I ruined my life with a quickie

This reporter  ran into  this man in a Beer Parlour drinking heavily out of frustration. He narrated his story below


  ” Some years ago I  registered with   a fake name in an hospital . I kept avoiding  a woman each time she passed   by me .  Each time  she tried  to smile at me I would   frown my   face and pretended as if I didn’t see or know her. I wore my dark goggle to avoid being seen or identified  by anybody while I was praying silently within me.   ”Next person!”, the laboratory  Phlebotomist called me  and I went in. The Phlebotomist brought out a syringe ,  drew my blood  for blood work and asked me to come back for my result three days later.

         ”On the day of  appointment,  Thursday, I went  back to the hospital to know the  result as advised . The Phlebotomist  called my name  and advised me  to join  the queue going for Counseling . I asked ”what type of counseling?. But you asked me to come for my result, what counseling again?”. He  smiled and advised me to sit with the 20  other patients  sitting on the bench . I reluctantly obeyed, expecting  to see  the doctor. From there we were led into a big  Hall . Lo and behold I  now met the woman I had been avoiding  since I had been coming to the hospital face -to- face  .

            ” The woman stood on the dais with her stethoscope dangling on her two breasts .She politely  addressed us all ” Don’t be afraid , HIV does not kill again as it used to be   but you have to be taking your medication as instructed. Look at me , I am a medical doctor and I have been living with  HIV since 2001 and still alive. It is when one does not take his medication that it  becomes    full blown AIDS. So whoever tells  you it’s going to kill you please educate him  and  tell  him  there are many diseases that kill faster than HIV/AIDS”. She then pointed at  me and said ‘Mr. X how are you?’, I did not answer her because I was still dodging her and I did not write ‘X’ on my hospital card . I  registered my name as  Kadukadu K . Again, she called my name and pointed at me , and said ‘I am talking to you Mr. Kadukadu K who is now  Mr. X’,  I reluctantly smiled and answered her .

    ”That was how I now met Dr. Kayefi again after 10 months of meeting her in an hotel where she came  for an Health programme. I now recollected the whole episode  and  knew where my story began and ended.

             A   QUICKIE

     ”It was one evening about two years ago ,when  my company sent me to attend a Seminar in an  hotel . Another Workshop  was being held in same Hotel under the Ministry of Health. After the end of the  first Workshop many interacted . As a woman was passing bye , she was being called by another  woman who I believe was her colleague. The mere mention of ”D. Doctor” scattered my brain , and apart from that she possessed all the statistics I wanted in a woman —brain and beauty. I abandoned the second  segment of our programme and did not leave for home that evening since I was still a bachelor .

  ”I called the doctor and told her how I fell in love with her, and we exchanged numbers. She smiled and told me she needed to go but I invited her into my room, Room 322. In the evening she came as promised  while I  made effort  to have sex with her but she refused . She  said  since she is a Medical doctor she  knew the implication of such a thing. She in all honesty and sincerity said we were both strangers to each other and did not know each other’s  HIV status.  I  pleaded to her  that I wanted to romance her and cool my ‘tension’ . With my sugar coated mouth  she succumbed to my demand and undressed. We had a good  romance and no sex as  agreed  .We went into another second round of   romance again . I held her tight as usual but before you knew it I had forced myself in  , and  she screamed   ‘Whaaaaaaaat? No, no.But Why? Why?. U made a big mistake and a big risk. I thought you are matured enough to hold on and romance only. Poor you.Damn you. What if I am HIV positive?’. She left and we were just calling each other on phone without meeting as each of us claimed we were busy at work.

”When I became sick , and stooling  with   rashes on my body  , I  was asked to do some tests  including HIV. That was when I ran into her at  the hospital where she works but I  kept  dodging her .

”After counselling us , she called me to her office and said ‘I have been seeing you for the past three weeks coming to the hospital  but  each time  I tried to approach you, you always avoid   me and our profession respects confidentiality” .

”She continued  ‘I have been battling with HIV  since 2001. And when we met  10 months ago I told you I was not in  the mood .Infact if  I wanted to have it I would  have used condom’. ‘She asked how many ladies I had slept with but I kept quiet and did not answer her .I told her my fiancee is in Norway  and  I was planning to join her soon. She advised me  to let her know my status . 

   ”According to her , HIV no longer kill as she too had contracted it but  had three lovely children who are negative. She said ‘I contracted HIV through my husband who later confessed and we got married at last for I had no choice then and didn’t want to infect others. He died about two years ago and I had been using  vibrator to ease my tension  since I don’t want to go into any relationship . Don’t blame me , its your fault and moreover I don’t know whether you had it before meeting me. Go and tell your fiancée and if she is still interested in you fine, but mark you I cannot marry you for I had all my three children by cesarean operation.’

