers of Elerewe ? .When are we going to get the killers of worshippers of St. Francis Catholic Church?

And the questions remains unanswered ” Who Killed Chief Elerewe of Owo Kingdom?. Who killed the Congregants at St. Francis Church?. Who killed Fadare  Amulele? . If we cannot unravel the killers of Elerewe ,then I doubt if we can get those who came from outside to unleash terror on St. Francis Church members!.



We need gun. We need amulets .We need ōgùn abenugongo . We  need Àse .We need both  physical and spiritual intervention. Imagine these assailants had the effrontery to  come to the centre of the town very close to Olowo of Owo’s palace to unleash terror for 30minutews according to reports and nothing happened .Nobody challenged them .Kai! O ma se o. Everybody was indoor to save their heads. Ah! it is unheard of .Ki lode? and when they left everybody now came out crying and rolling on the floor. According to some reports they contacted the police who in turn complained of not having vehicles to use. But wait where are the brave ones in Owo?. If they could shoot and  unleashed terror for 30minutes uninterrupted then they would do worse in the nearby villages uninterrupted as they are now doing in Benue and other Northern areas where they would invade and killed for hours uninterrupted.

It was these victims today and who knows the next victims  ? . It could be me and it could be you!. It could be a member of my family and as well could be yours!.  When the Elerewe of Owo was killed I wrote and wrote not because I enjoy writing but it could happen to ANYBODY. Eni kan lo mo.  He who feels it knows it .


This writer is angry as he asks’ where are our traditionalists?’


As  the old man was  told that his only child  had his boat capsized and was drowned by a ferocious  whale , he was dumbfounded and did not say a word. The following day he went to the spot   where the boat capsized and sprinkled some powdery substance  there. On the third   day the carcass of the  huge whale  was found by the river bank. When the old man visited the place and saw it ,he was relieved. He said ” this is to save other proposed  victims”. Where is our traditional power  our forefathers bequeath to us? .When the St Francis Church members’  assassins fled they should be made to start dancing or be confused where they were. Where is our power?

Some months ago some dare -devil armed robbers  robbed some banks in Uromi, Edo State .The robbers killed and used explosives on the Banks’ vaults  and the ATM’s machines and carted away millions of naira in Ghana Must Go bags . Immediately the youths heard about the news they barricaded all the roads  leading to the town to avoid the robbers from escaping . The robbers could not pass through the road and therefore  abandoned their loots and fled, according to reports. The video went viral in social media .Now where are our brave youths?.  After killing our people the youths came out fuming  and raging . Hmmmmm, medicine after death , you will say. We could have used our phones to boldly take their pictures. We could have use our Babalawos to make them be dancing to  the sound of the unseen drums and invisible bells . They could have  turned the killers to ants or  turned them to sweepers and be sweeping the Church compound. Where are the Babalawos we honour, fear and respect?

Mark you , these dare devil ones  if care is not taken would start unleashing terror on our villages for they would think if they could succeed  in  the town then they could do this unperturbed anywhere.

What is the role of our Government on security?.But the Government cannot do everything.  Where are our traditionalists /Babalawos? is our iseese no more working?.

I rest my case.

Spirit of slain Elerewe torments his killers


                ……….SUSPECTS  HAVING NIGHTMARES                                                             ………THE LATE CHIEF WILL BE BURIED  ON …( WATCH THE VIDEO AS MD. DEOLA ANNOUNCES ..)

                    ……….NO NEW  ELEREWE WILL  BE INSTALLED  UNTIL ……


Aguntasoolo…the late Elerewe of Owo Kingdom

 Iku wo ‘le ola ….

Osika ranti Ola…

Ajo ko le dun k’odidere ma re’wo

Ko ma s’eni ti ko ni r’orun

B’ areni l’owo ninu iku  Elerewe

Ipade d’ijo agbeunde….

Ibi ti Baba  o niwoju omo o,

Oko ko ni woju iyawo re mo o,

Egbon gbami gbami o si o,

Ore gbami gbami o si o ….


Ba r’eni to f’ori pamo l’owo ninu Iku Elerewe 

To so ‘yawo d’alai l’oko o

To s’omo d’alai ni Baba oo

Onitohun ko ma ma ku mo 

Ko fi jo Baba Baba re  ti kooo ku o

Doris ku iroju 

Oloun Oba a duro ti e oo


B’aiye lo pe pa e

Onitoun a ku iku moto t’omo t’omo,

Bo ba l’ogun ile a wo,

Bo r’egbefa moto a d’anu ,

Bo ba  b’igba omo  ko ni ku ‘kan soso

Oni t’ohun ko mama ni  ku s’ibi  aso re gbe wa…

..Iku wole ola,  Chief Ilori Elerewe lo n’ile 

Doris ku iroju



Since December 15, 2021 when some assassins   brutally killed  Chief Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom the  suspected killers know no peace. While the    news making  the rounds is that some of these suspects are running from pillar to post as they run to spiritual homes contacting Marabouts  because  the spirit of the Chief  is haunting them.Yes, some of these suspects  are under spiritual incubation ( aabe aabo) begging for forgiveness and seeking the face of God. 


According  to investigation ,since the gruesome murder of the late Chief Elerewe  of Owo Kingdom some of these suspects  are sighted in spiritual  homes. While some attend functions so as not to be suspected. Some too are treated like leper as nobody wanted to be identified with them. One of them was not allowed to have access to the first traditional ruler cum spiritual  head of the town again and he is being dealt with at an arm’s length  .

             Some, according to reports are consulting Native Doctors , Muslim and Christian Clerics ,Star Gazers ,Soothsayers and  the  Alfaa and Priests to let the case die down.   These suspects invited some Marabouts from Okenne. They  went  as as far as Ghana,Togo and some  villages in Nigeria seeking for spiritual assistance. They   buried animals alive and   offered  sacrifices and performed  rituals in the river for the  case  not to  see the light of  the day. But eewo! Iro nla! Uro gbuuu m’aiye mi, mii Uro gbuuu Bami, mii oghon puro jooo, for Baba nla wahala is coming. It’s on the way. Eni ba pa igun will get the result. Eni ba pa akalamagbo so also eni ba pa igunigun will get the result. So Oghon siii!.                 

     Walaitalai  they have swallowed the pestle and can no longer stand upright . Won ti fi owo f’ona won ko le duro, and  the heat is on . Yes, they can no longer sleep since that time. It is ara ko ro okun, ara ko ro adiye .They have become the proverbial bird who perches on the rope.  Beeni it has become a big error! . They killed Elerewe by error. Now they are offering sacrifices and performing rituals  in the night.( Nwon n’gbebo  won loganjo  oru nitori  awaaa..) at the T junctions and going to Priests for prayers Walaitalai  ko le je!!!

May those who killed Elerewe end up like the Mythological Niobe, AAAASSSSSEEEEEEE

Those who killed Elerewe  will end up their lives together like Niobe .Yes, remember what happened  to  Niobe and her  children in Greek Mythology . Niobe,  the daughter of Tantalus. Again may the killers of Elerewe end up like Niobe herself. Walaitalai emi o fo bee, na me talk am and Baba Goodu ti fi ase si.

Information gathered that some of these suspects are having nightmares and seeing the dead Chief  in their dream .One of the suspects confided in one of his friends that he used to see the late Chief in his dream pursuing him . Yes, Chief Elerewe is pursuing them , his spirit did not die . According to the sister of the late Elerewe , ”the late Chief said until all  those who had hands in his death confessed , exposed   and  fished out before he could be  buried”.

Elerewe  ( latest news..….)( Check the video)

Federal Government and International Community will soon be involved  in  further investigation of  the death of the late Chief.


Information gathered that some  are working underground to become the new Elerewe no wonder why  some of these people are canvassing for a quick burial of the fallen Chief . Now it is counting  from hours to days  and from days  to weeks and  from  months  to only God knows .Yet there is no hurry to bury the fallen hero, No. We cannot hurriedly bury  Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo kiakia , Iro ,Ko joo. Walaitalai he is still the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom until after  he is buried. As at this moment he is STILL ON HIS FATHER’S THRONE  with the tittle of THE ELEREWE OF OWO KINGDOM. But when will he be buried? Next week? ,Next month or when? The question is :the corpse is still at the mortuary , autopsy not yet done, case not started   , so the burial arrangement is not in sight , Yes, for those thinking he would be buried soon, it is o ti di gombe!.  It is faaa faaa foul! .According to Mrs. Deola , the older sister to the late Chief ” the body  has gone back to dust  so why in a hurry to bury the dust . We shall drag this case to a logical conclusion . When the  killers are brought to justice then we will bury the Elerewe .It could be today or tomorrow and it could be five or 10 years. For Baba Elerewe said he should bot be buried  without bringing the killers to book”


I am in total support of Deola’s idea   after all when the Ashipa of Oyo, Chief Amuda Olorunkosebi  was brutally murdered on 26 November 1992 in his farm, according to report, the assailants  waylaid him on   the way  to his  farm  and overpowered him , then  broke his neck by twisting it  and poured acid down his throat . They snuffed life out of him in  the most wicked  manner. Believing that the Ashipa might not easily give up the ghost, his assailants did not use gun or cutlass on him. He was buried seven years later after one of the assailants was jailed. So why should the Elerewe be in a hurry ?.

She pleads to the Federal and International Community to wade in

My opinion is there is still the  Elerewe of Owo Kingdom  on the throne. He is spiritually on  the throne , though his mortal body is not there but let me tell you the spirit is fighting . According to a source some suspects imported some Marabouts to their house praying daily  to let the case die down and for him not to appear to them again!.


We want Gani Fawehinmi. We want Femi Falana .We want a ‘Saviour ‘ to rescue Owo  .  The Ondo  and Ekiti towns have great sons who are lawyers and Human Rights activists  who are fighting for the poor . Who are fighting for justice , who will not because of butter and bread sell their birthright . Who will not  because of money sell their conscience to the devil. Yeparipa we want good , sound, God-fearing lawyers. Walaitalai we want    lawyers who have conscience  to defend the late Elerewe’s murder case.

