What happened to me in Owo, Lagos and Branson!


No bottled palm wine or gourd hung on the tree or displayed  on the table to advertise  her product ,  palm wine  .There was no signboard or any sign post to show the way to Mama Elemu’s place. By 10 am  on that Saturday her shop at Idashen  , Owo  had been jam packed  by   customers who wanted to eat  cornmeal (egidi) or pounded yam, bush meat  and to drink palm wine.

How did they know they sell locally brewed palm wine here for there is no  bottled palm wine  hung on the tree and no gourds (akemgbe ) of palm wine hung on the tree as some used to .Yes ,that is the practice – from distance one could see bottled palm wine or an empty gourd of palm wine hanging loosely advertising  that ‘palm wine is being sold here’!. No wonder , the Yoruba proverb that a good palm wine does not need an advertisement.


Chief Adewale, Mama Elemu and BoN during the interview

For the Owo natives who love palm wine  this place is their choice. For visitors this place is where they would enjoy their evening with full satisfaction. For Owo  natives in diaspora especially those  who   live in Chicago, Illinois, Texas, California,Las Vegas,Missouri , Carolina or Washington DC   the moment they landed in Owo ,they would all go straight to Mama Elemu’s place in Idashen. If you live in  the European countries   and come to Owo your  enjoyment is not complete if you have not been  here to  taste the undiluted palm wine called aroso.

BoN eating egidi with local soup

Emu abiwarapa  abito fun fun lenu ‘ emu lawa nmu , Ero ya wa me mu oo.

Elemu nget on Ka ma rise …

Se kan ko mi ko tun sekan kora re ka jo maa mu loo

When this reporter got there he burst into  Kegites songs , singing while eating the  cornmeal (egidi) wrapped in a leaf  with local soup (obe oogun) and egunsi soup .The  fresh bush meat ( grass cutter and antelope ) were cut into pieces and tied with strings to avoid falling off. Seeing how she displayed the bush meat in a special pot  could make a customer be salivating !

Chief  Niyi Adewale a popular radio presenter described the place thus”Mama’s palm wine is as sweet as honey.She does not  advertise her product but her product advertise  itself!.Her palm wine is original. It  is not diluted and if she does not have to sell she would not sell.!

She is  very neat and at her age, in her 80s   she  still possessed good retentive memory. She is jovial ,she  loves visitors and sell what you can hardly find in other places.Yes, she sells bush meat, fresh and undiluted palm wine.


As she alighted from the cab, the driver assisted her to offload two rubber kegs of palm wine , all  ‘foaming’ from the mouth. The aroma wafted in the air and immediately the customers stopped to drink the water they held in their hands  and rushed towards the octogenarian woman asking to be served .This is Mama Elemu.

She is a woman of few words , she said “My name is Bako Rachael, I am over 80years .I have been selling palm wine for the past 50 years.I am well known in OWO.I sell original palm wine .From the proceeds of the my business  I have trained my children in school and have a roof over my head” .She continued ” I sell bush meat and with local soup and use leaves to wrap my pounded yam or cornmeal and their  taste is different from the ones wrapped with a nylon and kept in a cooler.Big men come here to buy my Palm wine and food”, she said as she was cleaning the leaves to be used to wrap the cornmeal.

As she brought out the drums of palm wine  and one could see the palm wine ‘foaming’ from the mouth and the body  of the container ‘sweating ‘ too.

Ask her for a cup of palm wine, she will tell you ”My palm wine is a special one.I don’t dilute it .I also sell bush meat with native soup [obe oogun] that goes along with egidi (cornmeal). Yes, you are at home for she will not put the egidi in nylon but wrapped in a  green leaf  , as everything is local.


When I  got to Lagos in the evening and   brought out the five litres of  palm wine I  bought  along  with the bush meat  and I entertained my friends with it and we    started    dancing and singing . The evening gathering was turned to Tales by Moonlight as friends told  stories and the most interesting one was why  an empty palm wine  gourd should not be  placed sitting like  the full one . I  told them  the story behind it “One day Ogun was coming from the farm , and the sun was hot , very hot. Ogun was thirsty , very thirsty. Ogun  passed a palm wine joint ,passed a palm wine joint( repeat)   but was neither greeted nor invited for a drink by  these drinkards , and this was according to the instruction and rule that there should not be greetings at that Ajo Oriki Spot, and this was according to Ogun’s instruction too!.  While   Ogun moved on but suddenly  he heard them laughing hysterically. Ogun thought he was been mocked . In annoyance Ogun went back to these drinkards and beheaded all the nine .As he finished the  massacre he sat  down to drink from the ‘sitting’ palm wine gourds.But lo and behold , all were empty , but the deed has been done. Ogun lamented.He regretted his action. and since then he  instructed all palm wine drinkers to always place the empty gourd lying down”.

As I finished the story shouts of Babalawo  of the Nation (BoN), Bobo T, T Bobo, Babalawo of the World (BoW) , Babalawo of the Universe (BoU) rent the air .



My head in bandage

A I opened my eyes at the hospital bed  I discovered my head had been bandaged as well as my nose  and my  left eye. The surgeon said my skull had cracked .My left eye was to be replaced with artificial eye.My left hand was as heavy as lead  and  in   plaster of Paris ( POP) .Will I be able to move the hand again? Will I regain my eyes again?.I looked at the doctor and broke into tears.I am finished ,I soliloquized. I looked up and saw Intravenous Fluid (IV)  hanging loosely  .Haa! , my  right leg had been ‘decorated’ with Plaster of Paris (POP), and according to the doctor ,the right leg  has fracture  and it may  be amputated. My head is ringing like a church bell .I did not know when I said ‘Kai   my  enemies had eventually captured me’.

What happen? When and how did I get here?.All I could remember  was when I was in my  velvet suits and  at a gathering entertaining     my friends  who came from Texas and Chicago  to visit us   .  I  told them the   story of my Owo trip and how we ate delicious food  ; pounded yam, bush meat and egidi ;and how we all gulped it down with fresh palm wine. Then I started showering   panegyrics  on palm wine ”emu abirawarapa abito funfun lenu, Ogun Onire Oko mi, Ogun olomi nile f’eje we..” We  were dancing to the music of  Orlando Owoh’s music of Money  for hand …Ero ki yeye mi oo,E get as  E  Be …..Suddenly  a fight broke out  between two ladies .One of the ladies who was pregnant  traced her husband to the gathering , they exchanged hot words and this led to fisticuffs . The husband of the first one threw a broken bottle while the other  man drew  out  his pistol from his waist band leather  holster  .The whole place was  in  chaos. Mr. Ade brought his sword from its scabbard  while Mr. Ahmed in annoyance brought out a keg of petrol and wet the living room. Insanity took over  as everywhere became the Devil’s home! .Their eyes turned red, some were screaming , others were shouting that it was Devil’s work. A woman was seen kneeling down in a corner praying and speaking in tongue to let God take control.  Suddenly one of  the ladies  fighting  fell into labour , she was screaming as she held her waist. Before you say Jack Robinson we heard the blaring of siren from Police Cars ,  Fire service  vehicles and Ambulance .The noise of the siren buried our  noise as  the Fire fighters were trying to put out the fire as the whole building was in flame.

I called my neighbors for help but nobody turned up!.I called friends on phone  the phone was dead!. infact I called the Pastor of my church. 20 of us  were  arrested . The house was razed as the gas exploded and sparks from electricity did not help matter cum the lightening  that came with thunder . It was bad as 20 cars were burnt .

