I make 30k per day-Beggar


Danjuma and Musa

How much do you earn per month? Are you on Federal or State  Level 14 or 15 ? . Does your pay check up to this beggar’s pay check? .Okay , this beggar claims he makes 30,000naira per day after a  hectic day’s job from his begging .

Now let us  multiply 30,000 naira by 30 days , and this would make 900,000 naira in a month. But again let us subtract Saturdays and Sundays (the biggest two days when Muslims and Christians give more to beggars)  as their resting days , thus making 20days , then 30,000 naira multiplied by 20 is equal to 600,000 naira  per month.




It was a sunny afternoon in Abule -Iroko, Ogun State  when these two young boys were sighted.  The older one was pushing the younger one on a wheel chair.As they were on their business trip  they were also laughing and cracking jokes along in their Hausa language.

When approached for interview they did not hesitate to answer.

Asked their names the older one said ” My name is Danjuma Shuaib, we both came from Kano. This is my brother , he is Musa.”

Asked where they came from and the two chorused ”Kano”.

On how much they make on a daily basis  , they both calculated and said ”we  make 30,000 naira in a day” .

On their marital status , Danjuma said he has two kids while Musa too claims he also  has  two  kids all in Kano, as he used his fingers to describe the number of his kids.

”What of yayamata? ”(wife), they both said they left them in Kano.

The two co-beggars claimed they have houses in Kano  and had been living in Alagbado area of Lagos/Ogun State for sometime.

However, watch this video and  listen to  the conversation between this reporter and and the beggars.


On what it takes to be a beggar, just buy a wheel chair, then look for someone to push you around for a fee, that is all. Before you say Jack Robinson you have have made a fortune .After all it pays to be a Beggar




These four voted for the new Olowo of Owo

Chief Famulagun narrates how the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye stopped sudden death called magun
Only ”Four” people voted for Prince Ajibade
The following four people/factors voted for Prince Ajibade

  1. The late Olowo of Owo Oba Kola Ogunoye’s good legacy
  2. Ajibade’s good manner
  3. The Omolowos
  4. Owo people

In his Book, In the Wilderness of Life , (The travails and Triumphs of His Royal Highness, Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III (CFR)) On page 11, the Monarch wrote on the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye ”…..Yet, his twenty –five-year reign witnessed a lot of progress and significant development .More schools , motorized roads, and a polytechnic , Owo Polytechnic (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic , Owo) were established .His greatest achievement was the election of an Owo man , Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin , as the first democratically elected governor of the defunct Ondo State in 1979. Olowo Ogunoye was ordinarily a level-headed, genial, easy -going and unassuming king with talents as a consensus builder” .What an achievement the Owo people will not forget . No wonder the shout allover the town that if a father could be successful like this , his son will perform wonder!. And if the late Oba Folagbade -Olagbegi could write this in his book, then the late Oba Ogunoye II was a great man , and his son , Ajibade would perform!
The first woman Chief in Owo since 1961 ,Madam Christiana Fehintola Famulagun Obajerewa of Owo Kingdom who is now 97years old and who had witnessed about five Monarchs ( Olagbegi I, Olowo Ajike, Olagbegi II, Ogunoye II, Olagbegi II(return of Oba Olagbegi II), Olagbegi III and this present one Ogunoye III said ” the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye was a very good man, when many men and young boys started dying in Owo as a result of Magun (don’t Climb) laced on women against any man that sleeps with them , that resulted to the death of many young and old men Ogunoye put a stop to it. According to her , the late Oba Ogunoye rescued Owo when both young and old men were dying as a result of lacing women and ladies even spinsters with a mysterious and powerful juju called Magun, the late royal father came out publicly to lace curse on any man that laced their ladies, girlfriends or wives the deadly magun ( Don’t climb) .He also cursed those who would continue the wicked activities of sending a mysterious disease called eta or ofa (arrow) in local parlance . This was corroborated by Chief (Madam) Sikirat Ogunbodede the Iyalode of Isokun Odo , Ijebu -Owo. The Iyalode of Isokun Odo who spoke on phone with this reporter prayed for the new king and said ”There was a time when life was cheap and male folks were dying cheaply as a result of Magun some men laced on their wives .It was his ( Ajibade) father(Kabiyesi Ogunoye) who stopped the lacing of the deadly magun , young men were dying as a result of this , he cursed whoever did that again. And that was the end of it!. During his time there was peace , no trouble as the town was peaceful”.
Madam Oluwafunke Samuel (aka E ku fee)is well known in Owo. Go to https://taiwoabiodun.com/how- oba- adekola-ogunoye-saved-me/
Oluwafunke [aka E ku fee]was summoned to the palace in the 80s for selling powdery corn -a banned product ( elekute) in the town. The poor woman was excited for not being punished or fined .
Ogundowole Joseph wrote in Owo Kingdom on this post ‘’ Kabiyesi Oba Ogunoye is [sic]always like dat, he did the something when some people wanted to take my father’s land from me .May his soul rest in peace’’
Adewale Olatunbosun Olagbaiye Doherty also wrote He once intervened for my mam, though she’s his daughter , but to the surprise and administration of those present .This is a story of another day
Abass Samson wrote ”The past king of our time without replicant (sic).The name rings bell.
The crisis that engulfed Owo in 1999 cannot be easily forgotten when some of the indigenes ran to Akure for safety. While in Akure many Owo people were said to be on the payroll of Ajibade. A reliable source said ”His house in Akure became a Mecca of sorts , as he was there for them to give them succor”.A man posted on face book and wrote how Ajibade paid for his fine when he was arrested for contravening the Traffic law .He is from Owo.
An old woman who begged this reporter not to mention her name said ” this man, Ajibade is a silent philanthropist , he gives me money every month and makes sure he takes care of me”.An America-based businessman Lobo Agaun said ” let me tell you , Owo youths are for Ajibade,he is a great silent philanthropist, he has assisted many , paid many students’ school fees .The Prince Ajibade, is humble and a complete gentleman who did not go about bragging that he is a Prince”.
According to a reliable source each time he met the late immediate Olowo of Owo, Oba Folagbade Olateru Olagbegi III during the meetings of Ondo State Traditional Rulers/Obas Council, he would prostrate to him and greet him .
The Olunaun of Unaun, Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde describe the new Olowo –elect thus , ” he is gentle, humble, unassuming, a man with large heart and a cool headed man.He is not different from his late father , Olowo Ogunoye in his simplicity and humility. Kabiyesi Ajibade’s face, physique , his stepping while dancing is exactly like his father”
The Omolowos voted for the Prince , when they knew the sterling qualities Ajibade possessed . When they knew he would take them to the promised land. A man who begged for anonymity said ” Ajibade is a good man. I am from Ehin- Ogbe, we all know him to be a quiet and nice guy. Apart from that ,he is a man to be proud of , he read Law, that means a lot.A man who begged for anonymity said ”there could have been war in Owo, war, I mean war because we all heard all the behind the scene stories and if the story had changed all the Omolowos will know what we are talking about”, he continued ” We heard stories now and thank God things did not change and they would have heard wen , we were battle -ready and the Operation Wet ti e of the 60s would have been a child play, even June 12 na small e go be for here”.
4. AJIBADE’S GOOD MANNERr [Manner maketh man]

