Taking my own pound of flesh

Time: 5:30pm.It was in June , during the raining season and it  was raining heavily. The rain was splashing on the rooftops while the sound of the falling  ‘iced’ cubes from above was heard as they pelted on the iron roofing sheets. Thunder and lightening followed.Fear gripped  many as they remembered  Sango the Yoruba god of Thunder believing  he has come to revenge or to deal a fatal blow on those who  offended him. Again, the sound of the thunderstorm  was  more than the booming  of the guns and rockets during  the Gulf war  or Liberia war when guns boomed sporadically .My visitor kept  crying ” Oh my God how will I get home today ?. My husband must have been expecting me back home .It’s now 7 o’clock in the evening and we had closed since 3 o’clock“, she lamented , shaking her head intermittently like agama agama lizard. That is Ketchy , a beautiful lady , a superb damsel who makes a strong man weak

Ketchy is a paragon of beauty.She is slim with figure 8.Her straight legs and eyeballs could make one go crazy capped with her skin color .Her fingernails, toes and long hair  are all natural .Her rotund buttocks are not padded , she combines  beauty with  brain. She once contested in a beauty contest and  won. She cat walks, her figure 8 could make you borrow money and give her.She is rich and respected .Ketchy is a big girl and has dined with the high profile people in the society , in fact she has throttled the globe.

I was happy that I got her at last. I looked at her , shook my head and smiled . I drew her nearer ,held her two God’s given soft oranges  planted on her chest and as I sighted her smooth- cream- colored skin they all  ignited fire in me and made me exploded like  tornado. I held her tight , kissed her and almost tore her lips apart as my own lips were full of lip- sticks .My lips were red. As I pushed her into my sofa chair -she did not struggle with me , but just went down and   closed her eyes. I quietly but nervously  unzipped my trouser with eyes dazed ,she too was murmuring and saying inaudible words and twitching her body begging me to come as she could not control herself again.

I quietly removed her skirt.When I sighted  her string pants  I started  salivating and panting like a dog .Her thighs are smooth . So you are gifted with this inner beauty of the goddess ? I soliloquized  .I untied the string ,flung it somewhere and went ahead to play with her tits until she became weak and begged  me to come in.As I was going in, there was no signpost of ” no thoroughfare here” as the road is like Lagos / Ibadan expressway.No blockage, no obstruction, no traffic hold- up, no culvert, no T- junction, no left or right turning and above all there was no accident.The road was more than  smooth.After devouring ourselves we slept off.

At 3am , I woke up, and  I took a shot of ogogoro the local gin to enhance my sexual performance again . Yes, I had paid in advance for the gin mixed with local herbs and I took Via1gra along with it.

Yes , I had already prepared , In fact fully prepared for her .I canvassed her to exercise patience and that the rain would soon stop. But immediately I mentioned “rain” , the rain started all over again and all the trees in the environment began to bow down for the heavy rain came with heavy breeze,blowing .All roads had been destroyed while erosion had taken over some areas , old and dilapidated buildings gave way while the town shook to its foundation . Ketchy’s car  which was parked outside my house had been washed away and got stuck among the debris .The rain was like the Noah’s period when the world was destroyed by flood. When I sighted her on the sofa chair she was sitting she had slept off and I quickly made a quickie as we devoured ourselves like hungry lions.

I had told my colleagues in the office about my visitor I had been longing to see .I had vowed to go for eight rounds if Ketchy turns up.I vowed, I made promise and I planned it to the highest level of execution. And now the ball is in my court.

But who is Ketchy and why did I behave in this way?.

Ketchy was my school mate at St .Yeso Grammar School.She came from Lagos to join us in the village .She was a very beautiful girl but very arrogant and too full of herself .She refused to date any of her age group or classmates but preferred working class men like Bankers, Medical doctors , lawyers and so on .Let me quickly  add that she was very brilliant as she made “A”s in all her science subjects . Immediately after her secondary school she went to the university to study Medicine , graduated at the age of 26 and bagged her MBBS CH.

