open letter to His Excellency ,Rotimi Akeredolu


Your Excellency,

For the past four weeks some unscrupulous  and ungrateful   people  have been wagging their  tongues in Ondo State where you are their governor  . Many are crying and saying ”So this is what we bargained for?”. My lord ,  The more I tried to defend you the more I receive both physical and verbal blows  from these ”ungrateful”  complainants called the electorate  .While some   claimed they  voted for you some others too said they campaigned for you because of your good and human -face manifestoes  . Now  they are saying that you jilted them like a lady who dumped  her boyfriend after many years of courtship  and went to marry  Baba Olowo .

 Sir, don’t mind the people of Ondo state but just have focus and do your best.They are complaining that you increased the tuition fee of Adekunle Ajasin University students  from 31, 000 :00 to 150,000 and 200,000 Naira .Haaaaaa! I hope it is not true o o. Now some parents’ tears are    flowing  like  the unceasing flowing river while some have their eyes red like blood and never dry like nose.
Again we learnt that the Iya Abiye Medical care in Ondo  the former Governor Olussegun Mimiko put in  

place for the poor is now to be paid for .Sir,let them pay for it and those who cannot afford it should go to Herbal homes , let them die there wetin concern  me?

BoN, Bobo T, T Bobo

They are now speculating that you are planing to increase the tuition fees of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo. Sir, increase it , these students and their parents must pay through their nose to pay their wards’ school fees. Imagine some of these parents  have three to five children in these schools , why did’nt they  do family planning?. Is it compulsory for them  to go to school? I  have defended you that anybody can become a lawyer and a medical doctor without going to school. If they like let them go and be farming that is their own palava tabi sir?.

Sir, my thought is that if you really wanted to increase the tuition fees it should have been gradual, from 31,000 to 150,000 and 200,000 is too much! . A man said it is gross wickedness but I defended you that it is not. Sir, is it wickedness?. Don’t mind these people for I  am  sure   these students will campaign vigorously for you again come 2021. Sure Banker!. Their parents will fight tooth and nail to make sure you win and they will all sing that victorious song ; winner ooo, winner; winner ooo, winner  Aketi don win again o, winner….U don win bi won o tile dibo.

These enemies of progress with their badmouth said you have stopped that ”Free Ride Bus” for secondary students from home to school and from school back  home Good of you jare. Sir, these students are just omo onibaje, they are spoil children , if they like let them trek from Ipele to Imade College  when they are tired they will sit at home.

His excellency, a very stupid man slapped me again yesterday when he called you Jeroboam. Another cursed my parents who are sleeping in their graves jejely just because I called you  our Messiah.I listed out  your achievements like  the street light  in Owo, the birds hatching …near Emure,the roads you are constructing allover the place.

One woman was so stupid that he seized my beer and poured it on my head when I scolded them  that they  have been ungrateful to you. Oga Aketi, don’t mind them they are ungrateful, look at that stupid Iya alata who asked her daughter to go into ”night business” for she cannot pay her school fees again.

Sir, is it true that you did not promise them hardship ?. Is it true that you are paying their salaries as at when due?.When I told them you have paid their backlog of their salaries  and that you have established 50 companies where parents would be working and students as well in order to pay their fees they beat me and pushed me into the gutter.

Sir,don’t listen to your aides ,if they hail you tell them to shout your name in a popular place and come and tell you their reactions OR better still sir, kindly go to Isikan Market, Oja Ulede, and ask the expectant  mothers who cannot go to Iya Abiye for delivery    and tell them you our  governor, Yes they will all hail you and be praying for you Walaitalai,Yoowaa.

It  was Diogenes that Cynic Philosopher who was going about with a lantern  in daylight looking for an honest person unfortunately  he died without seeing one!.

These students comprising  the youths voted for you, their parents too  fought tooth and nail and voted for you now this is the result of their vote.

Sir, we have short memory and we  don’t learn from History, when the late  Governor of Ondo ,State Chief Adebayo Adefarati was overwhelmingly welcomed to govern Ondo state but  later the late Dr.Olusegun Agagu with his mammoth crowd that campaigned for him sent the old man packing. When Agagu who was well accepted came again the Mimiko called Iroko bulldozed him and Irokolised  Agagu.

In Ondo town I was among the reporters who covered the mammoth crowd who went with him  to his house when he [Mimiko] was declared the winner.Though he served his two -term.But when the bulldozer came for Iroko he could not  wait for he too had to go the way his predecessors went .He lost woefully because among his ‘sins’ is that he failed  to  pay the civil servants’ salary .

In fact despite his political prowess you, Arakunrin  uprooted the Iroko  afterall  Iroko lives in the forest but thank God you sent him back to Ondo his home town. The first time you lost the election   all your supporters WEPT because of the hope we all had in you.

Now, you are barely one year old and you started like this , no man is happy, sir no matter your defence and advice offered you the tuition fees and other policies are grossly unfair.

Now in  Ondo state the number of  beggars will  increase and the  high rate  of our  prostitutes will go up .Robbery activities will be a big plus not to talk of the Yahoo boys in order to pay their school fees.

Now,as I am writing this article some parents and guardians are  in  the corners of their rooms  crying, lamenting, gnashing their teeth  and  cursing the day they voted out MIMIKO.

Now the songs they are singing is

By the rivers of Ogbese

There we sat down

And we wept

When we remember Iroko


Why did I vote for Aketi ?

                         Adventure     of     BoN

             Why  did  I   vote  for Aketi ?-Ibrahim

BoN: I am sad and everybody is sad (crying)I will  not vote for Aketi again

T Bobo: You are always sad , idiot, bastard.I will vote for him and he will serve 10 terms

Bobo T: Don’t call BoN idiot or bastard pls,but BoN why are you sad?