Listen as she pleads to the Federal Government and International Community to help

Owo Indigenes are brilliant ,well groomed and fantastic so therefore let our lawyers tori Oloun stand up and b’eru Oloun jare  . I remember a song ‘‘ Waa b’eru re n’ibode , bi o se buruku  boo s’eere waa beru re n’ibode. 

Let  us fish out the main culprits and stopped accusing  or guessing who did it. Let us not put the  innocent or  suspected people believed to have done it into problem .At the same time let the suspects submit  themselves for scrutiny and thorough investigations to make them be clean from this stain.

Elerewe in his beautiful embroidered regalia 

Abeg which stain? Stain that they had hands in the death of the late chief!.  Let the suspects swear with native powerful gods like Aiyelala, Ogun  and  the spirit  Oro. Above all ,let the suspects help us to find the killers of Elerewe and let them be freed  from being suspected tabi?

For the mischievous people complaining  and sending messages to my friends to warn  me  to stop  publishing Elerewe’s stories , I pray May this type of calamity  befall  their family .

KSA sang;

Ika  a ponika ooo

Rere a beni rere

Eni ba se ‘ka l’aiye

Omo re a je, aya re a je

oun naa jiya ika

Bi o gbon bi ifa , bi o mo bi opele….

While Tope Alabi the Gospel singer cried out

Waa be ‘ru  re ni’bode

Bo ba se ‘ka bo l’apa o ka ye

Waa b’eru re ni’bode

Ologbon aiye e sumobi bi…..

Gbogbo ohun e ba se lee lee o ro bee de be  ba nibode

omo re a je nika

For those criticizing this writer let me remind  them KSA’s song

Ojo ni wa awa o beni kan s’ota 

Eni eji ri leji npa 

o ti d’ami loju pe  eni binu mi 

E ni r’oko  sibi a ti je

Bo ba r’oko sibi a ti je

E ni p’onmi sibi a ti mu

Bo ba sesi  pon’mi sibi a ti mu

Eni m’ona to ma gba…..( Guitar:panran pan ran, pan ran pan ran)

Ebenezer Obey cried:

Rere a pe , Ika a pe , ile ni yo m’eni ti yoo te oun pe

Iwa ika ko pe ara mi , yee ma dan wo

Iwa ika ko pe ara mi rara ko daa


Mo l’eni kan .. oun nikan ‘lolubewo aiye mi ati lo ati bo mi l’owo re lo wa 

Bi mo se buburu tabi mo se rere ..Eri okan mi ma lo..

..Eri okan mi jowo da mi l’are……


Mo lo s’oko mo b’olu oko o ni nwa ..

Mo so lodo , mo b’oluweri o ni nwa gbe’ja ..

Mo de’nu igbo …

Mo de buka awon ore mi nbuta ,

Mo de abete igba nla nio …

Mo wa dele mo ba

Ni nba ko ni nba ro

Oro gbogbo aiye niise

Boo baa o paa o l’omo araiye oo

Boo ba o buu l’ese  l’omo araiye oo ……

Eniyan bi aparo l’omo araiye nfe oooo aaa.

For those complaining of publications of Elewere’s stories , I pray

What they did to Elerewe will be done to them IJMN

Their lives would be as restless as the sea waves

Joy will elude them

Sorrow, tears and gnashing of teeth will be their own portion. E NO GO BETTER FOR THOSE CRITICIZING ME.


Haa! And they killed this man


Day law enforcement arrested Chief


  Chief Olounada Aiyesoro murdered in cold blood


……A chief scaled the fence and ….

….Another Chief was hiding behind the door

…..The big one ran towards Benin / Abuja 

……The ancient town  called  BoN    entertained  two visitors few weeks ago .

……The two visitors are Olounesan   Kilonleyin and Musicians


MIND is powerful, it can construct and put things in shape. It can mar or make you. It can make you sad or make you happy . Your mind  can   travel  one million miles  while on your bed . It can transport you  from where you are  to anywhere in the world .It can catapult you  and make you sit on   Kilimanjaro mountain . With your mind you can be in Heaven or Paradise . You can be in Hell burning and can be in Heaven rejoicing and shouting Hallelujah  with your mind  . You can be like Satan or Angel depending how you want  your mind to  work. No wonder Williams Shakespeare said it all ”There is nothing either good or bad , but thinking ,makes it so ”.  I was  alone laughing  yesterday while  tears was coming from my  eyes. Nobody to laugh with me but I told a friend  to imagine how it must have been . Chei , if Baba Sala were around he could have made a movie from it . If Ajirebi, Aluwe ,  Awada Kerikeri, Baba Mero, Baba Suwe, Lukuluku Fantasi etc. were here.

Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN, Babalawo Of  the Nation

Here is an imagination of a story  from a town called BoN. A Chief was murdered in cold blood and suspects were rounded up .



Immediately    Chief  Mojebi Iku  heard that the Police  officers were around, he peeped through the window to be sure . Yes , they were Mobile Police officers  also known as Kogberegbe  led by a Yoruba man Olounesan   Kilonleyin ( Deputy Inspector  General ). He screamed ” Wahala de, mo gbe !oghan mo r’oran!.  He  ran into his room and picked his  traditional flowing gown (agbada)  and his native cap ,but did not know he was wearing different buba and sokoto , all were not matched at all.  He  pretended he was going to a function . No, he did not tell his wife  where he was going . He was confused . Who will blame him? who will see danger ahead and be talking ? Abeg which kind talk o jare?. He  acted   like that Jamaican athlete,  Usain Bolt  the fastest runner in the world but Chief  never succeeded  like Bolt.

He wanted to   scale  the fence but  it was too high and  his flowing gown   could not let him be free , he  then removed it  within a twinkle of an  eye. Ah!, how will they hear that they got me , emi odindi  chief! .He  ran   into his room ,  looked for Gamallin 20  and  Andrex 40 ,( apigi )  .Yes, he  wanted to drink them to end his life , after all iku ya ju esin lo . No way, he did not see  them  under the bed  where he kept  them . What of  the oogun eku , Soole, I mean rat poison ?, no way , he couldn’t find it again.  Maybe I left them  in the  farm , or maybe my  wife  took it away , he thought . He became confused . Oloun Oba o, the  armed -to-the teeth-policemen had surrounded  his  house .He thought of what he could do again . Then he remembered there is a well in the compound , he   went to the  well ,  untied  the rope from  a bucket and looked  for a tree to hang himself but he  saw no tree. Where are the cashew trees? Where are the  Mango or guava trees? .None seen , he only sighted a pawpaw tree and pepper tree . Oh my God , so I don’t have  mango trees here , he now remembered  he  had the trees on his farm, about 50kilometeres away!.

No, this pepper tree will not work, and this pawpaw tree is not strong .He then had a suggestion, let me climb the fence and jump from here . He scaled the fence but  when he saw that his shoe was an impediment and the cement was smooth . He removed  one  of the the shoes and threw  it away!. Then he flew his cap away! fiamMo gbe , they must not catch me , he soliloquized . He struggled to climb the smooth brick wall, ha! , its not good to be fat o. The more he climbed the more its slippery, while his beads were dangling on his neck. Kai alangba kare laiye! a lizard will climb it with its claws and snake will manage to do same but I will try my best , he said .

Chief  Mojebi Iku scaling the fence

But this man is neither a snake nor lizard, he is a human being but  trying to behave like  one. The more he struggled to climb it like agama agama lizard the  more  he suffered  setback. He managed to climb the brick wall that is as  smooth as butter  and as he landed  on the ground  he could not shake his head and praise himself like agama agama lizard who said if he was not praised he would praise himself for a job well-done ,but what did  Chief  see? two police officers waiting!  Laiye , igbe aa fe ewe. As he made  spirited effort to stand up, he failed. Oh my God he has become weak., he must have hurt his leg . He screamed ”Esee mi ooo’‘ (  my leg hurts), he must have sprained his leg because the brick wall fence is high , and while in secondary school the Chief did not participate in Sports not to talk of High Jump. Wahala de!

As he  struggled to free himself ,  he heard some  croaky voices ”kai ,  wanka ,sege barawo, you wan run? if you run  I  go shoot !, the  officers shouted .They  welcomed him with beatings of his life  and with gun’s butt .   Now he became gentle as a lamb  and   could not bear the beating anymore. The two police officers rained beatings on him .Yeeparipa , a whole chief! .His upper lip  had cracked and swollen and now    separated from the lower one. Kai, one tooth is gone  and another one is shaking . Why not? . Kondo Olopa ni now, it speaks volumes on him. Blood , yes he spat , but didn’t see sputum but blood.  He has developed a mountain on his head .Oga e jowo now, he begged but trust them, they did not  understand  Yoruba language for  they are from the Northern part of Nigeria . They are kiigbo, kii gba, kogberegbe Mobile Policemen. They are all dark in complexion with frightening facial marks. Immediately  the chief saw them he  became humble and gentle  .Again they beat him like the Yoruba  beaded gourd, sekere. after all igbaju igbamu ni sekere fi n’ti ode  ariya bo. Yoruba gourd  returns home well battered    from outing entertainment .

Family members crying over the loss of their breadwinner, Chief Olounada Aiyesoro who was brutally  killed by suspected assassins 

As he was struggling with the policemen , he suddenly became gentle because he  could not receive  the  ”royal’ beatings anymore. What of the Olori Oko? Immediately  he was intimated that  they were after him he picked his car and faced Benin road. The rest is now  history.


As Chief Motidaran  Edarijimi   sighted the police van , he screamed ” Ye mo gbe , oghon ti wa, o ti mu mi oooo, mo juya (I’m in trouble , the police have come to arrest me), please let me go into hiding . He then went behind the door to hide but the police officers saw his toes showing under the door and chorused   ” this no be  goat’s leg o, na human being be this , and they dragged him out from there with welcome beatings from there. Chei! wonder shall never end , the Chief started confessing like a tormented Witch saying ” Na true , I kill the Chief  just because of money ni o, na Olojukokoro sent me oo I have not even received my balance.