As she was talking  her phone rang .She rose  and said she had just been called to a meeting .

This is a true life story .It happened in 2007.The man is still alive

Ha!, I knew Ejigbadero the land grabber


    ……..Peace returned after  Ejigbadero was killed

……… Emi ni nwi?

…… My land was forcefully taken in 1976

……..I have spent 70years in Lagos

The old man sat comfortably ,leaned his chin on  his walking stick ,smiled wryly , looked up and shook his head . ”Young Man let me tell you the story of my life ”, he said   and this reporter quickly  brought out  his materials and  the   action started  .


The septuagenarian  chuckled , shook his head and again adjusted himself while others listened attentively to the interview  , ”My name is Bankole Oke, I am 78years  old  now and in two years’ time I would be 80.
”I was born in Oyin -Akoko, in  Ondo State. My father was the head of the town and  he was the one called ASEMBE. There was a war in Akoko ,and when they came for my father  I led them to a brook and was later asked to go back home. I left my parents at home  and  coupled with my illness that  really  affected me  that was why I was  taken away from Oyin Akoko at the age of  five and  went to  live  with Dr.Somolu the owner of Alakuko , an area in Lagos /Ogun State, but I lived with his mother in Agege .  I was  with them throughout where I went to school .
”My father allowed me to go Dr.Somolu  because I had a sickness that  took toll  of me and  he wanted me to go to where I could be catered  for ”

Pa Oke is grateful to the Somolus,  he said ”If not  Dr. Somolu I would not have gone to school.In Lagos   I was taken to General Hospital , Lagos where I was taken care of and treated” .

Asked whether  there were Hospitals in Lagos  in the early 40s, but the man looked at this reporter with surprise  written on his face and  replied ”there had been General Hospitals in Lagos  since 50s”. He continued his story ” I was there living   with Dr. Somolu till I was   18years”
”Baba , there is a confusion here o, you need to clarify it again , how possible you left and was with the Dr. Somolu and still …?” the old man cuts in ,as he still retained his  good  retentive memory which  was still sharp, he proved that he has not gone   senile, and with confidence and calculation , he said he  returned to his parents after he had been saved from his sickness by Dr. Somolu and  ”I left my Dr.Somolu’s  place in 1959 , and went back to Oyin  where I went  to St John’s Primary school Oyin, then Baptist Modern School Oyin then I came back to Lagos again . I mean  when I regained my health   I went back to Oyin to have my education and sponsored by Dr.Somolu .  The Doctor’s mother  was living in Abeokuta.

The old man spoke about the skill he acquired, he   said ”I struggled and I later became a Draughtman. I  was among those who drew the  plan for them in Abuja ,  I mean that   hotel called Sofitel  Hotel , and President of Senate’s houses ,I joined them to draw the plans.I was under Architect Group service then”


At 78 he must have seen , heard and felt  and of course experienced the good the bad and the ugly  in life , the old man did not deny this as he said ”two things affected me in life that I can not easily forget easily  , I never knew I could survive the sickness  I had when I was small , but today I thank God for I never believe I could be up to this age.

‘The old man continued , almost in tears , he  complained bitterly on how he bought a piece of land in 1976 land  planning to erect a building on it but the land speculators truncated his ambition and the land was  taken away from him. He said ”I lived in Mushin where I would have built a house in Ogun street Mushin but it was taken away from me and  this killed my spirit and discouraged me  ,that was in 1976. The  land was taken forcefully  by the so called Awori people.The Land speculators have been doing this for   long and are known as fraudsters.

”I came to Sango looking for where I would settle  and  I started building this house in 1993 , I thank God that this is where I eventually settled today.


Pa Oke has almost become a Lagosian as he said he spent all his years in Lagos ”I have spent  70 years in Lagos apart from the five years I spent at home.I thank God  that I eventually have a house , at last I have a place in Sango,
When I came here looking for where I would settle and I came here , I started in 1993 and now here.My advise is  buyers  should be careful and do research on land before they buy , I live in Orelope here and my children live  in Mushin” .

Asked whether he knew the  popular and fearless land Speculator , Ejigbadero the iron man in Lagos then , the old man  with confidence responded  ” Oh yes , I knew Ejigbadero ,a friend took me to Ejigbadero”.  He  called  the name  with fear and trepidation again,   ”Ejigbadero?  Ejigbadero was living at …. (trying to remember ) I even knew his house but I have forgotten  ……..(trying to remember where he was living). I knew his house …… at Mafoluku .Ejigbadero was a strong man in Lagos , I knew him one -on -one, Ejigbadero was  a bulky man ,  he was tall. I remember his case when he was arrested  for a crime and he said in  Court ‘Emi ni  nwi ”(what is he saying?) after he had been found guilty and sentenced to death for killing  Raji Oba . Peace returned  to Isolo after he was killed”, the old man said , shaking his head.