Many were arrested .It turned out to Court case. The woman who started the fracas  and    fell into labour later delivered twin babies but was fined. The man with sword was sentenced to two years imprisonment with  hard labour  while the man with gun had fled into the thin air and was never seen again.The  other man was on Watch list.

My underwear was cold  and  ‘water’ was flowing from the mattress .Then I heard my name from a  female voice calling , ”Babalawo of the Nation  , get up its time to go and  catch our flight back home, its now 11 o’clock .I  realized  this was Ronnie’s voice. I remember we came to  the tourist town called  Branson  where we  visited  Silver Dollar City ,a big amusement Park where I rode  the roller coaster and  visited   the Cave of ‘No Return’ .  I had taken some oyinbo kain kain .I now remembered that  I ate bush meat, pounded yam, cornmeal , egunsi soup, in Owo about two years ago .Then I burst into tears and started another song

Oooh my home

Oooh my home 

When shall I see my home

When shall I see my native land 

I will never forget Mama Elemu , sorry , I will never forget Owo my home

I was a drug Courier, Baron now a Pastor

BoN during the interview with Pastor Oluremi

………I was a drug Courier  for many prominent Nigerians

……..I later became a Baron

…….Traveled with 400 grams day Ojulope,Ogedengbe and Owoh were killed

…….I was the only child of my mother

…….Now with a Doctorate degree and a Born-Again 

Meeting  the Man of God is interesting. He is a reporter’s delight . Pastor Oluremi Peter is a very popular  and respected Man of God in Owo , Ondo State .His church is one of the most fast -growing churches with a large number of congregants. He is a prayer Warrior and has delivered many from their infirmities.Barren women have good stories to tell . Pastor Oluremi in this interview tells his story of how he met God after many years of carrying drugs.

 Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Oluremi Peter, I am 59 years old

How did you become an Evangelist

” Bearing an Evangelist is a thing of  spiritual , not an in-born thing , the time that the gift began to manifest was about 18years ago. when I went through CAC Seminary  , Ilesha for two years  then became Associate Pastor  in 1999 in Efon Alaaye .To be  an Evangelist is a gift from God .I am a Prophet /Evangelist  by call but ordained as a CAC Pastor in 1999.



I was once a Courier then Baron now Man of God

”This is a very big question . I went through life . At the tender age of 19 I had been self-employed , traveled abroad and doing all sorts of  business . I can say precisely that I am what I am today by the grace of God  as  per  what I had gone through in life.

”I used to say that anybody that  cannot relate with his past is not really a Born Again .

I met God

”Before I met Christ on the 5th of August 1996 I used to be  a traveler to the USA, and several countries. I used to be an international business man, I deal with drugs traveling  to  USA  several places , dealt with hard drugs like cocaine , I swallowed it  to the USA and would escape it.I  would sell it and come back to Nigeria.


”There are several airports  in the world , mostly I passed through JFK Airport severally  in all the trips .God was precisely with  me   until I met God  on the 5th of August 1996. I lived in hotel room for seven years in Lagos  where I met God on that fateful day. He gave me three lashes and I woke up  and with the instruction ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME”. I stood up from my sleep , sat down and was wondering what was happening  but the instruction kept on coming ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME ”So I stood up packed my things and left the hotel room in Lagos , that was how I found myself in the seminary on the 5th of August in 1996 where I spent two years in training  and by His  Grace has remained steadfast  in His vineyard .

The Man of God telling his story

”I went through a lot of journey of  life .All those period I never knew God , I never had no reason to pray because there was no reason to pray  about . I had money I had influence , there were women around me and I didn’t go to church .Though I am from a very very religious  home .I am the only child of a woman who was a midwife for CAC church for 25years, very dedicated woman .I am a product of grace.


”During this period  I was married with children .I had children .Nobody was aware of what I was doing .I never  discussed my personal life with anybody , it was just between me and God.

When I heard such instruction that I should pack my things and go home .I went to my mother in Owo and told her . I said this was my experience … I was later ordained as a Pastor in 1999.


” While I was ..to the things of the world …I didn’t acquire much, I made my money and I spent it on women , I lived in hotel  for seven years . I bought cars , I bought land  and enjoyed myself  my brother until the grace of God came into my life.


”The properties?. We are talking about 18years ago ?. I lost all of them even my passport was stolen with visa to the USA , England, to Germany was stolen twice. It was dawning on me that the hands of  God was working  and finally struck.


”I didn’t go to school as such ,  but I have School Certificate which is the only visible certificate  I had before I met Christ. Later I went through a lot of schools of Theology , today I  have  doctorate degree in Theology (Phd) . I don’t have  much education .I speak good English by the grace of God.

‘Its not about being profitable , its never my dream to become a pastor but divine because I remember my mother told me she was barren for 18years and when she met a prophet who told her she would bear a son  and the child would be a servant  of God , must be given to God  Immediately I am being weaned and come of age . So, when I was six years old I was given to a Pastor where I went to secondary school, and went away from the presence of God until I finally met God in 1996. Between 1976,77 to 1996  I never went to church.


”Yes , of course there was and is . Can you take temptation away from this work?, we are only being sustained by the grace of God  , so like you  said  when I was much younger.  I remember I was traveling from Murtala Mohammed  Airport, Lagos  to JFK  when our plane broke up, one wing of the plane broke off,. we had to wait for 18hours in Lagos  and I had about 700 grammes of cocaine in my stomach .Right there one or two women were chasing me , one was going to Texas , she had to stop in New York and went to my place in New Jersey, so the issue of women was a thing of pleasure in those days .Paul said ‘I am what I am  by the grace of God ,he said ‘ yet not I  but the grace of God’. So I want to thank God for His grace in my life.


”Whenever  I arrived at my destinations  I would go and lodge in an hotel then contact my customers.

”At a time  I was a carrier for some prominent   Nigerians then later I became a Baron  myself, doing it for myself.


”You are asking too many questions. I visited a lot of countries . I remember precisely this particular incidence , the very  day that   Idiagbon(the late Major General Tunde Idiagbon) killed Bartholomew , Ojuolape  and Bernard  Ogedengbe , I remember I  traveled that night  to deliver  400 grammes of cocaine  (In Denmark)  for I was already billed for that trip.I watched them being killed , and for the same offence these people committed  were killed for  I still traveled for the same offence  I have a special grace. Ojuolape was the only child of an 85year -old- woman . I felt so bad  about the death of the young man because the man was on bail  that time before the Decree of the ’85 came out , they now rolled it back .Ojuolape was the only child of the old woman , they asked Idiagbon to leave  her son because the boy was already on bail before the decree was enacted  and he was roped in and was killed .It was sympathetic”


Gbómogbómo gbé omo mi lo



…….Omo mi méjì pòórá l’ójó kan

…….Èmi kò mo orúko àwon ayálégbé náà

…….Ìyà ñlá jé mí

…..Ólópa tún fi ìyà je mí l’ójó náà l’óhūn



           Ekún gbaragada ni abiléko   Bimbo Lékan ti i se   ìyá  olómo méjì  yi bú  sí ti o si ñgbéra sánlè l’ójó Ogbòn, osù Sere, odun 2018 (30-1-2018). Eni tí o ba  ríi yióò sàánū abiyamo  bí ó  ti se ñsokún kíkòrò  lójó nā lóhún. Nítorí náà kò ya n’ilénu nínú ìsesí áti ìhùwàsíi rè  ‘lòdò ìyá  rè àgbà ti Akòròhìn yīi ti bā .Ñse ni ó ñsáré  jáde , tí ó tún ñsare wolé ,ti  ó ńkígbe l’ohun rara ti o sì  ńbèrè pé ”Omo mì dà? omo mì dà?”. Sùgbón kò sí eni ti o le dáhùn ìbere ńla yii .

