My battle with Prostate Cancer!

My world almost crashed when I  heard the bombshell  “Peter, you have Cancer, please come to the hospital”.
This exclusive story of my  experience  is my  Birthday gift that will benefit  you .


As  we were on bed discussing, joking , laughing and sipping wine Ronnie’s cell phone rang and the caller said she would like to talk to Peter ( Peter is my Baptismal name). Ronnie asked the caller to speak on but the caller insisted ” Please let me talk to Peter your husband”.   “Who is that?” I   asked Ronnie , “it is the  Family Doctor , she wants to talk to you , ” she responded. My heart  beat increased and was pounding heavily. I stopped the joke I was cracking. I squeezed my face like a man who  contracted gonorrhea.  I was sweating in the cold. My legs  suddenly got swollen and were  heavy as  lead while  warm water streamed down my legs. My head became big  as if I had just seen a Genii (Iwin) for   I remembered I had just done my  blood work in laboratory , and  waiting for the result. I gave a heavy sigh,” hnmmmm  it is finished !”

Ronnie gave me the phone. And as I attempted to go out and receive the call  she held me and said ”please receive your call here”. I now  knew I was dawned for , asiri tu!, HIV ? , gonorrhea ?, Syphilis?, Hepatitis? Yellow  Fever? . Different  thoughts flowed in my mind. When last have I been to the hospital to do medical check up? I remembered the kainkáín, ògógóró, sépè skin I used to drink in an empty  stomach. Chei! kidney or liver problem?.


I became nervous and was shaking like a leaf floated on water. Yes ooo ,I was shaking like the  patient  suffering from  Essential tremor (ET) which is a neurological disorder that causes one’s  hands, head, trunk, voice or legs to shake rhythmically. I asked the  female doctor to speak on, and she started  ” This is the result of the tests you did few days ago ( she paused) , HIV 1 … …”,  (she paused) .When I heard HIV 1 I  started sweating like Christmas goat. Several thoughts crossed my mind. I am in trouble ,I soliloquized . Ha! at last I have this dreaded disease?, I soliloquized .

Hundreds of thoughts flowed my mind. I thought of those I would have infected. I thought of how I contracted it and who could have  given  me.  I remembered those I .. … old and young, fat and slim, dark and fair complexioned ones. I  thought of how I  would have access to the anteroviral drugs secretly without telling anybody .Will they… … So this is what will end me?. Kai , who even infected me? But how will I know? . Well, if that is it then my life don pafuka be that”.

As I was thinking of all these the doctor said ” Negative” and continued

“HIV 2… “,(she paused again) then said ” Negative. Anyway you don’t have any venereal disease”, she said.  Now my mind was  settled.   Let her say anything  , if anything killed me I don’t care , I thought in my mind.

The doctor continued ” But please you need to come to the hospital for your PSA  (Prostate-specific antigen) is too high , it is 129″. ”What is PSA? I don’t know”, I responded. . All these happened in March 2019.


I have Nosocomephobia, or  call it the fear of hospitals  not to talk of  the fear of doctors  which is  latrophobia. The mere sighting  that white  coat called Laboratory coat  instills fear in me not to talk of the stethoscope the doctors and nurses  hang loosely on their neck which makes me humble.

Two days earlier we had gone to the hospital where they took my blood for blood work. All my prayers not to go to the hospital were not answered by God- this still surprised  me till this day. I remember when the appointment was booked three months earlier , I prayed to let the world crash and ended before the D Day. I prayed to let earthquake occur and consume me and people would say it was a natural disaster that snuffed  life out of me  but none of these happened . I prayed to be involved in an accident and just quench there. I prayed to die an honorable death .But nothing happened .At last three months came .We were at the hospital .They took my blood in the laboratory for blood work .

I thought of     the sexual escapades I had  without protection .Haa! Oloun mu uu, Goduu catch am, would be their words especially those who thought the ‘foolish boy’ did not marry them!

We went back to the  hospital and the  family doctor said it’s likely  I have Prostate cancer , ” but I am not saying you have it o”,  the primary family doctor quickly added. We knew she was saying the truth but trying to allay my fear  for it was my countenance she saw that made her changed her words .