The late Jimoh Isola (aka Ejigbadero) was a nail merchant  and a Socialite who  had a chain of companies in Matori Industrial Estate and was also a land grabber in Lagos.

On the  22August 1975, Jimoh Isola (aka Ejigbadero) went with thugs to the Alimosho area of Lagos and killed one Raji Oba, a man he had issues with over land but  he was not lucky and did not get away with it!. He was sighted by Raji  Oba’s wife, Sabitiu Raji Oba.He was  later found guilty in Court but went to the Supreme Court where the  judgement  was upheld  by Justice Isiaka Ishola Oluwa and  Ejigbadero’s death was sealed on  October 26, 1978. He paid the supreme price in 1979.

EMI  NI NWI?  (what is he saying?)

When Ejigbadero was pronounced guilty and the judgment  upheld at the Supreme Court, his sympathizers screamed and burst into tears while Ejigbadero being an illiterate did not understand what the Justice’s pronouncement meant and why they broke down , he then  asked his lawyer  in Yoruba Vernacular ”Emi ni  nwi ”(what is he saying?). When his lawyer interpreted it to him that he should be hanged he now broke down in tears. Since then the words Emi ni  nwi became popular in remembering him.

I was a drug Courier, Baron now a Pastor

BoN during the interview with Pastor Oluremi

………I was a drug Courier  for many prominent Nigerians

……..I later became a Baron

…….Traveled with 400 grams day Ojulope,Ogedengbe and Owoh were killed

…….I was the only child of my mother

…….Now with a Doctorate degree and a Born-Again 

Meeting  the Man of God is interesting. He is a reporter’s delight . Pastor Oluremi Peter is a very popular  and respected Man of God in Owo , Ondo State .His church is one of the most fast -growing churches with a large number of congregants. He is a prayer Warrior and has delivered many from their infirmities.Barren women have good stories to tell . Pastor Oluremi in this interview tells his story of how he met God after many years of carrying drugs.

 Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Oluremi Peter, I am 59 years old

How did you become an Evangelist

” Bearing an Evangelist is a thing of  spiritual , not an in-born thing , the time that the gift began to manifest was about 18years ago. when I went through CAC Seminary  , Ilesha for two years  then became Associate Pastor  in 1999 in Efon Alaaye .To be  an Evangelist is a gift from God .I am a Prophet /Evangelist  by call but ordained as a CAC Pastor in 1999.



I was once a Courier then Baron now Man of God

”This is a very big question . I went through life . At the tender age of 19 I had been self-employed , traveled abroad and doing all sorts of  business . I can say precisely that I am what I am today by the grace of God  as  per  what I had gone through in life.

”I used to say that anybody that  cannot relate with his past is not really a Born Again .

I met God

”Before I met Christ on the 5th of August 1996 I used to be  a traveler to the USA, and several countries. I used to be an international business man, I deal with drugs traveling  to  USA  several places , dealt with hard drugs like cocaine , I swallowed it  to the USA and would escape it.I  would sell it and come back to Nigeria.


”There are several airports  in the world , mostly I passed through JFK Airport severally  in all the trips .God was precisely with  me   until I met God  on the 5th of August 1996. I lived in hotel room for seven years in Lagos  where I met God on that fateful day. He gave me three lashes and I woke up  and with the instruction ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME”. I stood up from my sleep , sat down and was wondering what was happening  but the instruction kept on coming ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME ”So I stood up packed my things and left the hotel room in Lagos , that was how I found myself in the seminary on the 5th of August in 1996 where I spent two years in training  and by His  Grace has remained steadfast  in His vineyard .

The Man of God telling his story

”I went through a lot of journey of  life .All those period I never knew God , I never had no reason to pray because there was no reason to pray  about . I had money I had influence , there were women around me and I didn’t go to church .Though I am from a very very religious  home .I am the only child of a woman who was a midwife for CAC church for 25years, very dedicated woman .I am a product of grace.


”During this period  I was married with children .I had children .Nobody was aware of what I was doing .I never  discussed my personal life with anybody , it was just between me and God.

When I heard such instruction that I should pack my things and go home .I went to my mother in Owo and told her . I said this was my experience … I was later ordained as a Pastor in 1999.


” While I was ..to the things of the world …I didn’t acquire much, I made my money and I spent it on women , I lived in hotel  for seven years . I bought cars , I bought land  and enjoyed myself  my brother until the grace of God came into my life.


”The properties?. We are talking about 18years ago ?. I lost all of them even my passport was stolen with visa to the USA , England, to Germany was stolen twice. It was dawning on me that the hands of  God was working  and finally struck.


”I didn’t go to school as such ,  but I have School Certificate which is the only visible certificate  I had before I met Christ. Later I went through a lot of schools of Theology , today I  have  doctorate degree in Theology (Phd) . I don’t have  much education .I speak good English by the grace of God.