BoN: If I talk you will cry along with me.I pitied Adekunle Ajasin University  Akungba’s students, parents and guardians for the increment in their school fees!

Bobo  T & T Bobo: ( loud cry) We have accepted our fate .Go to  public places like market, church, mosque  even Alagbaka Government  House and  ask the market women ,religious leaders, civil servants  and others , they  are all ‘praying’ for the governor 

BoN: We will all vote for him to do second term,third term , fourth term and tenth time .Go to the market places (burst into tears again ).

Your Excellency ,  

For the past four weeks I had been very upset because each time I remember  how Alhaja broke down and wept when the Adekunle Ajasin University students’ school fees was increased from 31, 000 :00 to 150,000 and 200,000 Naira . I feel sad.

Alhaja is a widow with  five  children in various universities, three  in AAU. Oh my God, when  I heard the sad breaking news  that Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba , Akoko School’s fees  had been jacked up   and after demonstration you agreed and asked them to be paying fees between 120 and 15000,00 naira .I broke down and shed tears .

“Oh my God ! , Oh my God!! Is this what Arákùnrin  Oluwarotimi Akeredolu ( SAN) promised us? Oh my God “, Baba Kunle who fought tooth and nail for Arákùnrin to be voted for in his ward looked  ruffled .He cursed the day he voted . ” I will never believe anybody again in my life again, this man came and campaigned that he will not increase school fees , see what he has done now”,he lamented over the phone.

BoN is angry

Mama Alakara ( she sells bean cake ) has three daughters who are teachers in Ondo state and the old woman contribute to  her grandchildren’s school fees from the proceeds of her akara, why? All her  sons -in laws are also Civil servants.I was informed  two weeks ago that Mama had died  while one of the  children collapsed .She was not grieving because of the old woman who died but ‘ who will pay their fees again?’

As I am writing this piece , I peeped through the window, saw some students hissing and cursing (????)and I pitied these students .I pitied their  parents and I pitied their guardians .Now , armed robbery will be a child play while prostitution will now be a normal thing,  after all they must pay their school fees!

Sir, Let me briefly tell you my story .

My father was already old before he gave birth to us .We are four from my mother side ” My older brother is Gbenga, my twin brother , Kehinde ,Myself -Taiwo ( BoN, Bobo T, T Bobo) and our last born is a lady, Idowu.

In the ’70s our father was already  old.Yes, he had us at old age  .He was in his late ’70s already and I used to ask my late mother why she married an old man like my father .We went to All Saints’ Modern School, Owo, Ondo State .In actual fact he always paid our school fees before we resume for the new term.Later we went to Adeyeri Grammar School , I came out with GRADE ONE , this was rare in those days !

In a nutshell in 1985 our  father died! That was the very year I gained admission into the University of Ife ( after my HSC , Igbobi College, Lagos) and Wahala de!. Who will be responsible for my upkeep? 

Who will pay for my handouts? Obafemi Awolowo University then was not paying tuition fee but what of  other necessary things like handouts, hostel accommodation(15 Naira then) , feeding among others.

During the  burial meeting of  our late father while  our other siblings were  discussing and planning how the party would go , one of my brothers , Professor Rowland  Abiodun [of Fine Art Department, Obafemi Awolowo University) sat on the table,  looked round and in annoyance burst out  ” We are discussing how to bury  Baba  , it is good , but what of  these boys ;Taiye and Kehinde who are in higher institutions?”. .All attentions were  focused on  how to give our father a befitting burial.

The Professor said ” Taiye  and Kehinde don’t worry I will take care  of you by God’s grace but don’t disappoint me “.

Money had value then and difficult to get.At Alacarte , in OAU one would be fill his tommy  with 50k  ( NOT 50 Naira) for a plate of rice.Later my brother relocated to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where he has been since 1988.

From the United States he sponsored  all my University education , OAU IFE, University of Calabar and Lagos State University ( LASU) . If I had not gotten such a brother I bet you I would  not have  gone to any higher institution in my life .

And back to you sir,  Arákùnrin, I hate politics , I don’t write about politics for I believe they  are all liars , however, that is my personal opinion.

During my visit to the United Kingdom my late wife campaigned for you ,she forced me to campaign for you  (because she knew  I hate politics ).

I remember when you  campaigned that you will not increase  students’ school  fees .I jubilated .

Yes, I jubilated for the poor students had seen a messiah .I jubilated for most of these students’ parents are farmers  and had little or nothing to give their children.I jubilated because some of these students sponsored themselves .I jubilated because our man who was robbed or denied from becoming the governor later was voted in. I jubilated because our man is from Owo, my beloveth country home .

So the  stories in the Bible   are true?  .So there is somebody called Jeroboam in the Bible .So it is true he was ill-advised by his friends .Oh my God so  what we called  proverb is not ordinary one , it is real   I remember Jeroboam who said “my father chastised you with whips but I will chastise you with scorpions”, And Jerobaom did , he made their yoke heavier than that of his father .What happened to him later is in the Bible .

Sir, you   have  disappointed us , and not doing what you  promised. An old man who called his name Ibraheem  cried ”Why did I vote for Aketi?”

I wish you  disguise or send your  staff  to the market , to all the ministries , churches , mosques and other public places to feel the electorate’s pulse.No, no, it is a sad story .No one is talking good about your administration at all.You have increased their yoke.

Yes, it is true you need money and other institutions are paying higher and you  can increase the fees but would have been gradual but from 32,000 to 150,000 Naira is too harsh.