Ketchy worked for five years and had all she needed, Infact she was more than comfortable with three houses and two yachts.As a worker now  she is  dating Pilots, Ambassadors, Ministers and Company directors which made her rich , very rich than her colleagues .

When Ketchy was 38, she  wanted to settle down but with the hope that she will still get one of his former lovers to marry.

Did I forget to tell you that she aborted eight  times ? Did I tell you that she once fell and fainted while climbing a staircase as a result of being anemic due to abortion?

Did I tell you how a Pilot’s wife came to beat her up and made her abort the pregnancy she had for her husband ?

But how would I  have loved to befriend Ketchy when I knew all these?

Ketchy was my former girlfriend but she betrayed me when it was five days to our wedding day as she eloped with a Pilot and spent three months in the United Kingdom while I was here in Yeso village shaking my legs and head and biting my lips and fingers .It all happened in 1988 when she didn’t turn up for our   church  wedding.The officiating Ministers and well wishers were all glued to where they sat and later left for their various homes jeering at me, some cursing while others could not believe.It was a disgrace .When  I  got home  brown I saw a brown  envelope and  I  opened it there I saw a letter and  behold it was  a letter from Ketchy  that I am  not a prosperous man and that she doubted my future as a secondary school teacher.The letter is still in my drawer till this day.

I swore to God almighty that I would one day revenge .I wondered ” Why did they despise a school teacher? Must we all be rich? Should I throw away my Vespa motorcycle ? Should I go and steal to make it in life?”

When Ketchy ditched me in 1988 and went to London , I was a school teacher with a Bachelor of Education degree.From there I went to enroll for my GCE and made all my papers .I put in for Law and in a nutshell finished , went to Law School.Within the spate of four years I had made my name because I worked in a very popular and radical lawyer’s Chamber,thus I became known too.

One day I met a lady whose car broke down on Apapa Expressway , immediately I sighted the lady I knew it was Ketchy, but she didn’t recognize me .How will she recognize me when I had my Black Suit with tie on, when I was expected to be in our town holding a piece of chalk and cane ?. When I should be riding my Vespa ?. No way ,she can never thought it was me .One thing led to another .I promised to marry her .

She told me she was still in her husband’s home and would plan to divorce him.

” I am two months pregnant for my husband but I will abort it in order  to marry you. You know how good the combination of a lawyer and a doctor is ?”, she said. That was how we started our love. Still I did not disclose to her who I was because I had  changed and looked robust.


To be continued

going to mecca is my dream

The popular Yoruba home video film actor Chief Tajudeen Oyewole ( aka Abija) had  recovered from a fatal auto crash he had  in 2007 but still living with the scar as he limps.  He says he would be happy if he could be  sponsored   to Mecca   to perform  Hajj.  taiwoabiodun.com  met him

Seeing  the popular Yoruba Movie actor    limping  one could think  it is one of his theatrics    but in  real  life he is  not acting any movie.  – no thanks to the auto crash he had few years back.

Meeting him for the first time  one could argue whether he is the same actor that acts frightening plays on stage or not as he is as gentle as a dove during the interview  but again  like the proverbial  leopard who will  never change its spots, the actor in   a twinkle of an eye has his countenance changed with voice raised, his eyes bulged out as he gesticulated with all his body , chanting war songs as if in  trance or stage acting.

Welcome to the two worlds of Chief Tajudeen Oyewole ( aka Abijawara Bi Ekun) a popular Yoruba artiste who has acted many films especially juju and warlord in Yoruba home videos.

How I got my  stage name

According to  Oyewole, he derived his stage name , Abija from an engineer, he said  , ” there was one Construction company called Abija Wara Bi Ekun Construction in Oshogbo ,the company was owned by a respectable old man and when we wanted to do a – 13 week-play , the leader thought of what they should call me and the name of the construction company came to mind’ Abija’. We had 25 episodes in that play and I was asked use the name – Abijawara Bi Ekun which is the name of the construction company based in Oshogbo. Later we simply called it ‘ Abija’ .Before that time I had been using some stage names but they were   not popular  until  when we started using ‘ Abija ‘ in ‘Opa Aje’ Film , it became  popular and my trademark , and this shot me into the limelight .Since then ‘Abija ‘glued on me like gum, and only very few people know my real name as my stage name has overshadowed it”.