Those who knew him know he is a quiet man. They know he is a material for Owo. He is humble, unassuming, talented, simple,a go- getter and a man that has endurance. All these made Owo people love him the more.Ajibade’s good manner voted for him.All hail the King! Kaaaaabiyesi oooooo

A day with Oladejo Okediji

Pa   Oladejo Okediji  a Yoruba fictional writer who died some  weeks ago has since been buried. Our reporter Taiwo Abiodun went down memory lane to write on his encounter with the late Writer

    It was one afternoon , an okada rider dropped me at the gate of a building    at Mabolaje Area in Oyo town. I knocked and a woman sewing clothe (who I later learnt  was Baba’s younger wife) opened the gate. As Baba  sighted me , he said ”come in ,   I have been expecting you .How are you my son? I hope it  was  not difficult for you to  locate this place?. How was your journey?”, I replied it was fine. ”Baba , your son, Professor Moyo Okediji gave me your cell phone  number’ ‘, I  said and he replied ” Yes, he called me on phone and told me you were coming for an interview , thanks”.

One of his bookshelves

Simple and soft spoken, loving and jovial, Baba Okediji   trusted people  and  believed in God. He  did not ask for my identification card as some would.  I have worked in the media for many years and have met  those who are not up to his caliber  and would  arrogantly demand  for one’s  identity card and even ask   whether one is a  a genuine reporter. Some would look at you with disdain then  take you to another place, or outside for interview while some with arrogance  would  show you their material wealth  and therefore would change to another expensive living room to show you how wealthy  they are but not Baba Okediji. He said ” Sit down, and let us do the interview here”, the interview was successfully conducted.


. In his living room were prophetic , philosophical and Biblical  verses written on  cardboard papers  and hanging loosely in the air  like ‘MA SORO IBINU’, ‘BI O BA BERU OLOUN’,  ‘JESU NI AGBARA’ , ‘PRAY’,  ‘MA SIKA’,  ‘U 2 WILL PROSPER’, ‘BE A GOOD MAN’ ,  ‘GOD IS GOOD’, ‘SMILE’, ‘GOD WILL GIVE’ , ‘JESU NI AGBARA’ ,’PRAY’,  ‘MA SIKA’,  ‘GOD WILL GIVE’, MA SORO IBINU’, ‘ BI O BA BERU OLOUN ‘,  GOD IS GOOD’,  ‘JESUS LOVES YOU’, ‘BE A GOOD MAN’, ‘U 2 WILL PROSPER’, ‘SMILE’, ‘BE A METHODIST’,  ‘JESUS LOVES YOU’,

I said ” Sir , how is Lapade , Tafa Igiripa Omo Lawale?”, he laughed and asked ”Do you want to see them?” and we all laughed. I could not  imagine how a simple man could craft stories like that . I was expecting a tall and huge man. I was expecting a man with croaked voice like he described Tafa  in his books. I was expecting the spirit of Lapade, Tafa, and Sule Alayimo , but no. I was expecting his action to be like that police officer, Audu, but no,Baba was simple , he spoke  softly as  I interviewed him.

I looked at him, I was excited to see him , excited to know him and felt honoured to shake his hands.  ”So this is  the Baba  that wrote those mind-boggling , suspence  and  adventurous    crime stories?”. This  reminded  me of the late Bayo Oguntuase a Linguistic  and Columnist whom I knew in the defunct Concord Press, The Comet and The Nation newspapers correcting English  tenses . He   used to sleep ‘among’ his books. I went to his house while he was still living at Ketu, Lagos  where I found him using his room , living room as   libraries as you cannot differentiate which one was  the  library or bedroom!.

Now Baba Okediji was like the late Oguntuase ,he was  taking me round his personal room,  having confidence in me. On his bookshelves are  Yoruba and English literature , novels and Grammar books you cannot find  in any Nigerian library or bookshop.His library was rich with  books, he had books!.

When he told me that one of his children is a Professor,another a lawyer , a principal etc, I looked at him again and said ” God please give me the humility that this man possessed.  Those who didn’t have one  of these are proud and doing gra gra , making noise in public places, but not Baba Okediji!

I looked at the card boards where he wrote some Christian, philosophical, moral and soul- lifting  words that could convert  an Atheist or the Devil to Christian . I looked at him and asked whether he was a preacher and   when I remembered that he was Baba Ijo and the Baale of Apaara community , I praised him to  high heavens .

I asked ” Baba why did it take you a long time to write again for  only Agbalagba Akan, Aja Lo leru, Oga ni Bukola, Atoto Arere that are known?”, he said ” Oh I have published some other books like Ka rin ka Po which I published 30 years after  Aja lo leru , it is the third book after Aja Lo leru, and Agbalagba Akan, I have also published  Running after Riches and  they are in the market”.

”Baba you should be a millionaire by now  for your books are popular?”, I  said, Baba laughed,  blew his handwoven fan and  asked ” Taiwo or Babalawo of the Nation, are you also rich?That is the problem, Nigerian writers are not appreciated and don’t have money ”

   When  asked about what he hung   in the living room he said ” when people see this they will think twice , and even when you read  and ponder over them  before you go to sleep you will repent. They are messages , there are many ways one can evangelize, all these are part of evangelizing . I don’t need to go to the street preaching”.

In my own opinion Baba was a millionaire  but chose to be  humble.  He was a millionaire but lived a modest life .How many old people were buried within three days with fanfare, honour and dignity as he was?. 
Goodnight Baba.