       Àwon tí kò mo ohun ti ó  dé baa rò pe wèrè ni sùgbón kò ñse wèrè o, nítorí orí rè pé  ju bí wón se ròó lo. Léèkan síi ,jìnnìjìnnì bõ, o tún bérè pe ”Àwon omo mi dà? . Ìyá je mí .Mo r’oko d’élé Dálémo. Agbón ta mí . Mo se oore dáràn. Págà!! , a tii gbó pe  odindi omo méjì põrá ninu ilé ti gbogbo wa wà yi?”.Igbe e ba mi wá omo mi ni arábìnrin yìi wa ńke tòò, ó sì ńgbéra s’áńlè bi  àgékù ejò.

    ” Ó ńta gìrì bi eni ti  àìsan gìrì mú. Ó  ńmí gúle gúle . Ó ñsúkĕ pake pake .Ó  wá  ńwò  bòò  bí  eran  Iléyá . Ojú re  le bi eni ti ó kó àtòsí. Sùgbón kò ya wèrè o, bêni kò sì kó àtòsí. Ìdāmú lo de bā. Sé  eni ti ìdāmu bá dé bá kò sí ohun tí kò le se , kò sì sí  ohun tí kò le so. Òròkórò  ni yio so, ìsokúso ni yio ma jade lenu re  bêni irànrán ni yío o ma se.

Sèbī ìwákúwá la’ñwá ohun tó sonù..        


      Arábìnrin  yii  ñnàgà o ñwa orí tábìlì , ó tún  bèrè mólè o ńwo abé àga, o sáré wo yàrá ó ńye tìmùtìmù  orí ibùsùn wò. Sùgbón  kò ri àwon  omo  rè méjèjì níbè  .Lógán ló bá ráńtí  pé ayálégbé lo ńbá àwon omo òun seré tó  fà wón l’ówó lo tó fē ra sweet fún won .Ahh, níbo ni ó hā lo? .Ó sáré wo yàrá arábìnrin yīi  sùgbón kò si ènìyàn níbè .Ìgbóná ara mū, o sáré jáde  kò mà  ri won  mó!, Omo mi sonù sáà sàn ju omo mi nù lo. ”Bawo ni ki ñse so fún bàbá àwon omo mi méjèjì yī pé àwon omo yìí sonù. áwon ajómogbé lo se ìkà  èyi fun mi?.Omo ò mi dà? ,omo ò mi dà?. Kíni mó se? .Èé tirí? .Iná jómi , wèrèpè bò  mi, agbón ti ta mí o. Ah , ìyà ñlá  ni eléyìí.Ta ni mo sè? .Èbè la ñbe òsìkà ki ó dákun dáríjí ni”, se igbe kíké ni isé eiye, igbe ni arábìnrin yi  ñke tañtañ tan, ti o si ñfi owó lu ògiri bi Bíríkìlà se ñfi òbe ré ilé.

        Ni ojó  òni ,ogbòn ojó ,Osù Séré (January 30) ni o   pe odún mêjì  gbáko ti abiléko ti orúko nje Bímbo Lekan  ti ńwá omo méjèji ti orúko won ńjé Blessing  to wa ni omo osu mejo  ati Ayòmídé Lêkan  omo odun meji le ni osu mejo   ti di awátì ni Ojúlé Métàdínlógbòn Àdúgbõ, Òkèdógbòn  , Ò
   Pélú omijé  l’ójú  òun òse ni Bimbo fi bá Akòròhìn wa Akòròhìn sòrò l’ójó nā l’óhūn, o ni ”Omo odún méjìlélógún ni mi, isé irun dídì ni mo ko,  Mo bi omo méjì ti won je omo odun méjì ati osu mejo ati àbúrò rè ti o je Omo Osù méjo. L’ójó kan ni omokùnrin kan wá  si ilé wa ni Ojúlé Métàdínlógbòn Àdúgbõ Òkèdógbòn  (27, Òkèdógbòn street) ni ìlú Òwò, lati gba yàrá kan, sùgbón ìyá mi so fun pe  a  kò  le fún okùnrin tííse àpón ní ilê .Okùnrin yìí si padà wa pèlù obìnrin ti o pe ni ìyàwó rè. A ní kí ó san   egbèrún  méjì  naira (2,000) l’ósù sùgbón ñwón bèbè fún èédégbèjo naira (1,500) l’ósù. o san owó ilé a si gbàá s’ílé. Wón san owó odún kan  a kò i tii fún won ni ìwé èrí owo sísan (receipt)  sùgbón l’ójó k’efà ni wón pòórá bí isó ti a kò ri won mó pèlú omo mi méjì.
          Arábìnrin yìí tèsíwájú nínú òrò rè , o ni  ”Ohun tí ó dùn  mí  jù ni pé a kò kò tíì fun wón ni receipt .L’ójó tí wón jí omo gbé yìí arábìnrin ti o p’era rè ni ìyàwó okùnrin yiì gbé omo mi tí o ñsúnkun .Ó si ñba mi d’irun fún èkéjì níwòn ìgbàtí o so pé isé irun dídì ni oun yàn láàyo. l’éhìn èyí o ni oun fé ló ra sweet fun won.Èmi sì ñfõ aso l’ehìnkùnle.
Obìnrin náà tè  síwájú o ni ”Nígbàti mo parí aso fífò mo wá àwon omo mi tì sùgbón ti a wo yàrá obìnrin yìi àpo Ghána Must Go nìkan ni a bá n’íbè , nínú rè ni a ri bébà tií wón ti gé wélé wélé nínú re .
    Nígbà tí Akòròhìn wa Táíwò Abíódún bérè àwòrán (photographs) àwon omo méjèjì, nse ni obìnrin yìí ñwò pàkò pàkò bí orí eran ti o so pe òun kò ni àwòran won l’ówó àfi èyí kékeré n’ígbàtí ti o wà ni omo osù méjì’
Ñse ni wón ñsó obìnrin yìí l’ówó l’ésè bí eni ti o ni ode orí n’ígbàtí Oníròhìn wa báa l’ódo ìyá rè àgbà l’ójó náà l’óhūn.
   Ìròhìn tó tè wá l’ówó nīi pé l’áti ìgbà yen   à  kò gbúrõ wípé wón rii  àwon omo mêjì yi ì rárá.
E kò háà ri n’kan bí? .E wáíye obìnrin abiyamo l’óde.
Àdúrà tán n’ílé aládúrà , olópã na ñké tantan ,beni ará àdúgbò ñ’logun .Ìgbàkigbà tí obìnrin yìí ba ji l’órū l’áti fún omo rè l’ómú  ni yíõ tó ráñtí wípé awon omo òun méjiì ti di àwátì.
Awon omo wa kò ni  di àwátì o. E se àmín kí e fi owó àdúrà b’ójú , kí e si fi owo àdúrà s’owó ráñsé si òùnkòwé yìí.  À ní  títí di bí a se ñkòwé yī a kò  gbó nkànkan n’ipa àwon omo méjèjì yīi o.
Sùgbón bí a se ñko ìròhìn yìí Obìnrin yí sì wà l’áíyé ó sì wà l’áàìyè rè o. L’óotóo omo mi kú sàn ju omo mi nù lo bēe si ni   A kò mo ohun Olóun yí oò se  ko je ká b’ínú kú.