According to reports  you  said you were   not the one who increased the fees but the Committee set up to look into the school’s case and recommend  ,  my lord that  is not an excuse , remember  that was how Jeroboam too was ill -advised by his peer group.

Our governor  you have disappointed your people. Those who voted for you  are crying.

Now, I am sure many students will withdraw from school, many will turn to criminals while others will be cursing the day they voted you into power.

Now students will withdraw from school to learn skills while deaths of pregnant women will be on the rise and secondary students will be trekking home.

Maternal Care will go into oblivion as you have asked those coming to deliver in Iya Abiye hospital to be paying .while secondary students will be trekking to school since you have asked them to be paying.

Painfully, the past state governor  Dr.Olusegun Mimiko will be laughing wherever he is now while the electorate would be biting their forefinger and the only word that would come out of their mouth is ” if”.

And the complete words are ” if we had known , we wouldn’t have voted Aketi  into power” , while me too is now saying ” I said it. I   that I hate  politics “

I am still regretting for jubilating  for you.

Sir,your popularity is waning.Whenever  you passed bye and people wave at you it is a lie .

.Don’t let the sycophants decide for you . Ondo state people are not happy with you.That is the bitter truth .Yes, you  will say time heals wounds, but not for the Ondo people we all know.

Fare thee well


                                                       FARE THEE WELL,

                                            By Mrs.Morenike Olajide

A farewell speech by Mrs. Morenike Olajide,former Headmistress of Community Primary School , Oyoyo, Igbe- Owo , Ondo State as she says final goodbye to Ondo State Civil Service Commission during her thanksgiving service at Rock of Ages (C& S )Sanctuary, Iregun- Owo, on 24 December 2017, was  there

  Do all the good you can                             

By all the means you can

In all the ways you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can
John Wesley ( 1703- 1791)


Olajide at the church during her thanksgiving service

Good afternoon our State Governor, Arákùnrin Rotimi Akeredolu, HRM ,the Olowo of Owo; Oba ( Dr) David Folagbade Olateru Olagbegi III( CFR), Ondo State great Teachers, my church members , members of CDHR Ondo State Chapter , all my former pupils , pressmen, ladies and gentlemen .
Today is not a day for me to talk much but to give thanks to God for what He has done in my life .I am here to thank those who are here and also those who are not here!.

Should I talk?. I know you will all ask “When did Mrs. Olajide become a preacher ?” Yes, I am happy and May God fill your heart with happiness.

The celebrator being honored by Bishop Gideon Olubode Ashogbon as the Iya Ijo of  Rock of Ages (C& S )Sanctuary,

It was Logan Pearsall Smith who said ” There are two things to aim at in life: First, to get what you want ; and after that , to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieved the second”, but let me re-frame Smith ‘s words : “There are two things to aim at in life …………..Only God that can give mankind achieved the second “.
My dream and life’s ambition was to teach and retire home in good health and God has given me the grace. Please shout Alleluyah !!!
Having sailed through the desert , walked through the shadow of death and passed through the turbulence period of ” Oga Nbo” , ” Report Now! Now!!,”Your attention is needed” , “According to the circular ” , ” Write a letter of Apology “, now everything has ended.Now , It is like the children of Israel who walked on the dry land in the middle of the red sea and after their great rescue they happily cried “Who is like unto thee…..” (Ta lo dabiii re?) .
I know many who did not live to retire as many  had died, many  are bedridden while many were disgraced out.
Now I rely on pension no matter how small but ” A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety”, says Aesops (550BC).
It was 53 years ago when I was seven years old in primary school that I fell in love with teaching. We used to honour and respect our teachers, we used leaves as Ijoki (local leaves with charcoal ) to dye our slate and our class blackboard but today these materials have changed but NOT the teacher!.
There are teachers like : Jesus Christ , Mohamed, Socrates , Plato, Aristotle , Diogenes Tao, Lao Tzu, Awolowo,  Ajasin, Pa Aralepo, the Olowo of Owo, and many great people who are teachers so I am proud to be a teacher. We are not only mind builders, future builders but also character builders and we impact knowledge into children whose brains were , according to John Locke , tabula rasa ( clean slate ) when they were born.
Before retiring , I have taught in various schools in 14 local governments ; Utaja Primary School ( on  top of Idanre Hills), St Theresa , Alade Idanre, AUD primary School , Omuo, Community Primary school , Imorun,( Ondo / Ogun boundary ), St.Saviours Primary School, Odigbo; Emure Ile, St Pius ( Now Mega School ) , AUD Ago Alao,Ipele( Along Idoani Road) as an Assistant Teacher, AUD I, as an Assistant Head Teacher .I have taught in over 25 primary schools until I got to Oyoyo Community Primary School as the Headmistress where I served and retired

The celebrator’s sisters : Abeni and Ibukun

Remember that philosopher, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878- 1962) that says
“One song leads on to another
One friend to another
So I’ll travel along
With a friend and a song”
Yes, I am beginning a new chapter , singing a new song ….will now add to my friends as I travel along and that is song of love, hope and spirituality.
I have left the office and I pray for those coming behind me the very best. I appreciate High Chief Yemisi the mother and owner of Oyoyo Community, my predecessor Mrs. Kelani, Mr.Ibraheem S., Mr.Nosiru Ali, Gani Aliu, Bale Nuru S, S Aneve, Hon . Aladegoroye.

Bishop Gideon Olubode Ashogbon, his wife and members of Rock of Ages[Cherubim and  Seraphim] Sanctuary who stood behind me with their moral, financial and spiritual support I say a very big thank to you. 