Celebrating with Elerewe of Owo Kingdom

Apart from messages ,  last week the  facebook was full  with greetings as the High Chief Ilori Elerewe celebrated his second year anniversary .There was celebration at the Elerewe palace while family and friends celebrated with him .

The Olunaun of Unaun , Kabiyesi Oba Olanrewaju Abegunde saluted the High Chief in his message ” To be in that position is act of God. May God give Olowo of Owo, long live and good health. You have not disappointed us  too my chief. Congratulations 1,000 times.

Madam Morenike Ogunseitan Famulagun wrote ”Congratulations on your second year coronation anniversary. May you live longer than your forefathers. Oju ko ni ti e . Waaa ko wa je pepepe o. U will live longer than your forefathers”

IYALAJE FAMA wrote ” To Oloye ‘Tunde Elerewe.Le o ba mi oloye ;wa gbo, wa to, wa je ju ero ukongwa(uwaju re). Urun yi alagba Taiwo Abiodun ko lori oye re yon ne o.Oba Oke a di owo re ka gede urun yi wo fi wa se.Oghon Elerewe gede yo ti gbanre  a ba se gede urun ne .A de ii se. Ase. I am particularly impressed with your expressed dessire to preserve ancient antiques and perhaps practices .A de ii se o.My best regards .

Aboru boye 

Tunde Onibode, President , The Tunde Onibode Foundation  wrote ” I wish him well as he celebrates his second chieftaincy anniversary .

Since his installation , he has never disappointed us. His loyalty to the crown and the entire Kingdom is unquestionable  and he has  been playing his traditional role  to the best of his ability as tradition dictates. I wish him many more years of service to the Elerewe family and Owo kingdom at large”

Olanimofe Olateru -Olagbegi wrote : Wa Joye bae pe o!

Samuel Niran Abegunde wrote May the Almighty God continue to bless you with great good health and other comfortable things of life.

Bukola Akinmade Onibode wrote ”Congratulations sir, Wa b’Ologho je pe”,

The  High Chief Olopu of Opu ,the traditional head Opu community in   Owo Kingdom wrote: ” ”Congratulations High Chief,  May you live long for us .oye a mori o, wa samodun o ”

Adebola Ogunbadenusi wrote ”God will give you the grace to celebrate many more years in sound health and great blessings of God in his immeasurable favour in the name of Jesus Christ .Congratulations . Erewe ayinda … Wa b’Ologho je pe pepe o, aye a ba’ra  jo o baba Chief 

May your reign usher in peace, prosperity and goodness not only for the family but the entire Ogho community.Oye a mori o, ase . Ogho a sengwa  (By Barrister Kolawole Olabisi)


 The Vice  -Chairman of Association  Online Media Practitioners Alhaja Adeola Agoro (JP) wrote                  ” Congratulations to the High Chief”.

Barrister Idowu Falana wrote: ”Congratulations”

 Ibikunle Suleiman wrote ”Congratulation”,

 Olaitan Apoti Eri from California wrote ”Congratulations”. Akin Saka Yusuf, Omolajomo Haruna. Morenike  Ogunseitan, Mercy Falana and Adewale Olatunbosun Okungbaiye  all shouted ” Congratulations”.

 Adebayo Eminowa wrote Congratulations, oye a mori o, ajegbo , ajeto o. You will by God’s Grace be the longest , happiest,, wealthiest,most influential and oldest ELEREWE THAT EVER  live, Aaamen, IJMN.

Ogwatowose Tola wrote ”Ajepe Jeto,o Baba, Wape ori oye bare, Wa b’Ologho je pe, Congratulations.

Moses Oladugba  wrote ” Congratulations  may your reign be blissful and blessed , May you live long in riches , good health and abundance , may your dynasty be good and accredited with fame IJN.

Sonia Moore says Awesome God mighty Lord .Congratulations Elerewe

Johnson Ogun says :Congratulations

 Tunde Onobode wrote ” Oma olode  ajingba , agba wa mu jaiye . Wa je ju ba e. Ase”

Oladele Sehinde Odeyemi says Congratulations  sir, long shall you live 

Bukola Lizzy Fatokun ” Congratulations sir

Oliseh Chukwuemekeka ” YES OOOO MY HIGH CHIEF 

Olabisi Adetula ”Congratulations

asekun Abiodun ” congratulations sir

Bukola Lizzy Fatokun ”congratulations sir

Johnson Ogun says Congratulations

Alhaji Owalaye Jimoh Ojo ”Congratulations to u my Chief

Sesan Michael Olabige wrote ”am particularly delighted on the way you have promoted the Kingdom by keeping us abreast of developments at home . Some of us in diaspora are better informed of happenings at home through the efforts of people like you .May your reign be long . Wa b’Ologho je pe o.

Adedeji Abagun, wrote: Congrats!!!,

Ayo Faleye Ayo wrote :Congratulations,

 Papy Gold, said ‘‘Aje pe pe pe pe oooo

Olaniji Akeju said Congratulation sir, long shall you live

Busari Temitope Tawa Ademola  wrote ” Congratulations sir!

Sunbo Elerewe wrote ” Congrats bami erewe ayinda olu

Alademehin Olugbenga wrote ” MY DEAR CHIEF, CONGRATS .Wa shumodon

Olu Odeyemi wrote Congratulations my chief

Prince Sashere Adegoriyon AP wrote Oma ajinmude gun apee congratulations my Chief

Olori Laafin Hennyh-hormorshuleh said Happy birthday sir

Asekun Abiodun: Congrats sir

Stephen Feyi Ogunfoworin :Congratulations

Moses Oladugba wrote: Congratulations  may your reign be blissful and blessed .May you live long in riches , good health and abundance , may your dynasty be good and accredited with fame IJN

Olumayowa Omotola : congratulations High chief , you shall celebrate more good years in good health and God abundant blessings 

Aisha- Sidikka Abiodun Dipo Owatowose  said Congrats H-Chief Sir

Lanke Afo  congratulations 


Adegoroye Babatunde , Daddy  mi, on behalf of the entire ADEGOROYE FAMILY  we say big congratulations to you sir and may you live long in your kingdom sir once again congratulations

Bamidele George  congrats

Kemisola Adeola Ogunbadeniyi Congrats

Olamide Olayeni congratulations

Larry Adeyemi Ojomo Egbon wa ba Ologho JE pEpepepepepepepepepepe

Dotun Olakanye  congratulations Sir

Adebola Adelegan Odunniyi Big Congratulations

Michael Adeseluka Congratulations to you sir, ose maa sungha ooo baba .May u live long & be blessed  360degree, waa je aye pe sir, aaase!