‘Its not about being profitable , its never my dream to become a pastor but divine because I remember my mother told me she was barren for 18years and when she met a prophet who told her she would bear a son  and the child would be a servant  of God , must be given to God  Immediately I am being weaned and come of age . So, when I was six years old I was given to a Pastor where I went to secondary school, and went away from the presence of God until I finally met God in 1996. Between 1976,77 to 1996  I never went to church.


”Yes , of course there was and is . Can you take temptation away from this work?, we are only being sustained by the grace of God  , so like you  said  when I was much younger.  I remember I was traveling from Murtala Mohammed  Airport, Lagos  to JFK  when our plane broke up, one wing of the plane broke off,. we had to wait for 18hours in Lagos  and I had about 700 grammes of cocaine in my stomach .Right there one or two women were chasing me , one was going to Texas , she had to stop in New York and went to my place in New Jersey, so the issue of women was a thing of pleasure in those days .Paul said ‘I am what I am  by the grace of God ,he said ‘ yet not I  but the grace of God’. So I want to thank God for His grace in my life.


”Whenever  I arrived at my destinations  I would go and lodge in an hotel then contact my customers.

”At a time  I was a carrier for some prominent   Nigerians then later I became a Baron  myself, doing it for myself.


”You are asking too many questions. I visited a lot of countries . I remember precisely this particular incidence , the very  day that   Idiagbon(the late Major General Tunde Idiagbon) killed Bartholomew , Ojuolape  and Bernard  Ogedengbe , I remember I  traveled that night  to deliver  400 grammes of cocaine  (In Denmark)  for I was already billed for that trip.I watched them being killed , and for the same offence these people committed  were killed for  I still traveled for the same offence  I have a special grace. Ojuolape was the only child of an 85year -old- woman . I felt so bad  about the death of the young man because the man was on bail  that time before the Decree of the ’85 came out , they now rolled it back .Ojuolape was the only child of the old woman , they asked Idiagbon to leave  her son because the boy was already on bail before the decree was enacted  and he was roped in and was killed .It was sympathetic”


Ojú tì mí, àkààrà tú sé’po


    ……Ògbólõgbó olè ni mí télè

    ……Mo dá  omo mi l’ónà

   …… Olóògùn háúnháún ni Bàbá mi

    ……Ní ìdájí ni …


    Olè ni mí, olè lásán kó o, òfóòn,  jàgùdà páálí bìlísì ni mí.Mo ní a lo k’ólóhun k’ígbe ni mò ñse . Àní sé gbéwiri l’èmi, mo wā di ògbólõgbó ìgáárá olósà títí mo fi dàgbà .Mo bèrè níbi à ñyo eran obè je nínú ìkòkò ìsasùn. Mo  jí salúbàtà nínú Mósálási  ni Ìdúmòtà .Mo ti jí owó Àfáà n’íbi tí wón ti n’somolórúko l’órí pápá bòólù ìseré Sūrulérè. Ni Sòósì Yábá pàápàá mo ti ji owó igbá s’álo ri .S’èbi èmi ni mo kó owó ojú ebo lo ni’joun pèlu owó eyo ni oríta méta l’Ojóta. Nínú Móòluè l’Eko n’kò kìí san owó okò, n’go sì tún yo owó l’ápò àwon ará inu okò .Mo mà j’alè sáyé ò. Sùgbón olè pépèpé ni.

”Sùgbón sá o isé ti a kò gbódò fi yangàn láwùjo ni. Aní se isé ti a kò gbódò gbàá lādűrà fi lé omo l’ówó ni. À ní sé isé àbùkù ni. Béè nínú isé alo kólóhun kígbe yìi mo dúpé pé mo ti fi da ñkan rere gbé se .Tàbí kí le ní kí ñwí o jàre?. Isé sáà ni isé ñje, nitori nínú rè mo ti kó ilé , mo ti fé ìyàwó, àwon omo mi si ti pari Ilé ìwé gíga ti Unifásítì ni ìlú Oyìnbo, mo si ti f’ìyàwó f’ómo, mo f’oko f’ómo, kí ló tún kù?