Chief Motidaran  Edarijimi  behind the door

Please forgive me , Allah go forgive you” but trust the Mobile Policemen , they did not listen to him as they dragged him out and gave him a dirty slap in the present of his wife .The wife was asking what her husband did , but this annoyed the police officers as they  rained beatings on her too, she screamed  ” Oghon me a pa mi ku  ooooo( they   wanted to kill me oooo). One of his children advised his father to confess his atrocity and be free but trust the stubborn man , he was ashamed to do that in the public. The couple were dragged to the station where they started confessing like a tormented witch. The couple confessed and said  ” na devil’s work o, please forgive us ”, 

While  Mr. Asiritu  Olojukokoro  who paid for the assassination was intimated that the Police had arrested some  of his men , Chei  , what will  he do ?. He took his car key ,threw it away then began to run , and run and run and run ... Mo gbe ooo . Mi ma fi asisri a tu ooooo, if I had known I wouldn’t have planned this , he was telling one of his friends.  On his way he went to some villages to consult some of his Babalawos , he told  them  that Oka ti fo, asiri ti tu , then what will I do now? The Babalawo told him not to be scared and gave him etu, tira, and ehin oka , ehin ejo, iru kiniun, ehin adiye,  with imi ojo and osumare to bathe with. After three days he came back to  the town , BoN . He spent money and said he was ready to spend 50million  naira to evade justice. Ah, if  I had known, and I don’t want to be jailed for life. Since then some of the suspects have been walking free and avoiding social gatherings . They have been to places doing sacrifices and rituals to let the case die down.But will the case die down? Laiye, eewo , aa tigbo?.

When the suspects talk in the public , they would  just be talking and talking without sense just trying to defend themselves whereas the people of BoN are just watching . Mr. Orunrie Seotan said ” No matter  how they run they will still get them because the Chief they killed is not resting , he will fight spiritually .


As these suspects were fleeing ,  Bob Marley’s album Kaya  was playing ” ‘Running Away’

Ya running and ya running
And ya running away…..
But ya can’t run away from yourself
Can’t run away from yourself…..
Ya must have done (must have done)
Somet’in’ wrong (something wrong)….
Why you can’t find the
Place where you belong?…..
Running away 
Peter Tosh’s track was being played 
Down pressor man
where you gona  run to on that day,
if you  run to the  sea , the sea will be boiling
, if you run to the rock , the rock will be melting ….
Peter Tosh Equal Rights

Professor Wole Soyinka  recently said he wants  killing cases in Nigeria  open and he is ready to testify in Court again after 21 years of the assassination of  Chief Bola Ige.

The late Thomas Sankara who was the Burkina Faso Military head of state  whose childhood friend,  Blaise Compaoré  brutally killed in 1987 by soldiers outside his office.

Compaoré ruled for 27 years before  he was  ousted in another coup in 2014 and fled to Ivory Coast, where he lives now. He was given a life sentence in absentia  last week by the Burkina Faso Military government over his involvement of the killing of Sankara. .

  Genesis Chapter 4 VS 9; Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?.
Lucky Dube’s killers were eventually nabbed same Peter Tosh and were given death sentence.
Williams Tolbert  who was the President of Liberia between  1971 to 1980 was brutally murdered by Sergeant Samuel  Doe  which  shocked everybody    but Doe was disgraced and openly murdered , his ear was cut and  his nakedness was  displayed open  to  the whole world . What a shame!

When Murtala Mohammed was killed  on February 13, 1976 and Major Suka  Dimka  who planned the coup was nabbed , he was smiling all through as he was singing like canary bird. General lliya Bisalla  was implicated in the coup but he pretended he was not part of it but in the end asiri tu, and he was shot dead alongside with the coup plotters who killed Murtala Mohammed the then Nigeria  Military head of state.

The death of Basorun Gaa in Yorubaland  was interesting, he killed many people publicly , he was feared but in the end  he was killed in a  market place for everybody to see. He was hewed into pieces.

Ha my brother , you killed me because of …..
An old man reminded us the old song, story  of a  man who killed his younger brother and took away his  beautiful flower, but his dead brother didn’t allow his wicked brother to rest as he sings ;
Egbon mi owon
Egbon mi owon
Egungun mi lo n’fon
Iwo lo pa mi si  papa to m’ododo mii lo
Egbon mi Owon egbon mi owon egungun mi lo nfon…..

Who is the next victim after Elerewe?

…..Haa! see  the next   five victims to be killed

…..Elerewe fought for his family’s freedom

 ……. His statue to be erected

…..We all keep quiet yet not safe

….Full names of the suspects and their addresses 

I AM  writing this piece in tears. I am writing this piece blowing my nose and wiping tears from my face . I am writing this piece with heavy heart. I looked around and asked myself how I would tell my children in the future the story of   my home town  without mentioning how a first Class Oba , the Olufon of Ifon Oba Israel Adeusi was killed, and  what happened afterwards ? Nothing !. How will I omit the story of how a whole High Chief  Elerewe , Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom who was  the  third position to the Olowo of Owo Kingdom  was brutally murdered in cold blood. What happened next?, Nothing,  ko si jare! .How will I narrate the story of the  suspects,  arrests, denial and release and will they believe my story? L’aiye, ko joo , Na lie would be their response. So I will tell my children how it has  become  clownish and called Awada Kerikeri,  O  ma se o. Shior! So nobody could fight like  Timothy Adegoke’s brother ,Gbade who  fought gallantly and leaving no stone unturned to unravel the mystery behind his brother’s death? .

The world is a dangerous place to live  not because of people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it says Albert Einsten. As brilliant  as Owo indigenes are and as popular the  ancient town  that   has produced  sons and daughters in all fields  is ,nobody , no group , I mean no formidable group or individual could come up to fight for his  cause.  Kai it could happen to you, this reader. You are only writing ” Rest in peace, the killers must not go unpunished” etc, is that what we want from you?. It is Elerewe   today we don’t know  whose turn it would be tomorrow. Kai! o ma se o, we all keep quiet trying not to be seen as a whistle blower or   or bad boy or with bad belle.

Listen carefully to the names and addresses of the suspects and the next victims marked down in this video


So these killers did not hear what Abraham Lincoln said ”I would rather be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody”. Now   they have been let loose like angry and hungry  lion ready to devour anybody . If they could kill a first traditional ruler and a High Chief and nothing happened then  the town’s men are like Chicken coop  in their pen, the assailants would just wake up in the morning go to pen and pick one rooster and kill. Kai O ma se o. But let the suspects know that investigation could be five years , seven years even 10 years. Let them not be at ease now for Lie detectors , sophisticated investigative apparatus that would expose  their  deeds of over five years are on the way , its just a sophisticated investigative gadgets similar to the one the Yoruba Novelist  the late  D.O. Fagunwa wrote in  his book  Irinkerindo Ninu Igbo Elegbeje when they got to  the  bridge of  the River of  Blood  (Odo Eje) their tongues started confessing  all their evil deeds yet they cannot control their tongues .



We play dangerous politics with our lives . We play politics with the lives of our children . We play politics with everything . We politicized virtually everything  . Everybody is afraid , But why? the reason is that we are afraid to die and you  and  I  will die one day. What are the roles of our traditional rulers ? .What are the roles of the Inner Caucus?  Where are the powerful Babalawos in Owo? . What are the roles of Ogboni in the society?. Why are we afraid?. Three  years ago I visited a tourist centre , Dollar City in Branson, America . Among their tourist  attractions  are coffins of all sizes while many were taking pictures with it. It was fun. An old man  went in and took  photograph, when he came out I  was curious , I ran to him and said in Africa seeing a coffin is an abomination ,he replied  ”this   ”Box” is made of wood . It is the shape that gave it another name. Whoever is afraid of it should not sleep on his bed, should not sit on a chair and should not use any wooden material at all. We are afraid of the ‘Box’  because of our handiwork. Be good to everybody and have a clean heart my son then you will not be afraid of anything ”. As he said this I went to some of the life size coffins and Ronnie , my wife gave me shots.

You will die , I will die , we will all die


Is assassination  of Elerewe the first time ? .No , he would not be the first or the  last . The mistake assailants make is turning their victims to heroes. When the late Elerewe  ascended   his fore father’s  throne he made positive  changes, he was fighting for his family’s property that were  stolen with the  money in the Bank and farmland. What was his offence? Ki lo se? Ki lo de?. The big family house had no toilet facilities but he provided .He had planned to  build a  Museum in the compound , he wanted the stolen farmland retrieved and given back to the family. His heart was clean. Not a single person spoke ill about him. Yes, that is what surprised  the assassins , they thought people would speak ill about him and be justified , No. Capital ”No”.

At Memphis Museum where Martin Luther King’s  items were on display in Lorraine Motel now

History did not tell us that Murtala Mohammed died in his sleep. No, he was brutally murdered in  Lagos   in February 1976  .

The American Baptist Minister and activist Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray at 6.05pm on Thursday at the Lorraine hotel in Memphis in 1968. When I visited the Motel which had been tuned to museum  in Memphis I   broke down and  wept.  He was 40. But his memory lingers on.

Civil rights leader Malcolm X was shot dead at  the Audubon Ballroom, in Manhattan on February 21,1965. while delivering a speech.  He was 39.He was  immortalized.

President  John Kennedy was assassinated  on November 22,1963 while riding a motorcade in Dallas, he was shot in the neck and head. He was 46.

It was after their death they become more popular and appreciated. Today their names can never be erased from History same thing  with the latest assassination. High Chief Ilori Tunde  the Elerewe of Owo has become an hero , a legend and a god in the History of Owo , infact he has broken a record of the first  High Chief to be murdered in a gruesome manner.  Nobody came across the High Chief  and  regretted  it . He was gifted , he has wisdom, he  was among the best dressed  High Chiefs  , infact he was a super star in dressing no wonder he represented the Olowo of Owo Kingdom many occasions.


