I sold my car, land, bed ; my family suffered – Adeseye Olateru-Olagbegi

He speaks impeccable English .He is an Orator and  a Gospel Singer . At his age ,70, he devotes his time worshiping  God  and,   fasting  and  praying . For him, it is ‘Watch and Pray’ for he does not know  when the trumpet would sound and when  He would appear from the sky!. Although he is  hated by liars, according to him but this does not move him. But for those who love the truth he is loved by them .

Welcome to the life of  the retired Combatant Soldier who served in the Nigeria Civil War but   now  serving as a  Soldier for Christ  .He quotes  conspicuously  from the Holy Bible  making references,  without making mistake .Every Friday he  prays for  over 1,600 people at his altar..

My Father paid our School fees

This is the life of a retired Combatant Soldier- Apostle Joshua Adeseye Olateru -Olagbegi  who bears same name with  the Biblical Joshua who  led the Israelites to the promised land , Canaan  . So also he wants to lead multitudes to Christ before he departs from this sinful world.The Prince is one of the late Sir Olateru Olagbegi’s children .He is a Musician, Song Writer,  retired Soldier, Accountant and Preacher . He spoke with Taiwo Abiodun about his life and times.

Pastor Joshua Adeseye Olateru-Olagbegi

……My father had 170 children,I am number 25

……My father did not wage war on  Usho Community 

……My Grandmother was a powerful woman, died at 150

…… Why I sold my car, land, bed ; my family suffered



Through  the God’s grace I am Apostle Joshua Adeseye Olateru -Olagbegi,one of the humble children of the late King of  Owo, His Royal Highness  Sir James Titus Olateru -Olagbegi II ,the  Olowo of Owo of the blessed memory.I was born   in the palace  of  Owo on the 8th of September 1949.

I grew up in the Palace. I  started my elementary School at St.George’s Primary School , Owo. From there I went to Imade College , Owo . I was a little bit troublesome ,  a radical. As a result of  polygamous intrigues  I was going from one school to another  not because I was a dullard, to God’s grace I was brilliant. I was expelled from Imade College,  Owo  in 1966 when we led a riot ,(I don’t want to hide anything ) from there to Ado Grammar School.I finished my school Certificate  in 1968 at Oke’Badan High School, Ibadan , Oliyoro.




After my secondary school, you know that time my father was sent away from the throne .My father had  been dethroned  as  Olowo , so this time around I had a  love for the Military  , so I told my Dad that I would like to join  one of the Forces , either Navy  or Air force .By God’s power I was able to be enlisted into the  Nigerian Air force as at 1969 when I was 20 years old .From Lagos  I got to the Air force through one Captain Ogundadegbe , that time Air force was using Army rank ,he was a Captain, his father’s name in Owo was Chief Odogun. So I came to Lagos to be enlisted , from Lagos we were driven to Kaduna by train at Four  Battalion,  Kaduna where I was trained as a Combatant Soldier, that time the Civil war was  still going on.


As at that time I was 20 years old .  I was told that my father betrayed Chief Awolowo, even most of us thought that . We were many , my father had so many children up to 170 according to  what he said in one of his interviews in some Dailies  some years ago but we are now 117.So people complained that Action Group was inaugurated  in my father’s palace in Owo in 1952 , I was only three years at that time , I knew nothing  about that .So eventually when Chief Akintola became the Premier of Western Region . There was a big crisis between Chief Awolowo and Chief Akintola  and according to my late father , the king, he said Chief Akintola came to Owo  palace three times to beg him  to join his  political party , I have forgotten the name  of the  party .As  at that time I heard that Chief Akintola said that any king that refused to join his party would be made to earn a kobo in a year , and because of the multitude of  my father’s children  to God’s grace , my father had to give -in in order to take  care of us. But by the time the coup of 1966 came up when the  army took over through Major  Kaduna Nzeogwu we asked our Dad after  our worship in the Chapel at Owo Palace ‘Your Highness we were told that the Action Group started in Owo , why did you leave Chief Awolowo?’. So my father said because of us children that the Lord has done for him everything he wanted but had it been he did not join Chief  Akintola , he said  Chief Akintola came to my father’s palace at Owo on two occasions and prostrated for him ,and my father had to join because of his children in order to be  granted …….financially  to take care of us .My father said had he been he  refused to join Chief Akintola  and  he was made  to earn a kobo as a king , where would he get the money?. All of us are educated , there was only one king I knew that time  that refused to join  Chief Akintola and his name was Demo of Ishara .


For God’s sake ,let me tell you the truth ;as at that time  most people even the Westerners now Ogun , Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo states  were solidly behind Chief Awolowo and that time I think  Chief Awolowo’s party was  Action Group. I don’t know much .But what really happened was that some people went to the houses of the supporters of Chief Akintola to set them  ablaze in Uso and Owo , eventually they went to the police station to report and by the time the policemen were invited back to Owo the people of Owo and Uso  attacked the policemen, they went back to their station to  report and were given the power to fire back, that was what I heard, the truth I don’t know .  as a man  of God, right now.

The late Olowo of Owo Sir Olateru Olagbegi and Apostle


May God bless you, I heard the story as well as  you did .What type of scholarship? My father did not …I don’t know about my three brothers ,the  late Oba Of Owo  Oba Folagbade ,  Professor Banji  that read Town planning ,and  former Chairman of Owena Bank, Prince Yanju I know nothing about them.As for me I never went through any scholarship .I  am now 70 years old , 70 years eight months , now .My father did not get any scholarship, whether he got it that time I don’t know . I only know that my  three brothers left for  England  to study whether it was on scholarship  that I didn’t know but for me  when  I was in the secondary school my father used to give me check  because I  was the oldest among my brothers that were schooling with me together .My Daddy would address the check  ‘ to your Principal’that is all I know about my Dad.

You know as an  Owo indigene  too I was told the story that no king has ever come up in Owo without rebellion- that is their business”


What I was told  was  that the Ogunoyes, the Ajikes, the Olateru Olagbegis are from the same lineage but for the fact that people are interested in  ……this is where the bitterness came up .Chief Ajasin was the  first principal of Imade College,  Owo. it was my Dad that introduced Chief Ajasin to Chief Awolowo and Chief Awolowo being the leader of the then Western region all these people were faithful to Chief Awolowo  during the time  he was in prison, and  eventually by the time he came back ,  he toured all the then Western Region and when he got to Owo my mother said he promised that every rubbish in Owo will be swept off  and a new carpet will be laid down – that is  all I heard. As at  that time people  were urging that  my father should leave the throne.


”The truth is that  Jumoke  the lawyer …..I  think she is the third  child of Chief Ajasin, she was kind to me . When the Lord punished me, the Lord gave me instruction to become a full Minister of God after I was told to leave my former Church (I don’t want to mention any Church) of which I  will not mention its name. I had trouble with them , they hated me  for telling the truth,so  that time the Lord  gave me instruction ‘go and   and preach the gospel’ and  I said ‘no I can’t preach your  gospel’.God be  my witness, I sold my car , sold my land ;  my wife suffered with me, my children suffered with me. But right now I am in my own  bungalow at Ayobo here. So it was  Lawyer Jumoke   Anifowose  who assisted me when  I  went to her  she gave me a car  and a driver to drive me round   when I was looking for a house to rent   ….we are friends , we are friends. She is a very nice woman .She is good to me .We are still communicating , we spoke on phone sometimes ago.”

Apostle with his lovely wife


My father was dethroned and deported to Okitipupa  rest house , we always go there to visit him most  especially for our school fees and my mother Olori was one of the Oloris that was with my Dad then  at that time , so we were communicating with my Dad . After he was released from exile he came back to Ibadan  where we used to visit Baba and  then in Owo my father  had some houses where all the wives were residents  and the children were all staying with their   mummies and them , my father had another upstairs that harbored boys , most of us  that were young as at that time. So I was visiting my Dad. When he  was exiled in Okitipupa, from  there to Ibadan , from there back  to Owo rest house at Owo towards Ikare road , that was where I used to meet my Dad until he was reinstated back to the throne”


Left for me I must tell you something, I am not saying this to ridicule my family, I am grateful to my God and also to my grandmother  who was a Muslim ,  she fought tooth and nail to save my life , because in the polygamous houses……  so the moment you are born they know who to become the king ,so  eventually it is not a big deal because my grandmother was going from one  herbalist to another to save my life ,because she was  Princess from Ipele and also a Sango Priestess.During the days of my grandmother , my grandmother  would wake up early in the morning , she would  face the East and  would tell God saying ‘ Orisa Oke , heavenly God I didn’t offend anybody’s child if I try it destroy me  , if anybody tries to destroy my  children I will destroy him by thunder , Sango-that is what I used to hear from Mama, she lived  for a period  of  150years. So there was no difference .


According to what he wrote in the paper during his lifetime


The  truth is that we know each other by facial appearances even when my late  father  whenever  he saw anyone of us he would ask you ‘what is the name of your mummy?’ because my father had 42 wives,’What is the name of your mummy? ki loruko Iya re?’ So you would tell him the name of your mummy , eventually we were so peculiar to one another .


My Daddy gave us instruction because when you get to the palace of Owo today  you will see a Chapel there  that was built by my father and when my senior brother Folagbade who died last year February ,while he was on the throne he gave the Chapel to Redeem Church because he was a member of  Redeem. In those days  when we were in the palace on  holidays  we always attend the Palace Chapel, where my father would serve as a Pastor , after that we would all go and greet him before we return  to our mothers’ houses and then to our  quarters so  our father told us that his father’s name was ‘Olagbegi’ , his own name was ‘Olateru’ and we should combine the name  together  as a compound name that where ever we go in order to differentiate  us from other Princess in the town , that is where we came  by it. We came  about that name – Olateru Olagbegi ,my father’s  real name is James Titus Olateru, then his father’s  name was Olagbegi ,but  after the  directive and  instruction  given to  us by our late father , we all started bearing Olateru Olagbegi , when you  hear that even my children who are all graduates   are also   bearing Olateru Olagbegi,by the time you hear Olateru Olagbegi  you know the lineage.



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Happy post humous birthday Oba DVF Olateru -Olagbegi



Today the Olowo of Owo , HIM would have clocked 79.



I am only one ,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything ,

But still I  can do something ;

And because I cannot do everything  I will not refuse to do  the something that I can do  . (Edward Everett Hale 1822-1909


KABIYESI , I am writing on your birthday because you clocked 79 today.  I can still do something for I cannot do everything as   Edward Everett Hale said.