Let me quickly add that there is no amount of hard work , love and friendship you put in don’t expect miracle, praise and reward from anybody but from God for you cannot satisfy human being so please always be good to whoever you meet for ” No act of kindness no matter how small , is ever wasted ” according to Aesops! . I used to advise people what John F .Kennedy wrote in his 1945 notebook , which was ascribed to Chesterton that “Don’t ever take a fence down , Until you know the reason why it was put up”.Always be patient and exercise caution while in office for you too will soon leave .I thank you all for your support

The celebrator with Princess Kehinde Olateru-Olagbegi

According to Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616) , “A close mouth catches no flies” , yes for me I will not close my mouth as a teacher for I will sing your praises for your cooperation.I am thanking you who are present here for your love and cooperation, I thank my mother; (Iya ni wura iyebiye, ti a k’ole f’owo ra………” ) , my great able brother ,Elder Yemi Abiodun, Akin Famuwagun , my sisters Mujidat, Bola Suara .My great mentor HRH Ologunboro of Logunburo Oba Mayadenu , Air Vice Marshal Dipo Ogunseitan, Pastor Okun Ogunseitan , Mrs Bukky Akinbote , Mrs.Abeni Abiodun , mama Akande, Mummy Biodun , Mummy Ladejola Oginni, Yemi Ogunseitan , Kola Ogunseitan , Daddy Mi ‘Erin Akanni Ogunseitan’

The celebrator with her sisters

”It is not the man who has too little ,But the man who craves more , that is poor”, says Lucius Annaeus Seneca (8BC – AD 65) and Publilius Syrus (First century BC) says A good reputation is more valuable than money .Let us always put these two quotes in mind .Thank you and  God bless you .I love you all.
O digba o se , Ka ma f’iku ya ra wa , ka ma f’arun y’ara wa!

”I drank dog’s blood to cure myself”


…..Has no breasts and does not menstruate

……..Drank blood of slaughtered dog to cure her ailment


…….Father wants to donate her to Varsity

Bisola Ibrahim will  clock 26 years next year  March 7, but she is praying to  celebrate her birthday if she can be healed from her health  challenges. Since  the  age of 5 she has been battling  a strange disease. met her



Bisola Ibrahim

Her palms and feet are full of sores while her fingers and toes have deformed.

      She wears socks to cover her feet while the legs have become thin. She wobbles  as she walks for she is no more  balanced . Handling  cutlery has become difficult. No, Bisola was not born like this. Her life started  crashing at the age of five. Medical and spiritual solutions were sought for ,but her health continued to deteriorate  until she found herself in this present condition.

        For a girl of her age who should have completed higher institution and be preparing for marriage , but no! opposite is the case as she is at home battling with strange ailment.

    For the family of Mr. and Mrs Ibidun Ibrahim who live at No 11B , Igbanasa Street , Oke – Ijebu , Owo , Ondo State they have been facing a hell of problem since their daughter , Bisola was five years old.


Will I celebrate my 26 birthday?

    Now , the girl , Bisola who has been looking forward  to her 26th birthday next year says her  Christmas and New Year prayer is to get healed and leave her parents house as she wants to be independent.

Born in March 7, 1994, but she  had not  celebrated her birthday for a long time for she has neither male nor female friends to celebrate with her .During her last  birthday rice was cooked and no cake was cut to celebrate her birthday .Not only this, the sadness that enveloped the family over her matter could not let them remember that her birthday was at hand.But according to her father , ” My  New Year wish for her is to release her to any University Teaching Hospital  to do research on her on why her ailment defied medical solutions and why she does not menstruate and does not have breasts at the age of 25”.


Narrating her ordeal , the mother, Madam Ibidun who is a petty trader said her daughter Bisola was not born like that “she was a normal child  when she was delivered  until when she was five years old when a  boil was found on her feet and was taken  to a private hospital  where she was treated and given some injections, but  when there was no improvement we took her to the Federal Medical Center , Owo where  was also given eight injections.”

She continued ”When  there was no improvement in her health she was referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where   she was subjected to series of laboratory tests and was given some drugs .When we came back home there was a little change though we found it difficult to get some medical cream and drugs recommended for her coupled with our poor financial stand to continue going to LUTH for other medical tests .Later she continued her school and completed her primary school from there she gained admission to St Louis Girls’ school , Owo, but  again her condition was getting worse.  While the disease again infected her two hands .One day [in 2010) , her school principal invited us (her parents) to school and advised us to take her away and go and take care of her , in fact a written letter was sent to us, that was how she stopped school at JSS1″, the mother said in tears.

“While some suggested it could be leprosy that was the reason why I thought the school sent her away to go and take care of her so as not to infect other children , again laboratory tests were done which proved negative. If it is leprosy, it would have affected all of us living in the same house here”, Ibidun , her mother stated.



On the efforts the parents had made so far, the father who is a civil servant said ”we have taken her to many healing  homes like  spiritual homes, Alfas and herbalists.In one of these homes they asked her to drink the blood of a slaughtered dog and that she would be will be healed .In my presence a dog was killed and she was given the blood to drink , after the ‘medication’ nothing changed. Aside this , so many rituals and sacrifices had been performed or offered to make sure she regained her health back .It got to a stage I asked whoever could assist in healing  her should come out”.