Let us  erect  a statue in memory of   the fallen Chief . It should be a monument where life would breath so that the evil men would suffer from automatonophobia while    seeing  it daily and be regretting their actions. His lovers would be seeing it daily and know their beloveth one is not dead. Yes, statue speaks volumes, it tells stories no wonder why we have in public places.

Did Thomas Fuller not say it all  that  Memory is the treasure  house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.

Today, all the  victims of assassination have their statues erected  and have their things  kept in museum . Let Chief Ilori Tunde the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom’s  statue be erected and placed where these assassinators would be seeing it everyday and have their heart bleed and be regretting .Let us build a statue of Elerewe  in his regalia and erect it at the frontage of the Elerewe’s  building.



Walaitalai I will not encourage  anybody to visit my town now .Call me a bastard, fine. Label  me an anti Owo that is okay . But  who will rescue or fight for  my visitors if  they are kidnapped or  brutally killed in the name of knowing  my  place of birth?. This is Elerewe of Owo Kingdom an Owo indigene killed  before our own  eyes and we are grunting like a pig!.

Yes, Eric Donaldson the  Jamaican reggae artiste in one of his popular albums  Land of My birth, he  sang ” This is the land of my birth , I say this is the land of my birth , I say this is Jamaica , my Jamaica , the land of my birth ….I will never leave her shore , I will never run away ….” To many of Owo  indigenes they will leave their  shore and run away .


Donaldson  continued ” Mr. Tourist , Mr. Tourist , leave your land  and come …. We will share a lot with you , our people they are true , they will want to be with you , they will love , they will help , they will give , if you wish my friend you can live …..You will  be  a happier  one in the land of the rising sun….Can you sing this type of song and be proud of your  Owo our native town? Our people are not true  , they don’t want to be with you , they will not love you, they will not help you , they will not give , and you will never be happier  in the land of  Owo where  human lives are cheap!


If you are one of the marksmen  or sharp shooters  you have one more victim to shoot , that is me, this writer.  When you see me don’t waste your money or time to add charm or juju with   six inches nail  in the AK 47  but just give me ordinary shakabula or dane gun  shot , and that is all. I am not afraid to die. You all Baaaastarrrdd!. You are all coward.  The fact is that you have murdered sleep and will forever have insomnia till death. I know in the corner of your heart you will be regretting your wicked act. Yes, you thought they will lie against Fulani Herdsmen . You thought he would be buried in a week or two and  be forgotten, unfortunately it is not so!.

The late High Chief

It is Tunde Ilori today and do you know the next victim? It could be me , it could be you , It could be your father, mother, uncle, Niece or Nephew!


Now in the future the Owo Community will make references to suspects. It is a pity their children would ask their fathers ” Did you have hands  in the killing of this Chief?”.  In the middle of the night their wives would wake up their husbands and say ” tell me the truth , did you participate in the killing and  did you hear people are talking about you and running away from you in this small community? ”

Friends  and families will be wary of those suspected to have had hands in it .They will say Et tu Brutus? .And their minds would be   Chei  they  got me . I have collected money . But will they behave as Judas Iscariot behaved?. Judas Iscariot  returned the 30 shekels of silver [ owo eje] to the Chief Priests. The chief priests decided that they could not put it into the temple treasury as it was considered blood money, and so with it they bought the Potter’s Field ,where Judas was buried.


The Marksmen and their Strikers  will soon strike again. About five names were  mentioned here , the first target is this writer, Taiwo Abiodun and others are   Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN, Babalawo Of the Nation

Reason for being marked down , it is because  they wrote about the killing of the High Chief  and if killed nothing will happen  after all  they killed  a First Class Monarch nothing dey sele. They killed a whole High Chief nothing sele! It is ”All correct , shon sir , we don finish that stupid man called  Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN, Babalawo Of the Nation, who be the next target ? just buy me igbo or tramadol and pay my balance”.


The late Elerewe during Igogo Festival


Do you know the full names of these suspects? If you want to know watch this video in full and you will be shocked . Please don’t edit it or remove anything from it .

The question on everybody’s lips are : Where are the local  or traditional crime trackers?. Where is Oro Or Ogho ? When something like this happen all traditionalists would come out and perform rituals and sacrifices  to expose the killers but we have not heard anything or is  Oro or Ogho  not potent or effective again?.



We need ase, epe, oogun abenugongo and curse  those who planned and killed Elerewe. Lagbara Oloun they will one day confess

As I am listening to Jimmy Cliff ‘s track , I said he could be right after all when he sang

Hypocrite, you dirty hypocrite
You’re gonna pay the price some day
Hypocrites, all of you hypocrites
You’re gonna pay the price some day
Words you speak from your mouth
But your heart is telling lies….

We walked, we talked together, yes we did
We ate, we drank together, yes we did
But when I find
You’re a snake in the grass
My heart grieved to be taken for an ass
(Ooh hoo) but…





How High Chief Elerewe was killed

….Killers of Elerewe of Owo Kingdom   arrested

….5m paid to the assailants

….He was shot with  charmed nail inserted in AK 47

……Prime suspect on the run


A last the people of Owo are now relieved  when the police arrested some  suspects  who killed the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom   .The suspects were arrested last Wednesday in Owo. The suspected assassins who participated in the plan and those who pulled the trigger  are now confessing like a tormented witch to their crime at the Police Station, Akure . The ring leader bolted away while his  wife went into hiding.


Six  men    including a father and his son (names withheld) suspected  to  have masterminded the killing of the late Chief  Ilori Tunde the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom   were arrested from their various places on Wednesday evening after a tip off.  Some  were picked up from their hideouts while others were picked from their homes . However, the ring leader  (names withheld) was said to have being pursued by the police but escaped. It was gathered that the  prime  suspect  was said to have paid the sum of  five million naira to the assailants to kill  the  late Chief .One of the suspects who scaled the fence of his house was given the beaten of his life by the Police officer.

This  arrest came  three months after  the late Chief was brutally murdered  when he and  some people were returning from  a fact finding mission. The deceased was accompanied to the farmland by the Land Resolution Committee inaugurated by the Olowo of Owo, Oba Ajibade Ogunoye III, to look into the matter when he was shot at close range in his vehicle while returning to the township. It  was a shock to the community that those who claimed to be innocent at first when they were arrested were the same set of people eventually arrested and now confessing.

According to a reliable source the suspects were firstly arrested immediately after the incident as they were  the prime suspects but were released later by the Police , their release did  not please the slain Chief’s family as they were convinced that  the suspects did it.

Investigation revealed that the prime suspect did all he could do to deceive people that he was innocent  and was  never part of the killing as he went to church to do a thanksgiving for being ‘cleared’  of the killing while he along with others boasted about .

Two weeks ago the suspects were asked to report themselves for another  interrogation but they declined saying they had once been interrogated while their lawyer   ran to the Ministry of Justice to fight for them .  Today the family  members of the late Chief and the public are vindicated as the truth has come out. The wind has blown and we have seen the romp of the fowl.


Information gathered that one of the suspects  raped a secondary school   young girl   ( names withheld) and the case was reported to the police. When the police went to  arrest  the suspect about three AK 47 riffles were found in his house . The suspect ( names withheld)  confessed  that the riffles  were kept in his custody and that one of the riffles was used to kill the late Elerewe. He began to  confess like a tormented witch as he named  his accomplices and the man who sent them , our source revealed.

He confessed to the killing and said he planned with others  to execute  it  along with some others who are now at large. The suspect  revealed  that   that they inserted some charmed   six inches nails  into  the riffle  and aimed at the late Chief’s  eyes .He added that they had to do   juju  or charms on the nails  since the late Chief was assumed to be powerful and ordinary gun cannot penetrate into his body.AK-47 - Wikipedia

An AK 47 riffle 


  25 lbs. 10 Gauge Stainless Steel Smooth Shank Roofing Nails

six inches nail


According to a reliable source  the prime and principal suspect ( names withheld) escaped  arrest by the police while investigation reveals that his wife and children have absconded.

As at the time of filing this report investigation revealed that some of the suspects arrested are in the police custody, Akure confessing the roles they played in the killing. While   the natives are jubilating that the culprits were eventually caught .The Police is yet to make an official statement on the issue.

It is exactly three months when  a notable Owo High Chief Ilori Tunde the  Elerewe of Owo was killed .Now new facts are emerging .

Owo First Bank Manager should be invited  for interrogation – Barrister Idowu Femi Falana 

He was killed  over  Chieftaincy  title and Family  property   – Doris ,Wife of late Chief

The older sister of the  late Elerewe of Owo Kingdom has vowed that the remains of his dead brother would not be buried until the killers are identified and brought to book. She made this revelation last week during a telephone interview .

Owo Community in Ondo state was thrown into confusion  three months ago  when the news of  the assassination   of  High Chief Elerewe  was broken. He was said to have been shot at a close range over a dispute a farmland  along Owo- Ute by unknown  gunmen. The  late Chief High  Ilori Tunde who was the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom was said to be  returning from  a fact -finding mission on a land which was said to  belonged to him .Chief Ilori was reportedly ambushed by the masked gunmen while returning from his farmland along Ute road, Owo, which some other parties are laying claim to.

The deceased was accompanied to the farmland by the Land Resolution Committee inaugurated by the Olowo of Owo, Oba Ajibade Ogunoye III, to look into the matter when he was shot at close range in his vehicle while returning to the township.

According to information   the  late Chief  had approached the Olowo for a peaceful resolution of the disputed over the farmland.
Reports had it that the High Chief and members of the committee were attacked on the farm land which led to the death of Ilori. Palace sources said a distress call was received from the committee who reportedly requested for reinforcement to ward off the attack.
During the attack, the masked men targeted the Elerewe and was said to have been shot on the head while others ran for their lives.