I received a phone call from my older brother, Professor Rowland Abiodun from Massachusetts, America immediately after the     announcement that   Olowo  of Owo, Oba ( HIM) DVF Olateru -Olagbegi  III  had passed on . The professor asked me what I can say  about the late Olowo , and I described him thus   “He was gentle-spirited with a simple outlook but with a razor-sharp intellect . He was gifted with Solomonic  wisdom. He had the power of a lion but did not use it to revenge .  Though he was grossly misunderstood but whether they  like it or not he left his good  footprints​ behind. He was  quintessential . He had the opportunity to live and act arrogantly.  He had the opportunity to use and  abuse his power . Yet he had no Bodyguards!. He had the opportunity to live a flamboyant lifestyle but he declined it.  He had the power and opportunity to revenge on his  perceived enemies but he chose not to. He was humble that in Church he would remove his cap or crown, dance and kneel down to pray .Compared with some  other Obas  who would not remove their caps or  Crowns in Church giving reasons . But for HIM Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III, he mixed  freely with people ,I repeat , no Bodyguards!.  He sat on a very powerful throne and was invested with the  royal  authority, academic and influence  yet did not use the power to influence  it  on his own children. With his infectious smile he would tell you  “exercise patient , God’s time is the best”. The professor of African Studies responded with a heavy sigh and  said “learn from that , it is a great opportunity to  have a close relationship with such a powerful , influential with International clout  and a man with robust testimonials  who was closer to God”.

Today as he clocks 79 , and for his posthumous birthday join me  to  shout 79 gbosas to Kabiyesi:Gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa.gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa…….Let us celebrate him .Let us  give it to him .No, I  did not say he was super hero. He , when alive did not say he was perfect rather he would tell you that  he was still learning . He would ask you to go to school or learn a trade.

One of Goya’s etchings shows a decrepit old man ,and underneath  are these two words Aun aprendo, meaning  “I am still learning” , this is humility .  the late Olowo of Owo, His Imperial Majesty was humble.He was full of humility.

I remember an incident that happened few years ago at a function  when  a man (names withheld) dragged me, removed  his  shirt then bellowed   “this is my belly full of scars ,  it was ripped open , I was stabbed and almost died .My belly  was stitched  because of  your Monarch.  I will kill you  and nothing would happen. We put him  there and  we can remove him. Why are you defending him everywhere? “. It took the intervention of some people  before I was freed from the man’s iron hand as I was breathing like  Agiliti of the famous Igbo Irumole  of D.O. Fagunwa’s Yoruba novel .When the Monarch heard , he called me and pleaded to me ”exercise patient , just keep your cool and avoid him. Go and write it down this same man would one day repent and beg you”. Few years later the said man   met me  at the  Olowo’s  palace during Igogo festival and  I reminded him what he did .He tendered an apology, and I forgave him. Olowo did not ask  him to be arrested and did not even send for him to ask him but how and who told him I did not know, instead  he preached peace.

The late Olowo of Owo dancing during a thanksgiving service   in Church(no cap on his head)

In one of  my discussions with the late Monarch , he said  “Taiwo , I heard all what they call me but I don’t worry . I  forgive them .You see, many don’t know that I heard all these”.

At a time I was with  the late Olowo when a  young man came to  him to sign some documents for him, he signed all the documents  .The Monarch asked after the welfare of the young man’s father and the young man responded.When he left Kabiyesi said to me  “Taiwo  iba omade yi ee ki mi o’‘( meaning Taiwo , this guy’s father does not greet me o). But why are we troubling ourselves?. Who knows where we would meet or our children would meet in the future?”. What of the Chief who was accused of felling some trees? When I approached and begged  Kabiyesi on his behalf , the Monarch explained intoto. “If he somber and  remorseful I will reinstate him  but I must make sure he showed remorse, and mark you when he is reinstated he will not come to you again, he will even be boasting . Mark my word”. In the end the man’s chieftaincy title was restored and  I did not  hear from him again, while those who contributed to the return of his tittle told me same thing ”. The words of our elders are words of wisdom.

The above stories are true life stories showing the type of  person the late Monarch was.He was a forgiving Man.       

Kabiyesi told me a  case of a young man who took a case to Court , despite  pleading  to him to drop the case, he refused and was obstinate . The Monarch called him and begged him but the young man insisted going further .The Monarch said ” this man does  not know law at all. He is guilty of what he was talking about.He is ignorant about the law he was quoting  but he will fail in  Court , let him continue,  leave him”. Eventually the man failed in High Court , he went to Appeal Court and failed WOEFULLY. When I reminded him another case he tried to stop but the man  was as arrogant as  the Devil ,the Monarch said   “Don’t you read about Pharaoh in the Holy Bible? .God made sure Pharaoh remained  stubborn for him to perish. I knew where it will end from my personal experience and prayer . The more the man  goes further the more he would fail and be disgraced. I pray he goes to the Supreme Court and let me tell you , he will fail and the whole world would hear of  his disgrace. We should learn how to be humble and respect the Monarch no matter how old or young the Monarch is , their words are  powerful for they represent God on earth”, he said.

On Igogo Festival , the late Monarch was  accused that he was more of a Christian and  in God than Culture and this caused some disaffection in the community .When I challenged him on this , he said ” I respect Culture but Taiwo there is nothing like God. God is above all. We would die and leave all these . Jesus is the only Saviour I have  , nothing more!”. He was even ready to be 100 percent in Church …The late king acted like the story ( excerpts from a book) below :

St. Francis , who traveled quite extensively in his missionary work , in 1219 visited Egypt, where he hoped to convert the sultan, al- Malik al- Kamil.The sultan laid a trap for the saint, spreading a carpet decorated  with crosses in front of his divan.”If he treads on the crosses I will accuse him of insulting his God and if he refuses to tread  on the carpet , I will accuse him of insulting me ”. Saint Francis  walked straight onto the carpet , to the jeers of the sultan.”Our Lord was crucified between two thieves ”, said the saint , undisturbed .”We Christians have the True Cross.The crosses of the thieves we have left for you , and I am not ashamed to tread on those.”

When I missed a programme of which I would have traveled with him , the Monarch  said “God’s time is the best.Those who rushed things in their lives things rushed them too. You will be a great man in life. You are a good ambassador of Owo. I thank God for having a son like you”

Today as Kabiyesi clocks 79 , I guess what he would have said and done. I remember  his last Birthday , he called me on phone  and said he was marking his 20th Coronation anniversary, but I could not attend because I was not in the country. But I said “Kabiyesi , make it loud . Let the press cover it. Spending 20years on the throne is not a joke”, he responded ” Ha , Taiwo  there is no need for making it loud.”

But we still need to thank his wife,Yeyesa Ololade  her Queen who was always by his side. Yeyesa a lawyer and a Senior Lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin  University , Akungba. On  phone we relate , we talk . She reminded me yesterday  that Kabiyesi would have been 79 today.I screamed  “79?. How time flies”. She said  “I will light 79 Candles for him”. The Queen reminds me the words of Sir Walter Ralegh ( C 1552-1618) that says

But true love is a durable fire,

In the mind ever burning ,

Never sick,never old, never dead ,

From itself never turning  

For me who he always referred to as “My adopted Son” ,I will celebrate him today. I will light 79 candles for him. I  will pray for him. I will weep . I will pop  Champagne. I will pray for him that God should forgive him his sins. I will weep for those who did not understand him .I will drink Champagne to celebrate him for he clocked 79 and was a successful Monarch.  He has left the world .He has done his part and left the rest for us to continue.

For those who continue  to criticize him let me remind them John 8:7 where many people wanted to throw stones at a woman who was accused  of adultery but Jesus said ” He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her ”.

Wherever you are Kabiyesi, I am shouting Happy birthday to you and many happy returns. I know one day your statue will be erected  as your name has been added to the ancestors ; Olowo Ojugbelu,Imade, Kodo, Agbologo , Odondon Omasan, Aladetohun, Ataneye , Ogunoye I, Olagbegi II …..to Olagbegi III.

Happy posthumous birthday.

Why Americans love African food-Kofo Osun

African Palace 

Parked at the frontage  of the Restaurant  are fleet of  exotic cars . On the facing board of the  building  is a  big   signboard  and boldly  written on it is    AFRICAN PALACE   RESTAURANT &  BAR . While the artworks of  Caribbean   Cuisine  artistically displayed  on the door  could make one  salivate as one glances at the  artwork .

Assorted wine glasses  , Wines and Whiskies at the Bar Section

A quick glimpse of the restaurant  welcomes you to the well -designed and well- arranged banquet hall .The Restaurant furniture  in the Banquet Hall are well -crafted   wooden chairs. The beautiful sparkling lightnings brightens the Palace  coupled  with different  disco colors that would  remind you the Children’s rhythms of Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star…... The lights are all sparkling and producing  different  colors with  effects .The sittings are  well arranged  and  colorful  while the aroma of their food wafted in  the air as the sliding door to the kitchen was slightly opened.

Looking around one could see people of different nationalities , of different colors  and races asking for African food!.African food?, Yes! with  affordable prices. No wonder  African -Americans are yearning to go to Africa their fatherland  from where their ancestors came from.What makes African Palace Restaurant   tick is a four letter word : L…..O….V …..E  for African Food .

BoN during an interview with Osun


At the  Bar section  are assorted drinks (not Ogogoro) , in fact the  bottles are of  different shapes and colors  while the contents are of different colors and taste.  A self- professed Born Again Christian who claims

Bayo Ogunmolawa, Gboyega Agaun, Kofo Osun, Chief Gboyega Aruwajoye (late) and Mrs. Kike Osun at African Palace during an engagement

he does  not take  alcohol  could be tempted  if he glances at these well –   designed  bottles or could be  attracted by the  beautiful colored contents calling his  attention to  gulp a  pint. Not only this the Wines also could make  one  ask for more with the way the  well- crafted bottles  with different designs  are displayed .

On the shelves are  Vodka,Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey,Brandy, Beer, Vermouth,Mezcal,Irish Whiskey,Pisco, Canadian Whiskey,Schnapps among others. What of the glass cups ? A set of over 150 wine glasses  are beautifully  arranged upside down under cabinet   and the  setting  could make you beg  to be arranged along with it! .Yes, they are  on top hanging , shining., but no, they will not fall off!…That is African Palace for you, where everything is enticing or attractive.

Prince Agaun at African Palace

According to Prince  Gboyega Agaun ( aka LOBO)  who describes the beauty of  the Bar  and said the setting of the wine glasses alone  could make one ‘commit’ if one is a non -drinker , he added ” In African Palace you have different types of Glass wine like Cabernet, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Zinfandel Pinort Noir , Rose and Chardonnay  which are meant for different types of wines like White, Red , Sparkling and Rose wines.You see, I love hearing the clinking of these wine glasses which thrills me” , Agaun said as he was counting them on his finger tips .  The Prince  who has been patronizing the restaurant for years is from Owo  in Ondo State , Nigeria . He said  ” this is where we entertain visitors from Nigeria, United Kingdom and all over the world , it is a super and good place to be , and I mean it because you would be satisfied with all what you need ”

Engineer Samson Adekunle  Obanigba who has spent over 30 years  in America  and now in St.Louis said he  does not bring visitors here to entertain only  but also  sees  African Palace as a place for   business meetings.He said ”apart from eating here this place is also used for  Club meetings ,  engagements ,ceremonies   and parties.  My  sister In-law used this Hall to   to celebrate   her birthday , so also my mother in law .


This  place is a good place to be  with their neatness and high standard of good quality food , it is super excellent “.