The mother continued her story ” Then when she was still between five and 10 years old I used to carry her on my back , we were given papers to do medical tests of  which she did,there was no tests we did not do; skull, nose, brain, skin, we did so many tests.After spending two months we were just doing series of tests , I then begged them to give her drugs to use for sometimes because she was in pains and agony  She was given drugs and was asked to come back six weeks or a month.They did not have most of the prescribed drugs in their pharmacy .We were given appointment to come back but we could not go back again for we had no money to go again. The cream called ‘SS of 20percent’ palm cream’ was recommended but we could not get for we only saw 10 per cent which worked partially for the recommended one was 20per cent. And she was getting better , but if it were 20per cent then may be she could have been much better then but we couldn’t get in addition we had no money again .It was money that caused it if she were to be taken back to LUTH then she would have been much better .We were struggling then, then there was no money to continue the treatment .Later we contemplated going to Spiritual churches though a doctor looked at her and said her problem did not need spiritual healing but I took her to the Synagogue in Lagos for spiritual healing.I took him to Pastor TB Joshua , the white Clergymen who officiates with Pastor TB Joshua attended to us and prayed for her .They asked us to go that she has been healed , we were asked to pray on water when we get home and that she should drink from it and wash her affected hands and legs with the water and  she would be healed.We did all these yet we did not see any changes “


The mother is concerned , as she wonders how a girl of her age has not exhibited features peculiar to a girl of her age ” She is at home doing nothing , she is just there she does not do her monthly period and her breasts did not grow .This is incredible and I am worried .

”There is nobody to help, no assistance .It is not leprosy , she has been taken to hospitals for series of tests . I was told it is not leprosy but skin disease but what of her not seeing monthly period? I am confused “

Now when her  friends  are either planning to leave higher institution or  getting married she is at home with her parents  . She cries everyday while asking herself what sin she has committed .


Bisola speaks out

Now Bisola finds it difficult to eat as she manages to use cutlery  for her hands are full of sores and she wears stockings to cover her deformed toes .She hides  away from people as she stays in a corner of the father’s living room always .

When approached her , she  introduced herself  “My name is Ibrahim Bisola , it has been a long  time since this thing happened to me . I just saw something like boil on my legs and I scratched it that was how everything began.but before you know it it had spread to my hands. I was later taken to the hospital ,  .I was taken to Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital , Ile -Ife, LUTH , private hospitals and many places .I am going through hell.I had stopped schooling since the year 2010. I wear socks to cover the sore and my deformed legs .At my age  I have no boyfriend , I am not menstruating and I don’t know how it feels like .My chest is flat and I don’t know why and I am not a man”, she cried.

I don’t have a boyfriend

Asked whether she has a boyfriend , she replied ” Boyfriend ? I don’t have .  Me to have , who will even toast me ? .I don’t go out , I don’t have male or female friends”.She spoke with pity   and  with head drooped.

Bisi is now incapacitated by her deformed fingers and toes , her palms are full of sore while the fingers and toes are disfigured as some had fallen off and most of the time she would burst into tears .

Now ,she is aging and at home , she read only Junior  Secondary School 1 .She does not learn a trade or a  skill .Will she stay forever in her parent’s house ?.And who will marry her in the future?. Time will tell.

The father’s cellphone number is 08060168494 for any medical assistance .




Okeluse: A neglected community!

      Okeluse:      A      neglected        community!

Okeluse: A neglected community!
Okeluse is in Osse Local government in Ondo State.

An Appeal fund for everybody

The long bridge  is attractive as one sighted it from afar off but a closer look at it one could see abandoned iron rods and other construction equipment meant for the construction of the bridge. While the townsmen through their  communal effort used rough woods  to construct steps to ascend and descend in crossing  Okeluse ( Ondo state ) to the other state ( Edo state) .This also showed the uncompleted part of the bridge .A look at the uncompleted Ogbese bridge which links Ondo and Edo states could draw tears from one’s eyes seeing what the Federal Government had invested into this uncompleted gigantic project which was started since 2005 but begging for completion

The wooden step constructed for easy crossing

Now the surrounding has overgrown with weeds while the abandonment has caused a lot of heated arguments and controversies over who is to blame with the huge of money pumped into it. While in some angle some said the federal government had fully paid for the construction of the bridge but some denied while few are imploring the EFCC to go into it and ask questions.


Some of the caterpillar equipment grown with weeds

Now the bridge which is supposed to be used after completion has been abandoned while people from the neighboring communities are finding it difficult to pass through and instead opted for canoe which according to them had drown many especially during rainy season.

For Chief Akogun Kumapayi the head of the committee of the construction of the  bridge ,said ”we are no longer safe aside from the poor transportation network .

According to the town’s monarch Oba Adeyeoba Owasunloye III the Arujale Ojima of Okeluse ”these implements had been abandoned over 10years while this company had stopped working and this stopped the completion of the bridge which has gotten to 90percent completion”.
For the people in Okeluse in Ose Local government they claimed their community had been abandoned for a very long time as they had never for once tasted dividends of democracy.
Tucked in the bowel of Ondo State, the town Okeluse is populated with about 400,000people and they are basically into agriculture as their main business.
The town is the connecting link between Edo state and Ondo State , and if the the bridge is completed one can from there travel easily to Edo , Akure, Ore, Lagos at a lesser time framed

Another vehicle wasting away

The Okeluse -Edo State bridge has been in progress for the past 10years but it is begging for completion .The road which could have taken a commuter 10minutes drive from Okeluse to Edo is now abandoned waiting for completion .
”We met the contractor in 2013 ,when they came back to the site , and ever since then he has not come back here and that was the time I saw him last but the Site Engineer supervising used to come here , she is the person supervising the construction work’,said one of the community members

Taiwo Abiodun and The Ocaeanic News reporter,Jide Tububo in a canoe crossing to the other side