………They shot the Chief in the eye 

 …….. 11 bullets were extracted  from my body

………. Owo people know the man behind the assassination

An eye witness account Oseni Oronbato  (53)said  he was in the same vehicle with the late Chief with other four  occupants when the tragic incident happened. He said ” My name is Oseni Oronbato , a drycleaner .On that fateful Wednesday , we went to the farmland over the dispute on the farmland on the instruction of  Olowo of Owo   Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin Ogunoye III . On our  way  back home  I saw two men who were part of the opposition party  on a motorbike who overtook our vehicle . We were six  in our vehicle with   a  village head  Atelegi Alamuren   of   Ogain he is the Village head of the Community .    we wanted to drop at his Farm Camp  .Not less than 15 minutes on our way when   we heard a sound of a burst tire from our vehicle thinking and   we stopped  to have a look at the tire when one of the Masked men   came closer and  shot at a close range into Elerewe’s eyes and that went into his brain. They fired  shots from behind  and these shots entered my head thank God it didn’t enter my brain, but all the pellets are in my scalp while one went into my back and  my into  hand. It is God  that rescued me from that place. I didn’t see the faces of the assailants because they were all  masked”.


He continued ” one of us who was sitting with Chief Elerewe in the front quickly opened  the door and escaped , yet  these assailants  went after him .But one of us who escaped again ran back , opened the door and seeing that I had not died , dragged me out and we started running to escape  . But already the Elerewe had  died instantly . No rescue , nobody could even rescue him. While I was bleeding  the wo of us ran for three miles   to Amurin Agayin  Farm Camp. It was from here that one of us took his phone and called his ( Elerewe) wife to brief her what happened and they called Amotekun, the State Security Outfit. The Amotekun  arrived  to rescue us and they went to pick up Elerewe’s body .They removed 11 pellets from my body, then seven from my head, they removed two bullets from my back, one dug a hole in my chest as X-ray revealed . I was taken to Akure that night where the X-ray was done on my hands ,chest and other parts of my body. The hospital said  could not remove the bullets  but  I was  given drugs to relieve my pains .I spent four days at Federal Medical Centre, Owo from there I was taken to Iyere- Owo where the trado-medical  removed the bullets. But I am still having pains .It was cartridges that they  shot at me  but I suspected that Elerewe  was shot with AK 47 and they aimed at his eye, and his eye  gouged out as the bullet penetrated into his brain. I spent four days at the hospital. I spent up to 300,000 naira.


….Land is a smokescreen 

…All Owo people know the man behind the killing

….Who will take care of my children now?

Doris Elerewe  who was the wife of the late Chief was weeping profusely during the interview, she said the problem started from the chieftaincy title.  Before and since my husband was conferred the title of the chieftaincy  in 2018 his opponent ( names withheld ) has been attacking him. At a time he cooked up  stories that he was an armed robber and a killer .He took my husband to Abuja where he was unlawfully detained for weeks. The said suspect  sold the family’s property and farmland and emptied the family’s treasury but my late husband kept his cool. He threatened my late husband  several times that he should relinquish the tittle or else he would kill him. He had collected over 10years tenant rent from the land the First Bank  have their building on . When my late husband approached the Bank and gave them quit notice and the  suspect was informed  and he quickly ran to the Bank .The Owo First Bank Manager should be summoned to come and tell what he know about all these illegal transactions ”.She added” now who will take cater of my children?”


We will not bury Elerewe until the killers are found

……We all know who killed him

…..Let the Federal government come in

Mrs. Adeola Olayinka ( Nee Elerewe) who was the older sister to the late Chief said his younger  brother  had not known peace since his enthronement to the family’s chieftaincy title, Elerewe . According to her,  the genesis of the story was from the chieftaincy tittle  the late Elerewe  was holding , the property, and the Farmland that the late High Chief’s grandfather, Olakunori Elerewe left behind . Olayinka said First Bank   in Owo   that rented the family land was given a quit notice by the late Elerewe  as their rent was almost due .But the prime suspect who had cunningly gone behind to collect 10years rent from them was jittery and had to do all these in order to stop the late Chief from exposing him the more. She said ”the Bank Manager should be summoned  and should be called to give evidences of the transactions as a tenant on the Elerewe’s land, the police should   investigate this  thoroughly .I was called that evening that my brother had been shot and when I got to Owo I was hearing all manners of stories. I was told that the first shot was on the tires while the late chief thought it was his tire that burst , as he came out to look at the tire they fired him at a  close range. The sight of the corpse was too gory to look at . I learnt  they used AK 47 on him. We have gone spiritual , called  his spirit, we have gone traditionally and he told us who killed him but we want all those who had hands in it to be arrested and investigated. They must not go scot free. The late Chief gave   First Bank  located on the family’s ground a quit notice , and some secrets leaked out , that was part of the reasons why he was killed. He also tried to take back the family’s farm back , he won and was murdered in cold blood over all this .The culprits should be  brought to book”


……..He was killed over chieftaincy and property

……….Inspector General of Police should come in

Mrs. Kehinde Daramola ( Nee Olagbegi) said her late Cousin Elerewe was unjustly killed by assassins for no just reason, she implored the state government and Federal Government to do the needful and make sure justice is served. ”All Owo people  know who killed Chief Elerewe. We want justice. If a man of such caliber could be killed and nothing happens then nobody is free. The assassins were paid to kill this man for no just cause, it is bad. The Inspector General  of Police should wade into the matter and treat it urgently because those indicted are trying to use their political power to sweep it under the carpet. This is one dead too many ”, she lamented .



Barrister Olufemi Idowu Falana  who is the deputy Head of the campaign for Justice for Chief Ilori Elerewe said the principal suspect (names withheld)was interrogated and  the Police rode in his  (suspect) Hilux  truck to the station and was brought back home.  Falana said ”The Police freed  the two principal suspects(names withheld) on health ground while the duo were heard boasting that they have connections with the political gladiators in the state, they  are  now walking  freely  in the town. I want the government to wade into it , call the First Bank Manager in Owo, investigate the Farmland story and the chieftaincy tussle you will see the whole thing .I want the case to be transferred to Abuja . We want justice at all costs. We are pleading to the Federal Government and the IG to wade into the matter”.

A day after the incident the prime suspect house and store were about to be set ablaze by the angry Owo youths but were stopped by the town’s leaders who appeased to them to keep calm and not to take law into their hands.

The remains of the late Elerewe is still at  the mortuary as no one knows when he would be buried.


As at the moment of filing this story some suspects are in police custody confessing and telling the police the roles they played in the killing .

N ow the people of Owo are rejoicing over the arrested suspects saying the town would now be peaceful. A  man said” now we have known  the culprits, the Owo indigenes in diaspora can now come home. I have been hearing  bad reports about the suspects , but now the air has blown and we have seen the romp of the fowl”

The Owo indigenes home and abroad are now appealing  to the Inspector General of Police to bring the criminal to book. Mr. Ikakodara Asanlaiye said ” Let the Police parade all the suspects and charge them to court. We don’t want to hear any story, let justice prevail. Now we are at peace ”, he said.



Who killed Chief Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom?


The dead cannot cry for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them Lois McMaster Bujold 

THE  news jolted everybody.  The news hit the young and the old. The news touched men and women. The news broke  many people’s hearts. The news hit all and sundry. The news spread like  wildfire . In Owo  community  in Ondo State everybody  is   now indoor  as fear had gripped them all   for nobody is  sure of what could happen  and who the next victim could be . In Owo community no one talks about the ugly incidence again for fear of being mauled to death. And if ever discussed it is in hushed tone. But  if such a high profile Chief could  be killed like a chicken  then who is safe?. It is absurd. It is unthinkable. It is unbelievable. It is crude. It is sad. It is the height of wickedness for   Ilori Tunde, the  Elerewe  of Owo to be brutally murdered  like that!.

Weeping and gnashing of teeth took over the ancient town of Owo as   their cries went up to high heavens on the 15th of December 2021 . The young cried aloud  rolling on the ground while   the old  drooped their heads , shaking their heads intermittently  and biting their lips .Women pulled their hair asking one another whether it was true. Some  became dumb temporarily as no words could come out from their  mouth after all obe kii mi nikun agba . Phones were ringing  as many  were calling to confirm whether it was true or not. Paga! Ogun ja, uya je mi   were the painful words coming out from the natives.

From Owo to Lagos, United States of America, London, Russia, Canada, South Africa, all over the world  phones were ringing  as people were calling. Face book  was on ‘fire’ as the news became   talk of the town. It was a high profile crime as all Nigerian newspapers carried the bad news. Yes, bad news travel fast. And  in the Beer Parlours the  news was ”Have you heard the news?”  courtesy to jimmy Cliff.

Suspects? Yes, who could have done this ?. Who could have done this to a High Chief?. He was a six footer.  What could he have done? .What could have been his offence or sin?. For him to have been brutally murdered in cold blood  is  terrible. They aimed at his eyes and shot him . He must have struggled to live. He  must have struggled to survive .The marksmen thought they had succeeded  but no. Any man who would challenge him for a duel when alive  would think twice.

Apart from this he was very popular and loved for he was respectful as he would bow  to anybody while greeting  irrespective of  their  age. He chose his words and would not talk carelessly .Apart from this he was a wiseacre and a cerebral. He was rich in Owo History  no wonder the whole town wept .

Shot dead in his car

With time those who masked to kill him would soon be unmasked . His remains were still in the mortuary . Well , he has been forced to sleep but he is not sleeping . His ghost will haunt and torment his killers. The assassins had murdered sleep .To them they were good strikers .To them they were good marksmen. The killers  would not sleep for they would be running helter – skelter .They have become jittery.  They are running around without being pursued. They have become restless like the sea waves and like a leaf floated on water. They have become the proverbial  bird  that perched on a rope. They  are now suffering from insomnia. Yes, they will soon be singing like canary bird and confessing . They will by God’s grace be  confessing  like a tormented witch  .They have murdered sleep and will sleep no more.