The Engineer continued ”Here at  African palace  you will smell local soup ( Obe  Oogun, Obe Koowu, Obe itogho, Obe Efo, efo riro, pepper soup with Owo ingredients ). Here you see Amala, fufu, eba, iyan, rice, beans, dodo, among others and different types of fish. African Palace is like a good palm wine for  customers who visits   .After all a good palm wine needs no advertisement!”.

No wonder the name African Palace Restaurant is popular in St.Louis , State of Missouri in America.The name African Palace is synonymous with Kofo Osun. When you mention African Palace then they will mention Kofo or Koffi. The moment you enter African Palace you have  arrived your native land  or  home!. If you are from any tribe in Africa then walk in and ask for your menu. A man from Osun state  in Nigeria who begs for anonymity said ” I come here every Wednesday to take home  Oka  with Obe gbegiri also called abula. I am from Ogbomoso in Nigeria. The food here is fantastic and I no longer  miss home again”. Julius (surname withheld) is another  customer that patronizes the restaurant, he is  from Benin in Nigeria .Julius said ” I eat ogha, ogbonno , along with periwinkles and pounded yam here infact this  place is a -must for lovers of African food,this place is home away from home. A South African man who visits African Palace said ” I fall in love with their suya, the way Koffi ( Kofo) prepares it  is spicy , it is delicious. ”

The moment  you step into African Palace you have ‘arrived’ African soil as you would meet all tribes in Africa, like Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo , South, East and North  Africans , but the reason is not far fetched for you would  see  African food such as Eba, Iyan , Amala and other African food. What of soup? They have all kinds from okra soup, vegetable, Egunsi, ogbonno, Ogha, Ugba, and other African soups cum  ponmo, bush meat, snail, assorted fish and the orisirisi  ( assorted meat) .

Bob Marley’s portrait


Yes the restaurant is always   full and busy from Tuesday to Sunday. On Friday night the workers are as busy as bees . Why? the answer is it is Reggae Night. On Friday you are welcome to the DJ lightnings as  one could see the disco ball  or mirror ball or glitter ball which reflects lights  in many directions. The   Dee Jay is ever  ready to give you all  types of Reggae music(Roots, Rock , Makkosa, Punky)  with his electronic base speakers  booming from all corners of the dancing Hall. African Palace  have the latest Reggae Music in the world.Here Jamaican and Reggae Music  lovers are seen with their dreadlocks swinging on their shoulders  or descending  down their backs while you heard  them speaking their patois .They greet you shouting  One love with their clenched fists , or give knuckles touches as a greeting while others would scream Jah Rastafari . Attend  a  Friday Reggae  night and you would beg the Dee Jay not to stop the  music.

While Waiters, Waitresses go  around with smile asking customers what they would like to order from the menu , carry out is also available.

Ronnie Jones describes African Palace thus “I love African Palace . I had never  tasted  African food  before now.  One of my co-workers suggested I tried  it out for he  always bring African food in for himself. Not only this , their Suya  is a specially prepared meat is quite good. Taste their food and you will come back again”, I must have it at least twice a week the African -American who married a Nigerian boasted, and added ”  I enjoy the Friday Reggae Night, this is a place I always go to defuse my tension and relax by dancing to several Reggae music”


A  visitor  from Nigeria  came  looking for one Kofo Osun for a  private discussion . One of  the Servers   asked him  to exercise patience .The visitor was shocked when  he was introduced to the man who had been serving   customers and  pacing ups and downs, the visitor could not believe.Why? He expected  the manager to be in his office, shouting and  commanding .’That is the  Koffi  you are looking for , the owner of the African Palace.”

The visitor was shocked to his bone marrow seeing the Managing Director serving .Unlike in Nigeria where the owner would cross his legs wining and  be ordering and supervising his workers , but for Kofo, he along  with his co-workers worked side by side and crack jokes.

Kofo is a man of few words. While some call him Brother, others call him Uncle ,but he is called ”Koffi” by Americans, African-Americans , Indians, Mexicans and other nationalities,  who pronounce his name Kofo as Koffi , a Ghanaian name. But whether you call him Koffi or Kofo he does not blink an eye , he would only tell you that ”that is how they can pronounce it ”. Kofo is from Owo, Ondo State , Nigeria.

Kofo  is about five foot 10 inches tall. He is handsome and with an oval face .He is  charming and loving .He smiles always  like a man who wins millions of dollars from Casino always .Yes, some call him a Philanthropist , others call him a role model.He is approachable as many testified and gave testimonies of his generosity  .


When approached , he with full smile started his story “I have  spent 32 years  here in America and I thank  God for His mercies on me”.He continued as he gave reasons why he established the Restaurant, Why he named it African Palace, his love for his home town and why he established a sister African Palace in Akure , Ondo State , Nigeria.The  reason behind his Friday Reggae Night , .Listen to him in this video.

Moremi was from Offa- Biodun Duro- Ladipo

Reporter’s Diary

My journey to Moremi’s place

Taiwo Abiodun recounts his efforts to interview  Chief ( Mrs) Biodun Duro – Ladipo ( aka Moremi) wife of the late Chief Duro Ladipo in Ibadan  that lasted four months .

In the Bus , on my way to Ibadan 

    For months a lot of phone calls were made to book an appointment for an  interview with Chief ( Mrs) Biodun Duro – Ladipo. Her son, Yomi Duro -Ladipo who was the link made effort too but the goddess was still in America when the calls were made.However, she promised to talk to this reporter whenever she is back.

A call came -in three months later that Mama was back. I was excited and  traveled from Owo to Ibadan to their residence at Bode Wasimi, behind NTA in Ibadan  . But lo and behold she was not there. According to the tenants , Mama  was no longer living there as she has relocated to her son’s house . I was disappointed .I was dispirited .When did she relocate? .I had been there to interview her few years ago. Another appointment was scheduled.

At the Oyo State’s Secretariat, Ibadan

Will my journey from Owo to the City of Seven Hills be in vain?. What would I write in my website taiwoabiodun.com everybody was anxiously waiting for? . What would I feed into my page everybody was salivating for?. Why did I do the promo?.  Many thoughts  ran through my mind. Well, to kill boredom I went round the ancient city to  feed my eyes. I went to the University of Ibadan Bookshop to purchase some of the late Oladejo Okediji’s Yoruba novels. I  also visited  the University of  Ibadan Zoological garden to feed my eyes ,there I saw animals like Lions , hyenas, snakes and where the popular Gorilla’s  ( Aruna ) body  was mummified.

At Agodi Gardens , BoN feeding a Baboon

When Aruna died many were sad because the animal used to entertain visitors , years later it was mummified with a short story . I went to have a look at the historical Bower’s Tower constructed by a British , Captain Lister Bower who came to oversee and control the affairs of Yorubaland  in the 1800s. From the Tower   one could see the whole Ibadan from their rustic iron roofings , yes , this story is for another day. I visited the dreaded  Agala  Forest where people were killed and bodies dumped in the 60s .The Forest  was known for ritual killings and criminal activities in the 60s. My adventure took me to Ogunpa Market which was popular for its flood ( Omiyale ) in the 80s that destroyed houses and swept away goods worth millions of naira, in fact many musicians waxed a record about   it. I was at Oke Mapo ( Mapo Hall) to see the historic buildings built by the Colonial masters . I visited the State’s Secretariat. I went to the popular Oje Market which is over 500 years in existence  and known for selling Yoruba local fabrics and where a mysterious crocodile is being kept . I spoke with many market women  and an old man who claimed he saw dead people  or spirits (?). I visited the popular Yoruba  Poet Pa Olatunbosun Oladapo of Aroye Akewi whose Books were used by secondary school students in the 70s to date at the popular Shopping complex along Ibadan/ Lagos expressway .

A Lioness at the University of Ibadan Zoological garden

I was at the University  College  Hospital ( UCH) Ibadan …I was told the Teaching  Hospital  has lost its  past glory . I wanted to interview some of the doctors but there was no time again .I was at Orita Mefa , Agbowo Shopping Complex. I saw the statue of the dreaded woman , Efunsetan Aniwura the Iyalode of Ibadan who was not favored by history , she was said to be wicked . I went closer to her and wanted to ask why they  now honoured her  since she was alleged to be wicked . Hypocrisy , in my mind . I soliloquized,   her own people forgot her good deeds but for a singular sin  she committed she was hated. I wanted to ask her why she  killed Adetutu and Itawuyi -two of her slaves , that caused the public uproar in her days and made   her  to commit suicide .I went to Efunsetan where she was standing and  touched the mystical juju gourds  tied on her biceps and the powerful scepter she was holding,but when I remembered it was a statue I was disappointed .I had wanted to  ask the officers at the  Cultural Centre why her statue was shifted from Orita Challenge its former place to Ring Road .

At  Agodi Gardens  I saw Baboons in their cages, I stretched out my hand to one of them and called him ‘my brother’.But I couldn’t stay long for when I heard the roaring  of a lion , I thought it was behind me and I quickly left not minding the gate fee I paid .The fact is that the place was not taken care of as many complained , and what if this  lion escape from the  cage ?. Infact when I remembered the Prophet who was ‘armed’ with his Bible  years back and went into the den of lions  and tried to lay his hands on the beast but met his Waterloo, I quickly turned back as when I heard a voice saying Babalawo Of the Nation pada sile ( Babalawo Of the Nation go back home ).Again I heard another voice in OWO dialect saying iyi wo gho’ran yi ti to, ya d’ehin s’uli( You have fed your eyes enough , go back home). I quickly went back home, after all a word is enough for the wise.

At the University of Ibadan  Zoological Gardens

When I woke up in the middle of the  night   the panegyrics or praise of Ibadan came to mind

Ibadan Omo a je igbin yoo ,

Omo a fi ikarahun fori mu.

Ibadan maja-maja bii tojo kini ,

Eyi  too ja aladugbo gbogbo logun …..

Ibadan kii ba ni sore ai mu ni s’ogun…,

Ibadan beere ki o to woo,

Nibi Ole gbe njare Olohun,

Omo Ibadan ti ko jale roju ni

Bi Ibadan gbonile bee lo ngbalejo …..


I visited Oyo State Cutural Centre

Again,  in the morning  I made another phone call. Yomi Duro- Ladipo tendered an apology for not telling me where his mother was , and again booked an appointment and the place  is a new site in Ibadan.I started a long journey into the belly of the largest city in West Africa, the city of Ogunmola the Generalissimo of Ibadan . Ibadan where the thief is not guilty but the owner. My journey to Mama’s place took three hours , after taking many rides on Okada and Bus  I arrived  there .Immediately she sighted me  , she knew I came for her, but another bombshell as she humbly told me  she was not properly informed  of my mission  and another appointment was booked .