E f’arabalè l’á’ti gbó òrò y’oku l’enu arabinrin yi ninu fidio yii


Ara pípé ni mo fi kúrò l’America,mo padà pèlú àbò ara



  Háà ! e wo èjè lára Obájolú

   ….Dérébà  okò  nā pápá b’ora

  ……. Olówò of Òwò,Olíyèré of Ìyèré, Atúlúse Rótìmí Ìbídàpò s’ājò

    …….. Wón rān mi n’íbi méédógún (15stiches)

   ……..Ìyàwó mi bú s’ékún gbaragada

……..Nwón rán etí, ìpempé ojú ati èrèké mi

Obájolú fi èdè abínibí rè (Òwò)  bá akòròhìn wa Táíwò Abíódún sòrò


Èjè ńya l’órí , l’ójú, l’étí àti l’érèkē!. Nítorí ìkúnlè abiyamo ò ò! . E wo bí aso funfun báláú ti di pupa l’ówó èjè. Ó dàbí ìgbà tí àwon alápatà bá ńgé  eran mààlúù  ní àtéńdà. Okò ayókélé ti di okò Owódé Onírin  níbi tí wón ti  ńta okò tí wón ti ńgé wélé wélé bíi télò (tailor) se ńgé aso .E wo bí  iwájú ati èhìn okò ti di búrédì  tí a fi owó  tè.

”Yépàrìpà kí ló n’selè? . Kí l’ódé? .Tani mo sè ?.  Sé  èèwò ni kí a tún wá be ilé wò? . Kí ló burú  l’áti wá bá won se ayeye ní ìlú tí a ti bí mi? . Sé isé  owó  àwon òtá ni tàbí àwon  ayé?. Lõtó ayé kò f’éni f’órò  à fi orí eni”, ni igbe tí arákùnrin  Sámúélì Olúwáfémi Obájolú ńké tan tan ti ānú rè sì ńse ènìyàn.

                                              Ó mà se ò! E wo isé owó Dérébà


Ojó burúkú èsù gb’omi mu ni ojó tí arákùnrin   Sámúélì Olúwáfémi Obájolú ti ó ti lo ogbòn odún ni Maryland , America  ti o sì tún jé igbá kejì Asojú Omo ìlú Òwò ni gbogbo ilè Amerika,World Council of  Òwò Association (WOCOA) fi ara pa nínú ìjàmbá okò ayókélé rè níbi ti ó páàkì rè  si tí ó sì ńdúró de òré rè.

Ìsèlè burúkú yìì selè ní  ìlú  Òwò, ni ìpínlè  Oñdó  ti a  fi orí okùnrin yii   s’olè sí . Okùnrin arewà yii ńbò láti ibi tí o ti lo bá won se ayeye  ojó àìsùn èye  ìkéhìn fun ìyàwó bàbá rè tí ó papò dà  l’ójó bi mélo kan séhìn.

 Níbi ti arákùnrin Obájolú yìí páàkì  okò  rè si ti o  jókòó sínú  rè  tí o  ńdúró de òré rè ki wón jo padà sí ilé ni okò ayókélé kan ti ńsáré  ikú  bò ti  k’olu okò arákùnrin yìí lójijì láti èhìn. Nse ni Obájolú fi orí so díńgí iwájú  tí díńgí èhìn okò náà tún fo lùú, báyìí ni èjè se we arákùnrin Obájolú yìí  bí eni tí o sèsè fi omi wè ni balùwè ni. Èrèké, ori, etí àti ìpémpé ojú re fà ya, èjè sì  bòõ títí tí aso àlà funfun ti o wò di pupa nitori àgbàrá èjè ti o ñsàn l’órí rè yìí.

 Yéè  gbèsè ńlá rě


Omo aráíyé mà ní ìkà  oo, ìkà sì ni omo aráíyé. Kàkà kí arákùnrin awakò   òdaràn  yíí  dúró wo àláfíà okùnrin tí ó k’olù  yìí  ñse ni o fi okò  ayókélé rè sílè  ti o júbà ehoro .Ó  fi esè fée.  Ìgbé ã fé ewé. Ìsèlè yìí selè ni agogo méwàá k’ojá ìséjú méédógún alé  ojó Boxing Day., Osù Òpe, Odún Kérésìmesì ti àwon elésìn Krìsténì l’ódún tó k’ojá.

Sùgbón Obájolú hùwà akoni , pèlú  ìróra àti èmí ti o kù  nínú  rè ni o fi fóònù àgbélówó  pe àwon dókítà Federal Medical Center (FMC) ,ó gbìyànjú nínú àgbàrá èjè tí ñsàn l’órí  rè  l’áti pe àwon Dókítà tí ó ti mò ni ilé ìwòsàn yíí ki wón jòwó gba òun  bi bàbá ti ńgba omo rè.

      E wo ilà òsángangan  l’érèké Obájolú  ,èjè ñtú yā l’étí

Nígbàtí Akòròhìn wa fi òrò jomitoro òrò l’énu Okùnrin ti ìjàmbá mótò se  yìí  nā ni Ilè Améríkà, e gbó  àlàyé tí ó se. 


Tóò,  ńwón ni enu oníkàn lati ńgbó pòóún, e jé ká  gbó  òrò lati enu Obájolú :   ”Lati Ìlú  Òyìnbó ,Améríkà ni mo ti dé, èmi ni igbá Kejì  (Vice President ) World Council of Òwò Association (WOCOA) Atúlúse asojú gbogbo omo  Òwò ti o wa ni ilè aláwò  funfun, America ni gbogbo àgbáláiyé  . Mo  wá si ìlú mi, Òwò fun ìdí pàtàkì méta , èkíní  láti wáá  bá  Oba Aláíyélúwà Gbádégesin Ajíbádé Ogúnoyè Ìkéta wa se ayeye òpá àse ti Gómìnà ìpínlè Ondó Arákùnrin  Rótìmí Akérédolú fĕ fúnn pe o ti di Oba Aláse  ni Ojó Kerìnlá  Ojó Àbáméta ti a ńpè ni Sátidé ni Osu Òpe. Ìdí èkéjì ni ti ìyãlé  ìyá mi ti a ńse ayeye  òkú re ni Ojó kerìndínlógbòn ati ojó ketàdínlógbòn Ojó Etì ati Àbáméta , ìkéta ni ti òré  mi Oloye Fúnsó Ògúnlànà  ti o  ńse ayeye márùndílógbòn odún ti a npe ni Silver Jubilee  ti òun ati ìyàwó rè ti se ìgbéyàwó ati ojó ìbí ìyàwó rè ti o pe àádóta odún .Ó  se ni l’áánú wípé  emi kò lè lo si ibi ayeye méji yi mó àfi ti ayeye ibi ti a ti fún Oba wa Olówò  ti ìlú Òwò  ni òpá àse nìkan ni mo lo. Se rírò ni tènìyàn, síse ni t’Olórun Oba!. 


Ààre Atúlúse Rótìmí Ìbídàpò ati Obájólú ki ìsèlè ìjàmbá okò nā  tó selè

”Nípa ti ìpalára ti mo ní, l’ójijì ni mo gbó gbã ti okò ayókéle  kan k’olu okò ayókélé ti emi wà ninu rè láti èhìn nígbatí mo ñbo lati ibi aìsùn ayeye ìkéhìn ìyàwó bàbá mi ti èmi ati òré mi  Akin Oládiméjì ti o ñwà mi kiri.