It is Chief Tunde Ilori today but who is next?. Now everybody should be scared  and  if these criminals  cannot be arrested and made to face justice  then nobody, I  repeat nobody is safe . If a High Chief is brutally murdered like a fowl then who is safe?

Accusations and counter accusations are ongoing . On everybody’s lips the question is Who killed Chief Elerewe?. To me, we should stop pointing accusing fingers. The culprits should be fished out or else the worst is still coming . This is not justice only for Elerewe but justice for all. It can happen to anybody.

Let the criminals run .Let the criminals hide. Let the criminals keep mute. Let the criminals  mix with people and be talking .Let the criminals use all means to  pretend but   their hearts would be pounding in their chest cavity  wherever they are. I can bet you ,they have no peace.

If a man of such  high status could be killed in that small community and the criminals  are not fished out then nobody is safe.

The question is ” WHO KILLED  CHIEF ELEREWE?”.

We shall wait , and according to Leo Tolstoy a Russian Writer,” the most powerful warriors are patience and time”. We shall exercise patience , we shall take our time ,one day the culprits would be arrested and  justice will prevail.

My battle with Prostate Cancer!

My world almost crashed when I  heard the bombshell  “Peter, you have Cancer, please come to the hospital”.
This exclusive story of my  experience  is my  Birthday gift that will benefit  you .


As  we were on bed discussing, joking , laughing and sipping wine Ronnie’s cell phone rang and the caller said she would like to talk to Peter ( Peter is my Baptismal name). Ronnie asked the caller to speak on but the caller insisted ” Please let me talk to Peter your husband”.   “Who is that?” I   asked Ronnie , “it is the  Family Doctor , she wants to talk to you , ” she responded. My heart  beat increased and was pounding heavily. I stopped the joke I was cracking. I squeezed my face like a man who  contracted gonorrhea.  I was sweating in the cold. My legs  suddenly got swollen and were  heavy as  lead while  warm water streamed down my legs. My head became big  as if I had just seen a Genii (Iwin) for   I remembered I had just done my  blood work in laboratory , and  waiting for the result. I gave a heavy sigh,” hnmmmm  it is finished !”

Ronnie gave me the phone. And as I attempted to go out and receive the call  she held me and said ”please receive your call here”. I now  knew I was dawned for , asiri tu!, HIV ? , gonorrhea ?, Syphilis?, Hepatitis? Yellow  Fever? . Different  thoughts flowed in my mind. When last have I been to the hospital to do medical check up? I remembered the kainkáín, ògógóró, sépè skin I used to drink in an empty  stomach. Chei! kidney or liver problem?.


I became nervous and was shaking like a leaf floated on water. Yes ooo ,I was shaking like the  patient  suffering from  Essential tremor (ET) which is a neurological disorder that causes one’s  hands, head, trunk, voice or legs to shake rhythmically. I asked the  female doctor to speak on, and she started  ” This is the result of the tests you did few days ago ( she paused) , HIV 1 … …”,  (she paused) .When I heard HIV 1 I  started sweating like Christmas goat. Several thoughts crossed my mind. I am in trouble ,I soliloquized . Ha! at last I have this dreaded disease?, I soliloquized .

Hundreds of thoughts flowed my mind. I thought of those I would have infected. I thought of how I contracted it and who could have  given  me.  I remembered those I .. … old and young, fat and slim, dark and fair complexioned ones. I  thought of how I  would have access to the anteroviral drugs secretly without telling anybody .Will they… … So this is what will end me?. Kai , who even infected me? But how will I know? . Well, if that is it then my life don pafuka be that”.

As I was thinking of all these the doctor said ” Negative” and continued

“HIV 2… “,(she paused again) then said ” Negative. Anyway you don’t have any venereal disease”, she said.  Now my mind was  settled.   Let her say anything  , if anything killed me I don’t care , I thought in my mind.

The doctor continued ” But please you need to come to the hospital for your PSA  (Prostate-specific antigen) is too high , it is 129″. ”What is PSA? I don’t know”, I responded. . All these happened in March 2019.


I have Nosocomephobia, or  call it the fear of hospitals  not to talk of  the fear of doctors  which is  latrophobia. The mere sighting  that white  coat called Laboratory coat  instills fear in me not to talk of the stethoscope the doctors and nurses  hang loosely on their neck which makes me humble.

Two days earlier we had gone to the hospital where they took my blood for blood work. All my prayers not to go to the hospital were not answered by God- this still surprised  me till this day. I remember when the appointment was booked three months earlier , I prayed to let the world crash and ended before the D Day. I prayed to let earthquake occur and consume me and people would say it was a natural disaster that snuffed  life out of me  but none of these happened . I prayed to be involved in an accident and just quench there. I prayed to die an honorable death .But nothing happened .At last three months came .We were at the hospital .They took my blood in the laboratory for blood work .

I thought of     the sexual escapades I had  without protection .Haa! Oloun mu uu, Goduu catch am, would be their words especially those who thought the ‘foolish boy’ did not marry them!

We went back to the  hospital and the  family doctor said it’s likely  I have Prostate cancer , ” but I am not saying you have it o”,  the primary family doctor quickly added. We knew she was saying the truth but trying to allay my fear  for it was my countenance she saw that made her changed her words .


I was referred to an Urologist, then wahala bere. I looked up and felt sad that I put  my  newly wedded wife into a big trouble . Renata her sister  came with me to the hospital to assist me talk to the doctor as I could not pick their words very well because of their accent . Well, I reminded them that they speak through their nose, and I am a Nigerian and with Nigerian accent. The Indian  doctor examined me and said he could not believe the 129 PSA level I had    and  requested for  another blood work .Another was done and it had gone up to  132!, the Indian Urologist said he was surprised and had never seen such in his years of medical practice seeing such high PSA and still walking  on this planet earth. Later he said ”one of my friends in Nigeria said it is common in Sub Sahara region. I  pray  the PSA  comes down after the surgery”, he said.

As for Ronnie , she would leave her job and go with me to the hospital .Each time I pleaded to her that I am sorry for putting her through all these hurdles she would console me to keep calm.


The third day Ronnie’s phone rang and the Urologist  dropped another bombshell and said my  PSA was now 132, higher than before .Ha!, what a trouble?. I looked up and shouted ”ha, this is  a big problem’.’.  The doctor said , “you possibly have  cancer but we have to do a  Biopsy to confirm ” Biopsy? Oh my God , my mouth was now dried.

Date was fixed for the biopsy . The biopsy was done  and we were expecting the result . I was  in the public library when Ronnie came to me and said ” the doctor wants to talk to you, he  said you have Prostate enlargement and  Cancer”. The Doctor  called again  and said  ” all the 11 tests done were  cancerous. You have prostate enlargement and Cancer!”. After hearing this I submitted to fate . I was asking secretly whether it is good  and cheap to cremate or not. I was going about calling and asking questions NOT about prostate again but death! , all in case of  incasity. Will I die or not?. What pained me most was that I had just married this innocent woman, Ronnie  and was thinking of  how I put her in a big trouble.

Playing music after the surgery , Maaa joooo maa korrin tuntun


I was told that I  needed to do  some tests  to know whether it had spread to other parts of my body. I  went for different tests , I did MRI, brain, stomach, liver , bone, kidney  and what have you. I went into some  machines like tubes etc to confirm whether it had spread to my organs. Upon all these I was on Facebook   writing my stories in my  website  and  also cracking my usual jokes while the world didn’t know what I was going through. Yes, I believe I had to do my best before leaving this world. A wild, weird  and unpredictable world.

Anytime Ronnie’s  phone rang and I got to know it was from the hospital I  become afraid because you don’t know what they are going to say. We received bunch of letters  from the hospital telling me this , telling me that .I did several tests. Apart from calling on phone and sending emails to me they also   sent letters to me  reminding  me  my  appointments with  doctor !.

I now know the value of  family ties. Ha! when last did I speak or see my  brother and cousin? .I remember it was my wife , Ronnie who posted our wedding invitation on social media that made  my distant Cousin Dr. Tayo Ojomo to connect with us . I have not seen them over 33 years! . In fact I didn’t know their whereabout as everyone faced his own life .It was like nobody cares about anybody.  It was recently that I know they are in America for I didn’t know their whereabout not to talk of knowing where they were. But thank God for Ojomo  was able to connect  with us, he gave us  my brother’s phone number , Prof Rowland Abiodun .The two are were shocked that I am in America. Then Ronnie  informed them about my situation; both calmed  me down and said ” ko s’iku l’oju e, you are not going  to  die. You  will live to write the success story”. Kehinde my twin brother  called every hour asking when I was going for the surgery. He explained to me how everything would   go. He like the proverbial  Hausa man selling his product and would ask whether you have had such disease before selling it. Kehinde has become an  expert without being a Medical doctor !.He had his own prostate cancer  surgery   11years  years ago.

I called friends and family members and said goodbye to them all. They  all  consoled and prayed for me.” My days are numbered but don’t worry we shall all pass this road only at  different time “, I told them . I knew how they felt .I could feel it from their voices and sudden silence .But I gave them a parting gift ” please go and check your PSA level “.

Now I began to    read the Holy Bible the more .I thought of my children I would leave  behind. I thought of my friends I would leave behind . I called some of them and advised them to go for their PSA.  I thought of nasty people that misbehaved to me. I thought of how haters would  joyfully receive the ‘good’ news of my death. I thought of what they would write about me. Yes, I know some would say it’s good riddance to bad rubbish, some would say ” alakori ti lo, oloriburuku bastard ti lo, an ingrate is gone .I know he will die soon because he talked  too much” .

Others would  say he was a juju man , don’t mind him, his  bling bling ,rings killed him etc . But the girls would say ”Yes, he disappointed me , he deserved to die a shameful death ….” I thought of  how my native land would receive the news.  Some would sympathize with my family while  some would say negative and positive ….Kai, eniyan ko sunwon  laaye, ojo  a ba ku la ndere.