   ”Kí ñ’to bèrè ìtàn mi e jé ki ñso n’ipa Bàbá mi ; Olóògùn háúnháún ni Bàbá mi ise, ogbologbo Babaláwo sì ni pèlú. Olóògùn a jé bí i idán ni nítirè, à ni sé Olóògùn pónbélé ni. Tí ó bá ní kí  òru di òsán béè lo máa rí, bí ó sì ní kí  òsán di òru yìí o ri béè náà ni. Dandan sì ni, kò sí àmó àmó níbè .Àwa méta ni bàbá mi bí l’ómo. Kí ó tó kú ni odún 1972 ni o ti kó mi l’óògùn àféèrí,ó sì tún kó mi ni oògùn ayeta nítorí pé o nsisé fún àwon jàgùdà , àwon òsèlú ,sèbí e rántí Operation Wéè ti È ?, àwon jàgídíjàgan, àní sé òun ni o n’sín gbéré fún àwon ti wón n’sisé ìpáñle ni ìdíkò okò akérò . Àwon ti Mushin mòó, ti Oshòdì ,Ojóta ati awon ìdíkò ti o l’órúko L’Ékó mòó. Orúko Bàbá mi ni Máyehùn, àwon kóstómà rè lo fun l’órúko béè o..

”Háà! okùnrin méta ni Bàbá mi íse , béè kò ga púpò, à ní díè ló fi ga ju ìgò bíà lo. Háà lóòtó ni pé ènìyàn kúkurú bìlísì ni , baba nlá bìlísì ni Bàbá mi ise. O gbòwó. O ni òrùka ère, ìgbàdí , ewé njé .Kíni kò ní tán ? Sèbí orísirísi orí là  ńbá ní ìté òkú, orí gbígbe , orí tútù, orí omodé, orí àgbàlágbà  ,orí obìnrin, orí okùnrin , à ni sé Bàbá mi ni oògùn l’ówó, ñse lo máa ñpe òkú seré tí ó sì ñran won n’ísé. Mo gbédí fún Bàbá mi l’órun.

”Sé eni máa  bá Èsù jeun síbí rè a gùn. Nígbàtí Bàbá mi kú mo sá’ré lo kó àwon oògùn níbi ti o fii sí. Sè bi eni bá y’áwó l’ògún ñgbe ,mo tètè  gbée kí ó tó di àwátì , emi kò kúkú jéri enìkànkan nínú wa . Àwon Awo egbé rè  l’ó wá s’ìnkú rè  l’ójó kéta l’éhìn òpòlópò  ètùtù ati ebo.


Láì fa  òrò gùn lo títí  mo di adigunjalè mo ñlo àféèrí , mo di ògbólógbò olè, à ni mo di olè háúnháún. Léhìn osù méta owó de, mo ti ra okò ayókélé Mésídīsì , mo fé ìyàwó tuntun ,mo si kó ilé . Ko si ápèje ti n’go ni lo.Mo si ñawo níbi ti mo ba lo. Mò ñse gbajúmò l’ósān alo k’ólóun k’ígbe l’óru. Ni òru n’go di  àhámóra bi eni ti ń’lo ojú ogun sùgbón l’ósán èèyàn gidi ni mi pèlú èrín èye l’énu. Hā! mo di èrù jéjè ajámoláya ,eni à ñsá fún l’óru. Mo di ògbóñtarìgì olè.



 Òré pò jáñtírere, àmó sá ìyàwó mi kò mo isé tí mò ñse, elēhā ni , mo hā. Nkò se ni hã? Àwon obìnrin onítòkítò, wón le sòrò jù òrò fúnra rè lo. Káì  mo tètè gbón , mo sõ di Elēha. S’ebí owó l’obínrín mò, nígbàtí mo  ñse ojúse mi n’ílé ,owó n’ìkan kó o, nkò fi oorun dùnn.Ñkan méjì l’obìnrin mò; agogo abé okùnrin  ati owó. Òun nã ńse ojúse rè fun àwon ebí tírè , kí ló tún kù? .E fìyen s’ílè o jàre.Mo hã .Èyin òñkàwé mí e kò rìì pe inú jin?. Ãh , inú  mà jìn o.


Mo jéjé or n’go jáwó nínú isé olè jíjà  nígbà ti mo bá ti ri  owó tó  mílíónì méjì ,.l’óõoto mo rí to mílíónì méta mo sì jáwó sùgbón a jí ede je kò jí òkan òkan ró. Kàkà kí ñyíwàpadà mo tún tera móó. Sebi  kàkà kí ewe àgbon dè, pípele lo ñpéle sii.Mo padà si èebì mi bi ajá.


  Ni agogo méjì òru ojó kan èmi ati àwon adigunjalè egbé  mi lo j’alè ni Lagos/ Ìbàdàn  express way  a si ri okò ayókélé ti o ñbò pelu obìnrin kan ninu rè. Mo fi gàte mi b’ojú, kíá a ti dá okò dúró, a si ni ki wón s’òkalè. Ni ìséjù àáyá gbogbo nkan inú mótò nã ni a kó ni  àkótán, okùnrin naa sòréndà ara rè mo si gba owo tàbùà tabua l’ówó rè .Sùgbón nígbàti mo nsòrò omokùnrin yìí ñké tan tan béè emi kò dáa l’óhùn. Àwon dánàdánà òré mi si bú s’érin .Èmi naa rii  pé  ohùn arákùnrin yii jo eni mímò sùgbón ñkò lè f’ohùn. Kíni ká ti gbó  pe mo dáa l’ónà?,O ti di isó inú ekú ,àmúmóra ni. Nígbàti o kókó fé lo agídí a fēe fi ìbon tú orí rè ká bi olóde se nfi ìbon tú ori ìkòokò l’óko sùgbón emi a tun pètù fún àwon ìgárá olósà egbé mi pe ki a m’áse ta èjè sílè.