Our reporter,Taiwo Abiodun and Abija during the interview

The story line of the mysterious ‘Opa Aje’

Abija said the ‘ Opa Aje’ [  Prosperity Staff  ] Movie which brought  him into limelight was shot long time ago and it was a surprise to them that the film was popular ”the  crew never knew the play would become very popular like that”,  he said and continued ” it is the story line of Abule Meta and Opa Aje ( Three villages and  Prosperity  Staff) .The mysterious staff was owned by Lasigun village, my mother’s home town and it was agreed that it should be rotated round the other two villages : Bilagun and Telude ,but Lasigun refused until Bilagun took it by trick  which  caused war , while Telude again waged war against Bilagun and collected it by force . Abija  a powerful juju man cum warrior was given the task  to retrieve  it.The staff was retrieved   it was later rotated among the three villages, and peace reigned once again” . However, Abija said that it was recently that they discovered that the story was telling us  indirectly the story  about Nigeria’s  resource control ,” the story is like Nigeria’s three popular tribes:Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba fighting over the control of our oil. When we acted the play we did not know it would have deeper meaning and would be  pregnant with words ,we now realize what is happening in the country and likened it to the ‘Owner’ and Control’ of our oil resources”.


He continued ” Lasigun ( my mother’s town in the movie )  and the other  two  names represent Nigeria tribes , they kept the Opa Aje ,the owner was deceived and it was stolen , then the owner couldn’t retrieve it .Abija was called to assist , but the king did not want to return it, The staff was taken by  force by the warrior , Abija at last!”

Abija confessed that ‘ Opa Aje ‘ is not his first play where he acted but it was the play that shot him into limelight.

Woman must not meet me

With all the costumes and paraphernalia on , he confessed that no woman should meet him on the way or make an attempt to embrace him , that is if that is the instruction laid down on the costumes ,he stated” there are some powerful costumes that forbids a woman to meet me on the way according to our ancestor’s instruction , so we have to obey such .We don’t just treat these costumes anyhow , if there is need to perform rituals or offer sacrifices before wearing them ,then I must humbly comply .It is true that if not observed the side effect could be fatal .I know this because my paternal and maternal lineages are both from Ifa priest and are Babalawo , so it means I inherited the act of Ifa or Babalawo from the two sides .Aside this I am also from the family of hunter. No woman must embrace me while returning from hunting expedition because of what I had on my body, it could be disastrous, and if I need any animal I would just go to the forest to kill it, just name it. The power is there”, he said with total conviction , as he beats his chest

How rich is Abija?

Despite his fame Abija said his fame does not translate into money ,”I am not rich, I don’t have a roof over my head which is part of measuring one’s wealth. I don’t even have a land , and this does not mean that I am not serious or I am a prodigal son because the money realized from acting is not much as people or fans erroneously  thought. I am prudent .I have only one wife and I have children in higher institutions .But having said this , I cannot say that I am not a rich man with my children in schools ,though I don’t have raw cash”.

Why artistes have many wives

Asked why some male artistes have harem of wives, in defence, Abija said ” it is  because of the perception of the fans and family members of the female artistes who  blackmail female artistes and call them prostitutes so the male artistes preferred to marry them and use them as their actresses in their plays instead of looking outside and begging or paying them to come and acting their plays, and again it is economical. In the days of old female artistes were called names but today that is no longer the case .But our fathers then had many wives because the women would be readily available for them to participate in any role given to them and therefore would not go out looking for people outside to join them”.

2007 auto crash

Abija who is still limping as a result of fatal auto crash  he had few years back said he was just lucky to be alive , he said the accident happened while he was coming fromlocation , his words ” I went with my crew to shoot my new film ‘Ibinu Abija’ and on our way back home I hit a big brick- moulded road divider not knowing   its position had been changed by those constructing the road along Canaan land.When I was going it was not in that position and on my way back I drove along not knowing it had been dangerously shifted, and I was not speeding. I had been on this film   for some years and  I believe it would hit the market  .It was the film I went to shoot when I had an accident, after Canaan land . I ran into it with my Camry car .My hip went off while the lady, an artiste sitting by the driver’s side died immediately . A woman sitting behind me was seriously injured.Otunba Ajawesola Ayinde Busari assisted me , and stood by me .