Obájolú ati Aláíyélúwà Olówò ti ìlú Òwò  ki  ìsèlè ìjàmbá okò tó s’elè


     Pèlú bí wón ti ni ènìyàn búburú pò tó, ñjé é mò pe ènìyàn rere háà tún wà bí?. Níbi tí Obájolú ti npe òré  rè dókítà ni arákùnrin kan ti ñje Ògúnmóláwa télè (now Olúwámóláwá) sáré tete  wā ba Obájolú lati gbee lo si ilé ìwòsàn,  béèni  ñwón  ñpèé l’ótún àti  l’ósì ti won  nse aájò rè, o wa dàbí Àre ñwè l’ódò t’omodé t’àgbà  ñyowó ose nwípé t’èmi ni o gbà,t’èmi ni o mú. Láì fa órò gùn lo wón gbé mi d’élé ìwòsàn , níbè ni mo rí  awon ògbóñtarìgì Dókítà méta ti won ńdu èmi mi. Hã Obájolú ko gbódò ku ni igbe ti won ñké lénu.

Yěpàrìpà okò ti di  ti Owódé Onírin


        “Njé e mò pé òkúta ti a ba jù síwájú a ó ò  tún bãa, rere ló pé ìkà kò  pé. Ni òpòlópò ìgbà ni èmi àti àwon èèyàn mi ni ilè America ńkó oògùn, ohun èlò lórísirísi wá si ile ìwòsàn yî nítorí awon ènìyàn wa tí won kò ni ànfàní lati wa gba iwòsàn ni ìlú  America. Ni osù Kérin,( Osu Igbe )  odún tó  k’ojá ni gbogbo àwa ti a wà ni ìlú America parapò ti a kó àwon aláwòfunfun dókítà onísé abe, Nôsi ati  ohun èlòo ati òpòlópò egbòogi wá si ile ìwòsàn yi. Mo rántí Dókítà Oláyíwolá Olágbègí ati  Ogbéni Pharmacist Ògúnmóláwá ni ilu St. Louis ,Missourri , ati àwon béèbéè ti wón  wá pèlú. Gbogbo àwon dókítà wonyi : Liasu Ahmed, Fasiroti, Oyemolade Ibrahim Taoheed ni wón t’éwó gbàá nígbà  nāa, wón dá mi mò dáradára .Nwón gbé mi lo si tíátà ,iyàrá ti wón ti ńse isé abe  (theatre) wón si rán etí , ìpémpé ojú  ati èrèké mi, èyí so mi di òkolà l’érèké l’ósángagan. ”

  Pèlú ìbànújé okàn  ni  okùnrin náà tèsíwájú ninu òrò rè, o  ni “Nwon kò gba owó l’ówó mi rárá, òfé ni won t’ójú mi ní ilé ìwòsàn FMC .Mo si lo ojó mérin gbáko ni ilé ìwosàn  yii. Sùgbón sá o l’ójó kejì  ìselè yi ,nse ni  nwon  tún fi okò pàjáwìrì (Ambulance)  asáré tete  bi àsá ti won fi ñgbe alaìsàn gbé mi lo si Àkúré lati se MRI , awòrán  orùn mi ati gbogbo èyà ara mi fún àyèwò fínnífínní bóyá a kìí mò ohun ti o ti s’elè s’inú àgó ara mi. Mo san  egbèrún l’ónà ogóta náírà(60,000 naira).


Ewà rèé, sùgbón ìyàwó mbe n’ílé o èyin abéléja yán

Mo kúrò n’ílé iwòsàn l’ójó  kerin , sùgbón nígbà tí mo wà níbè  Oba wa Aláyélúwà Oba Gbádégesin Ajíbádé Ògúnoyè III, Oba Omótúndé Adáko (Olíyèré of Ìyèré), Olóyè Atúlúse ti ilu Òwò, Rótìmí Ìbídàpò ati awon òré  ati ará ilé oun ojúlùmò wa bè  mí  wò. Awon ti kò le wa  fi ipè ráñsé.


”Nígbàtí mo wà  n’ílé  ìwòsàn mo rii pe o ku díè kã to n’ípa ohun èlò irinsé ilé ìwòsàn yìí mo si pinú pé  ńgô gbìyànjú lati ra orísirísi ohun èlò si ibè . Emi ni o se l’oni tani a mò ti o  máa kàn lóla?.Ňjé mo tilè là  àlá pé èmi nã yio je àñfàní gbogbo ohun èlò ti a kó s’ílé ìwòsàn  yìí  ní kíákíá?. E è wo isé Olórun Oba bí? .Oba àwámáridi .

   Háà,  ìkà ní  Dereba yii


”Èmi rèé o l’ówó oko àárò. Mo fi ara pípé wá sí  ilé mo  sì  gun kèké aláàbò  ara  padà  si ìlú Òyìnbó , èé ti jé? . Nígbàtí mo dé pápá  ìdíkò òfurufú ti Múrítàlá  Mohamed ni ìlú Èkó ni wón fún mi ni Kèké aláàbò ara (wheelchair) lati fi se àtègùn sínū bààlúù . Nígbàtí mo tún dé ìlú America kèké kanã ni mo tun lò ni pápá ìdíkò   òfurufú won. Gbogbo won lo ñkí mi kãbò, mo kú orí ire.

“Nígbàtí  ìyàwó mi gbó, igbe ńlá lo bú si, ó si bú s’ékún gbaragada bī bèbí béèni o si ńgbàdúrà fún mi kíkan kíkan pèlú òpòlópò  ãwè. Àwon omo mi kò tètè mo ohun tó s’elè sí mi.


”O jé ohun ìbànúje àti ìyàlénu fún mi l’ati ríi pé omokùnrin dérébà ti o w’akò ijàmbá yii  fi pápá bora. Emi kò gbúró rè  títí mo fi padà si ìlú  America .Háà! o ti gbàgbé wípé iyán ogún odún a  máa  ńjó ni l’ówó join join. Omodé bú igi ìrókò o nbu ojú w’èhìn, sé  òòjó  ló  ń’wó pani ni?. Bi mo se ń’sòrò yii okò ayókélé mi náà wà ni àgó olópá. Mo gbó pé àwon ará ilé okùnrin ti o fi okò k’olù mi yii ńwá bèbè l’ódò àwon  ènìyàn mi pe omo àwon kò ńmu otí àti pé Ààfáà Mùsùlùmí gidi ni .

”Sùgbón kíni ká ti pe irú èyí?. Efun ni  tàbí  èdì?. Kí awakò máa sáré máìlì ogórin si ogórún ni ìgboro ìlú? .Ìkà ènìyàn rèé o, t’àbí kíni kí nso?” .




How Oshogboye saved Owo from Benin



Eee son e son ,

Ero Ado me ison tenrenren (2ice)

Ado gb’ogun w’Ogho

Ogho y’oo p’Ado ooo 

O mu’le Oba Ado s’ogun ja 

E e son , e son 

Ero Ado mee ison tenrenren (2ice)

Translation in English


They are weeping profusely 

The Ados are weeping profusely and  gnashing their teeth (2 times )

Ado invaded Owo 

But Owo conquered Ado

Ado  went back to fight their King  

They are weeping  profusely and gnashing their teeth


     Trenches were constructed  round the town. Poisoned bananas  were spread at the entrances leading to the ancient town of Owo. Tension was high . The natives’ hope was hanging in the air while they carried out the instruction to the letter  according to  how Oshogboye  commanded them . Yes! men and and women were battle -ready but without  instruments of war like spear, gun, sticks and what have you.Their weapons of war were the trenches dug round the  ancient town and the   poisoned bananas used as bait that  scattered  at the entrances of the town .What of their  Ado ( Benin) enemies?, they   were  well  equipped   with their instruments of war for their  mission  was  to plunder the ancient town of Owo and make them surrender as other neighbouring towns did  . As planned , in  the middle of the night the Ado warriors  invaded the ancient  town, Owo   unfortunately they all met their Waterloo.