Moremi was from Offa- Biodun Duro- Ladipo 


Moremi’s Statue at Ooni of Ife Palace

Chief Biodun Duro -Ladipo is a very popular and respectable theatre Artiste in Yoruba land.She is also called Oya, Moremi .She spoke with taiwoabiodun.com

……The story behind Bode Wasimi 

….Duro Ladipo used to appear to me

….Moremi Ajasoro  was from Offa

……Duro Ladipo’s role during the Civil War



As the ivory -faced and silvery -haired with fair -skinned septuagenarian Artiste who with her velvet voice rendered two of her songs from her Plays : Moremi and Oya , her  complete set of whitening dentition showed as she rocked on the chair she sat upon .As she sang , the living room’s atmospheric condition   changed , the whole place suddenly became quiet as if we were at River Esinrinmi where Oluorogbo ( the only  child of Moremi ) was sacrificed in Ile -Ife .

One  could feel the chill breath of that day  blowing , this  reporter developed goose pimples as there was  an eerie stillness in the house. Again , there was crimson on the brows of this fair woman’s face as she rendered that thought -provoking and emotional song that could make the strong become jelly and lily -livered. Her song which was melodic and tuneful could make sympathizers shed tears  when the voice of Moremi whose only child, Oluorogbo was heard before the innocent boy was sacrificed to Esinrinmi River with tears rolling down from her mother’s cheeks .She sang:

Moremi Ajasoro (2times)

Omo o fun mi ma ma gba o,

ewure o fun mi ma ma gba o,

Moremi Ajasoro…


When she finished the song , she shook her head,  burst  into a prolonged laughter and said ” I acted the role of Moremi Ajasoro who was the wife of an Ife Monarch .The story of Moremi is the story of how Moremi gave herself away to be captured by the Igbo Monarch  and as a spy got the secrets of their  enemies ( the Igbo) and gained freedom for Ife .This is the story of a woman called Moremi Ajasoro who rescued Ife from being plundered by  the Igbo.She made a  vow  to sacrifice her only son to Esinrinimi river if Ife people conquered the  Igbo and she painfully  and dearly paid for it as she fulfilled her vow. In  those days there were actors and we did a lot of research  before ever going to stage any play .We  traveled  to many countries like Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, America .In actual fact  we toured the world, we toured , irin nbe ,l’ese alajo”.

Moremi ‘s Statue  at Ooni of Ife Palace


Chief Biodun  said her late husband , Duro Ladipo was a school teacher when he started his Mbari Mbayo Theatre Group , “he loved culture and tradition but that does not mean he was a traditional worshiper , there is a big difference between Culture and Religion, whatever you bowed to is what you worship but culture and tradition is a different thing entirely. God says you should worship Him .Duro’s father was a Catechist, Duro was conversant with the Bible, he knew Genesis to Revelation.

“Infact I have been acting for him in his Mbari Mbayo Theatre Group before we got married..I am happy to say God used him for me and it is vice versa”.


Asked to describe her late husband , Moremi  as she is popularly known and called screamed  ” Ah , my husband ? , he  was a giant man, very tall .He was tall and handsome ,he did not bend .He was not a lazy man. Ha!, he was a very strong and powerful man. He  was a loving man. He loved helping people. He always wanted to assist people. I remember during the Nigeria Civil war , I remember this very well, then we used to play in Obisesan Hall, in the University of Ibadan .He would take the money realized from plays to the soldiers at the war front .  Yes , here I am  telling you ., then at home we would eat whatever we saw  .He has done many things to assist people , he assisted the disabled that is the kind of a person he was.He knew his job. He loved people , he was respectful, he respected all the Monarchs ,as young as he was he would sit at their feet and they were ready to assist him then”.


But does he see him in her dream or ….t he reporter asked this question which she quickly hijacked and responded “He used to come. I remember a woman came one day and said she is a prayer warrior ,  Aladura  and wanted to pray for me .I who used to pray for me .I then advised her and said ‘ Is your husband a pastor and she said no,I now told her to quickly go back home for only God that can assist human being . And she said my husband has come , but I  told her that my husband would deal with any humna being that would come here to harm me.Yes, he appears to me  and  defends me ”


Reminded that at her age, she still retains her beauty , the woman then burst  into laughter and said ” It is God’s beauty  and a gift from God .It is different from artificial one. It will not fade , may be that was what Duro saw in me  then.My husband was on my neck when he was dating me because I told him I could not marry him because  he was older than me . He  came to me   one afternoon, I was surprised because he was very old , very older than me . I was afraid . He used to say that I was born when he started teaching , and that means he was much older than me . He once said  ‘you this lady if you refused to marry me I would report you to God because you will not let me get to where God destined me to be’. I burst into tears and said I was not  his mother , but he knew why he married me.That was why it was difficult for me to marry another man, it was a vow, no man can be like him, none. No man can do it”.


For this goddess, she can never forget the fight she fought over their land before they could settle down at Bode Wasimi . According to her , the Duro Ladipo Group used the place which was a forest then as their location . It was this place we used as location , where we were acting. There was no road leading to the place , we  constructed the road , it was a forest then. The land where   Basorun High School is built or occupied today was  firstly sold to  us .When we learnt that they had resold the land and wanted to refund the money to us , I rejected it .You see , the land speculators had  sold our land to two people , they now returned our money and but we rejected it . I told them that we were not going to collect the money until they later allocated another place for us and that was where we had our building today. And the area is called Bode Wasimi . The story of Bode Wasimi was  based on the advent of Christianity , that is why we called the place Bode Waasimi , and this was a place where my husband decided to be a resting place for him.


While many would swear to high heavens that they would not marry their spouse again if they come back to this world , but it  is not the case with Biodun, when asked whether she would marry Duro Ladipo if they meet again, she declared “Yes” to the great Artiste in case they met in future , she without mincing words replied “Yes, I will marry him if there is reincarnation because he kept to his words and promises”.


Mama frowns against the misuse of the two words -Christianity and Culture, and  said “there are lots of differences , Culture is knowing one’s source, origin and the type of person one is and what we bow down for is God , they are not the same thing, though they look alike but not the same thing ”, she argued .She continued ” He who created us , we know , this is the Creator and we will bow down for him and whatever He asked us to do we should be ready to do it. But Culture is to know where we were born, how we act here is different from other places . that is the differences.


For Mama,  she is a Born Artiste  therefore  you cannot remove her symbol or signature from her which is her hairstyle. She said  “the type of hairstyle  on my head is called Moremi Ajasoro, while Oya style is different too. Moremi was a woman and a Queen , It is the story of Moremi , she was from Offa. Look at a woman’s journey . May God be with them.I acted the role of Moremi in the play when she went to rescue the Ife from the Igbo”


Asked to act one of her roles in  Moremi’s play she acted , she accepted and immediately her countenance changed as  she  transformed into the Moremi , she gazed straight into this  reporter’s eyes as  her eye balls rolled in their sockets,and strange voice came out from the goddess thus

N’wora o kete Ufe ,

Aije aimu ogede ibaje nse wi lee pon

Aye dori kodo

Se la mu le ponti , la f’ona rooka …..

Ka ‘kara see dehin akayin e si degungun bayi? Heen, e wa nkan se si..



We started the ANTP, Problems we encountered, my mother, When Duro  died etc 




My fiancée ran away because of my condition- Ojo Ganiyu


 Husaina ‘s sister  crying out


……Had accident in 2013

……In coma for three days 

…… My Fiancée  deserted me

……Now 40 years ,no wife,no child

……Needs medical help

…..Don’t let me be useless in life, he pleads

For  this 40 -year-old man , Ojo Ganiyu Ade life has been miserable for him. According to him, he has been in agony for the past seven years .He  has been eating from hand to mouth since the year 2013. Reason : While in Lagos he was involved in an auto crash in 2013  on his way to work , he was still receiving treatment  but could not complete it  and unable to  also  fend for himself due to the auto crash that had incapacitated him.

Ojo  narrated his harrowing experience to this reporter  ” On that fateful day I was in a public transport in Lagos going to work when I suddenly heard a loud bang and that was all I could remember .  I later found myself on the hospital bed at Igbobi Orthopedic Hospital . I  saw my shattered bones, my two legs had broken and twisted. I was told that I was in coma for three days before I came back to live”.    According Ojo , he is  from Owo, ”I live at no 13, Ododasa st, Owo, Opposite Mobile Station’

”At  Igbobi Hospital I  spent one year and four months after I had undergone  two major  operations  on my leg. When I could not continue to  pay the hospital bill  the doctor advised  that I should  turn to an outpatient  and be coming from home as the feeding and admission  bill   issue would be deducted from my hospital bills .


He continued his pathetic story ”I began to go to the hospital from home , but I had barely spent one  month at home when my landlord ejected me from my one room apartment . Not only this my fiancee ( names withheld) deserted me .She came to the hospital to see me twice and that was the last time I saw her for   I did not see her again .I therefore  accepted my fate . Today I have no wife and no child at the age of 40”. When my landlord evicted me I went to church where I stayed for some months before I came back to my home town, Owo”


”When I got to Owo , I went to the Federal Medical Centre , Owo to continue my treatment. Last year the  doctors  in charge of my case said they  would  do skin graft  for me   and was told that the medical expenses  would cost    220k  but when there was  no money  so I started   going to Pharmacy  store  to purchase what I needed for the dressing and was doing it on my own .that was how an stopped  going  to the hospital .Recently when I was having excruciating pains  and went to the FMC  again last week , on the 8th of May the hospital bill  has gone up to 505k according to the doctor. The doctor said  I would need  skin graft  and another operation on the legs”.


PHONE NO :09028365641


ACCOUNT NO: 0030983342


HOUSE ADDRESS: 13, Ododasa , opposite  Total Filling Station


Help , I am dying  – Isah Husainah 

Help , my sister is dying

…..She is  dying

…….Her Fiancé ran away

…….We are  orphans


For this woman , no other words comes out from her mouth than ” Help !, I am having pains, pains and pains”. For   Hussainah in the morning it is pains , in the afternoon it is pains and at night the pains would not let her sleep according to her Cousin. “She  groans in pain everyday , she cannot eat properly or drink water with ease as a result of the pain” . .Accoding to information gathered from her sister, Husainah has been like this for the past three years.

The Community head of Unaun , Owo , Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde said he is sympathetic with the woman condition  but does not have enough money to assist her, he  said ” Hussainah’s sister has been crying begging for financial help in order to take her sister to the hospital” . Prince Abegunde continued ,” though the woman has no energy to talk  as she groans in pains , she said her  illness started three years ago when she discovered a lump on her breast and  went to a private hospital ( names withheld ) to operate it in Lagos but immediately after the operation she started feeling pains again from same breast.No one knows whether it is Cancer or not. She showed all various of laboratory  tests she has done and she is still having pains”.


” We have no  money to take her to the hospital , and we have appealed to  many people but no help””, said her sister .

Prince Abegunde said ” I am begging the good-spirited Nigerians to come to her aid before she dies.She lives in OWO , Ondo state .She is undergoing pains, she needs help”.