Abiola Rachael :Congratulations sir

Bolaji Ibrahim Congratulations ..Happy Birthday to u my lovely Chief ..More of it in Jesus name

Eniayewu Margaret congratulations BABA

Adedayo Kasumu : Congrats May u live long in your  kingdom

Olufunmilayo Ayokusibe H Lawal Congratulations laba o, ajegbo Ajeto,wa dagba wa dogbo

Abimbola Badiah Jack  Congratulations High Chief Elerewe of Owo Kingdom

Agu Henry Good one

Tosin Afolabi  Congratulations ..may your reign past ur forefather’s

with sound health

Aladewolu Wealthford Rasheed  congrats bros,


Olanimofe Olateru -Olagbegi wrote ” Wa Joye bae pe o!

Samuel Niran Abegunde wrote May the Almighty God continue to bless you with great good health and other confortable things of life.


Bukola Akinmade Onibode wrote ”Cogratulations sir, Wa b’Ologho je pe”,

The  Olopu Traditional head wrote ” Congratulations High Chief, Adebola Ogunbadenusi wrote ”God will give you the grace to celebrate many more years in sound health and great blessings of God in his immeasurable favour in the nameof Jesus Christ .Congratulations . Erewe ayinda … Wa b’Ologho je pe pepe o, aye a ba’ra  jo o baba Chief 

May your reign usher in peace, prosperity and goodness not only for the family but the entire Ogho community.Oye a mori o, ase . Ogho a sengwa  (By Barrister Kolawole Olabisi)


 The Vice  -Chairman of Association  Online Media Practitioners Alhaja Adeola Agoro (JP) wrote ” Congratulations to the High chief”’

Barrister Idowu Falana wrote ”Congratulations”

 Ibikunle Suleiman wrote ”Congratulation”,

 Olaitan Apoti Eri from California wrote ”Congratulations”.

Akin Saka Yusuf, OmolajomoHaruna. Morenike  Ogunseitan, Mercy Falana,Adewale Olatunbosun Okungbaiye all wrote ” CONGRATULATIONS

 Adebayo Eminowa wrote Congratulationso, oye a mori o, ajegbo , ajeto o. U will by God’s Grace be the longest , happiest,, wealthiest,most influential and oldest ELEREWE THAT EVER  live, Aaamen, IJMN.

Ogwatowose Tola wrote ”Ajepe Jeto,o Baba, Wape ori oye bare, Wa b’Ologho je pe, Congratulations.

Moses Oladugba  wrote ” Congratulations  may your reign be blissful and blessed , May you live long in riches , good health and abundance , may your dynasty be good and accredited with fame IJN.

Sonia Moore says Awesome God mighty Lod .Congratulations Elerewe

Johnson Ogun says congratulations

 Tunde Onibode wrote ” Oma olode  ajingba , agba wa mu jaiye . Wa je ju ba e. Ase

Oladele Sehinde Odeyemi says Congatulations  sir, long shall you live 

Bukola Lizzy Fatokun ” Congratulations sir

Oliseh Chukwuemekeka ” YESOOOO MY HIGH CHIEF 

Olabisi Adetula ”congatulations”

Asekun Abiodun ” congratulations sir”

Bukola Lizzy Fatokun ”congratulations sir

Johnson Ogun says congratulations

Alhaji Owalaye Jimoh Ojo ”congratulations to u my chief

Sesan Michael Olabige wrote ”am particularly delighted on the way you have promoted the Kingdom by keeping us abreast of developments at home . Some of us in diaspora are better informed of happenings at home through the efforts of people like you .May your reign be long . Wa bOlogho je pe o.

Adedeji Abagun shouted ”Congrats!!!

Ayo Faleye Ayo said Congratulations

Adeola Idris shouted ”amen’

Medinat Apaokagi said ” Oye a mariooo o”

Olaiya Edward shouted ”Awesome”

Mohammed Aminu  raised his finger and thumbed up

Veronica Obasuyi said ” Congratulations sir”

‘How Oba Adekola Ogunoye saved me’

She is hilarious. No dull moment with her .Not many people know her real name as she is only known as E ku Feee. She was rescued by the late Olowo of Owo, Oba Adekola Ogunoye II when she was in trouble

Madam Oluwafunke Samuel ( aka E ku Feee)
Looking at her she is simple, but when she opens her mouth to talk one would think she is a comedian and if care is not taken one could break his ribs as she speaks.
”My name is Oluwafunke Samuel. I live in Emure Uli, Owo, Ondo State . I always come to the King’s Market (Oja Oba) to sell my E ku Feee . I am in my late 60s. My story is an interesting one .I once had conflict with some market women about 30years ago when the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye II was on the throne”.
She continued ” sincerely speaking there was a rule in the market that nobody should sell powdered corn ( elekute) but due to the poverty I found myself I went ahead selling it . It was my grandmother’s business. Some years after her death I was financially down and I had nothing with me . I then decided one day to start the business , and I took her materials , set up the business and started producing and selling it.Though I lived in Emure but always go to Oja Oba ( King’s Market ) where there is market for the product ”, she said , nodding her head.

However she was arrested , she said ”When the market women caught me selling the banned product they arrested me and said I flouted their rule , all my pleadings that I was trying to sustain myself felt into their deaf ears. They asked me to walk -over a local knife and that I must pay a live cock and pay some fine. I walked over the local knife but refused to pay all the fine telling them that I am a Christian and that I know Jesus and did not believe in their Tradition. My product was seized and it became a serious matter ”
Madam E ku Fee was talking with all seriousness yet laughing. She said ”I was taken to the palace of Olowo of Owo , Oba Adekola Ogunoye II, who was a no -nonsense man . The Market leaders were all sure and certain that they would win me and get justice . I remember some high caliber of High chiefs and community royal fathers who were present including High Chief Adelanke Ajana the late Chief Priest of the town with some market leaders.
”When I was interrogated by the late Ajana and Oba Ogunoye and asked what I was selling , I said ”I am not selling powdered corn but selling E ku feee, (Aroma)”. They asked again what I was selling I kept on saying that I was not selling powdered corn but selling E ku feee, they all looked at one another . With confidence and pity I insisted that I was selling E ku feee but not powdered corn. They all burst into laughter. The Monarch then asked them to leave me alone that I was looking for what to eat .Since then they have been calling me E ku feee.That was how the late Monarch, Oba Adekola Ogunoye rescued me, and this I can never forget till my dying day.”
While hawking her product she said ”I would scream on top of my voice advertising my product that they should come and buy E ku feee, and they would call me to buy. I have used the proceeds from E ku feee to train my children in school in the university ,from the proceeds I have built house and still feeding from it today.
Though E ku fee love journalism but said ” they are not well paid . I have an uncle who did it for many years but came home with nothing to show for it .Asked about her E ku feee again, she said ” when I am frying the corn its aroma wafts everywhere, when I ground the corn the aroma wafts everywhere and when I mixed it with palm oil and groundnuts its aroma wafts in the air and everybody will know its E ku feee.Asked what is her response when greeted or hailed as E ku feee, she said ”I will pray for them that A dara fun e, Aye a ye o”( It will be well with you, You will live well).
E ku feeee, E ku feeee.