According to stories, while  some of these invaders  ate the poisoned  bananas and died  hundreds of the soldiers  fell into the prepared moats and perished. Only few returned home to vent their anger on their Monarch .

When the  Owo people became victorious  and saw  how they defeated their enemies  by  their tricks , they danced  and sang songs of freedom from their enemy- Ado invaders.  Since then the song became a national anthem for Owo natives.


         The story though an oral tradition from one mouth to another , from one generation to another  as there were  no written documents to back it up but it was  real .The story though is over 500 years old   has iota of facts. It is not a myth as evidences to  prove  are still there!.

”My son, if you go round Owo communities you will still see the traces or remnants of these trenches there”, Oba  Okikiola Folagbade Adetifa III, the Alale of Ulale the 88-year old Monarch  said, as he sang  the song again., Ado gb’ogun w’Ogho….. ee son ee son ero Ado me ison tenrenren, the community leader’s treble voice  echoed in the Hall. 

      OSHOGBOYE 1600 AD 

  The song is the song of victory,  freedom  and emancipation from  their oppressor, Ado ( Benin) of which they  sang during the reign of Olowo of Owo Oba Oshogboye who rescued the town from their enemies .He reigned in 1600 AD . According to history, many towns were constantly  invaded and conquered by the Ado ( now Benin) . His Royal Highness Oba Adetifa III  narrated the story of how Owo had never been conquered by enemies , he said  the Alale has been here from time immemorial and not only versatile and authoritative in the story but also had these trenches   they dug in his area  during the said story. 

The Monarch  continued ”Anytime the Ado  natives (Benin)  were  about to wage war against the people of Owo they always bring along an  object called   ogbiigbii   which was  heavy  and had  structure  like a car or caterpillar , and this object ogbiigbii   would destroy   any object it hit   to a pulp.  No matter how strong the material  is, the  ogbiigbii   would  destroy the object even if it is a earth -moving caterpillar it would destroy it. ”They said these Ado people  used juju to construct the mysterious  ogbiigbii”  .Oba Adetifa continued  ”When the news  filtered in that the Ados   were preparing to wage another war  again on Owo , the Alale consulted Ifa Oracle  and Ifa told him he would win the war.  Alale  then instructed his men to construct ditches round the town and when the said ogbiigbii was coming again to Owo ,it went down into the ditches and  perished. Later the  Ados  retreated  and went to bring  battalions of  their  soldiers to invade Owo , so when they came they were deceived by what they   saw -everywhere was shining, the roads, the sands, the trees and so on ,  then they hide somewhere  and planned  their invasion in the middle of  the night  , with the hope of destroying or plundering the town   while they met their doom as  they all  perished but those who survived  went back home  to tell Oba  Ado that Owo  was a sacred town they cannot be conquered .That was  where the war ended !. Nobody has ever waged war against Owo and won.Never in the history of Owo”,

To prove this   the monarch said   ”these ditches  are still present in the ancient town till date. If you go round Owo you can still see some of these trenches visible evidencing the over 500 years old story  .This is not a fiction but real as it has become a  blessing that Owo has never been conquered in war”,the Community leader boasted, beating  his chest with satisfaction.

     Corroborating this story , the community Head of Upo, Adewale Ojo  in one of the interviews granted said the trenches dug during the ancient wars are still visible in Upo to date, ”the trenches  dug in those days were  for protection and defence during the war between the Ado and Owo, No warrior  have the effrontery to invade this village, Upo despite its smallness .Then they were not respected due to their small number  and the town,they were feared because they fight in trenches”.

Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde the Olunaun of Unaun said ” from history no man born of a woman  has  ever waged war against Owo and won, not only  because  Owo is battle ready all the time but it has been there from the time of our forefathers.We are not boasting -it is real .The story of Ado (Benin ) is authentic”, Olunaun of Unaun added that ” when the warriors were massacred  those who escaped from Owo in annoyance went back to Benin to  wage war against their  own King  (Ado  mule B’are s’ogun ja).”, Olunaun stated with total confidence.



Omi kikon ino amo.

Ukere maa  soo dale

Ado gb’ogun w’Ogho 

Ogho yi pado 

O mu li iba’re s’ogun ja  ee

E ee son e son ero Ado mee i son tenren ren

Ado s’okun ogede wa ri je..

Mrs. Morenike Famulagun Olajide a retired teacher , an Historian and  a theatre artiste said ” if you watch the film of  Oshogboye you will see the whole story there .

she narrated the story thus:

” During the time of Oshogboye , Oba of Benin used to capture territories and Oshogboye was a Prince and had gone  to Benin to  be trained in the palace .While there Oshogboye  taught the king and his children the art of medicine .Later he (Oshogboye ) was  in care of the Oba of Benin’s  Military men. But when the Benin Monarch  saw how successful they were in capturing slaves as a result of  the training he gave his soldiers  and  the juju  Oshogboye possessed  and when it was time for Oshogboye to return to his home , Owo , Oba of Ado  refused  to release Oshogboye . While all efforts by Oshogboye to free himself from him failed , he one day  started  singing  for Oba Ado, but the king angrily asked him to go to his home , it was later Oshogboye’s eyes opened asking where  he came from. He then  made away with  the mysterious   ogbiigbii calabash [ a mysterious  object that warns when war is looming], its a Calabash that  gives sign by  groaning and making noise  like human being   when war is looming.    Oba Ado discovered that   the  mysterious calabash had disappeared and knew who took it. When  the king realised what happened he commanded the ground  to confuse and destabilise  Oshogboye’s  journey , and it happened while Oshogboye became confused and did not know the road leading to Owo again.  Oshogboye too, a powerful man then  turned his back to Owo and walked backward to Owo  facing Ado (Benin)  yet  holding  the strange calabash   with him, that is why  in Owo  panegyrics (oriki) we say Owo  oma a kohin si i bere, (Owo native  who will turn his back to where he is going ) .That is  ,he  faced Benin and used his back to walk down  to Owo. When he got to Owo , he told them his experience , and went to hide the ogbiigbii’‘ .


Famulagun Olajide continued ” when Oshogboye got home , he narrated the ordeal he went through and   told them that the Benin would be after him and wage war but they should prepare poisoned  bananas  and put them on the road for  it is Ado’s (Benin’s) delicacy .  He advised them further to dredge trenches round the town while the banana  should be spread on all the roads that led to the town. All was done and the real battle was prepared for. When the hungry warriors saw the banana they ate them and all died . The corpses of those  who consumed  the banana  were pushed into the trenches., some others fell into the trenches alive  and died there!.Those who managed to escape went back to Benin to revenge on their Monarch who sent them on the suicide mission”


Thus the Owo people came out rejoicing that they  had defeated their enemy  and they sang their song of freedom. 