Comfort Anifowola who went through wooden canoe to Edo lamented ” this is what we have been suffering here.There is neither state or Federal government presence here at all .We are suffering as we pay 50 naira to cross to Edo state which is less than five minutes journey by paddling a canoe!”.
Anifowola continued “we have appealed to the government both at the local and state levels but the story is all the same thing as they said the contractor that handled it was not given money to continue and that it is federal government’s job”.
Deaconess Olabode another passenger was not happy as she said she is hydrophobia , she said ”I am not used to travel by water, I have hydrophobia but what do I do ? My children have warned me not to be traveling by water since I cannot swim , and if this bridge is completed one does not need going by boat as one would only cross to the other side”, she added ” many people have been robbed here just because they cannot swim , not only that some of these dare devil armed robbers have thrown people into the river and we have seen corpses flowing on the river”


Chief Igbumesun

Chief Akogun Igbumesun , who is the Community leader of the town said ” we are no longer safe aside from the poor transportation network. Armed robbers  drive stolen vehicles and ferried them across the river which is less than three minutes journey to Edo State. Criminal activities go on here because most of our people cannot swim thus it is an opportunity for them to use the place as a transit for their nefarious activities.But if the road is completed then life would be easy for us all.”
On the efforts they had made so far , Igbumesun said ” we have written letters , we have contacted the the government but nothing was forthcoming .
“We have the highest number of votes here and during the political campaign these politicians would come here and beg us to vote for them and when they won they forget totally about us.
The Igbinedon town is just less than a mile to this place yet one cannot walk in or walk out without the use of ferry or canoe!

Official Site
At the working site of the company one could see reptiles and weeds that had overtaken the place.The buildings are dilapidated and trees have sprouted up in them .The rooms have been taken over by snakes and animals .Some of the machines like the earth shaking machines like caterpillars( CAT) , bulldozers, cranes, tipper lorries, industrial generators, cement mixing machines, rollers are rusting away

Wooden canoe used to ferry goods ,its just less than five minutes to the other side

Investigation reveals that the Managing Director of the Company handling the project is no more and it was also investigated that government has not paid up to complete the project.
But the former House of Representatives Omosule from Osse/ Owo Zone  when contacted said the project is a federal government one and it is a gradual payment depending on the stage and status it gets to,he however praised the company for spending more to the project which he thought would make it possible for the government to pay



Taiwo Abiodun inspecting the earth moving machine

According to Omosule, the bridge’s construction started in 2005 during the regime of the PDP when Hon. Alaba Ojomo e a petition to the Federal Ministry of Works and they came ,I mobilized them with 500 ,000 naira to come and look at it .Thewas in the House of Representatives. He expatiated further ” While the project started the federal government mobilized the contractor and only poles were erected there and from 2008 to 2010 nothing was put there until 2011 when I came in and wrotn they  it was not in the budget and nothing could be done for they found only pillars and we wrote again to the Ministry of Works (Highway) about the job and they promised to put it into 2012 budget but it was or pushed.

Machines wasting away

In 2013 there was no enough money as about 180 percent suffered a defeat and nothing given .However in the 2014 budget , the bridge was awarded with the sum of 300 million naira to Adekitan Construction company while I called the representatives of the youths , House and the community members to come and look at the project and it started.


Another  abandoned vehicle

After series of petitions from me and pleadings that the work should continue and they should be paid we later learnt that the Managing Director of the construction company has lost his sight and was in London hospital so he could not continue and the federal government cannot pay anybody except him.Even if his deputy came he cannot be paid .But unfortunately the man had spent more than what he was given to start the job as the job was almost completed and needed to be paid on what he has done so far.


Earth moving machine abandoned years ago !

Omosule said though the project is a long term project and the government needed to be checking it stage by stage as it does not need to be hurriedly done now based on what he has done so far he should be given 105 million naira.
But since he is not available now , it is the Board of Directors of the company that can come forward to complain and this project has been forestalled now”.
The town’s monarch Oba Adeyeoba Owasunloye III the Arujale Ojima of Okeluse said he is not happy about the situation, his words ” we are all in the dark as we heard so many rumours about the uncompleted Ogbese bridge.Some claimed they have fully paid for the completion of the bridge while others said the federal government is yet to balance and let the contractor finish his job, so we are at lost.My pleading to those concerned is to let the bridge completed on term. Everywhere is developing and we are still backward here, imagine a project that started since 2005!.This is baffling us here and we are not happy here at all”. the community head declared to

waiting endlessly they thought a Messiah had arrived when two years ago some of the leaders approached the the Minister of works ,Mike Onolememeh who promised to look into their complaints,thus they happily wrote the following letter and posted it on facebook

Okeluse Sons and Daughters
March 23 ·
—-Minister for Works, Mike Onolememen (Arch)
Who says perseverance has no gains? Who says only elected people can make things happen? The moribund Ogbese bridge project in Okeluse has proved that when people unite and work together, things happen.
We want to thank all the concerned Nigerians who read about the plight of our people in Okeluse regarding the truncated bridge and responded.
We are humbled at the myriad of support we got from Nigerians especially concerned politicians from the north as well as friends from Okitipupa, Akure, Owo, Ute, Ifon and many of the fighters from Bayelsa, Imo, Enugu states. Special thanks to our brothers from Cross Rivers who gave us useful tips. We cannot but mention our dependable motivators who are outside the shores of this nation. Those in Europe and USA who join us in the fight to get to the roots of the Ogbese bridge debacle in order to finish it soonest. We thank you guys in South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, etc who expressed solidarity with us and gave us hints on what to do through their inbox message