According to her Sister, Hussainah  is 30 years , she has no husband , ” You see, since over three years she has been suffering like this no man even looked at her, she is just 30 years of age .Please help her before it is too late, she has no parents and we are  poor”

To reach the woman

Mrs  Isah Hussainah

Gtb 0162417802

If you want to take her to the hospital contact Olunaun of Unaun Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde  +2348035827770

How God saved me from Coronavirus-Muibat Oshodi Ogunsakin


( In Owo dialect) Eghen Oma Ogho e ba mi sope ghon’Oloron ooo o

……How Coronavirus dealt with me

……..How God  brought me back to life

……. I celebrated my birthday

…My plan to establish jewel factory in Nigeria


Yesterday was Mrs. Muibat Oshodi Ogunsakin’s birthday as she added another year to her age.  While her children woke up and sang  a  birthday  song for her  but she did not cut cake and did not receive visitors instead   she  was on phone  thanking everybody and God   for their  support and  prayers for witnessing another birthday in her lifetime. Mrs.  Ogunsakin narrates her near- death experience to Taiwo Abiodun


The  Nigerian businesswoman who  has spent 30years in America   said   she will live to remember how her hope of going back to her country, Nigeria  was aborted when  her preparation had reached 90 per cent  to go back home . She said  ”after spending 30years in America , I planned to go back home and established a jewelry factory. I  had already shipped most of my  things  to Nigeria when tragedy struck. I became sick  as I contracted Coronavirus  and could not go again.”


The business woman who has shops at Maryland, America continued her story ”I have two shops where I sell wigs and jewelries .I am a mother of three  and was planning to relocate back home to Nigeria  when I contracted this deadly virus. Infact I was already  shipping my things to Nigeria before I fell ill. It was like a joke  until the reality dawned on me .

”Well, I have a two day business store in market place  which are Saturday and Sunday and  always very busy in there so I didn’t know exactly when  I contracted the disease  but I started having running nose  in one of the Saturdays in there, so  I thought it was just  the normal headache and fever.Normally  I don’t like taking medicine . But when it started getting worse then I started taking it from talinum   then followed by headache . shortly  after that my children wanted to take me to the hospital.

”I  had the dreaded disease  and I believe that I got infected from my shop where I sell wigs and jewelries . I believe I  caught the virus actually at the early stage  because I was falling sick and of course nothing like coronavirus was on my mind .I was having fever  and in the middle of the night I would be sweating even  if I  take off my dress. I would be sweating even if you squeeze it you  will see a lot of water.  Little by little and slowly I was losing my strength  and with so much high fever  all the time and loss of appetite, but  I  was thinking that may be  it was just a little  cold  or something that  I would just sleep it  over, may be if I sleep or if I  do something differently it will be over but it kept growing. Then I couldn’t walk , if I had to walk I would  hold on to something , then if I  was going upstairs it would  take a long time ,so it was getting worse . I did not want to scare my children but being who I am I thought that   everything  was okay , I just slept over it, thinking everything would  be alright ,that was all  about it .Then it started to get into me deeper and deeper  that  occasionally  I would  have this high fever , very , very high; then  all of a sudden   it will become cold , very cold ; very ,very cold. I don’t know what kind of cold  for I have not experienced  such  in life.Day  by day  it was getting worse and worse,then the loss of appetite  and  I couldn’t smell anything . I couldn’t eat and in the middle of the night, it became nightmare . My children offered  to take me  to  see the doctor but I said it was nothing and that  I would  get over it anyway.  One night  when  I slept I was very weak, I didn’t complain , all of a sudden the heat came upon  me, it was like a big blow into my head ,  my body ..like my blood was very hot it was  too was as if I had gone , gone  out of this world.I  was totally gone. I was watching myself on the ground , I couldn’t get up from the floor,luckily I saw one pastor  I will not mention his name , he was  standing beside me while   I was looking at my body  on the ground and the pastor at the same time looking at me trying to get into my body , he touched me , got inside my body and I came back to life !.It was in the middle of the night”.



”When I woke up my children came to see me in the morning and  were giving me all medicines in this world .I was thinking i  would be okay .My body temperature would be so hot then my kids offered to take me to the  hospital ,the doctor  said there was nothing they could do since the emergency was full. They  said it was coronavirus,  they gave me same regular talinum …no medicine , no vaccination for it so the doctor sent me back home, its like sending a sick man back home to go and die .So  my children gave me green tea and ginger a lot ,I  take lemon in the morning before I eat, I eat  ginger  from morning till night. I couldn’t eat , there was loss of appetite,that was all , then I started to eat little by little , the coronavirus doesn’t go away but it is not like before.It will attack you and will not go away, I don’t know how to explain it . Since then  I take ginger and tea, I  take lemon , so that is it .I  thank God almighty so ginger perform so many wonders.


”There are stages to it , I am not a medical doctor, some can have it mild, some in a way  that will take away  their  lives. Some have good immune system ,some have weak immune system, some with high sugar, high blood pressure , some suffer for a while  because  I  know some damages it has done on me.I bounced back ,after that I still  managed to do some exercise  with machine .

”Now I  am trying to stay away from the  crowd. I  quarantined  myself for about three weeks . I kept away from  my children so as not to infect  them.I pray for you not to be infected , it was a nasty experience.




”Yes, the sick ones could be easily  infected because of their low immunity I believe  so , because I  have problems its  like borderline.  I have diabetes, high blood pressure ,I  am trying not to take medicine, because once you  start , you  will not stop taking it . I believe I am going back to my country and don’t want to go through their medical system.

”Well, when there is no medicine  I know of now , I don’t know if people say chloroquine is to be taken  .We need to take herbs  which saved my life,  we should take lime, garlic and ginger , that is it” .


According to  Mrs.  Ogunsakin  she is at home doing exercise, walking  and going to physiotherapist for exercise , ”I am  still taking  herbs  and I am doing exercise which  is the best and also part  of medicine. I go to the treadmill . I am getting much better everyday”

She sent her words to many  at home  ”obey the rules of hygiene, take your herbs, take hot and good food , take or eat a lot of ginger, lemon and garlic which are very medicinal and cover your nose with masks above all observe the six feet social distance.”



Ogunsakin who said she is going to establish a Charity Home in Nigeria said ”I thank  Owo indigenes , my friends, my well wishers and the Almighty God for saving my life. Yesterday was my birthday.I am getting better everyday and when the airports start working I will go back to Nigeria to start my jewelry business”.


I have been chanting for Alaafin of Oyo for six years-Okoto Akewi


I am in love with Yoruba Culture

 …….I studied Computer Science now  to study Yoruba

…… Kabiyesi  Alaafin of Oyo loves  Yoruba Culture

……..My  challenges

….. Why I wear male’s clothes


  Watching her from afar off one could take her for a man as she  was  dressed    in  Yoruba traditional  male’s   attire  but her feminine voice   and features  revealed her gender.  She is a stage wizard. She is a  multi-lateral combination of  talents.  While on  stage her  skills and talents are displayed:  chanting, singing, dancing, reciting poems and panegyrics   with eyes shut as if in trance. She  squeezes her face , tightens her lips, grinds her teeth as she  clinches firmly  on  the microphone  and would  suddenly go   on her knees and  immovable as if electrocuted. Her gap tooth  , complexion, voice and humility could melt a man’s heart.    She is excellent in the usage of Yoruba proverbs, idioms and aphorisms.Her words cool frayed nerves. She is rich in Yoruba composition , a gifted Oral Artist and  she chants Hunter’s poetry (Ijala Ode), poems and shower panegyrics  at ceremonies like wedding, naming, house warming, burial among others.

Okoto Akewi

She responds to questions with proverbs and  would  render  chants with her infectious smile .Not only this, her humility is superb inspite her talent and wealth of experience. She knows the panegyrics  (oriki ) of almost all the Yoruba towns ,names, professions  and what have you. She does not need to think twice  or guess before she showers your oriki on you. This is the life of a 24 year-old  lady who is from Owolanke family in Oyo town.


”She is a stage wizard .She is a  multilateral combination of  talents. While on  stage she exhibits her stage craft as  she  chants, sings, dances,recites poems and panegyrics   with eyes shut as if in trance.”

Doing her job


Okoto Akewi is a household name in Oyo. She has become a brand .She is well known at  the palace of  Alaafin of Oyo .  She is a computer wizard .  Who has the gut to wake up Alaafin  of  Oyo Oba Lamidi Olayiwola  Adeyemi III  up in his palace?. Who will be in Iku Baba Yeye‘s compound and be making ‘noise’?.’


    Who dares go to Alase Ekeji Orisa’s palace and be shouting on top of his voice?.No one  , no one can try it except only and the only one  the Okoto Akewi also known as Omo Iku Elerin  who with her velvet voice would sing, chant and praise the Iku Baba Yeye , Alase Ekeji Orisa ,the second in command  to God . According to her she goes to the Palace everyday to chant for Alaafin of Oyo.”I have been doing that since my secondary school days .When  I was in Oyo College of Education ( Special) I used to go to the palace during our Cultural week. For the past six years I took it as a duty to be going to the Palace daily to perform, you know  our Monarch loves Culture and he is  the father of Yoruba Tradition and Culture. .  ”, she said.

”Who has the gut to wake up Alaafin  of  Oyo Oba Lamidi Olayiwola  Adeyemi III  up in his palace?. Who will be in Iku Baba Yeye’s compound and be making ‘noise’?. Who dares go to Alase Ekeji Orisa’s palace and be shouting on top of his voice?.No one  , no one can try it except only and the only one  the Okoto Akewi also known as Omo Iku Elerin  who with her velvet voice would sing, chant and praise the Iku Baba Yeye , Alase Ekeji Orisa ,the second in command  to God”


She wakes up the Alaafin of Oyo , Oba Lamidi  Olayiwola Adeyemi  III every  morning  with her golden   voice. When she opens her mouth and sing everybody listens .When she chant panegyrics (oriki) and shower praises on her clients they open their wallets to appreciate her .Her words is full of wisdom . She is talented, an enigma , an Historian and a promoter of Yoruba Arts and Culture and has made it globally accepted .Her voice  has spread and  gone  international as she receives calls from United Kingdom,Australia , America and all over the world chanting and raining praises on his clients. That is the  lady in Oyo who is the raving moment shaking the Ewi Industry .Welcome to the world of  Ogundele Nike Suliat  aka Okoto Akewi Omo ekun elerin.

Okoto Akewi at work


She introduced herself”My name is Ogundele Nike Suliat  also known as Okoto Akewi Omo Ekun Elerin. I attended Agboye Baptist Primary School  Oyo, St.  Bernadine Girls Grammar School Oyo . From here I   proceeded to   Federal College  of Education (Special)  Oyo,  the only special school in Sub- Sahara Africa where I studied Computer Science .

I  started chanting panegyrics at age five.  I am now  24 years of age  .My parents supported my work  because  it  is  a congenial occupation in the family   .My grandfather was a Hunter chanting Ijala   while my late  father was also in the  same profession   but for  one reason or the other   he stopped and went into business. He died about one and a half years ago.Only my mother   that is alive today  .I started chanting   while in primary school .I continued in  secondary school, during the Cultural programme in School I   used to go to the Palace to participate in the  Cultural activities .