 However  Robert Sydney Smith  in his book Kingdoms of the Yorubas-Kingdoms of the east ) wrote  ”Owo was attacked again by Benin Army ………..however,  that  Oshogboye , heir to Olowo Omaro was sent as a young Prince to Benin for his education at Oba’s Court and enrolled as a page to the Oba[emada , literally means ‘sword bearer’) when Omaro died  Oshogboye seems to have returned to Owo to claim the throne without first obtaining  the Oba’s permission to leave the palace, and when messengers were sent to him from Benin he feigned illness. As soon as his coronation had been performed , Oshogboye set about fortifying the town against an attack from Benin , causing a ditch to be dug     (and presumably also erecting a wall) .The History of Owo implies that an attack was made and repulsed”.

Dr. Oladipo Olugbadehan  an authority on Owo History described the history of Owo as very interesting and inspiring especially on Oshogboye who reigned and fortified the ancient town on his return from Benin.He said ” I extensively dwell on the political and administration of Oshogboye .Oshogboye left Benin for Owo and he ruled. Many stories and angles were used on the story but the main point is that they were able to win the war the Benin waged against them” 

Professor Rowland Abiodun , Art Historian corroborated the story and said  ”Oshogboye went to Ado ( Benin) for a purpose, he had a mission and the mission was to be a Spy in order to know all the secrets of Ado people. He was the confidant of Oba of  Benin, he prepared all the charms of the Monarch , he knew all their secrets .Now that he escaped they did not know how to deal with him .He had sworn that he would not betray them .But mark you the wisdom or idea the Olowo  of Owo Oba Maro  had  then was super as he   sent  his son, Oshogboye  to Benin    as a  spy .They had told Oshogboye to learn all what they were doing , he was a very smart young  man  and  he learnt all. All these made Owo to win Benin in the war”. 

Abiodun continued ” All the towns  like Akure, Ado Ekiti and some other towns were all paying  tribute (isakole) ,but Owo did not!”

Abiodun confirmed the invaders’ story , ” there are many things found in the trenches and if one goes to some of these trenches today one could still find weapons of war in those trenches ”

The Art History professor  also confirmed the story of how Oshogboye left Ado, he said ” When Oshogboye  was on his way to Owo , he faced Owo road  but his eyes became  cloudy and could not see  but when he faced Ado  ( Benin) road his eyes would be clear and visible. So he had to find a way to come back home and by facing where he was coming from (Benin) and walked backward to where he was going (Owo)”

According to Abiodun  it is only Owo that did not have an outsider or non native as their Monarch .Olowo  bears Olowo of Owo while others like Ewi of Ado -Ekiti , Deji of Akure, are from Benin names its only Olowo of Owo  that cannot be changed .No non- native ever ruled or become a King in Owo , never in history .Non native has never become Olowo of Owo .But all these towns like Ewi of Ado,Deji of Akure ,all of them changed their fathers’ names because of the pressure  of Benin. Olowo was not changed , they cannot change it. A Benin man has never become an Oba in Owo!. Non native has never become Olowo of Owo, never in  the history of Owo .As powerful as Benin was, with their artillery they have never become Olowo! .When Benin fought war , or all wars in all places but when they got to Owo , they gave Owo  honour and respect”.

When Owo was ”invaded” by some ”warriors” ( armed robbers ) in 2015 and many people were killed , the  late Olowo of Owo Oba DVF Olateru -Olagbegi III  said ” this is war against Owo and  nobody has ever waged war on Owo and win.These armed robbers would be caught”. Not less than two weeks the robbers were caught  while some were shot where they went to rob.This added to the age long history  and evidence that the ancient town of Owo can never be conquered.

What will you do if…

‘I am finished’


It is exactly one year today when this woman, Mrs.Bimbo Olalekan’s two children were stolen by a fake tenant in Owo .
A couple came to rent a room from you , you collected one year house rent but did not issue them a receipt.You did not even ask for their names or telephone numbers too.
They lived in your house joyfully for six days , but on the sixth day the suspected tenant stole your two kids from your wife.
You went to all places like Babalawo, Alfaa, Prophets among others while some promised they will still resurface.One year after nothing is heard.
Some said she is careless while some said she trusted wrongly and is gullible ? Will you divorce your wife or not?.
We want answer from you please.
It is exactly one year today when two kids, Blessing and Ayomide whose ages are 2years and eight months; and eight months old baby of Mrs. Bimbo Olalekan were stolen from her house where she was living. .Up till the moment of writing this story the two kids are yet to be found.
Now one will be 3years and eight months old and the second will be One year and eights months old wherever they are!
Bimbo in an exclusive interview after the incident narrated how it all happened, she stated ”on January 30,2018 a man came looking for a room to rent in our house at 27, Okedogbon Street, Owo;Ondo state. He met my mother who at the initial stage turned down his request saying she needed a man who is married and responsible. The man then left but came back later with a Ghana Must Go bag with a woman he claimed to be his wife.

”The couple was asked to pay 2,000 naira per month but they begged for 1,500 naira and after much pleadings my mother accepted and they paid for one year and that is 18,000 naira. The money was given to my uncle who had no time to issue them a receipt for he was preparing for his baby’s naming ceremony. The new tenants later packed in”.

‘How Oba Kolapo Ogunoye saved me’

She is hilarious. No dull moment with her .Not many people know her real name as she is only known as E ku Feee. She was rescued by the late Olowo of Owo, Oba Adekola Ogunoye II when she was in trouble

Madam Oluwafunke Samuel ( aka E ku Feee)
Looking at her she is simple, but when she opens her mouth to talk one would think she is a comedian and if care is not taken one could break his ribs as she speaks.
”My name is Oluwafunke Samuel. I live in Emure Uli, Owo, Ondo State . I always come to the King’s Market (Oja Oba) to sell my E ku Feee . I am in my late 60s. My story is an interesting one .I once had conflict with some market women about 30years ago when the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye II was on the throne”.
She continued ” sincerely speaking there was a rule in the market that nobody should sell powdered corn ( elekute) but due to the poverty I found myself I went ahead selling it . It was my grandmother’s business. Some years after her death I was financially down and I had nothing with me . I then decided one day to start the business , and I took her materials , set up the business and started producing and selling it.Though I lived in Emure but always go to Oja Oba ( King’s Market ) where there is market for the product ”, she said , nodding her head.

However she was arrested , she said ”When the market women caught me selling the banned product they arrested me and said I flouted their rule , all my pleadings that I was trying to sustain myself felt into their deaf ears. They asked me to walk -over a local knife and that I must pay a live cock and pay some fine. I walked over the local knife but refused to pay all the fine telling them that I am a Christian and that I know Jesus and did not believe in their Tradition. My product was seized and it became a serious matter ”
Madam E ku Fee was talking with all seriousness yet laughing. She said ”I was taken to the palace of Olowo of Owo , Oba Adekola Ogunoye II, who was a no -nonsense man . The Market leaders were all sure and certain that they would win me and get justice . I remember some high caliber of High chiefs and community royal fathers who were present including High Chief Adelanke Ajana the late Chief Priest of the town with some market leaders.
”When I was interrogated by the late Ajana and Oba Ogunoye and asked what I was selling , I said ”I am not selling powdered corn but selling E ku feee, (Aroma)”. They asked again what I was selling I kept on saying that I was not selling powdered corn but selling E ku feee, they all looked at one another . With confidence and pity I insisted that I was selling E ku feee but not powdered corn. They all burst into laughter. The Monarch then asked them to leave me alone that I was looking for what to eat .Since then they have been calling me E ku feee.That was how the late Monarch, Oba Adekola Ogunoye rescued me, and this I can never forget till my dying day.”
While hawking her product she said ”I would scream on top of my voice advertising my product that they should come and buy E ku feee, and they would call me to buy. I have used the proceeds from E ku feee to train my children in school in the university ,from the proceeds I have built house and still feeding from it today.
Though E ku fee love journalism but said ” they are not well paid . I have an uncle who did it for many years but came home with nothing to show for it .Asked about her E ku feee again, she said ” when I am frying the corn its aroma wafts everywhere, when I ground the corn the aroma wafts everywhere and when I mixed it with palm oil and groundnuts its aroma wafts in the air and everybody will know its E ku feee.Asked what is her response when greeted or hailed as E ku feee, she said ”I will pray for them that A dara fun e, Aye a ye o”( It will be well with you, You will live well).
E ku feeee, E ku feeee.