From Okeluse we want to appreciate Rev. Cannon Emmanuel Olasehinde Sunday for his steadfastness and backing. He alone of the multitude from our city showed his genuine concern and gave us his support in our campaign while othsimply thought we are embarking on a risky adventure. Thanks to Ayibiowu Donald Esq for his willingness to work from his Abuja office. We believe there are many sons and daughters who are working privately. To you all we say thank you. The campaign is working.
The Ogbese bridge is for all Nigerians but some people will benefit more than others. We fall into that group of immediate beneficiaries. We all therefore need to collectively unite in order to alleviate the suffering of our people. Thanks to all those who join us in our campaign. The struggle has just begun! But with God we shall be victorious.
After several months of our campaign to call the attention of those connected to the Ogbese bridge at Okeluse, we finally got the rare privilege to talk to the Minister for Works, Mike Onolememen Arch. His assertion is shocking to say the least.
When we began this campaign, many people responded and we got the engineer in charge of the bridge. She shed light on the work and her company. She revealed to us that her Director, Mr Dele Olagunju of Dekit Construction company is alive as well as the company. Efforts to get Dele Olagunju to talk to us remains unfruitful.
We also reported that the bridge has become a white elephant to the politicians both in our state and elsewhere. We have launched many attempts to speak to the officers of the Federal Ministry of Works. We got many of them but they were not in the position of authority to speak on the Ogbese bridge at Okeluse. We went to the Ministry of Works to talk to their staff but many of them declined to comment on the work.
In February, we got a link to the Federal Minister of Works himself, Mike Onolememen Arch who did not waste time in clearing the air and putting the records about the bridge straight as it is.
The Honourable Minister was baffled that the Ogbese bridge at Okeluse is uncompleted. He was saddened at man’s inhumanity to man. According to him, “The funds had been given to them long ago but they took it and couldn’t complete the job”. As far as his office was concerned, the bridge is COMPLETED because it has been FULLY PAID for. The Minister expressed remorse when he saw the pictures of the incomplete bridge which we sent to him as proofs.
The Minister believed that those in authority in Ondo state, especially our elected leaders, namely the Honourable representing our area; Hon. Eniolorunda Omoshule; Senator Boroffice, and Governor Mimiko were in the best position to pursue the project at the Federal level because it is a Federal project. According to him, those Federal officers have direct access to his office or any of his colleagues any time any day. “They are our boss. They put us here and can send us away from here. So we are answerable to them”, he added.

The Minister however showed his appreciation to us for bringing this abandoned project to his notice. “I want to use this medium to say a very big thank you for bringing this to my notice! I will include it to my list of uncompleted projects and soonest work will begin there again okay.Thank you once again I will not let you down!” The Minister added.
As things were, the bridge project was dead! What we have been able to achieve among many others is to reposition the bridge as an “UNCOMPLETED” project and bringing the work out of the dust bin and placing it on top of the Minister’s table for re-consideration.
We would have remained hopeful in nothing for years without knowing that the bridge has been “completed” and “fully paid for” on paper.


Now we stand a better chance since we now know the true pictures and situation of the bridge. Politicians cannot come to cajole us again with the bridge. The summary of the whole finding is that WORK IS DEAD ON THE BRIDGE!!! NO ONE IS WORKING ON IT NOW. THE CONTRACTOR IS NOT WORKING NEITHER IS ANYONE!!! Reason for this is that as said above, “the bridge is completed and fully paid for long time ago”.
We thank all Nigerians and concerned people. We want to call on all those office holders the Minister and we all hold responsible namely (Mimiko, Boroffice & Eni Omoshule) to wake up and approach the Ministry of Works for necessary corrections they have the power to effect before their time in office expires.
We call on all Nigerians especially Ondo and Edo states’ people to pull resources together so that this vital bridge will be completed speedily.
We welcome more suggestions on how we can go from here. Pls be assured that we shall always treat your suggestions confidentially. If you cannot share publicly please inbox your opinions or ideas. You are all well appreciated.

Two years after this letter there is no word head from them more so power has changed hands.

the community is now on their own.

However, investigation reveals that the man handling the project  has died.

Now they have resorted to sand fill some areas of the bridge which will cost 4million naira to complete and now begging the good-spirited Nigerians , natives and government to come and assist them .

”I have been living alone for 38 years”

If you call it hope  and  faith you are correct.  In spite  of his old age at 73 , Pa ( Primate) Ayoola Omonigbehin  says he is still hoping in God  to be a family man. He has been living alone for the past 38 years. was with him

Pa Omonigbehin asking  ”what is their business?”

He is always cheerful and jovial  .The veteran journalist is always  in his Yoruba traditional  flowing gown [agbada] .He is  very  popular and known  in many Nigeria  media houses, infact  there  is no media house in Nigeria that Pa  ( Primate) Ayoola Omonigbehin   is not known for he has worked in some media houses.

The septuagenarian  worked as a reporter at the defunct Concord Press in the 80’s. According to him , he was on Business Desk and he was the brain behind   the defunct MKO Abiola Babes. He has also published a magazine which is now defunct.

A courageous missionary and a powerful  man of God  who goes about preaching  the gospel ,and calls a spade a spade.  According to him he has healed many  from their infirmities.

Asked to give an example he said ” there is a man with unsound mind who has been staying at Ladipo  Motor  Spare Parts Market, Mushin  for a long time ,  I went  there to   pray for him .Few days later I  went back there  and  I was told he has left, he has been healed” , Omonigbehin said as  he swore to high  heavens .