One day  my eyes were misty. I went into the room  and shed tears .I then remembered the song of ….this  world is beautiful, so nice , beautiful   this world is beautiful , so nice ,Aiye yi  ma dara pupo, O dara , o, lewa….aiye yi ma dara pupo....then I played Jimmy Cliff’s music of Beautiful World, Beautiful People .. Wonderful World…….Later I started playing Bob Marley’s song of Running Away, and I said I cannot run away from myself. And the battle  to live continued.


”Good news for you Peter, your cancer is located and has not spread. Please prepare and fix a date for the surgery”, the  doctor said after all my MRI results had been sent to him, but remember I had accepted my fate. I had waited for the worst.  Date fixed. Yes, a date was  fixed for the surgery. With all these going on, my stories in my blogs and my Facebook’s contribution were ongoing, nobody knew what I was going through .Later we changed the date again saying we had engagements to do. Big risk, the doctor said, ” please don’t delay it , it is cancer and it could spread”, he counselled. Yet, we didn’t worry or care and I was doing my normal duties at home , having  my normal  ‘night duty’ or faka fiki, eating normally , drinking my beer etc . There was nothing to show that I was undergoing this life-threatening   cancer!. Two months away. Will a miracle happen that will tell me it has disappeared?.  But it was a  dream never come true. I prayed  for the day not to come.

In America they don’t joke with their vacation and anniversary. When  we returned from  Tunica in Mississippi   where we  spent four days  for our one year  wedding anniversary  on the following day we landed in  Washington University Hospital, for my surgery.

On the hospital bed


You can imagine how I felt when   I sighted the medical instruments they were going to use on me .Yes! I developed    tomophobia ( fear of surgical procedures or medical intervention  instruments) but  suddenly my phone rang  and a prayer message came in  ” God will be with you   as you are going …..”I quickly  claimed it ,it was sent  by my niece , Mrs. Remi Ogundowole.  Now I was on a stretcher waiting to go into the theatre. I saw  some  nurses that  surrounded me. They had  fixed drip on me , and I asked  whether it was the theatre they were now taking me to , they said ‘no’,  they only went to prepare the place for me. I then remembered I had signed a form …..Ronnie was asked to go and sit  in the waiting room.


As I raised up my eyes and  saw Ronnie by my side , I asked ” what are you still doing here?. But you  were asked to go to the waiting room  AND  wait”, she looked at me and   smiled in response  . As I tried to lift up my hand I discovered  that my hands were heavy and  I looked up and sighted the  intravenous poles with   infusion bag  dangling like pendulum . I saw some medical machines that looked like small television monitoring my blood pressure or heart beat . I looked at myself and  saw all the medical  gadgets attached on  me. I saw  plasters on my belly  and now saw the  hospital clothe ,my new uniform   johnny coat I wore. I  saw a tube attached to my John Thomas, heeee so they had operated on me. I looked at the time and it was 20 minutes to eight . I remember we were talking at quarter  to three. So they had spent about four hours on me  in the theatre room! , Oloun o!  Kabiyesi Olodumare ooooooooooo. It was a robotic  computer machine they used  on me.


I was discharged the next day and  I went home with the catheter dangling in-between my two balls. I looked at  my ‘third leg’ , kai, it has shrunk like a  two-  year- old baby boy. It  has succumbed to humility . Wàláítàlaì I looked at it and pitied myself. How are the mighty fallen!. A one time powerful straight and long pole did not only bend but collapsed. Chei!  it  cannot raise it’s head like Agama agama lizard again. It  has become calm and was looking down . It refused to look up and frighten the opposite sex again. Poor me!.  Few days later the catheter was removed .I asked the doctor when my John Thomas would stand erect like  pole or  ruler again, he replied smiling  ” Wait, exercise patience, your health first”.




Who knows where Sin City is in America?

……..Welcome to the City of Sin

………..Walaitalai Pastors , Deacons and the Saints will commit

………The City that never sleeps

…….The good, the bad and the ugly of…

THE  environment was bubbling  as music was blaring from high -powered  speakers mounted at the entrances of some of the buildings. Armed with fliers  were  Marketers from various companies  advertising their  different products and services calling prospective customers to patronize them  with the  promise of  attractive gifts and rewards .Visitors, Tourists , fun -seekers and the Natives- the Las Vegans were milling around . Lovers irrespective of their ages were seen holding their hands. Gamblers were walking into Casinos. Exotic cars , sports cars and racing motorcycles  and  Double-decker Buses were driving past while the traffic lights were controlling the drivers.

The only thing that stood still are the  skyscraper buildings  that are    competing with one another   in designs  and height as they   are all  struggling for space in the sky! .These buildings are what Yoruba would call awoyanu ,awodatolenu and awosifila buildings on Strip Street in Las Vegas Boulevard , a major road in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada, best known for the Las Vegas Strip portion of the road and its casinos.

Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas


Some of these visitors made their way through the corridors , behind pillars, climbing winding staircases, and escalators . While some were in a hurry others were walking majestically enjoying the cool atmospheric condition .Various activities were going on. Marijuana was being smoked freely , they call this recreational Marijuana which is legal in Las Vegas. It was all fun. Some Stripers  were entertaining with their erotic dance. They  know Son of Man’s weakness so they exposed the ”areas” and  ”angles” that would  make Son of Man to become restless and commit sin .

Although it was rowdy but boisterous with a lot of fun. A minstrel  was singing and playing a piano expecting money from passers by .  A homeless man   clutched his dirty clothes by his side and  with his face was contorting with pain and  waving his long withered hand  begging for alms .Another was looking askance  with two hands stretched .Poor me, I never believed there are beggars or homeless people in America!


We danced and danced and danced………. 
Some ladies were half- nude calling passers-by, calling for shots. When  I sighted the damsels with feathery hats I remembered the four wise monkeys and also a carving of the three wise monkeys proudly placed above the door of the shrine since the 17th century made by a sculptor, Hidari Jingoro, the carving is a pictorial maxim of the phrase, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. No wonder the saying ”Do not see evil, Do not hear Evil, do not touch Evil and do not do Evil ”. No wonder one would see young and old couples holding themselves in order to avoid disobeying or falling foul of these four rules in Las Vegas!,

Who is the best dancer here?

I asked my wife, Ronnie whether I should obey the three rules of the monkey , she said ”Yes , but also obey the fourth one ‘do no evil”’. I asked whether I could take picture with them, she responded ” of course if you want”, she brought out my iPad and took some  shots.

Four Monkeys See Hear Speak No Evil Ornament Sculpture Bust image 0

The four wise monkeys

When I sighted many of these damsels of different shapes,  races and colors  I screamed ”Ha! mo gbe, no wonder King Solomon had 700 wives of royal birth and 300 concubines”. I screamed ‘Lord where is thy face ?. Solomon must have seen these and their beauty, dressing and brains of these ladies’. I now realized why Solomon should not be blamed. I now saw the reason why the powerful Samson fell on on a woman’s lap. I now saw the reason why great men who could not control themselves fell yakata and had their lives cut short or miserable .

Walai talai to the lily- livered or a Gigolo infact if you are a Man of God, or Pastor  you will beg not to be tempted for if their beauty did not attract you their dressing would .And if their dressing did not do the job then their magic wand – their smile and the way they beckon on you showing their glittering white teeth and with their sexy eyes  . Call them ‘Mother , sorry, Father Christmas as they all dressed in Santa Claus suit. But their own Santa Claus did not give out gifts instead they demanded for gift -money .



Taiwo Abiodun dancing with the ladies


Taiwo Abiodun with the ladies

”Come and take picture with us ”, one of them called this reporter  .

Seeing them one could see their  artificial wings attached to their clothes , they wore their sexy chain bra jewelries, some were made of silver , some of gold and some crystal body chain. Some wore their father Xmas Caps but no beard  .Their shoes were expensive and enticing . Their faces were bright , their good set of teeth were glittering . They giggled  and wriggled their waists .We took pictures, danced and danced .

When they demanded for money , Ronnie gave them twenty dollars, and said ” Abbey , they don’t do all this for free, you have to pay them, that is their business”.

I went into my hotel room and many thoughts flooded my mind, so it is true that Las Vegas is called the Entertainment Capital of the World, the Gambling Capital of the Worldthe Marriage Capital of the World, the City that Never Sleeps among others. It is fun 24/7.It is fun throughout the whole year . 

No wonder they called the city ,Sin City  where gambling, ladies of the night and liquor are all easily accessible.

I shall visit the Sin City again ,but having the four monkeys’ wise sayings in mind.



Meet the most popular and powerful man in Oshogbo


Taiwo Abiodun with Esuleke 

…….Politicians should swear with god of iron

…….As a Councilor  I didn’t steal money 

…….. I finished reading Bible and Koran in 1955

………Why they call me The Boy


In Oshogbo , Osun State, he is one of the most popular Community leaders .He is loved, feared and respected because of his faithfulness, truthfulness, humility and sincerity .To liars and dishonest people the  Community leader is not loved after all the Yoruba proverb says Olooto eniyan ko n’leni. He is fearless, blunt and speaks the truth , according to him, Esu Deity  does not love a liar and unfaithful person. He care less  about  worldly materials .He assists the needy and in his own way a Philanthropist .That is the life of a six footer  Pa Omokayode Idowu Esuleke  .Esuleke who worships Esu in Oshogbo. He is the Baale of Esu . He professes Esu as his religion. He worships Esu as a god  .His mien and his manners continually expresses    him as an important personage.

Esuleke lives in a  bungalow with his family. On his table are various  books he has published . In some corners of  his house are oil lamps burning , and these lamps  must not quench!.

Going round the the compound is a botanical garden where he planted  shrubs, herbs and roots meant for his profession . There are some    clay pots  on fire where he  produces some of his traditional medicine because he heals as a Traditional doctor .