Abija with clean record

The popular artiste Abija said he has been very honest with clean records  as  he tried not to involve himself with dirty deals, he said Though somebody asked  whether I could do an illegal business for him to assist me but I declined and rejected the offer because I cannot allow my image to be tarnished .Pressed further to give the full details about the business but the artiste refused and said ” you know popular people like me are being tempted,but I did not give a definite answer whether I would take the offer or not but I did not go to him again. Any popular  person must  be careful , and watch his steps or else he would find himself or herself in a big trouble .I decided not to do it , I preferred to struggle and God intervened at last “

Betrayal from Friends

The Artiste with forlorn look is visibly shaken as he has been betrayed or stabbed in the back many times by his so called friends and colleagues , he says he finds it difficult  to trust friends again , his words ” I have been disappointed by a lot of friends .There was a year a man wanted to sponsor my film , I called one of my best friends to let us go to the sponsor and negotiate with him .We were there and we discussed , and I gave my sponsor and promoter  a price , and I was asked to come back the following week , but this my friend went behind me to bargain with him at a lesser and ridiculous bargain. My friend later again asked me to come and participate in a film he wanted to shoot , and not knowing it was the film I went together with him to negotiate on ,that was how he collected the money. While shooting the film I used all my energy and I almost killed myself to make sure  it was successful not knowing that I was a fool .When I later went to meet the man who promised to sponsor and promote my film again he started to trick me asking  me to come back again .Later the man ( promoter) showed me the VHS my friend had produced. He accused me of demanding for higher price on the film. He lambasted me and told me my friend had done it .In the end the film did not sell while my so called friend and the sponsor became enemies , my friend was taken to the police station and accused  of  fraud .I was the one who  went to beg the promoter to leave him. This is a film I almost died  while acting in it .Not only that , I had invited all my artiste friends and colleagues from Ondo, Abeokuta, Ekiti and all other places and lodged them into an hotel in preparation for the film I wanted to shoot not knowing I was a fool”.

Source of my  Costumes

Asked how he gets the costumes he uses on stage, Abija said it his  duty to look for , ” I would look for the costume that matches the part I would play in a film. We would go and search for old people we thought could have them like our parents’ clothes and aged people. We travel far and wide looking for costumes that would match what we want to produce. .It involves a lot of stress, energy , money , traveling and contacts, it is not easy”.

On his death rumour

Though the rumour of his death spread like wildfire some years back , Abija said the rumour was as a result of his fatal accident ” you can see that I still limp, the accident was fatal but I thank God that I survived it .I spent two and a half years in the hospital and later at home .I also went to trado- medical for bone setting , my hip was badly affected.The accident happened years ago , on September 10, 2007 .I don’t believe the accident was caused by enemies or being haunted but it was just like any other accident no more no less.It is not a spiritual attack as some claimed “.

On production of poor quality  films

Abija denounced the present crop of home videos of low quality being hurriedly produced now and said it was never like this in his period.”We never met it like this and we were never taught like that .It is what we see that we have now . I was in Dakar in Senegal with some of our CDs , they only picked two , The films they watched were condemned because in some of the films the ladies were half -naked ,they detest all these .We never met it like that”

On the solution , he said “We need to work harder , all these films  produced today are all poor quality  .In Yoruba land here we act and produce films that are educative, thought- provoking and full of research works that people believe they would derive a lot of sense from , while some of these films had given them hope  as many had regained their lost fortune . That is why we are called  Prophets .Take for example the Judge who went to Court to judge is also being taken to Court as he too falls victim of being prosecuted , then how would they judge him? ”.

Our  Culture is not culture

Asked to contribute to the debate whether our culture is still relevant, but hear him, “For those who think our  Culture is dying or because of religion say it is fetish and ungodly they are still coming back to it for they did not understand what culture is .There are some families that cannot do without watching our films”.