At my NCE level I was  always invited to  perform .So when I completed  my NCE program, I went fully into it”.

Okoto Akewi’s Group


Asked to tell the meaning of Okoto Akewi, she laughed , then shook her head as if she remembered an episode and then said ”It has deeper meaning, it is pregnant with meanings”,she continued as she spoke like a Philosopher  ,”you know  Life is like a game, Okoto ( Apex of a snail that cannot stand upright, a brown seed that rolls  ) it is a piece of brown seed   that rolls when played , it is like life , unstable and you don’t know what its result would be.It is unpredictable.Life is unpredictable , full of disappointments. That is Okoto Akewi.I have faced and experienced some things in life and I decided to have the name for my group”.


Asked why she wears male’s clothes all the time , she defended herself ”I love  wearing men’s clothes because  it makes me free, allows me to swing sideways and prance around on stage. It makes me  to be free and   easy while  on stage”.She beat her chest and said ” I cannot count the number of male’s clothes I have , I have a lot and I love them all”.


Okoto Akewi said  she didn’t know  the  profession would gain world acceptance  as it is now , she said ”I  never knew it will be generally accepted like this.I was just playing with it just doing what I enjoy doing most until it became part and parcel of me. Today many invite me to parties, naming ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and burial ceremonies ..I enjoy doing it”

She pleaded to Yoruba people and said ”Our culture is going down and we need to  make sure it does not go into extinction .I  thank God for  everything is going on well, thank God things are working fine.We  are from Oduduwa and our Culture is rich, we should take our Culture to  higher height .North, South, East and West , home is the best, we should not abandon our culture for foreign one”

She gave the importance of Chanting panegyrics , according to her ”when we chant oriki,  or praise  you will be happy, it soothes your nerves.When a wife is angry let the husband shower oriki on her, and their differences ends, no more fighting .It is our tradition and that does not mean we are idol worshipers”


Apart  from having Ijala  background, she said she goes from town to town asking elders, doing research on every Yoruba town’s panegyrics , stories and history . She said ” I travel to places, to towns  and all areas in Yorubaland  asking and seeking knowledge .      


Asked how much she charges Kabiyesi Alaafin as she goes to the palace to chant, she replied ”He is my father and the father of Yoruba Tradition and Culture, I cannot charge him but what he gives me is more than charging him. When I chant at  the palace of Alaafin of Oyo , Oba Lamidi Adeyemi , father of Yoruba Tradition and Culture , Kabiyesi would just give me money, huge one, he would not count it , huge amount of money, huge money. He loves  Yoruba Culture. Kabiyesi is a great Oba. If not this novel  coronavirus  I would have been   at the Palace by now chanting  .For public performance they hire us and we are ready to go to anywhere even we are ready to go to America if invited. We do charge them but I will not tell you how much I charge(burst into a prolong laughter).


Okoto Akewi said  although she enjoys the profession  but faces challenges at many of the parties she is invited to. She said “when we are invited to perform at occasions    musicians would not release microphone  for  us to use , they see us as  are  sub entertainers , they don’t want to release  microphone  for us to use .I have been to an occasion where I was to   sing or chant but was not allowed  as the musician refused  to  give us the opportunity or release  the microphone .I  remember an occasion where we had been paid but did not perform yet the man  who invited us  did not collect the money back .So what I normally do is to   tell the  Celebrant  to inform the musician to let them know when we are to perform”.

”When I chant in the palace of Alaafin of Oyo , Oba Lamidi Adeyemi , father of Yoruba Tradition and Culture , Kabiyesi would just give me money, huge one, he would not count it , huge amount of money, huge money. He loves  Yoruba Culture.Kabiyesi is a great Oba. If not this novel coronavirus  I would be at the Palace”


She speaks about the first money she made ”the first money I made was  in 2017 when a man sent  100,000 naira (one hundred thousand naira) to me  appreciating my work .I cannot mention his name .He was the first man to do that he lives in America, the man said he appreciates my work. Another  man gave me 300,000naira  to appreciate my work”.On what she does with the money , she said  .The first instrument  I bought is Gangan, the Yoruba special  drum. I bought costumes for our  Entertainment Group we wear for outing .”


Okoto Akewi said she would soon go back to school  to study Yoruba as a Course she said ”I have National Certificate in Education (NCE)  in Computer Science from College of Education , Oyo Special, I am going to Obafemi Awolowo University , Ife  to read  Bachelor in Arts degree in  Yoruba Studies in order to have more knowledge in Yoruba Culture ”



Although she is still single but quickly added that she  has a boyfriend she is going out with.”I am not yet married but I am going out with a guy, I have a boyfriend  who loves my work’.’.

As she finished the interview she gave a parting gift by pouring oriki on this Reporter ,

Taiye Kehinde lo ni  nki gbogbo yin o,

Ngo si ki gbogbo yin lokokan

Obekese…omo a so alakisa d’onigba aso..

Taiye lo ni nki gbogbo yin oo…..

why my late father dethroned some chiefs-Leke Olateru-Olagbegi

Start from the previous one

why I contested for Olowo of Owo’s throne -Leke Olateru -Olagbegi



Well, em.. em.. like I  was trying to express earlier, the Owo traditional stool   has a very democratic  way of  selecting a new Olowo , and  all the Omolowos except that of   Chief Aralepo  was the only one that   voted for  Prince Justice  Adesuyi Olateru -Olagbegi , all the other ones    voted for the incumbent  Kabiyesi Ajibade Ogunoye. Em.. em.. it is not about wining itself, If  I had  won  fine, but when I didn’t  it is also  fine  .  It is not a do or die affair,… after all we are all vying  to make sure we have  a better future  for the community  .Now that  Kabiyesi has emerged I am also  in  support now he is on seat I feel….         

I don’t have any ill feeling or bad feeling .


I think I should correct the notion here  about how most people that are not close to the traditional stool feel about most traditional institutions  ..the Yoruba traditional institution is not  necessarily a fetish institution, in every tribe , in every culture that you go in the universe you find all sorts of fetish issue in different skills  so people always  think that oh! to be a King in Yorubaland  that  person has to  be fetish,that is not correct .Yes, he faced some challenges ,there were windows where the fetish inclination has to come in and I remember my father used to say that he has no business in anything fetish because it is   against his own personal religion. Now in the Owo  Constitution the way it is written gives the Olowo the audacity to have his own private religion regardless of the general culture of the community .If we are to referred to some previous past Olowos when in the days of  Olowo Ogunoye the first, the Olagbegi the first  these were the time popular religions like Muslim  and Christians got into the region and they did not see it to be  anything that would necessarily interfere with normal religion , it gave them whole…infact it is in history that Olowo  Olateru Olagbegi actually converted to Islam so I don’t see anything special for my father to have embraced Christianity …in the 21st century.


Yes,he did .Whenever the Igogo festival was coming up there there were lots of arrangements to be done,  and  he did everything.The town’s priest was Ajana. My father will  always submit himself to make sure  everything that needed to be  done  were done  but you know  in a community where we faced challenges  where the divide has been prolong for so many years , it is expected that he would find  different parties with different inclinations but my father was wholeheartedly behind the promotion of the culture of   Owo .If he wasn’t he would   not have been  traveling  with different Owo traditional Costumes.He carried along with him different Owo traditional Musicians , he promoted Owo Culture so many times , so he was never against the culture neither was he against the Igogo festival.The Igogo festival is actually  the biggest festivals  we have in Owo for someone  not to be celebrating Sango , Ogun  does not  mean he did not love the festival, not everybody in Owo practices Sango or Islam  so  I  think the notion should be corrected . I think is only those of us that were close to him will knew that he a lover of Owo Tradition and  Culture


”One of those like  I said was   that people expected him to perform  certain  rituals that they believed  should be but he was not comfortable with that because being a legal luminary ,he knew that he could do whatever he wanted to do as long as he was comfortable with ….,or necessarily .Two , initially when he got to office  the problem of the government gave him a little concern, he  thought it would  have been a good opportunity  for the government to let him develop the community while he was still young and agile  but thank God he was able to  get over it as time progressed , you can see .His plan for Owo still manifested by and large with the things we have seen him done , with  the construction of roads, the construction of  the market, the new Banks , small scale business thrived ,the placement t of Owo citizens to  high ranking offices  in politics  these are the things.We have an Owo governor now and it was a dream come true for him as well.


When it comes to  the  chieftaincy titles  he was a bit shy of discussing the issue in the public because he was a private person, so he never wanted his words to be misconstrued.  I  believed that  those he  demoted must have really, really crossed his traditional line  and they must have insulted the throne for him to  have  taken some drastic decisions  and knowing him taking such a decision  it must have been good for that.


This particular incidence I was privy to by chance , I think the man in question who was a very close  person to Kabiyesi himself . We have a sacred place  in palace called Igbodi, Igbodi is an area  Olowo cherished  and  protected  jealously , infact you cannot go hunting in that area  except you are  a member of Olowo’s probably  immediate family , you cannot even be allowed to go to  Igbodi because it is sacred  . Now  can you imagine during his 17th coronation  anniversary of Kabiyesi , a chief (names withheld)   cut down 17trees , and what did that mean ?.  To a lay man it  speaks volume .It was reported to Kabiyesi ,I guess he  did not  have the clear picture of the  number of trees  they cut but  they  lied to him  that it  was  only three or four trees they fell  but  at last  it was discovered that they were 17 trees they  felled  and  it was  on the 17th  coronation anniversary of Kabiyesi! .  What is the  meaning?. So the chief needed to be disciplined that was what caused the particular scenario but the chief was lucky  for he was dear to my father , before the demise of my father he was restored back to his position.


The Akowaloja that you are referring to   was one of the senior  Omolowos that was dethroned.That scenario if can remember couple of years ago  it  was rumored that Olowo has passed  on and   it was unfortunate that that particular Akowa was party to it. They went as far as celebrating his death  and desecrating some areas within the palace indicating that the Olowo had died  without having first class information about the issue .  I guess they were so blinded in hate that they actually believed the Olowo had died   and went ahead performing sacrifices  and when my father got the evidence of such as  evidence of photographs and  videos from those that were involved he thought they had to be disciplined .I believed that was why  that particular chief was dismissed  which is a normal culture in Owo. If things like that happen in Owo the disciplinary action would be taken and he would be stripped of his tittle beads  we call it a ja akon re ( The chief’s chieftaincy beads had been stripped off)which was to demote that individual  .The  Constitution in Owo also gave the Olowo the audacity and to remove his beads  if it is necessary or give the position to someone else.