Read what Olowo of Owo, Osinbajo, Akeredolu and Olori have in common

 (L-R) Olori  Ololade Olateru-Olagbegi, Vice President (Prof) Yemi Osinbajo(SAN),His Imperial Majesty Oba DVF Olateru -Olagbegi III (CFR) and  the Ondo State Governor ,Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu(SAN)    These  great  four legal luminaries were  in Owo recently. But do you know they have many things in common.
HIM Oba DVF Olateru-Olagbegi III
While the Monarch ,Olowo of Owo  Oba (Dr.) D .V.Folagbade  Olateru -Olagbegi III (CFR) is a Lawyer and was a lecturer  and  former  Secretary,  Council of Legal Education [ NBA]. He was former General Secretary Nigerian Association of Law Teachers. Now a first class traditional ruler in Nigeria .He is the  head of Owo  community.
He is a Christian .He attends The Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG).He  does not miss Holy Ghost service which is  hold every month along  Lagos /Ibadan express way.Our father at his age also has grey hair full of wisdom.He wears cap to cover his head as tradition requires.
Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN)
He  is a Law professor and  he taught for many years .  He also holds many chieftaincy titles  .He is a staunch  Christian. Osinbajo  attends The Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) and does not miss  the monthly Holy Ghost service    along  Lagos /Ibadan express way.
He has grey hair on his head. He wears his ‘Awo’ cap always which has become his trade mark.




Arakunrin Rotimi  Akeredolu (SAN)
He  is a Lawyer. He  is said to be  once a teacher  and he holds many chieftaincy titles too. He is a Christian as he attends church service regularly .He has grey hair on his head. He wears cap  possibly to cover his ….head.




Olori Ololade [Yeyesa] Olateru-Olagbegi
She  is a Lawyer and  presently a senior  lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin University , Akungba -Akoko, Ondo State. She is the Yeyesa of Olowo of Owo , the highest traditional  title for the Monarch’s wife. She is a Christian as she attends The Redeem Christian Church of God(RCCG) and does not miss Holy Ghost service held every month at Lagos /Ibadan express way. She might possibly  be growing grey hair but since Olori does not leave her head open. She covers her head as the custom requires.
These four legal luminaries  are all happily married with children.

The only difference is that Olori is a female.

Ogho yi a gbe wa o.

We wept sighting the TITANIC Ship



We  wept sighting  the  TITANIC Ship

As Ronnie and I were driving  from Westgate Branson Woods Resort hotel   down to the TITANIC  Museum  in  Branson to have a look at the historic but  the most devastating casualty  Ship, The TITANIC   that shook the world . I was excited as a journalist saying at last I would  see with my two  eyes the  ill- fated ship .I was happy on that morning  and I sipped my Cappuccino  coffee , and took my brandy along with me .Yes ,  we travelled from  St Louis to Branson in the State of Missouri in the United States of America , and for two weeks we were in Branson going from one place to another with my camera.

”Ronnie is that the ship?”I asked  , but she shouted at me saying ” Abbey why are you so anxious to see the ship?. We will soon get there”. Less than a kilometer  we were there!

BoN and Ronnie

”Armed” with my  Brandy  we alighted from the car but when I sighted   a white object by the ship , I  screamed ”Ronnie that is the evil iceberg !”, and tears welled down  my face.My face became  heavy .I shed tears. So this is the evil iceberg the ship struck and took away over 1,500 lives?, I said in a low tone. Seeing my swollen face , Ronnie cried ”Whaaaaaaaaattttttttt?. Oh  my God, so the story is true  after all. Abbey, Bobo T,T Bobo I cannot take any picture and I will not record anything”,she said  as  we both  broke down and wept.

Looking at the artistic  and well crafted gargantuan ship  with the operational  instruments  of which professionals from all fields  had worked on. I was in  deep thought of how it could have sunk in spite  the assurance that it was safe!. But son of man has forgotten that the ship is a replica of the sunk ship and that  she is not on the sea , and that the iceberg by its side is artificial . But the thought of those perished especially   the two lovebirds , Jack and Rose came to mind, and emotion took over .


The evil iceberg

On that fateful April 15, 1912, the news spread like wildfire that the Titanic  ship that one of its engineers once boasted that ”Even God cannot sink this ship” went down in  the  Ocean and sunk killing over 1,500 passengers including some crew on board  , off the coast of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic after hitting the iceberg where 2,240 passengers  and crew were on board.

In March 1909 the construction of the ship started and it was  completed with all necessary workable materials with many features and  engineers were full of hope that they had been successful in doing an excellent   job.

BoN by the ill- fated TITANIC  ship

 I went round to look at the words ”TITANIC” written on the ship.I  looked at the  evil iceberg and  I cried that this is  where the most luxurious cruise ship full with  people of different skills,status ,characters and background   perished .I cried that this was where Jack Dawson and Rose  DeWitt  met  and fell in  love   but  ended in tragedy . I cried that the Ship that took off   from Southampton, England  for New York never got to its destination.I cried that the evil   iceberg caused the disaster .I cried that the ceremonious ship spent only four days  from April 10 to April 14, 1912 to reach the destination of destruction!.

All efforts to go to  Newfoundland in the North Atlantic where the ship hit the iceberg and perished over 1,500 people failed as Ronnie refused to take me  there!.

Next time I will pay a visit to the site of the disaster and take the picture of the cursed spot.

Since August when we visited the Titanic I have been seeing  images of Jack and Rose in my dream.