I was referred to an Urologist, then wahala bere. I looked up and felt sad that I put  my  newly wedded wife into a big trouble . Renata her sister  came with me to the hospital to assist me talk to the doctor as I could not pick their words very well because of their accent . Well, I reminded them that they speak through their nose, and I am a Nigerian and with Nigerian accent. The Indian  doctor examined me and said he could not believe the 129 PSA level I had    and  requested for  another blood work .Another was done and it had gone up to  132!, the Indian Urologist said he was surprised and had never seen such in his years of medical practice seeing such high PSA and still walking  on this planet earth. Later he said ”one of my friends in Nigeria said it is common in Sub Sahara region. I  pray  the PSA  comes down after the surgery”, he said.

As for Ronnie , she would leave her job and go with me to the hospital .Each time I pleaded to her that I am sorry for putting her through all these hurdles she would console me to keep calm.


The third day Ronnie’s phone rang and the Urologist  dropped another bombshell and said my  PSA was now 132, higher than before .Ha!, what a trouble?. I looked up and shouted ”ha, this is  a big problem’.’.  The doctor said , “you possibly have  cancer but we have to do a  Biopsy to confirm ” Biopsy? Oh my God , my mouth was now dried.

Date was fixed for the biopsy . The biopsy was done  and we were expecting the result . I was  in the public library when Ronnie came to me and said ” the doctor wants to talk to you, he  said you have Prostate enlargement and  Cancer”. The Doctor  called again  and said  ” all the 11 tests done were  cancerous. You have prostate enlargement and Cancer!”. After hearing this I submitted to fate . I was asking secretly whether it is good  and cheap to cremate or not. I was going about calling and asking questions NOT about prostate again but death! , all in case of  incasity. Will I die or not?. What pained me most was that I had just married this innocent woman, Ronnie  and was thinking of  how I put her in a big trouble.

Playing music after the surgery , Maaa joooo maa korrin tuntun


I was told that I  needed to do  some tests  to know whether it had spread to other parts of my body. I  went for different tests , I did MRI, brain, stomach, liver , bone, kidney  and what have you. I went into some  machines like tubes etc to confirm whether it had spread to my organs. Upon all these I was on Facebook   writing my stories in my  website  and  also cracking my usual jokes while the world didn’t know what I was going through. Yes, I believe I had to do my best before leaving this world. A wild, weird  and unpredictable world.

Anytime Ronnie’s  phone rang and I got to know it was from the hospital I  become afraid because you don’t know what they are going to say. We received bunch of letters  from the hospital telling me this , telling me that .I did several tests. Apart from calling on phone and sending emails to me they also   sent letters to me  reminding  me  my  appointments with  doctor !.

I now know the value of  family ties. Ha! when last did I speak or see my  brother and cousin? .I remember it was my wife , Ronnie who posted our wedding invitation on social media that made  my distant Cousin Dr. Tayo Ojomo to connect with us . I have not seen them over 33 years! . In fact I didn’t know their whereabout as everyone faced his own life .It was like nobody cares about anybody.  It was recently that I know they are in America for I didn’t know their whereabout not to talk of knowing where they were. But thank God for Ojomo  was able to connect  with us, he gave us  my brother’s phone number , Prof Rowland Abiodun .The two are were shocked that I am in America. Then Ronnie  informed them about my situation; both calmed  me down and said ” ko s’iku l’oju e, you are not going  to  die. You  will live to write the success story”. Kehinde my twin brother  called every hour asking when I was going for the surgery. He explained to me how everything would   go. He like the proverbial  Hausa man selling his product and would ask whether you have had such disease before selling it. Kehinde has become an  expert without being a Medical doctor !.He had his own prostate cancer  surgery   11years  years ago.

I called friends and family members and said goodbye to them all. They  all  consoled and prayed for me.” My days are numbered but don’t worry we shall all pass this road only at  different time “, I told them . I knew how they felt .I could feel it from their voices and sudden silence .But I gave them a parting gift ” please go and check your PSA level “.

Now I began to    read the Holy Bible the more .I thought of my children I would leave  behind. I thought of my friends I would leave behind . I called some of them and advised them to go for their PSA.  I thought of nasty people that misbehaved to me. I thought of how haters would  joyfully receive the ‘good’ news of my death. I thought of what they would write about me. Yes, I know some would say it’s good riddance to bad rubbish, some would say ” alakori ti lo, oloriburuku bastard ti lo, an ingrate is gone .I know he will die soon because he talked  too much” .