L’ójó kéta mo wa s’íle, mo si bá omo mi ti o se àlàyé bi olè se dá won l’ónà nígbàti oun ñbo l’ati wa fi ìyàwó àfésónà rè hàn mi .Mo se aájò rè púpò púpò. Mo si bá arábìnrin rè kédùn gidigidi. Sùgbón kini kan s’elè l’ójó kejì.

Ni alé ojó kejì  Àmòké ti íse àfésóna omo mi Káyòdé fe lo se ìgbónsè l’óru ni mo ba fún ni iná  ìléwó àtètàn (torchlight) , o gbaa o si lo si ilé ìgbónsè sùgbón kò dáá pádà. Ni ojó Kejì o tún so pé oun fé se gaa mo bérè l’ówó rè pé  àtètàn àná ñbe l’ówó rè , sùgbón o fi gbígbó se aláìgbó.

 Kò pé  tì mo dé  òdò aláìsàn tí mo lo ki ni ile iwosan nìgbàtí àwon olopá méta wá  pèlú sékésekè esè , ati māmu gāri l’ówó tí wón wa  sí odo òré mi ti won ñbērè  òrò l’ówó rè ,ká tó  wí ká to fò, mo ti pòórá. Èmi kò fe ki enìkéni wá k’óbá mi o jàre. Mo n’pòsé sere , mo wónú okò mo yára kúrò nítòsí ibè .Mo nba ara mi s’òrò nínú mótò pé olòsì l’àwon ti o lo ta àwon olópá l’ólobó. Èèwò a kì i rí iná ní kàñga béèni a ki i rí isó mú . Abéré  á lo kí  òna okùn tó dí.


Ni agogo méta òru ni omo mi jí ti o gbé mi k’alè ti o bèrè òrò báyìí ”Bàbá mi kíni dé ti e kò jáwó nínú adigunjalè ti e ti nse bò l’ójó pípé?. Emi ko le so bi ìtìjú yín à ti ti ebí wa i bã ti pò to ti wón ba mu yin mo awon olè l’ójósí”, bi o se nsòrò ni mo nfi agídí ti káfīntà fi nyo ìsó ti mo gbaa lenu re pe ”emi n’jalè? Tútó rè dànù. Nìbô l’o ti ri emi .Àrífín ilé ìyàgbé .Irú kìní òrò burúkú kòbákùngbé wo lo n’so l’énu yii? .Síòo re . Òrò ègbin,òrò òsì. Emi yí óò ta àse fún e bi o ba tún tú òrò rírùn bi isó yi so”, báyìí ni mo se so ti  òun nã dáhùn pé ” Bàbá mi e ni sùúrù”, o si yo fìlà , àtùpà àtètàn l’ówó ati owó j’áde. o ni ” Bàbá mi eyin ni e dá èmi àti ìyàwo mi  l’ónà ti fìlà yin bo sínú búùtù, fìlà naa rèé. Atùpà àtètàn yi le mú nínú mótò mi nígbà tí e da èmi ati ìyàwó mi l’ónà , orúko mi rèe l’ára rè. Aso ti e wò e kò kó won wá’le. E si gbàgbé pe ‘Kòkòrikò le npe òré yin ti oun naa npe yin ni Ikòokò .Ara owó ti e gbà l’ówó mi ni e fún ìyàwó  mi ko fi ra nkan èlò obè ,ti e ba wòó dáradára e óò o ri àmì ìsàmì orúko mi l’ára  rè. Gbogbo rè ni a kó pamó ti e kò mò. Mo si be ìyàwó àfésónà mi ki o s’enu ni ménú.Nígbàti ti e lo j’alè pélú òre yin ni ònà Òrè ni ìbon báá. Òré yin  náà ni  e lo kí ní  ilé ìwòsàn ni àná .Òrê  yin si ti so fún àwon agbófin nigbati e kúro l’ódo rè  tán pe ara yin ni wón nítori naa kí e tètè kúrò ni ilé lo f’ara pamó síbi kan”