How I won Father’s Day’s gift

      Standing on the dais before a capacity of over 5,000 worshipers  I looked afar off , lo and behold eyes were fixed on me. If you multiply two eyes by 5,000 spectators that means about 10,000 eyes were focused on me and when you multiply  5,000 people by  their 32 teeth smiling at me then about 160,000 teeth were smiling at me too. Far away I saw the congregation waving their hands, shouting and congratulating me .There was  loud ovation as thunderous clapping  followed and the hall shook to its foundation.

The Pastor in charge , Greg Bruce stepped forward and threw a barrage of questions at me ” What is your name?. Where are you from? .Are you a resident, a citizen or a visitor ? ” . Eyes were fixed on me. I felt great. At that moment my voice changed , I became conscious of myself .Now I became bold and trust me (Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN). I stepped forward majestically as the over 10, 0000 waxed bulbs beamed on me with Photographers and video camera men clicking their buttons and flashing .I then knew I had become a celebrity. Beaming with smiles I adjusted myself as I denge, posed, and confidently replied ” I am Peter Abiodun, I am a visitor . I am a Journalist, a blogger of taiwoabiodun.com , I am from Nigeria”, again another thunderous ovation followed. With clenched fists I bowed and another deafening shout followed. And I laughed within me and told myself “Me Bobo T, T Bobo , BoN !”.

Ronnie,    BoN,  Pastor  Greg

The presiding pastor Greg announced : ” Congratulations, Peter winner of Father’s Day Competition! .After today’s service you should come for your prize, the 65 inches television you won”. Later we took pictures together with my competitor .

That was what happened on the 17th of June , 2018 when the world celebrated                        ” FATHER’S DAY” at 5555, Hope Church, Blvd. Suite 119 Hazelwood, MO 63042 St Louis, Missouri , United States of America.

Some senior officers of the Church congratulating me

On that Sunday morning, Ronnie was reluctant to go to Church as she said she was tired when she arrived from work late in the night .She later changed her mind and we both went to church .At the church the Pastor asked all fathers present to stand up and he prayed for us  all. He announced that there would be a competition and asked all fathers to write their names on the papers provided. More than 120 fathers wrote down their names and two names were announced , Peter Abiodun ( pronounced as Abodon) and another man’s name were called.” Abbey, that is you!, Abbey, that is you!!”, Ronnie screamed where we were seated. She then put her mouth into my ears , prayed for me and said ” Listen to their instruction, please go , I know you will win”, and I rose  and went to the podium where we were asked to play the basket ball. My competitor is a huge and tall man .After playing for 10 minutes the result was announced while my competitor scored 22 points I scored 28 .There was a  loud shout as they all watched the game  from the television screens positioned at different locations in the big church.

As the giant hifi speakers strategically located in the church were blaring music  while the over 50 powerful electric bulbs beamed on me .There was another loud screaming of joy that could wake up the dead from the grave . When the American, a white man, Pastor Greg announced me as the winner, a loud ovation rent the air.

The giant 65 inches telly was put on a roller and pushed by two hefty men while I was being watched by hundreds of people who were shaking my hands and saying congratulations to me as it was being carried into Ronnie’s car. Again, eyes were fixed on me.I became a celebrity in St Louis , Missouri, United States of America and I smiled.

An old man who should be in his 80’s along with his wife approached me and politely demanded for my hand for handshake and said ” you are a lucky man”, I smiled again the second time. When we got home I forgot to eat but sipped my black coffee prepared by  Ronnie, “I am glad you won and this is the beginning of good things to come “, Ronnie said .

We unwrapped the television, looked at the giant television again and gave thanks to God.

Some hours later I sent text messages to many people that I had won a 65 inches television.

What a lucky guy I am. When I asked how much it could cost , a friend said its about 1,500dollars. Who says God is not good?

In the evening I took up the letter my brother , Professor Rowland Abiodun wrote to me recently that   “God loves you.  Always put God first in everything and He will do wonders”. I sent the pictures of the occasion to him in Massachusetts , Dr.Tayo Ojomo in Philadelphia, while his wife Mrs.Lorraine called and said ” I know you are brave , always optimistic and I love your courage”I also sent the photograph to  Mr.Olayinka Oyegbile ( Deputy Editor Sunday The Nation newspaper),  Mr.Lekan Otufodunrin( Editor), Mr Yemi Ajayi ( Head Computer section, The Nation on Sunday) and many others .

In the middle of the night I woke up Ronnie and asked whether it was a dream , but she replied ” Believe and trust God in everything you do.”

Then we went back to sleep while I was shouting “St.Louis,  Missouri I am here. America here I come .God I want more of this blessing”.

My mind tells me that more bigger goodies are still coming in Jesus’ mighty name .

”I am not a ghost”

Armed with cudgels , they surrounded him while shouts of  ” Kill the bastard,hang him, cut his third leg “, rent the air . While on his  knees, he used his left hand  to cover his ”treasure” and waving his right hand  begging  for mercy as heavy blows  rained on him .His voice cracked. Tears flowed freely down his cheeks .When he   could not bear the pain  any longer he  pleaded to  the angry mob to kill him at once by shooting him.

Fuming with rage , a young man shaved the  suspect’s  head with a razor blade. Another man with blood-shot eyes brought out a six- inches nail , fixed it on a long stick, raised it, aimed at his temple and wanted to land it on the clean shaved head of Adio. One man adjusted the rubber tires  they  put on his neck while two men emptied  two gallons of petroleum on his naked body. Adio was shocked when he saw the young woman he used to  give money among the angry mob ready to strike a stick of matches  on him . ”My end has come! My end has come!!”, he muttered. He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth and screamed ” No!, no!!”.  He woke up , sweating profusely and shivering .It was a dream.

Thank God it was a dream, he said, still shaking like a weather -beaten chicken. He looked at the lady, Morountola sleeping by his side ,  in a pool of her own blood. “Are you still bleeding ?, does it mean the doctor did not do the D & C very well? I am in trouble ” , he shouted . Morountola did not talk or even move at all .He shook her , yet she neither blinked an eyelid nor moved her body.

Adio called his friend on that early Monday morning  , and they drove Morountola  to a nearby hospital  where she struggled to  describe for them.

While on a stretcher she looked at Adio and said ”this is the fifth abortion I am doing for you, and this is four months pregnancy .This is bad yet you said you are still studying me to know my character , it is unfair “.

Adio and Morountola had been dating for the past four years while the two lovebirds agreed to finish their University education before they get married.  Adio studied Sociology while Morountola studied Business Administration and  both finished from two different prestigious Universities in Nigeria. Now they are serving their father’s land as Youth Corpers and the duo are the envy of many .