Others would  say he was a juju man , don’t mind him, his  bling bling ,rings killed him etc . But the girls would say ”Yes, he disappointed me , he deserved to die a shameful death ….” I thought of  how my native land would receive the news.  Some would sympathize with my family while  some would say negative and positive ….Kai, eniyan ko sunwon  laaye, ojo  a ba ku la ndere.

One day  my eyes were misty. I went into the room  and shed tears .I then remembered the song of ….this  world is beautiful, so nice , beautiful   this world is beautiful , so nice ,Aiye yi  ma dara pupo, O dara , o, lewa….aiye yi ma dara pupo....then I played Jimmy Cliff’s music of Beautiful World, Beautiful People .. Wonderful World…….Later I started playing Bob Marley’s song of Running Away, and I said I cannot run away from myself. And the battle  to live continued.


”Good news for you Peter, your cancer is located and has not spread. Please prepare and fix a date for the surgery”, the  doctor said after all my MRI results had been sent to him, but remember I had accepted my fate. I had waited for the worst.  Date fixed. Yes, a date was  fixed for the surgery. With all these going on, my stories in my blogs and my Facebook’s contribution were ongoing, nobody knew what I was going through .Later we changed the date again saying we had engagements to do. Big risk, the doctor said, ” please don’t delay it , it is cancer and it could spread”, he counselled. Yet, we didn’t worry or care and I was doing my normal duties at home , having  my normal  ‘night duty’ or faka fiki, eating normally , drinking my beer etc . There was nothing to show that I was undergoing this life-threatening   cancer!. Two months away. Will a miracle happen that will tell me it has disappeared?.  But it was a  dream never come true. I prayed  for the day not to come.

In America they don’t joke with their vacation and anniversary. When  we returned from  Tunica in Mississippi   where we  spent four days  for our one year  wedding anniversary  on the following day we landed in  Washington University Hospital, for my surgery.

On the hospital bed


You can imagine how I felt when   I sighted the medical instruments they were going to use on me .Yes! I developed    tomophobia ( fear of surgical procedures or medical intervention  instruments) but  suddenly my phone rang  and a prayer message came in  ” God will be with you   as you are going …..”I quickly  claimed it ,it was sent  by my niece , Mrs. Remi Ogundowole.  Now I was on a stretcher waiting to go into the theatre. I saw  some  nurses that  surrounded me. They had  fixed drip on me , and I asked  whether it was the theatre they were now taking me to , they said ‘no’,  they only went to prepare the place for me. I then remembered I had signed a form …..Ronnie was asked to go and sit  in the waiting room.


As I raised up my eyes and  saw Ronnie by my side , I asked ” what are you still doing here?. But you  were asked to go to the waiting room  AND  wait”, she looked at me and   smiled in response  . As I tried to lift up my hand I discovered  that my hands were heavy and  I looked up and sighted the  intravenous poles with   infusion bag  dangling like pendulum . I saw some medical machines that looked like small television monitoring my blood pressure or heart beat . I looked at myself and  saw all the medical  gadgets attached on  me. I saw  plasters on my belly  and now saw the  hospital clothe ,my new uniform   johnny coat I wore. I  saw a tube attached to my John Thomas, heeee so they had operated on me. I looked at the time and it was 20 minutes to eight . I remember we were talking at quarter  to three. So they had spent about four hours on me  in the theatre room! , Oloun o!  Kabiyesi Olodumare ooooooooooo. It was a robotic  computer machine they used  on me.


I was discharged the next day and  I went home with the catheter dangling in-between my two balls. I looked at  my ‘third leg’ , kai, it has shrunk like a  two-  year- old baby boy. It  has succumbed to humility . Wàláítàlaì I looked at it and pitied myself. How are the mighty fallen!. A one time powerful straight and long pole did not only bend but collapsed. Chei!  it  cannot raise it’s head like Agama agama lizard again. It  has become calm and was looking down . It refused to look up and frighten the opposite sex again. Poor me!.  Few days later the catheter was removed .I asked the doctor when my John Thomas would stand erect like  pole or  ruler again, he replied smiling  ” Wait, exercise patience, your health first”.