My  Story

” I was born  many  years ago .I read only Primary Six from Local Authority Primary School , Oniyere in Ayedun Agbo Bi Ekun Village. My parents sent me to school but truancy did let me go beyond Primary Six and it pains .None of my children acts but one of them edits. They don’t like it [acting] , one man’s meat is another man’s poison .I think it is education first for the children , and when he or she  goes into acting first he would be ruined .It is this lack of education that almost ruined me”, he admitted.

I want to go to Mecca

What is paramount in the mind of  Abija now is   his yearning to go to Mecca ” I am ready to do any film , sponsors should assist. I am not greedy.I believe in Allah but unfortunately they call me Alhaji , Alhaji yet I did not go to Mecca and I am willing to go to Mecca if I get sponsors. The only Camry car I have in life had condemned due to  the accident I had , I abandoned it since I have no money to repair it since 2007, and I believed it must have been towed away by the state government’s  towing vehicle .


Apply wisdom to this Ekiti election

                          Apply wisdom to this  Ekiti Election

Ekiti State  known as Fountain of knowledge is full of highly intellectual , good-spirited , honourable , gifted  and respected people but they should add wisdom to make it complete.Today,the old and the educated ones will add wisdom while the foolish and greedy ones will allow  money to rule them as the Mother of all elections  holds. However taiwoabiodun.com writes

Today , Saturday, July 14 my advise to  some of these  political thugs before leaving their homes  is  to sing ” Nearer My God to thee”, I am coming home”, ” This world is not my home…”

Today blood will flow as guns will boom. People will be killed while some will be maimed for life. Many children will become fatherless while wives will become widows except only if……..

Unfortunately some political leaders will not be affected same with their family members for they would have adequate security.When two elephants fight the grass suffers, this we all know.

Some supporters of these parties , sorry, political thugs after smoking Indian hemp and taking hard drugs along with the 4k offered them will be on the street with cutlassses, guns and other cudgels and will surely do their worst to rig the election in support of their candidate.

These people , sorry , these political thugs who will work today  must have forgotten that they left behind their aged parents, siblings and defendants at home .Now they would  be  happy in advance over the political appointments and mouth-watering money these politicians promised them but it is Fa Fa Fa foul!!.

No, I am not a prophet of doom but it is in our character , not only in our character but it has been in our blood and  in our political character to foolishly become múgùn, mùmú, dondi united , follow follow,zombie to these politicians who are being guarded by armed -to-the-teeth security men but send  innocent [or foolish] thugs out to unleash terror on the innocent people for a token!.

I remember many houses were torched and people were killed in the 1960s known as Operation Wet e and Wild Wild West also in the 1980s during the political era of UPN and NPN, in Ondo state , some houses were reduced to ashes and dunghills , Infact they have become museum.Till now some of the burnt houses are NEVER rebuilt again while those they supported lived well thereafter.

But wait , why are we troubling ourselves? I learnt that Ekiti State is called Fountain of Knowledge , why did they refuse to put their knowledge into use ?

Oh sorry, they have knowledge but what of wisdom? , but it would have been good to add   wisdom to knowledge  which could have made them greater after all.

Today’s election will be bloody except kogberegbe soldiers, policemen and paramilitary officers do their job. Let the riggers  and thugs be caught and  dealt with .

I wish the thugs learnt a lesson  from the sitting governor Fayose who cried like a baby  and openly confessed that if he as a governor could be treated like this then one should guess what would happen to the ordinary man in town.

In the Bible when  a  war leader is caught the followers give up.They surrender .When David killed Goliath the story ended. The battle on the ground is between Fayose and Fayemi , remember they are from the same Ifa Oracle family.

After the election the two ‘FAs’ will still eat from same pot so why should  we die for these people?

It is a pity some of our politicians are being  deceived by their marabouts, prophets and Alfas who feed fat on them and tell them fake visions that they will win but have forgotten to add to it that they must not shed blood.