As he was strolling around on that day  with this reporter the  shouts of The Boy! The Boy!! rent the air, as both the young and the old greeted him. In response, the  highly respected septuagenarian  responded by waving  back. In Oshogbo Community he is loved, respected and honored.  He is   versatile in his field and     the academic  community  had  honoured  him  with the titles of Professor and Doctor. He is and loved by his community. He is  popular and humble .He is kind and a man with large heart. He does not  believe  in lying  or deceit no wonder he is feared by unscrupulous  and people with shady character and loved by honest and sincere people. That is the man, the Baale of Esu in Oshogbo, Pa Omokayode Idowu Esuleke who is the Baale Esu Agbojeniyi of Oshogbo land. He  is the head of all Esu and Egungun worshippers , and   Chairman Board of Traditional Council in Oshogbo. He is well respected and revered .   While everybody was swearing an oath with Holy Bible and Koran Esuleke who was to be sworn in as a Councillor sworn with Ogun , the Yoruba god of Iron .

Esuleke showing his Clay pots and shrubs ,  discussing with Taiwo Abiodun  


Pa Esuleke said his father  had 23 wives while his mother was the last wife , however Esuleke whose mother was the last wife (23rd) emerged to be the first and only surviving child of the large family.
Esuleke said  his parents were traditional  worshipers , he said ” my father was  powerful  physically and spiritually .He too was the Baale Esuleke , he worshiped Esu . He  married 23 wives and my mother was the last wife. While I am the first and only  surviving child .My late father was so powerful that if  he sent  any of his wives  on errands to fetch water and the woman  felt reluctant  she would have a miscarriage .Or when my father was   angry and only say  ‘Ha! me?’ to any of his wives the woman would suffer miscarriage. But when my mother conceived , a powerful Juju man was consulted and he revealed to them who and the manner of human being I would be. The man asked  my  parents to  give me the name , Esuleke .I inherited the worshiping Esu from my father , he was the (Spiritual head)  Baale Esu , and  Esu worshiper”.

Taiwo Abiodun with Esuleke


Some years back , the old man , Esuleke caused a stir ; when he was to be sworn- in as a Counsellor  in Oshogbo, while other political officers – to – be demanded for the Holy Bible and Holy Koran to swear an oath with but Mr. Omokayode Idowu Esuleke’s case  was different as he shocked everybody when he demanded for cutlass which symbolizes Ogun , the Yoruba god of iron , this was at the swearing -in ceremony of  public officers  when he was among the Councilors  to be sworn -in , in Oshogbo , Osun State few years back .Esuleke rejected the  Holy Bible and  Holy Koran when he was asked to pick , he then opted for  a cutlass .He told this reporter  ” I believe in the Yoruba gods that are effective unlike Holy Books that are slow to react , punish or easily forgive  so  when we were asked to swear an oath I demanded for Ogun the Yoruba  god of Iron , and I was given a cutlass to swear with to the amazement of others .Throughout my tenure in the Council in Oshogbo I  did not steal a kobo while my action forced others to be  loyal, and money was not missed or  reportedly got lost .The record is there  , you can ask”, these were the words of a Septuagenarian who also bears a fearful name , Esuleke ( from Esu) as he said he worships Esu and he is the Baale Esu in Oshogbo.

For Esuleke ,his hair had covered his facial marks which could not let him be easily recognized .Esuleke is popular   among his colleagues and among the youths In Oshogbo , he is known and called ‘ The Boy’, but in real sense of it he is a grandfather but  because he plays with everybody thus  his humility earns him the nickname ‘ The Boy‘, he is a man of the people and  like a drama  as he goes about one could see young men and women greeting him and calling him ‘ The Boy’ which did not annoy him but instead thrills him as he would wave his hands  in response .Asked why he called himself ‘The Boy’, Esuleke  said he does not believe he is old , ” whoever claims to be an old man will not enjoy the support of the people, and whoever is looking for his mate should go to the cemetery”, he stated with a laughter .

In his bungalow which is made of mud-bricks are burning oil lamps that will never quench as the flames go up in all the corners and rooms , he said , pointing ” This is one of the Shrines of Esu , we also have that of Masquerade .While we have other pots where we prepare our herbs too. My compound is full”, he said as he was showing this reporter his  Botanical garden .

To be continued ……

I’ve been sleeping for one hour a day since 2015-Solomon Akinyemi


He was in tears and  groaning in pain as he spoke on phone ” I am in pain. I am living in hell. When I visited LASUTH on my appointment date two weeks ago the doctors sent me back home and gave me two months appointment to come back. They accused me of going to the press .Now I need help!”.

I go out  covering this with my cloth  everyday





For  Solomon Akinyemi  life has become difficult for him as he  has been in pain for the past five years after going through     prostatectomy ( prostate surgery). According to the 63 year- old- man and father of two ,he is asked to pay another 1.2million naira for the fourth surgery. He cried ”where will I get this money? These  doctors made mistake in the first surgery and had  corrected  it two times without success .Now I am going for the fourth    surgery in order  to correct it ”.


I am dying


My names are Akinyemi Solomon , I live at 4, Julius Oladele Close, Arigbagbowo  Phase 2, ,Mowe -Ibafo, Ogun State. I had prostatectomy surgery   in Gbagada General Hospital ,Lagos on 26 April, 2016. After the surgery faeces and urine were coming out from where I was cut  , and the doctor asked me to be on admission  for good three months  while I  was  paying the medical bills .  I was  later referred to Lagos State University  Teaching Hospital (LASUTH ), Ikeja  , where colostomy was done for  me , they asked me to pay 180k and I struggled to look for money .


 I overheard these doctors  accusing one another   for not doing the correction as early as possible . They pushed me around and were dodging me , shifting responsibility  to one another .


In June 2017  colostomy surgery was performed on me .I stool through my side ,and catheter was  put on me. I  cannot eat when going out until I come back no matter the time for faeces  would be coming out along with urine. When going out I would wear pampers because urine and faeces could come out at the same time. I wore pampers for two years and when it got to a stage I could not afford to buy it again so if am going out I would not eat but anytime I  get home I would take little tea, and at two o’clock I would eat little till the following day, that is all  .They told me they wanted to correct the surgery”’.


”In February, 2020  this year again and I was taken to the theatre  and was operated on  but urine was coming out from my anus , it didn’t pass where it should pass. I spent another three weeks in the hospital  and was instructed not to come down from the bed. So I was in the bed for three weeks .I was discharged again but before I got there the  hospital had closed due to COVID 19.  They said they would send a text to me, and promised   they would correct the surgery again ”.


Akinyemi said “I had an  appointment  for another surgery on the 26th of October  and I was  asked  bring over one million naira  to do it. .When I got to the hospital  two weeks ago the doctors were avoiding me like plague. They accused me of going to the press to expose them, and in annoyance without mercy gave me another three months of appointment!”

”There was a time   I overheard these doctors  blaming one another   for not doing the correction as early as possible , they pushed me around and were dodging me , shifting responsibilities on  one another .

”The catheter has been in my body   since 2015 when it was passed into my body .The doctor who operated on me in Gbagada was said to have traveled out


Solomon said he hardly sleep, and had not been comfortable for the past five years. His words “I  can’t sleep ,I only sleep for  one or two hours , the rest hours would be pains , and pains .I would sleep for one or two hours then wake up listening to the radio by force because of the pain. I have vowed not to commit suicide for God will blame me. The sight of my openings are gory for me to see not to talk of others seeing it. My wife is a school teacher ,and her salary  is nothing to write home about as she teaches in a private school”.


He displayed the hospital cards .” I have all the hospital cards. I am bringing the cards for they could deny seeing me. When I get there in the morning I would leave by 6:30 pm , it’s not that they are going to give me drug. I have been taught how to treat the wound and  I  am treating it at home ..”.


” My name is Adenike Akinyemi  I am the wife of Solomon .We were first advised not to go to government hospital because of some instances like this which were either not reported or underreported  but believing we have experts and experienced doctors we opted for the government hospital aside that we  cannot afford the bills of  private hospital for the surgery as and  for fear of quacks and believing that Government hospital has the equipment and medical experts in the area made us go to Gbagada General Hospital for the prostate surgery. Imagine the fatal error , after the operation he spent three weeks in the hospital where the doctor tried to correct the surgery, and we still paid!. This man does not sleep at night, he cannot do any work not to talk of the excruciating pains he goes through everyday since 2015. I am begging the Lagos State government and the LASUTH  management to come to our aid .We have no money again .We have exhausted our savings. We have sold our landed property in Lagos cheaply n order to use it for his surgery But see what happened now. .Our children are not working .


Miss  Olayinka Solomon  who is the daughter of the  man said ” it is disheartening to see my father crying everyday like a baby at night . He cannot eat or drink water like any other human being. It is almost five years  he has been on this, his prostate is not cancerous according to the doctor’s report but see what they have done to my father, from surgery to complication .I  am pleading to the LASUTH to call experts in surgery ,good surgeons and correct this error .Yes , I know doctors bury their mistake but this one is not yet buried , so therefore they should correct the mistake .We have no money to pay, the LASUTH should find solution to it .We are not suing  anybody but please we don’t have over one million naira to correct the surgery again” She pleaded to the Lagos State government and Commissioner for Health to wade into this matter. She said ” I am not accusing anybody ,We are not saying they did this or did that but here is a human being groaning in pains everyday. Have a look at the gory pictures when he is not dead .I am jobless and my sister is a Youth Corps Member. Please help us . We are poor and we cannot afford the bill LASUTH asked us to pay again .

Mrs. Duni Akinwale who is a sister to the patient said ” we have borrowed and borrowed money . Does it mean the poor has to suffer  and pay for  the negligence of the doctors?. Is this how he would be abandoned by these doctors who caused damage on him?”. 

Lagos State Government  Hospital Registration  card number 246739              ( Urology Unit)

Lagos State Teaching Hospital , Ikeja Registration  card number: 382463

Please help


Solomon Akinyemi Bejamin

GTB 0463114798

Phone number is 07038489154