Behold, Mother of Owo Culture

Behold, Mother of Owo Culture

………First female chief

…….Prays to clock 100

…….Still observes Igogo festival

Chief Christianah  Fehintola Famulagun Abiodun, the Obajereuwa of Owo is a custodian of Owo culture, a griot , a library and a wiseacre in the ancient town , Owo, Ondo state. She narrates her story to taiwoabiodun.com

In the 60s to 90’s she was agile and would dance round the ancient town of Owo during the annual Igogo festival. Infact she was always the cynosure of all  eyes  attracting  crowd and spectators from all Yorubaland and overseas not only because she knew how to dance but because she was the only female chief , has high qualities of traditional costumes. Visitors from all walks of life; the media , students and researchers made her house a Mecca of sorts. Today she hardly go out as age has curtailed her movement thus making her to slow down.She has become aged , at 96 , and can no longer do all these .

Welcome to nonagenarian  Madam Christianah Famulagun’s life.She is an historian, an encyclopaedia  of Owo culture, a poet, and a living legend. She is  not only a chief but the first woman chief in the history of Owo, She became the Obajereuwa of Owo in 1965.

She looked around her smiled , shook her head and said ” how time flies, I knew when I was still agile running ups and downs during the annual Igogo festival but age has dealt a fatal blow on me “. However she still observes the festival it at home.

Her names

When asked what exactly her names , she said “some call me Famolagun , some too call Ifamulagun, Falagun or Faalagun but the fact remains that since ‘ Ifa’ ( oracle) is there thus …it has told you about me” she told taiwoabiodun.com



Chief Famulaagun during the 2017 Igogo festival

Ageing with grace

Despite her old age she does not suffer any dementia like her age mates.She is still eloquent and thinks straight. Her skin glitters .She said ” I don’t use hearing aids and don’t use recommended eye glasses since I can see clearly , while my dentition is complete , none is missing “, she opened her mouth to convince this reporter.[ with a loud laughter ]

Notwithstanding her age and her height , (5:7 feet tall ) she does not use cane to support her movement until recently when she started using a walker to support herself since she has broken her hip few years ago. Not only this she has good retentive memory that makes her still be very relevant.She could tell you dates of events offhand without looking at calendar.She reminded this reporter of an episode when the Queen of England came to Nigeria , spoke about Macpherson Constitution , the 1966 operation Wet e .No wonder a professor who went to her for research said this woman is still relevant in the society . .” She must not die now and I have pleaded with her children to make sure they document all what she said in paper”, the professor advised.

Mama said ”I pray to be up to 100 years if God wishes”

Mother of Owo Culture

The woman; First Woman Chief is witty and with sense of humor.She would sing her native songs , laced it with panegyrics ( Oriki) , uses proverbs and anecdotes to support her stories and counseling . According to her she has over 20 different types of coral beads with different names , she also has dozens of handwoven native Owo traditional clothes with different names,” I have different traditional clay pots ,over 20 different of Owo coral beads ,and Owo handwoven clothes”, she boasted. In addition she knows all the historical sites and names of families and their heads as far back as 1930.She would tell you the story as fresh as they were.

Igbo Nla house( house thick forest )

Chief Famulagun’s house at Ogbondaiye is called Igbo Nla ( literary means house of thick forest full of many things ) which harbours people of different characters[ not criminals] .The house , a bungalow is an antique , she said “though the frontage is made of brick while the backyard retains the old local red brick used to build it , thus retaining the over a century building”, she continued “In spite of the modest building the place has haboured the good, the bad and the ugly .It harbors aristocrats, great people and intellectual in the community . In the morning this place is always full .In the evening it is like a political rally being organized, or celebration is going on .While some come to me for research, some for advise “, the wiseacre added jokingly ” this house is like nose that never dry, a stream that never ceases to flow” . The griot said “while some too only come here just to relax and listen to stories like Tales by moonlight and Tales by “Daylight” that is why we call this house Igbo Nla. Infact politicians and so many people have lived here.My house is for everybody irrespective of who you are “.

Culture inherited by children

Madam Christianah Famulagun is a griot, a library for Owo culture. Her thoughts , actions, dresses smell Owo .” Infact my song , my water , my food everything about me is Owo”, she declared to taiwoabiodun.com

In actual fact some of the children , grandchildren and great grandchildren of the nonagenarian are politicians , theatre guru and are neck deep in cultural activities .Yes , they inherited it from the Mama , who is a politician, custodian of culture and a chief in the ancient community . Mrs “Morenike Oladimeji said “Mama ‘s house is where researchers must visit If you are writing stories about Owo and if you have not been to her then your story is incomplete”, she swore,

To approach the woman of Culture is simple , as you go into the building you will meet a woman who look 60 on a three seater foam chair with her costumes like coral beads or chains dangling on her neck .She is ever neat and wears perfume always .Yes, you could take her for a young girl looking for husband but when you get closer you will know she is going to a century .


 Olowo of Owo is God’s gift for us

Asked to speak on the present Olowo of Owo, hear her ” I appreciate Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru- Olagbegi III.He is a peace maker.He is a soft spoken man that will never hurt anybody’s feelings .I love him.He is very, very brilliant and a lover of peace. I wish him years and years and years of more ..He will,live longer than his fore fathers” , she prayed and continued “During his time Owo has more banks , and many things have improved in this town.During his period the town developed , the roads are tarred and graded, there is functioning street light and this makes us sleep late as the town has become El dorado .Owo is progressing and I thank God for doing this .I am very proud of him , he is Yemi, my son’s childhood and intimate friend .Olowo has performed excellently well, he is after  the progress of Owo. He is wonderful and believes in God the almighty.He is recognizedboth home and abroad, no wonder the federal government awarded him CFR . We should honour and appreciate him the more”.

I want to write a book

Madam Falagun said ” I want to write a book .My stomach ( touching her tommy) is full of many things .I can’t divulge anything again.I receive visitors from America, Brazil, India who  do come here to ask questions about our culture.Recently a lady who is a native of Haiti came to Owo here to  marry my cousin.The lady was so fascinated about our culture and language .We are rich in culture , ours is fantastic ,the Benins are following us behind in costumes’

My tortoise- Mayamije

The chief for many years kept a pet , tortoise called ‘ Mayamije’ , the  story about the  which   was once published in The Nation’s newspaper

She said”The mysterious animal acts like human being , at times it would stand on its two hind legs like human being,at times it would be running to where I am and I would scream that it should not come to my side and I would ask whether it wanted to bite me .It was an interesting but a mysterious pet.Unfortunately it died some years ago after living for 20 years .I love keeping pets”.

To be continued ,

In the next edition Mama Falagun speaks about her being only child of her mother,  Politics , Owo Culture, her Christian live cum tradition and culture , UPN,why she decided to take the chieftaincy title , her bitter experience in life, What ‘ Ajo’ means , the secret of her living and what she is doing now and many more .

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