Although hardly can we find honest politicians in Nigeria  as one could remember that  Cynic Philosopher, Diogenes who in the daylight was carrying a lantern about in the public places looking for an honest man, but he died without seeing any.I can say categorically that none of our politicians is honest.They are the same , the only difference is that one is better than the other  and One is worse than the other.

I predict today that  there will be rigging, mudslinging, fracas, killings and maiming as blood will flow no thanks to attack and counter attack.I also predict that there would be relative peace if the soldiers do their work with total commitment   and voters and political bandits behave .But will they behave?

From Bobo T,

T Bobo


I have forgiven deposed Deji of Akure


I have forgiven deposed Deji of Akure


Pa Fadeyi

…..I can’t drive the jeep my late daughter gave me
…….I am sad, sad and still sad
……. I was hospitalized for 3 months

It is exactly seven years today when Olori Idowu Omobolanle Adepoju Adesina wife of the deposed Deji of Akure , Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju died mysteriously.Today her father , Pa Joseph Akinola Fadeyi (73) remembers her lovely daughter. taiwoabiodun.com was with him.

The environment was not bubbling as usual .Everywhere was quiet .Unlike when his late daughter Olori Idowu Bolanle Adesina Adepoju was alive and the house would be painted red as visitors would turn the place to a Mecca of sorts.

A man who is a friend to the family shook his head and cried ”so this is life, a time was when fleet of cars would be parked in this compound while escorts would follow the late Olori home and many would come seeking help from financial to moral assistance .Now all these are no more as the old man , father of the deceased Olori grieves over the death of his daughter who died seven years ago.What a pity, a calamity and a big blow to the family and Owo town at large”, a man in his late 40s lamented.

The old man’s countenance changed when he was told that taiwoabiodun.com was there for interview,though a man of few words , he managed to speak ” I am Joseph Akinola Fadeyi . I am the father of the late Olori Bola Adesida .I always remember the sad story of my daughter . She died on July 12, 2011″, he said , as hot tears cascaded down his cheeks .

Their Marriage

Pa Fadeyi described the beginning of the lovebirds as real love and super, he said ”my late daughter and the deposed monarch,Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju’s love was super ”, adding “they courted for six years and did introduction in my house here in Owo .The husband came to demand her hand in marriage in the year 2001 while he became the Oba of Akure in 2005”.

How she was Hospitalized

On the news of the attack on the late Olori by the deposed Monarch and the after effects, the old man, Pa Fadeyi recaptured the whole episode once again, and said he had before the final blow on his daughter went to Akure to plead to the monarch to settle the score,”but he did not listen to me ”, he added ” when I was told that my daughter had been hospitalized I went to see her at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC ) Owo, before she was transferred to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital ( LASUTH) Lagos where she later died .She didn’t know she would die. I prayed for her .

I was told that they poured some things on her that …..”[sobs].

Remembrance every year

Asked whether he remembers her every year and how she is being remembered , the old man said he remembers her always , ” I can’t forget her, She was buried in her house in Akure .I am sad, sad and sad.It is very painful’.

On whether he still hears from the deposed Oba?

When asked whether he still hears from the deposed monarch, he looked at the ceiling and said ” I don’t see him, he does not call me. My late daughter was the pillar of the house . She once bought a flat screen television for me , and if I demand for 50,000 Naira she would give me 100,000 Naira and she was my second born.

My role during and after

” During the fracas , I went to the monarch in Akure to beg the king and to reconsider his wife but he refused to take his wife back .I knew when he was at the District Officers’ ( D.O) quarters in my town , Owo where he was banished to .

Her photographs

The old man brought out the photographs of the couple in different celebrations in her lifetime , and said ” Each time I looked at her pictures I feel sad , these are her photographs from her spinsterhood till when she got married. I regretted my daughter marrying a monarch .I will never allow any of my female children to marry an Oba their problem is too much for the wife will not be free at all , Wahala Oba poju”.

The monarch’s family members came begging

Some family members of the monarch came on behalf of the deposed Oba to the father of the deceased begging for forgiveness but the old man said ” I told them there was no problem .We never quarreled .He used to call me .He received me very well in fact they courted for six years before they got married , so how would I have known it would end this way?”, he cried .