Nígbà ti mo gbó òrò yii, jìnnìjìnnì bò mi, ára mí ko l’élè mó. Òógùn bò mi, ara mi tutù ni omi àmù tabi omi àìisì wóta!. L’ábé fáánu ti mo wà ni mo ti nl’àágun fòò,be ni igbé gbígbóná ngbòn mi, ìto tile j’ábó ni abe mi, sokoto mi si tútù lojo naa l’óhūn.Tani irú rè maa se ki o ma di dìndìnrìn?. Kai , àsírí tú, èté  mi de. Mo r’onú títí béè emi ko l’émí lati gbé õgun májèlé je. Emi kò le yìnbon funra mi je.L’òrú ojó náà ni mo gbà ona Bini lo. Ibe ni mo wa titi ti won fi fi ehin òré mi ti àgbá, beeni k’èhìn s’okun ni won nse l’ójó náà lohun”


   ” Mo ti jáwó nínú gbogbo ìwà wònyi. Mo wá lo kó isé Molémolé   ti won npe ni Bíríkìlà .Gbogbo awon omo mi ni o n’ísé l’ówó a fi òkan nínu won ti o fe fi ìwà jo mi, s’èbí eni bí ni l’a njo.Sùgbón ki èsan to ké lé mi l’órí mo ti ke  gbàjawìrì síta pé oun ni omo àbíkéhìn ki o m’ase da l’ásà pe oun féé jo mi .

”Mo ti dàgbà, opélópé  pé ko si aworan fótò nígbà náà l’óhūn, kò sí sí àkosílè fun awon olópá ati èro ayára bi àsá (internet) bi béè kó oká i ba ti fo.Nísisìyí  mo  ti di Pásítò ,mo ńkéde ìwàásù kiri. L’ójó Òsè n’go kó èwu Pásítò wò , n’go máá wàásù l’ori àga ìwàáasù”.

Nse ni kí e paáŕé tí e bá ti gba ohùn mi sílè tán nítorí àwon kan yí óò dá ohùn mi mò”, ni òrò tí  Okunrin yi tè mó wa l’étí.

A Pastor’s confession

I deceived people, used magic and called it miracle. I did a lot of unholy things in the name of God. I made money and as I was planning to buy a Jet things went wrong. Today, I regretted all these.

     BoN’s Adventure

He bares his mind to this reporter  ,”Please  Oga Journalist  don’t mention my name ”. He   repeated  his warning  ”Don’t ever  record my voice and please switch off your phone (he took the phone and switched it off)  but  you can jot down your  points”  .


” My story is irritating, disgusting ,nauseating and nasty.  I am ashamed of myself but I have repented . You see, I finished from the University of …….. in late   70s and have my  Bachelor of Arts  degree  in English language   with  a second Class Upper Division     from a prestigious University. Believe me, by then jobs  were waiting for me  and one of them   was teaching .

 ”My father was a respected Reverend in one of the  Anglican Churches from  the 60s till 80s, and you know there were no miracles then ,it was only Jeesu nwosan, Jeesu ngbala, Ara ,Oore, E wa too wo, oyinmomo we sang ( Jesus heals , Jesus saves , friends , come and taste it , its sweet). Unfortunately, my father died a poor  Reverend.

       MY STORY

”In the early  80s  I  started going to Pentecostal  churches  where they   preached   miracles and prosperity. There  was a serious  drift from the  age -long orthodox  churches to  Pentecostal Churches!. In fact it threatened the   orthodox churches.

” I  got closer to some of these overnight  Pastors/Men of God   and knew  the secret  behind their high number of   their congregants ,wealth, miracles  and  their speaking in tongue etc. After two years  I  founded  my own Ministry.


”Today how many are speaking in tongue? How many miracles are genuine?. How many are Holy  spirit- filled?. All is ruse and voodooism .

”I used afose ( juju) and I also have talismanic rings from India ,I have ifunpa and igbadi (leather strings) . There was  a special water I used  to bath with in the morning before going to face the congregation. In fact I used to take hard drink and ”shirk” ,used perfume and  be licking sweet  before going to church to minister.

” For miracle to happen one needs to belong. To be able to speak in tongue one needs to be ‘taught’. To be  rich one needs a tutor /mentor. I  slept in the bush for one  month  eating  a whole raw bush rat everyday . I buried six Holy Bible and  seven of  Six and Seven  Books of Moses at the altar while in all corners of the Church I buried  houseflies, three live tortoises  and two heads of male and female crocodiles . I used mucuish dirt ( log or gunk ) of a dog (ipin oju) in order to  be seeing vision and foretell  the future. In the middle of the church I buried   a big cow  that was  how my church  grew. At the beneath of the Pulpit, Altar, pews and entrances to the church I buried strange things there . Apart from this ,human beings were buried alive in the four corners of the church. Each time I remember how some of them cried in pains I felt sick.


”The miracles I  performed always  lasted   two weeks only  and   the disease or problem  of the healed person would come back again.