Aside from his resemblance I will not let his legacy be  erased . I am going to put all things in place to make his name and Owo community great and by God’s grace I  will definitely do it. If  you  look back into history about my family legacy from Olagbegi,  I will never ever let the family legacy erased , anything that I can do I will do it .If I have anything to make Owo progress I will be a party to it . If you look back at the family legacy  if you look a the days of Olagbegi they  were very active when it comes to the Owo development community  my grand father Sir Olateru Olagbegi II (KBE) , he was  able to convert a community as to speak,  archaic into a community to  become a first class in Nigeria ,  and even as we stand and speak today  it is still far away  as Owo as per its location still continues to be the darling of the entire Yoruba  race , as it is said in Yoruba parlance  ibi gbogbo ni ile Owo ( every place is the land of Honor).Ko si omo Owo ti ko lowo lowo, ko si omo Owo ti ko nilari(there is no native of Owo that is not successful), these are the kinds of virtues of Owo that  are  always   dear to my heart ,so I will always partake to what will be the progress of the entire lineage and to the community at large.


At that time fortunately for me I was not around, I was still  abroad  at  the time the crisis occurred .God has a way of doing things ,when my father   escaped with his life  .. we thank God  he was able to escape from there  and  went to America.Thank God  he was able to stay with his family members and his children , and the time went by and  fortunately when the new governor Olusegun Agagu came on board , we received the phone call that he should come back home  and he came .


The Olowo’s Palace  fortunately  for us  we have that palace almost  700 years during the  reign of Olowo Rengenjen ,it is  from Oke Mapo.If you look at the landmass …. compared with the present location , include the new palace, I  don’t know how  any single individual  had projected a landmass having much as that so we give it to Olowo Rengenjen who had  the foresight, yes  we give it to Olowo Rengenjen for having that foresight.We  heard that my great grandfather had over 200wives so you could imagine to have such  wives and the amount of areas that would be needed for such a family to live on.I  am also very proud of the palace, the edifice  that my grandfather built  in that place till today still stand it also the best palaces, it is   a pride that Owo has that till today not only in Yorubaland but anywhere in African region .It is also a pride to Owo.We thank God we still have it till today .


There is no  particular secret , like my  grandfather always say  ‘I keep no grudges’ ,this is one of the virtues I learnt from my grandfather , if you keep no grudges  with  anyone ,  have no ill feelings against anyone God will  continue to bless and guide you. I don’t keep grudges in my mind .I don’t have grudges against anybody . I  grew up within the Palace when I was seven years old  .I knew Kabiyesi Ogunoye , I grew up with the majority of his children , if you look at my wedding picture and videos  you will see Adegoke Ogunoye who was my best man at my wedding , some of  them like the Olu Ajike we vied  the throne together , and we are very close  , right now he is in Dubai. Virtually I see all the Olagbegis, Ajikes and Ogunoyes as one  . I see us all as Elewuokun. I see Olagbegi as  Olagbegi  Elewuokun,as I see  Ogunoye  as Ogunoye Elewuokun, I see Ajike as Ajike   Elewuokun and I am Leke Elewuokun, I see no reason why I should have ill feelings against anyone.


”Anytime I heard that name, Sir Olateru Olagbegi II, KBE , he  was one of most  reigned  kings in Owo , he had the opportunity to build Owo to the current status, he reigned   at the time when Nigeria was  still in the dark ages and   he ruled when Nigeria was coming into the new era, and if you look at the things that happened during his reign ,he was able to accomplish every dream that he had., all his dream he was able to accomplish  and for that alone I thank God and when  I had the  opportunity  to live with him as a young  boy he used to tell me that by God’s grace when he returned to the palace he would be able to explain things that happened to me .When I   asked him in one occasion that ‘Papa  how are you sure that you would return to your throne?’,  he responded with great enthusiasm that he  was he sure he would be returned   back to his throne . It is written that definitely he would go back to his throne , and lo and behold  27years after he returned to his throne . He was sent away in 1966 and Kabiyesi  Ogunoye came back in 1968, so the two years (1966 and 1968) most people always omit it but I  always add it , because it is still two years being away from the throne , by 1968 to 1993 is now  the 25years Ogunoye reigned , as far as Sir Olateru Olagbegi is concerned it took 27years before he could regain his throne, and for him to have left the throne 27 years and regained it I think it is  the work of God .He developed Owo to its contemporary era  , you can see that all  the development he brought to Owo  still stand  today . I  pray in the nearest future and the  incumbent Olowo  tries to bring back the lost glory ,   if not all,and I continue to pray for him that God would help him  , and  with the support of all the entire community.


”Emmmmm, Very much so, I am a Prince and also a chief of Otu Arala   which is Otu Agba Omalogho, and we normally hold a session once in month.  I also come to Igboroko Quarters under the leadership of Chief Ojumu  there is nothing happening  within the chiefs that  I don’t participate in . I know a lot of chiefs by name , they know me , I have no grudges against anyone of then .We celebrate together , now we have  our father  Olowo Ogunoye I was there to celebrate with him.  I was also a chief  there as Otu Alara . I  will forever have my allegiance to the Olowo, I will forever have my allegiance to Owo .Anything that  promotes the unity  and  culture, anything s that promotes the development of    Owo community     you can always count  that I will be there.


From my experience , I still enjoy all what  I enjoyed while my father was here .Every person that I knew when my father was around I still meet them. This is still the same me, I still relate with them, I still do what I was doing when he was around . I  still have access to the palace .I still enjoy the privileges , anywhere  I appear in town  I am still greeted and I thank God .I still have access to the palace , anywhere I appeared in town I am still greeted and welcome , and I really  thank God for that.


There were many things that happened over ten years ago  , it resulted to a lot of crisis in his life but  we thank God that he was able to survive it that time , unfortunately  that some people took it to themselves that he was dead.He read from different write ups ,he laughed over it  and thank God that  while some people thought he was dead he was not dead .


Whenever a new Olowo comes in there is a tendency for  a new structure to be erected. During the reign of my father there were structures  he erected in the back called Ugha Oluwa gbemileke, Ugha Eduma which is addition to  the building . I pray for the current Olowo   to do more  that is the prayer .


They are my grandfather’s vehicles.They are still in the palace. The late Sir Olateru Olagbegi II ( KBE) was a flamboyant Monarch .He was ranked among  the great Yoruba kings like  the late Sir Adesoji Aderemi, the Ooni of Ife who was   another great Yoruba Monarch .Yes,  the vehicles ;Rose Royce  and Mercedes Benz cars’ relics  are still there in the palace. If you look at the vehicles very well you will know they are antique. There was a plan by my late father to refurbish them and  put them in good condition  .He told me that he wanted to buy engines and fix them . All these plans were in the offing before he died. My father travelled wide, he saw how in  the Western world  people appreciate all these vehicles .It was part of his plan before he died. You know we still have the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Mercedez Benz he used  for campaign and toured Nigeria , it is today in the  family’s museum .For me I pray we have a museum where we would keep all these. I know the family  will one day do something. These vehicles belong to   the Olateru  Olagbegis  which is a  large family   and  are planning to have a mini museum  which  would be announced later.


Yes, in Yoruba Culture when a King dies you don’t immediately announce it.Well, I think in this modern time,  in this high technology and communication  period many things filter out. And out of that is typical outplay of the time we are living now with  the advent of social media , skype, whattshapp , facebook,,information fly around  I know the news was  leaked from  the palace or someone  who was privy to the news or who   must have known   somebody in the palace or somebody who is in the know of what was happening or what has happened .I am very sorry to say I doubt its one of the traditional chiefs.


He died three times, he was a king  like a cat with nine lives.I cannot say or  tell exactly what caused all those  rumours  but he always told me it was the imagination of his enemies that people said he was sick, he was this and that .However when it was time to go he was called by his Creator and he joined his ancestors .



”Right from my childhood I  always find information about our History and Culture , I  found it very interesting wherever I go in the community I mingle with people wherever I go,  I tried to get facts its a life long I always have  I tried to get facts rather than speaking on tautology. I ask the elders, i ask the families ., I go as far as entertaining people that I believe can give me  vital information that I would need .I want to know all the traditions in Owo , I want to be more versed in Owo History because Owo is rich , very rich in Culture in Yoruba land . Owo is rich in History that is why I have been begging the State Government to bring back History where we would study the story of the past , about our heroes like Olowo Ajaka, Olowo Ajagbusiekun, Olowo Alubolokun, Olowo Adekola Ogunoye, Olowo Olateru -Olagbegi I, Olowo Ajike,among others .

To be continued



Orlando Owoh was arrested because of Dele Giwa’s album-Orimipe Owomoyela

start  from


……. Orlando Owoh was beaten by the Police  while sleeping

……Orlando  was gifted

…….Story of Orlando’s seized 504 Car

……Meaning of  my name ‘Orimipe’



”I was there at  the time of his arrest  . I had just graduated from School of Aviation where I specialized in   Ticketing , Reservation  and  Cargo Handling  and it was three days after my graduation  when   the law enforcement  officers  came . They came to raid , everybody was running helter- skelter .They came from  three stations : Moloney , Alagbon  and  Agege , and  my father was sleeping when they arrived . There was noise .They arrested all of us and packed  us into    the living room . They  went to wake up my father with  severe beatings and in all honesty they did not know it was Orlando  and when they  put us together and then  asked who is Orlando ,  my father showed up  .They said they were sorry, and they said that  that they could not identify him.


”They came for him  because of the record he waxed on Dele Giwa who was brutally killed with a parcel bomb .They knew Orlando  was smoking ganja and he even waxed records (Ganja 1,Ganja 2) in its praise  ,everybody knew him for that . Their annoyance  was that they did not disturb him smoking his ganja  but he went ahead to  wax a record on Dele Giwa ,that was the main reason why they came  . They took him away .But   as I told you people come to our  house , and our house was like Fela’s house or  Fela’s shrine.

‘He was arrested because of the album he waxed for Dele Giwa , he waxed the record that it was  letter bomb that killed Dele Giwa  which everybody knew  .It is because of  the case of Dele Giwa .There was a song Orlando sang , Kini ka ri ka ma gbodo soro, oro yi si mbo….oro yi si nbo wa dija  …

”When these  policemen    saw me, saw  Orlando’s wives and anti Shade (Nee Olagundoye) and they  asked  who she was , she told them she  was the last wife  of Orlando  and they also  asked who I was and I  introduced myself too. They left anti Shade and myself   and  said they  would leave us behind to  take care of the  house ….. it was a very long story”.


”Yes, they saw cocaine , but this  is what happened :when everybody was running helter-skelter  they saw little quantity in the front of my father’s house , but you know  whoever  they  found it in his house is liable. Orlando smoked igbo,he smoke cigarette .It is true cocaine, heroine he did it before but   then  the time they came he had since  stopped it.


”He was arrested because of the album he waxed for Dele Giwa , he waxed the record that it was  letter bomb that killed Dele Giwa  which everybody knew  .It was because of  the case of Dele Giwa .There was a song Orlando sang , Kini ka ri ka ma gbodo soro, oro yi si mbo….oro yi si nbo wa dija  ..., people were saying this is Orlando everybody said he was smoking weed.When he waxed record Babangida was  the head of state then. Everybody knew that Orlando was smoking Igbo  ,it was not new. Policemen come to our house to smoke igbo, soldiers used to come, Pastors  do come , Judges, Lawyers used to come .My father sang the reality , not that he fabricated it .It was the reality of what happened in the world of  ganja .