Cause of the quarrel

Pa Fadeyi said the quarrel between his late daughter and the deposed Oba (husband ) was more than ordinary , he said ” It was the woman he ( the monarch ) brought to the palace that caused everything .It was a big error , when the monarch was telling me he said he didn’t know what came over him. The Oba and his late wife were like Siamese twins , the devil really used him”, the old man said .


Today July 12, is another sad day in the household of the family of the late Olori Bolanle. Her friends and family members will go to her grave for prayer while the father as usual will be in a bad mood again remembering the calamity that befell the family when the sad news was broken, he said ” every July 12, every year I always pray for the repose of her soul. I always pray for the children too, what else can I do? I am in pain”.

Why I don’t drive the Jeep my late daughter gave me

The old man said his late daughter bought a Jeep for him before she died and since then , he had not even used it, when asked why , he looked up as if searching for an answer from the ceiling and said ” it was the same Jeep she bought for me they used to convey her body back from Lagos to Akure for burial , and I cannot use it any longer .I didn’t use it , I told her younger ones to be using it”.


Hospitalized for three months

The news of the death of his daughter was like a thunderbolt as he was hospitalized, for three months , he said ” the deposed Oba called me only once when he was in the UK while I was in the hospital , Infact I spent three months in the hospital when my daughter died and I spent over one million Naira , it was an ugly story”

Children of the late Olori
On the children of the late Olori, the old man said ”they are there , they are with the mother of the Olori.I know God will take care of them.But it is painful that I lost my daughter just like that ,
I have left everything for God to judge”.

How he is surviving

The old man who is no longer working says he solely relied on his late daughter’s younger ones who have been taking care of him. He said ” you can see that I am old now , and can no longer work . The late Olori’s younger ones are the one assisting me now since my daughter has gone , it is very , very sad”

The deposed Monarch

For a very long time , Akure did not have a king but after many years of interregnum the deposed monarch , Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju was enthroned as the Deji of Akure, and he was warmly received after performing the necessary rites and was officially installed in 2005.

However the Ondo State government banished the Monarch to Owo, where he was until he was eventually dethroned by the State Government under the leadership of the then Governor Olusegun Mimiko.The deposed king made spirited efforts to come back but it is like a lost battle.

Where is the deposed Monarch now?

Investigation revealed that when the deposed Monarch was dethroned he made spirited efforts to come back by appealing to the state government ,to the families of his estranged wife for reconciliation but the deed has been done as the government and Human Rights Activists from home and abroad condemned his behavior .Many were shocked seeing a whole first class monarch fighting in the public in his royal crown and regalia.It is an abomination, disgrace and degraded Yoruba Tradition and Culture.

When the monarch discovered there was no way forward , he traveled back to the United Kingdom, while some said he went to America , whichever way the fact is that he quickly left the country as a result of the disgrace .

Will he ever regain his throne?

Pa Fadeyi said ”When the royal father was banished from Akure the family members of the monarch came to beg me to support his coming back to the throne , and I supported them after begging me and after she had died. I wish he was restored back to the throne but that was not in my hand . I knew one Oba who was dethroned and returned back to the throne after 25 years .They know I have tried and supported them for their brother to come back, after all my daughter has children for him, two boys”.

This is not the first time a monarch would be banished or deposed.It happened to the late Olowo of Owo Oba Sir Olateru Olagbegi II who was banished from Owo to Okitipupa and was eventually dethroned for 25years. /After 25 years he came back to the throne. According to Pa Fadeyi, anything can happen.He said ” they sent many people to come and beg me and I have forgiven him at least my daughter has kids for him.Moreover I cannot doubt his coming back for it has happened before when one monarch was dethroned he was reinstated 25years later so its possible ”, he said

How he is surviving

The old man who is no longer working says he solely relied on her late daughter’s younger ones who have been taking care of him,he said ” you can see that I am old now , and can no longer work .The late Olori’s younger ones are the one assisting me now since the woman has gone , it is very , very painful”.