Adio  during his service year in another town met Adunke who was a Banker  who  was desperately looking for husband and she enticed Adio with money and goodies since she was a Banker . She gave Adio money to abort for Morountola in order not to be disturbed. They orchestrated the plan to  dump Morountola for  them to get married.

Adio flashed back to  the dream he had , he became uncomfortable and nervous . He asked the doctor whether Morountola will survive the abortion as the blood was too much for him to bear . But the doctor assured him of her survival and demanded 250,000 Naira to  place her on admission to do a proper evacuation and  cleaning  of  the remnants . Aduke  gave Adio the  money and that was all.

” Did I not tell you that your boyfriend is wicked ? He never had intention to marry you and you are just fooling yourself “, the doctor told Morountola .

Three days later the doctor phoned  and dropped a bombshell on Adio that Morountola had died and he should come and pick up her corpse .

Adio cut the land phone , packed his things and fled to Kano not minding the  religious riot Maitasine that was going on there.  Adunke later started visiting Adio in Kano ,they wedded , had four beautiful children and were living well.

Adio became a  successful businessman and his wife,a banker assisted him with loan facilities from her bank. Life was good .

It was in the night , during the holiday when a public transport ran into a  truck. A medical doctor who had just completed his National Youth Service with  three other students of same mother died instantly. While other passengers sustained injuries.

Bad news spread like wildfire. These children were from Kano going to Lagos to see their grandmother as their father had lived in Kano for years without bothering to come back home. The  driver of the public transport  slept off  along Abuja / Lokoja road and rammed into a stationary trailer. While some believe it was caused by witches and wizards, some said vampires waited  there for their blood and others traced the history of the driver, medical doctor  and of Adio’s families’ background.

” Mr. Adio’s three  children died  in a ghastly auto crash and his wife is in her late  50s  already in her menopausal stage .There is no hope she would have a child again except miracle “, a sympathizer told  Morountola over the phone.  Morountola who heard the news left Ikoyi with her husband for Oshodi  and  located Adio’s family house .

Face- to- face  with Adio who had been forced to come down from Kano for the burial of his children.When Adio sighted Morountola , he screamed ”ghost! ,ghost!!”, believing  he was seeing Morountola’s ghost .

However, Mrs. Morountola Ojuri  calmed him down and  made a spirited effort to explain everything .”You see Adio, I am not a ghost”, Mrs. Ojuri continued , “I have come to sympathize with you. I don’t wish you bad and I am not here to  do you any harm. We were together in June 1982  at the hospital where you abandoned me .I aborted for you four times but  that fifth time I was not pregnant at all. I just  tested your sincerity and to see whether it was true that you loved me. The doctor you took me to was my Cousin who asked me to put you to test .The blood dripping from me  that night was not my blood but pigeon’s . I killed three pigeons and put  the blood  in a cellophane rubber and put it in my undies then punctured it with a needle and blood spilled out .

“When you heard that I was dead you ran away from Lagos and never to be seen again. You lied that you had been transferred to Kano, and didn’t come home saying witches and wizards in your family were after your life. If truly I had died then that  is what you would have done. I later got married to my husband Ojuri, but  he  was not the man of my choice. For age was no longer on my side. I had no choice than to develop the love. I had only two  children because of my age. I couldn’t have more according to doctor’s advise, and the two  are doing very well. The woman you left me for was the devil .You allowed her to brainwash ,control and alter your divine love for me. She cast a spell on you  and you became so weak and  wicked towards me that you forgot how much in love we were and how we started.  Five years later I met my husband and made sure I told him everything. It was he that suggested we should come here to sympathize with  ………” she  did not  finish her statement when Adio’s  cell phone rang and was informed that his last child, Ayo who was on life support machine had given up the ghost. Morountola broke down and wept, Adio was surprised  for her sympathy. She consoled him and said God has a reason why they were not married. She left with her husband.

Later, Adio left Adunke for a younger woman to have a child for him, yet no child. Adunke’s business crumbled. She was in debt, later  she left Kano and went back to her family house in the village in Ondo State.

Adio called this reporter and said:”Now I am  66 years old,I can not be employed again. I am down with hypertension and diabetes, my world has  crashed. I have erectile dysfunction along with oligospermia ( low sperm count) and I am daily  haunted by my sins ,what do I do?”.

This is a true life story . It was told by a- 66- year old man but names and places have been changed.Please what should Adio do?

Send your comments and advise here.




How I was attacked-Prince Leke Olateru-Olagbegi


 PRINCE Olaleke Olateru- Olagbegi was attacked and  called names on  Facebook last week Tuesday  by one Bode Eleko who, according to  information  he is based in Dubai.  According to investigation , Eleko is from Owo and his  mother lives in Owo at Mobil area.


A post on the Facebook  on Prince Olaleke Olateru -Olagbegi  from one Arakunrin Olujide Tububo that readsWhat is politics? .What is political science?. And what is Political Administration?. I was happy today as I captured  another Alumnus of Imade College Owo, and a Master’s degree holder in Political science and Public Administration from the magnanimous University of Benin. In fact there are names and there are names.The son of Imperial Majesty Oba Victor David Folagbade Olateru- Olagbegi who vehemently and vociferously said he will be going to the Ondo State House of Assembly down 2019. As a Political Scientist  I think he knows the rudiments of Politics and Public Administration.He was captured live today at the Owo Chicken Republic just two minutes and twenty five seconds. Listen to him , his full stories and his nomenclatures will be available for public consumption soonest” .