Kini ka ri ka ma gbodo soro,

oro yi si mbo….oro yi si nbo wa dija 

”They said to him ‘we did not arrest you  when you were  smoking your weeds  and  did not fight you  , now when something happened which is the secret from the government of which you should keep shut but you are saying ……..’ that was what  they  said, they had to do something about it, it was not because of Igbo or cocaine.  Musese and all us us went to places.That night when he was arrested I went to tell to Owo to tell Mama ( Orlando’s mother ) what happened”.

 Doctor before Doctor

”Policemen used to  come to our house to smoke igbo, soldiers used to come, Pastors , Judges and Lawyers used to come .My father sang the reality , not that he fabricated it .It was the reality of what happened in the world of ganja ”

Orlando smoking his ganja

”We were in  Court one day  expecting Orlando to be released , but not then they said one head of state called them that instead of taking his case to court he  should be taken to Tribunal , we all waited but .. then he was taken from Tribunal to Kirikiri. Usually they should have  taken him to Alagbon or ..but the then head of State …… who was….. The Judge in charge then adjourned the case then  that was how we were ….until God came to discharge and acquit him.”


Orimipe said Orlando counseled him  on  marriage, he said ”My father called me one day and said ‘Orimipe , I want to give you a good  advise , don’t  have harem of wives and don’t have one wife .It is poverty (Osi) that makes a man to have one wife and it is a cursed person or person with bad head (Oloriburuku) that makes a man to  have harem of wives. Don’t have harem of wives and don’t have one wife’, he counseled me . I went to ask my mother  the meaning of what he said .My  mother  defended the  philosophy and said   that it is  poverty  that makes a man to  have one wife while   a man with many wives is cursed.

”Then my journey in life landed me into it .I did not marry when  I was in Nigeria and when I came to Chicago , here in America I married a lady here. The lady gave me a child , he is my carbon copy . Later in life we  quarreled  and we parted and I remarried. One day Orlando’s words came into my mind  . Today I cannot say that  I have one  wife ,no, because two women had children for me .And  I did not  have harem of wives  as he strongly  advised me against it .So I am in the middle as  he  wanted me to be in the middle” .

Taiwo Abiodun during an interview with the late Musician’s mother


Asked to tell the meaning of his middle name, Orimipe, the man burst into laughter and  asked this reporter to pronounce the name again, ‘Orimipe’  . He then said  ”A pe mora eni  la npe temidire ( You  attribute good things to yourself). My father said ‘whose head is not correct?, who would say his own head is not correct?’.   He said when I was born he was at the war front  where  they were shelling bombs, he said he was in danger zone and was bitter but when they announced my birth to him it became a mixture or combination of good and bad , Bitter  and sweet, he then told them that ‘as at now my head is correct right now’  , Orimipe .That was how the name came out. Whoever knows his head is not correct should now say so”.


Orimipe said his father , Orlando faced a lot of challenges ,”His problems were many, when I was young  he  told me stories. The Alagbon problem is one of them. As  I knew he  had gone  to the hospital and cleared his system , detoxified drug from his system and  was not doing it again.When they came they entered my room and searched for drug but  they   found nothing . It is true he had done such thing before but he had stopped, and flushed it out from his system. He was sleeping when they raided , you will remember the song he waxed ”Oju orun ni mo wa mo ngba siesta mi lo, igbaju ni won fi ji mi loju orun o, nitori gbaana”, it is true he was sleeping when they came .But when they  came  they rough handled everybody and were beating all, his case is like Jesus Christ among his disciples you will not know him, until he is  introduced. When Orlando was with his people or among his Band  members  if you don’t know him you will be asking  for Orlando and he will quietly leave and it could be Baba Osenepen or my brother Elvis or  Baba Musese  or anybody  who  would then ask who they are looking for and if it is an important thing we would then call Orlando.You know how they do in Nigeria.That was it then .They all came from Alagbon, Moloney, Agege, later they  said they were sorry, but had beaten him to a pulp.


”Nobody would leave his house and stay  in other places and be comfortable , West, East, North and South  home is the best. His case was like the  Parrot the    enemies dipped its feather into the  palm oil in order  to be stained  but  the palm oil added beauty to its features and  it came out more beautiful.  With the Alagbon’s case God turned his case to the best. God had a purpose and  wanted to keep him for a while. At last he  was freed at the Supreme Court”.

  I knew he  had gone  to the hospital and cleared his system , detoxified drug from his system and  was not doing it again. When they came they entered my room and searched for drug but  they   found nothing . It is true he had done such thing before but he had stopped, and flushed it out from his system. He was sleeping when they raided , you will remember the song he waxed ”Oju orun ni mo wa mo ngba siesta mi lo, igbaju ni won fi ji mi loju orun o, nitori gbaana’

Orimipe  with his friends singing in Chicago,USA


”At my age I cannot lie , I am not happy with him , though if I see him there is nothing I will do, God knows everything .He (Orlando) came out alive,he was discharged and acquitted and for the main fact that he ( the  head of ….) planned such thing was not a good thing . He was called President then , he was a military man and called himself President , he did all these .Its like going into the Lion’s den and came out .Each time I remember this I feel bad,  I have forgiven him ,I have forgiven him.”


Reminded about the car impounded by Orlando’s friend when he defaulted , Orimipe said  ”They were all friends then ,the story is true but it is sad. Whenever something happened to him God  wanted to bless him and let his glory shine . When he was bluffed  about the car, Orlando went to buy that type of same Brand, color and  the number of the first car was 1111 and  the second one was 4111, it was a Peugeot 504  then. Baba Die The Matter was there then he also assisted my   father, he knew about it.God will just raise Orlando’s   glory when something happened to him  . Orlando purchased the  car  from his friend a Car dealer and because he defaulted to pay as at the time he should , the car  was seized .It was a Peugeot 504 with the registration number 1111 while he bought another new one and of same brand, colour and registered number as 4111.God has been kind to Orlando.That was when he sang ” Ogedengbe.. O gbe mi lori esin…..”


Orimipe delivering a speech in America


 Orimipe said he is sad when  he heard the news of  the death of his   half- brother  about two years ago. In his words , he said ”I cried when I heard the news of the death of my brother , Sunday.Her mother is my father’s wife and she is also my mother .I feel for Sunday’s mother, it is painful that her son, Sunday died .But what ought to  be done should be done. Sunday was very close to me same thing with all other younger ones.They are all married and in their matrimonial homes now.


Sunday’s mother

 I asked a friend to help me to be  doing the needful for the boy ”

Asked  his  best music in Orlando’s album, Orimipe   sang A mbe laye , alaiye nsaye lo , ti a ba tun kuro nibe..mo ti se won ti mo le see ( crying)


”I would say he was a millionaire, my father did not believe until you have 10 million naira before he helped you .He never begged before he died . Orlando’s house was free what he would not   not accept is armed robbers .He would not eat alone , you will eat from same plate ,that is what  I learnt from him that is what we call a rich man and  that you have millions ,that is what we call eniyan laso mi (human beings provide the body of a more protective covering than clothes ever will ).That is why the honour and dignity  he had was more than money”

Asked  his  best music in Orlando’s album, Orimipe   sang :A mbe laye , alaiye nsaye lo , ti a ba tun kuro nibe..mo ti se won ti mo le see  (crying)


Yes, several times ,he used to appear in my dream  that is what I am saying that he should be resting , when it is time we would do the needful’


Taiwo Abiodun during an interview with the late Orlando


          ”His members are still alive.I have two brothers singing at home, Daisi and Duro.I don’t know why they did not get along with them I am still  trying to   make effort to do that. Even if they  don’t for  play us  again  we should call them and celebrate them in remembrance of our father”.


” Apart from being my father’s friends , they are those I also know as my fathers. Anywhere I was , if I got broke they would give me money .It is what they give their children they also gave me.I remember when  Kabiyesi Apata insisted that I must go back to school when I was about to go my final year exam in secondary school, Apata stood up and asked what I was doing at home, and he  said ‘Orlando come ‘, and he counted some  money and  handed over to Chief Osennepen who in turn gave me and asked me to e go back to school .These fathers assisted me . Chief Osenepen was my father’s manager and his right hand man.Anywhere u see Orlando you will see him same with Musese. We all did a lot during the Alagbon episode, he was the PRO , he did great.

”They are my fathers , I thank them very well for taking care of my granny, I pray to be able to  pay them back .They all stood by my father , it is a different thing to say one is a friend when alive and dead , they are great friends of my father”.


”She was my father’s wife, and the respect I gave my mother is what I  gave her. Now let me tell you this story ,if you have the opportunity ask  if you can go to these people ask whether its true or false.

Shade ( Nee Olagundoye)

”One day I was at home with Baba Osenenpen, anti Shade who was  my father’s wife , Mummy Niyi -(anti Funke ), Anti Muibat [mummy Tope ] these four people with my brother , Elvis and his wife , we were many in a room, Osenepen was asked to call me , and I came and my father was lying down , and he said ‘if anything happen to  me , if I die .. , these are my wives which one would you  take care of ?’. I responded ” God forbid , we will all be in this house and they will all take care of their children”.Baba Chief then  praised me , but my father said what he meant was which among them will I marry ? And I said ‘ha , it is forbidden a son does not have  s… relationship  with his mother , eewo” .I said your wife is your wife , it cannot be my wife, that  would be ……. I   said no. I thought he was going to say I was stubborn and that I might send them away when he is gone, but he said and meant another thing ”


”There are many Ojooos, he sang  their praises …that Ojo di meji sodo mi ( Ojo has now become two in my domain). His younger ones who are bearing Ojo are three , so I cannot know the real Ojo since he did not finish the name Ojo”.



Jesus is coming back -Abduljelili Abdulraheem



..….Jesus Christ is coming back

…..To fight SOLIJAJA

……Will  get married 

…..Will  die and be buried in …….

While   I was in the popular LT  commercial Bus in Lagos , this Muslim Cleric and some  passengers  were in a serious argument discussing  about Jesus Christ. An  old man said “Jesus has finished his assignment on earth and he’s not coming back ”. But this  Muslim  Cleric said ”Jesus is coming back  but……..”


     Heresy or not?

“My name is  Abduljelil Abduraheem. Jesus Christ is coming back to destroy SOLIJAJA who the Christians call  ANTI CHRIST or 666 . Jesus Christ is coming to destroy his ( ANTI CHRIST) government. He is coming back to this world to marry, to procreate  , die and be buried. He was taken to heaven but the next time he comes back he will die and be buried. 

Abduljelil during the interview 1

“He will be buried in Medina and the space where he will be buried is kept there to date, it is by the side where Mohamed is buried”.

He continued”Jesus Christ  is not the son of God but a Prophet of God .For God said that He has no child of His, has no friend and no relatives . He is the only One.

”About 14,000 souls leave the earth and go to heaven everyday and are replaced by same 14,000 that are born daily. God changes the souls in heaven and earth daily.   


Interview 2

”Jesus Christ is not the son of God but Prophet of God .Though some call him son of God but it is not so for God Himself …


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