”While performing miracles , I  would stretch out my right  hand, (with  esoteric power ) fixed my eyes on their sore/withered   limbs  and healed them  but the healing was always temporal.  At times I would connive with some greedy  Medical personnel in  the  laboratories   to forge and issue  fake  HIV /AIDS positive and negative reports for the intending patients who would pose to have the disease and got healed. I would mix their medication with  their food and water  to make sure they are healed or recuperate from their ailments(for those having curable diseases) yet  always instruct them not to take medication (so that my own ‘miracle’ would work). In church I  would organize  some strangers who would  pretend  to be  crippled  and  before the  service starts   would walk round and make sure they were  seen and sighted  by many people but nobody knew them .Mind you, we have experts who were paid and could do it perfectly .


  ”I have some special suits where  I concealed some  electric shock materials   and when worn always  attract people. Whoever touches them would experience electric shock this  they believe is Holy Spirit ,that is why many  run after me to touch me believing I have the power of miracle.Many fall to my anointing.

”While going  for  crusades I would go with the Holy water and this  is a mixture of  water from the sea and Atlantic  ocean water  mixed with  the water used to wash dead bodies  in mortuary. I have used the fetus of  pregnant women along with umbilical cord  of twins mixed with some concoctions. I wear juju  rings on my toes . In my crusade I organized  for  patients who are recuperating from their illness  but not the dying ones. My miracles   have expiry dates like drugs which should be renewed every two years. After the expiration of the second year I had to go for another ritual .This I did for years until I left Port Harcourt for Lagos,Kenya and South Africa .

”I lived in South Africa for many  years  where I learnt the art of abracadabra in ”raising” up the dead, walking on water and even  appearing from the sky . Later I  came back to Nigeria to settle down. I wanted to start doing all these in Nigeria and was gathering more people to be more popular.  Many  Pastors in South Africa know me very well, some are still practicing all these. There are fake miracles but  miracles like mine don’t last because you have to keep on renewing the juju each time  it expires.I have traveled to many countries sourcing and renewing my power.

”The danger in it is that one does not have peace of mind as it keeps on demanding for one thing or  the other  and that is why you see some pastors  confused and angry when preaching in  church.

”When many so called ‘Men of God’ started  joining the league of Miracle Pastors , especially the young jobless graduates  the number of our followers started going down .


”It is not easy to convince the congregation  to pay or donate money but  I cajole them , quote from the Holy Bible and systematically place curse on  whoever refuses to pay or ask others not to pay. Several  times I used afose  combined  with the Holy Bible  and Holy Koran passages in order to squeeze  money from them .I tell them to pay or donate for church  building, altar and all different kinds of  projects .I educate them the blessing one receives in paying tithes and thanksgivings of different kinds . I published books on Praise worship, prayer etc as I would  just write few words with big English vocabularies  supported  with some passages in the Bible.

”You must  pay to receive miracles , we give out our account number.I was planning to buy  a Jet  and build  a mega University and  have  names of my children and wife incase I die. And when I die my wife must replace me , according to my Will. But the bubble burst when my second in command quarreled  with me over money and exposed me.

           WHY I REPENT

”After amassing wealth and popularity I  was tired of renewing all these expired sacrifices and rituals because no matter what you have to renew at least one item in a week when it expires and before you know it, it becomes everyday thing. But I finally stopped when my first and last born were killed in  an auto crash as I forgot to renew my pledges .

”It was one church member who  during a vigil discovered the big coffin buried in the church while some ritual items were also discovered and they alerted others. Later my second in command , we called Senior Pastor  exposed me because of our disagreement over money .

”When I was not around he brought some boys to dig all the places where we buried our ”materials” , not only this, they  dug out live snake from where it was kept. They removed the clay pot of  palm oil  , tortoise  and human  bones from the ceiling.

”One day  I called some of my pastors and miracle healers in South Africa and told them that I was no longer interested in all these fetish things that the sources of my power  had leaked  and  exposed to  the media. The  social media  exposed all these the more.

”You see these fake pastors are everywhere , some would say they are healing diseases but let them go to the hospital and heal the sick, let them go to where amputees, cripples and those who  are bedridden are  and heal them. Now , some pastors are asking their followers to be eating grass,  Pastors  immersed themselves in drums filled with water  and would ask  their followers to drink  from it . Some would tell you their semen heals, Infact some claim they raised up the dead as Jesus Christ  raised Lazarus from dead while some claim to be Jesus Christ walking on the streets. All is ruse, rubbish and  practice of  voodoo.

”I deceived people, used magic and called it miracle. I did a lot of unholy things in the name of God. I made money and when I was planning to buy a Jet things went wrong.Today, I regretted all these 

”Now I am back  home  and   as poor as church rat but I have peace of mind. I have wasted my precious time for 25years. Now I have retraced my step and back into Anglican Church. I now know that  not all that glitter is gold ”.