One Bode Eleko replied to Tububo’s post that This guy prince or what he is called is more than being crazy. What he said about Legislation is never obtainable anywhere in the world .He is just  trying to deceive the youth into voting for him.His father is the sitting Olowo of Owo who leads the traditional institution.Then the crazy guy will now lead in the political area.  LET’S  REJECT BEING MORTGAGED  BY OLATERU’S”



Narrating his story,  the Prince  who spoke on phone with taiwoabiodun.com  said  he  received several calls early  Wednesday  morning asking him to read what one Bode Eleko commented on  him on facebook , that he is crazy, and deceitful. Eleko did not stop there but went as far as mentioning the revered name of the Olagbegi’s royal family.The Prince whose voice was calm on phone   said ” I was surprised when I received over 1,000 telephone calls and sms messages from both local and international  asking me whether I read what one Bode Eleko wrote on Facebook about me. I was shocked to my bone marrow when he called me a Crazy man , and made mention of my father and family name we have built for generations.I have never met him before infact I don’t even know him. What have  I done to have deserved such an insult?. Well, I have contacted my lawyer”, he said

According to  the Prince, he was interviewed by one Jide Tububo on what he has for the Youths as he is willing to contest into the House of Assembly. ”I said the youths should be carried along by the government,  I said the youths should be allowed to contest  for the House of Assembly  . I also added that    Bursary should be made compulsory for the students of Owo Local Government  while money should be disbursed for youths’  empowerment , these are my plans when I am elected into the House of Assembly.I am planning to contest under APC”


However, without saying a word the facebook page was flooded with reactions berating Eleko’s  attacks on the Prince. Some of the responses are published below


Azeez  Habeeb Glory  wrote  ‘Calling someone a name of  ibalorukoje, people like this need to be chased out of humans living environment”.

Lasisi Kazeem Ayodele wrote ”, Eleko you should be constructive with your criticism, destructive criticism is not ethical .In terms of politics and administration that of Prince is exceptional”


Nelson Olajiga wrote ”Thanks sir, we should outgrow sentimental politics and embrace democracy .He has the right to contest .He is not his father ,His father has his life and he is living it., let this young prince live his life too”

 Adetokunbo Damilola Lexyqueenly wrote ” Bode Eleko or whatever u call urself ,this is not maturity…Don’t take this being vibrant for something else……Settle ur grudges with him if you have one and stop being a coward”

Jean Adetola Jegede wrote …”Bode Eleko! You sounded so incompetent that am not so sure if its worth addressing you .However your views sounds personal and you need to evaluate yourself  before you begin making any statements without any proof”

Tunde George wrote ”I’ve interacted with the Prince severally.He is cool, cute, articulate and respectful”

Folasade Ogedengbe  wrote ‘‘Forget about his name and pedigree , he’s actually a pretty nice guy and is surprisingly down to earth .Which is more than you can say about the average politician in Nigeria .He has my vote”.

Tajudeen Adams  wrote ” Since we are citizen of Nigeria  we  all have right to aspiring for any post let us stop condeming each other , Owo is 1, let’s join hands together to move it forward , Ogho ko ni baje oh, Ogho a gbe wa oh”

Olubunmi Lasekan  Akindele wrote ‘‘Ride on my Prince”

Prince Leke

Horey Horpey Ore Ofe wrote ‘‘The whole Owo youth is solidly behind you sir, …RIDE ON 2019 NO OBSTACLE  like ELEKO……..can hinder you!!!!”

Folabi Krobo Fayeun wrote ”The Prince has not said anything bad at all .He is only trying to make his ambition known to Owo people”

Olateru Olagbegi Aderola wrote” You can see why some youths doesn’t want to contest?Fear of rejection kills most of them ..Bode we can sue you and your mother in Mobil for defamation of character rubbish …I don’t wanna drag your mother into this .But you drag your father’s name into it so deal with it..”

Akinwale Ibitayo Charles  wrote ‘‘Good development from The Prince , I do hope all the youths can bring this to reality.Am well associated with the Olagbegis  right from childhood and very humble families .You have my support Prince, if also to contribute towards this project am in 100 percent both financially , and everything  needed to be contributed …wink”

Olalekan Adeshina Osuporu wrote ” Who is Bode?E ti keron meyon, atoko wa baleje omo”

Amunega Adeloye Toyin wrote ” I am 100 per cent for you

Ayodeji Aje Abayomi  wrote  ” He has a father The Olowo Of Owo who is in arguably the most humble king  in the world .He himself is a bridge between the youth and the aged the aristocrats and the peasants… he will surely do well

Pat O Ayodele wrote  ‘‘Why should you use such language about him.Stop being a hater .Prince Leke is a cool man”

Owo ConcernedGroup  wrote ”Why not joined the race sir.Is it a taboo to you?

Okuo Hope Mercy  wrote ”I guess Mr Bode Eleko is the type dat will study Mass Communication and write an application to work in Prison….I’m sorry if I sound insulting …..but pls my boss deserves an apology …..He was my project supervisor, with qualification as a political scientist, he has everything and every right  to Go for such post …Prince Olateru Olaleke is a nice and cool boss ..he is loved by everyone , take it or u leave it…still praying to av his kind to  supervise my next project …therefore , he is good to go ..”

Ekundayo Olumide Mike wrote  ” You are a BASTARD!!!God punish you for disrespecting my amiable Prince lovely Bros”

...I have checked his profile.He is very lucky he is not residing in Owo.I would control boys to beat him down to coma instantly”

Arikawe Ade wrote ”Bode issue should not be an issue, he is only looking for cheap popularity.Who sabi am?”

Tunde Onibode wrote ” Why the hatred?This is the lowest conduct of an ill informed individual I’ve ever seen or read in recent time.It is quite unfortunate.Ride on Prince Orisa Oke da ghon bee”

Funso Bummy Atiba  wrote ”The Bode Eleko sounds so unintelligent .How on earth would you start insulting someone on social media , not to talk of the whole family.Haaaa, o ga oooo”

Tunde Gold Skywax wrote” Shaii who said the whole Owo Youth is standing for him..this is how you ppl we say ..At the end of it , you will be running away , you ppl only support him because you are all family with him,for the person who try to blast him, you all facing him like he was wrong , when he no about politics what has he done before , that make you bold for him .For me we need more master mind not master talk”

All efforts to reach out to Bode Eleko failed as he has deleted his  facebook account  and no longer there.

Meanwhile , Olaleke said many have appealed to him not to take action, he said ” Infact I love our Governor Aketi and I am trying to contribute my own quota to the development of my town , nothing more. Politics is not a do or die affair.I  am loyal and I love all my people. This man called Bode Eleko is strange to me and I have never seen his face.In civilized world you don’ do this , never!. And surprisingly election has not even started and this guy is throwing stones.I am baffled.But above all I trust and believe in the almighty God.I have good friends in Owo and supporters.”

Who is Prince Olaleke Olateru-Olagbegi?

The Prince is one of the children of the Olowo of Owo Oba [Dr.] DVF Olateru -Olagbegi III [CFR].Olaleke is in his late 40s and has his University Education from the prestigious University of Benin where he bagged his first and second degree in Political Science and Public Administration. He is currently a senior lecturer at the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo.