How I survived car -crash


……. Car somersaulted three times  

……….One eye & one earlobe gone, limbs to be replaced

…..Arraigned in Court

……..I didn’t commit rape

As I opened my eyes  I saw five men in different uniform  that  surrounded  me  on my hospital bed: A  fully armed-to- the teeth  Police officer, a Fire Brigade official and   three   doctors  with  their stethoscopes  hanging  loosely on their necks. I closed my eyes . To be sure of what  I saw  I opened my eyes  again  and behold I saw my right leg casts  hanging in the air. I also  sighted   a stump of  my   left  leg in bandage, this one has been amputated. I discovered that I could not open one eye . When I touched my head I realised  that  my head had been bandaged . I saw two  intravenous poles … one giving me blood, the other with white liquid . Blood transfusion ke!

I tried to lift up my arm but no way, it was as heavy as  lead.  I tried to speak but it was as if  my tongue was tied -as if suffering from ankyloglossia . My head was heavy and  with serious headache  , my head was  spinning   and the bed  was turning . It was  if  a sledgehammer   was being used on my head. My head kept on     ringing  like that big  church bell in the tower .  I heard one  of those standing by saying ” this man was dead drunk and was unconscious  when he was brought here, he must have smoked weed”.

My memory  was coming back gradually as I started  recalling   all what happened .  I remember   I attended a friend’s birthday party with Ronnie, my wife. I could also recollect  how I  took the car key from  Ronnie’s bag. And it was  when she went to the toilet to ease herself that I took off. I recalled  that  she warned me not to drink the hard drink anymore as I had had more than enough and could make me tipsy. I recollected  how I wobbled towards the car with the car key. I remembered how  I tried to start the engine with the house key but later corrected myself.My mind flashed back to that scenario when    I saw the trailer that was fully loaded with logs of wood. Again, I remembered how I took one -Way  with  high speed in  order to quickly get to where I was going .   I applied the brake   when a truck  tried to hit me. Ah , I remember that   one of the occupants in the car  continued to give me the  gin to drink and I was happily playing music. ….then I  rammed into an oncoming vehicle and had a head-on collision,   and  the radiator flung open while I ran into the bush and hit the big tree  with a big bang. That was all I could  remember now. Ah what happened to the airbag? Where is my phone ?. Where is my wife, Ronnie?.Mo gbé! . Wàhálà de! .Asiri tu!.

So I am now in the hospital?. Who brought me here?. I overheard one of the doctors saying that the  windscreen of the car shattered and a branch of a tree pierced through  and went into my left eye, the doctor said ”this man has lost his eye ,  he has punctured eyeball, cornel abrasion  and  acute Hyphema as a result of  sharp objects that  punctured his  eyes while  the optic nerve retinal blood  vessel ,medial rectus muscle, vitreous body, Hyaloid canal and suspensory ligament are affected, he could go blind without any iota of doubt” , the ophthalmologist said and added ” this man will need  an artificial eye . I will recommend Prosthetic eye surgery for him”.

Among the  doctors  who  came to me is an  Otolaryngologist, he     said ”the impact of the accident,  had affected  this man’s  hearing . We will replace his earlobe with earlobe silicon prosthesis”. He explained to me that   my  left  earlobe was cut off by the window glass”. Another doctor, an orthopaedic looked at me and said ” this man has lost his right arm  while his femur  has damaged, he said ” Parts of his femur  like head, neck, trochanteric crest, lesser trochanter pectineal line and Gluteal tuberosity  are affected , he would need  artificial limbs .He needs Prosthetic limbs one for his hand and another for his leg ”, the, doctor said. An  Anesthesiologist added”   Sir, you spent four hours on the surgeon’s table ”  ,while   a Nurse interjected ” Sir, you had internal bleeding and we had to give you blood transfusion because you lost a lot of blood during the accident ”, when I told her that my religion forbids Blood transfusion, the Nurse replied  ” we have to save your life first because you were unconscious when you were brought here by an ambulance and you even fell into coma  for three days  during your surgery but God perfected everything ” . The Orthopaedic was looking at the X-rays he was holding and   even  it  is possible my second leg could be amputated to avoid gangrene but  if …..” that was all I could hear and different thoughts flooded my mind . I now remembered the one legged  Pirate , Long John Silver in the Book ” Treasure Island” who had one leg and was supporting himself with  crutches. I read the book in 1973 at All Saints’ Modern School, Owo, Ondo State.I now remembered the man with one eye , so I could easily be described in the public as a one-eyed man.What of my right arm?, the bones have broken and I would need another surgery and may need an artificial hand  which is very expensive .According to the doctor  I could become a Uniped or Bilateral Amputee, meaning one of my legs and hands could be amputated or if worse the two hands and legs could be amputated if….

While a  man who claimed to be  a Fire Brigade officer said   my car somersaulted three times, hit an electric Pole and the petrol spilled on the ground  and caught fire when they arrived. He said ” we   had to use our instruments like  rescue tools  to cut the car into pieces    before they could pull me out . That car is completely  right -off for immediately you were pulled out from the wreckage the car caught fire!. I hope your insurance will cover it  for you will have to replace the car and that of the car you damaged . The tree you hit is also there, you destroyed the tree!, the owner will have to be compensated.The airbag saved you. You are very lucky for not having spinal cord injury. I don’t know what you gain in drinking. When you are offered free drinks you don’t know when to stop, foolish man”

The police officer came with their result that the accident was as a result of Alcohol intoxication, spirit, marijuana all found in the car. I cried : Mo gbe , Nkan de o, kini gbogbo wahala yii?

I asked about the condition of  the  two passengers who rode with me  in the Car , because  I remember we were three. They smiled and said   they  did not see anybody . The Police officer said I had a case to answer as my results from breath, blood, and urine tests showed that I was drunk while driving which is against the Traffic rule.


         On my sick bed I received calls from friends while some blamed and heaped insults on me for the accident while  others said they had warned me several times about my  alcohol consumption . A close friend said ” Babalawo Of the Nation , we thought you  have juju as you used to boast , shame on you”. While I received text  messages that the accident served  me  right for  my careless talk with my caustic tongue and writing about who killed a Chief  I have been writing about.


Saluting  an Electric Pole

                 A friend (names withheld) came to my bedside and said ” You glutton, did  I not tell you to stop drinking at the party when you went to the Ladies instead of Gents to ease yourself ?. Did I not tell you  that you were dead  drunk when you were giving a Military salute to an electric pole and dancing without ?. Here is the picture I snapped when you were saluting an electric pole. Do you remember how you turned into a Traffic Warden passing all vehicles on the Highway when the Traffic lights were working?. Do you remember when the breeze was pushing you here and  you were missing steps and walking unsteadily  while you eventually threw up? . Were you not  stammering and  speaking gibberish ? . I am today denying you as my friend  ”, he said  as he  walked out of the hospital.

A voice message was sent to me by an unknown person who prayed for my quick recovery, the voice said ” You will be healed in Jesus Mighty name”. Later I heard a voice saying ” I was that passenger sitting at the back seat   and did not leave you alone. The man who was giving  spirit and smoke by your side in the car had completed his dirty job and had left you   looking for another victim”.


The following week I was charged to Court and many charges were leveled against me  from overspeeding, drunkenness  to  smoking the prohibited  ganja of which they found in my car, public nuisance and… When the prosecutor read the charges that ”You have ……. under the influence of Alcohol raped a minor,defiled her and  this woman in the dock without their consents   therefore you have  committed an offence   under Section … Are you guilty or not?” .

Immediately I heard the word ‘rape’ and saw a little girl , a minor and a  strange ugly  woman who looks like amoeba I had never come across in life  . I threw away my crutches while my eyes popped out of the socket with my hairs standing erect with goose bumps   and screamed ”  My Lord, I did not rape. No sir, my case is  that of auto crash. I did not rape ”.

  ” Whaaaaaat! I heard you    shouting that you did not rape, what is the matter? .See   how you are sweating . This is  somniloquy. You are already late”,Ronnie said.

I quickly ran out to catch the bus to the  train station so as not  to be late to work.