Evidence of his works

Armed with series of his published stories  and his newspaper cuttings ,he showed  reporters  his works ,  evidence of his works .Every  afternoon the old man   comes to  The Nation Newspaper’s  office in his flowing gown (agbada ) displaying his long handwritten stories to Editors   to be published. Although age has bent him as he  goes along with a long strand  from one office to another.There is no reporter he does not know. Infact a former Sunday Editor ( now Online Editor) confirmed it that the old man was once a senior colleague at  the defunct Concord Press Nigeria Limited, a print media owned by the late MKO Abiola.

My history

Primate Omonigbehin who  has spent many years in Lagos confessed that  he is not a Lagosian as many thought but a native of  Ibadan , his words”I was born in the 40s and I am  from Beere area in Ibadan , Oyo State”, when asked when last he visited home , he smiled, shook his head and refused to tell

On how he feels when he remembers  that he lives alone and without a wife and children , he replied ‘ It is true that I have been living alone for the past 38 years , I don’t have a wife or child to be called mine but I am not hopeless .If you read the Bible you will read the story of Abraham was over 100 years before he had a child,read Genesis 14.Noah was over 600 years , and they  say  as it was in the beginning…so if you know Christ you don’t have to be afraid , what ever comes your way, it is just a matter of time. I am still hoping to have a wife and a child.”

He added that he  will have three children as he makes references to the Biblical  Abraham who has a child at  old age.

He rebuked  those speaking ill  or gossiping about him for living alone  the old man said ”what is their business about my lifestyle?Ki lo kan won nibe?”, he rhetorically asked.

On his pastoral job , he said “As a prophet of God I have prayed for  some people with infirmity and they were healed , God is my witness”, he boasted 


The Primate  said he was once attacked by his neighbors who ganged up against him thus making him sleeping with one eye open for the fear  that  his life is not safe where he lives at 31,Ile -Iwe Bus stop,Ikotun.”they wanted to kill me and God has been rescuing me from the enemies”.

Omonigbehin went down memory lane to talk about his active years in the media  and how he established his own media he  began to  mention ”Who is who” in the Industry






Behold, Mother of Owo Culture

Behold, Mother of Owo Culture

………First female chief

…….Prays to clock 100

…….Still observes Igogo festival

Chief Christianah  Fehintola Famulagun Abiodun, the Obajereuwa of Owo is a custodian of Owo culture, a griot , a library and a wiseacre in the ancient town , Owo, Ondo state. She narrates her story to

In the 60s to 90’s she was agile and would dance round the ancient town of Owo during the annual Igogo festival. Infact she was always the cynosure of all  eyes  attracting  crowd and spectators from all Yorubaland and overseas not only because she knew how to dance but because she was the only female chief , has high qualities of traditional costumes. Visitors from all walks of life; the media , students and researchers made her house a Mecca of sorts. Today she hardly go out as age has curtailed her movement thus making her to slow down.She has become aged , at 96 , and can no longer do all these .

Welcome to nonagenarian  Madam Christianah Famulagun’s life.She is an historian, an encyclopaedia  of Owo culture, a poet, and a living legend. She is  not only a chief but the first woman chief in the history of Owo, She became the Obajereuwa of Owo in 1965.

She looked around her smiled , shook her head and said ” how time flies, I knew when I was still agile running ups and downs during the annual Igogo festival but age has dealt a fatal blow on me “. However she still observes the festival it at home.

Her names

When asked what exactly her names , she said “some call me Famolagun , some too call Ifamulagun, Falagun or Faalagun but the fact remains that since ‘ Ifa’ ( oracle) is there thus …it has told you about me” she told



Chief Famulaagun during the 2017 Igogo festival

Ageing with grace

Despite her old age she does not suffer any dementia like her age mates.She is still eloquent and thinks straight. Her skin glitters .She said ” I don’t use hearing aids and don’t use recommended eye glasses since I can see clearly , while my dentition is complete , none is missing “, she opened her mouth to convince this reporter.[ with a loud laughter ]

Notwithstanding her age and her height , (5:7 feet tall ) she does not use cane to support her movement until recently when she started using a walker to support herself since she has broken her hip few years ago. Not only this she has good retentive memory that makes her still be very relevant.She could tell you dates of events offhand without looking at calendar.She reminded this reporter of an episode when the Queen of England came to Nigeria , spoke about Macpherson Constitution , the 1966 operation Wet e .No wonder a professor who went to her for research said this woman is still relevant in the society . .” She must not die now and I have pleaded with her children to make sure they document all what she said in paper”, the professor advised.

Mama said ”I pray to be up to 100 years if God wishes”

Mother of Owo Culture

The woman; First Woman Chief is witty and with sense of humor.She would sing her native songs , laced it with panegyrics ( Oriki) , uses proverbs and anecdotes to support her stories and counseling . According to her she has over 20 different types of coral beads with different names , she also has dozens of handwoven native Owo traditional clothes with different names,” I have different traditional clay pots ,over 20 different of Owo coral beads ,and Owo handwoven clothes”, she boasted. In addition she knows all the historical sites and names of families and their heads as far back as 1930.She would tell you the story as fresh as they were.

Igbo Nla house( house thick forest )

Chief Famulagun’s house at Ogbondaiye is called Igbo Nla ( literary means house of thick forest full of many things ) which harbours people of different characters[ not criminals] .The house , a bungalow is an antique , she said “though the frontage is made of brick while the backyard retains the old local red brick used to build it , thus retaining the over a century building”, she continued “In spite of the modest building the place has haboured the good, the bad and the ugly .It harbors aristocrats, great people and intellectual in the community . In the morning this place is always full .In the evening it is like a political rally being organized, or celebration is going on .While some come to me for research, some for advise “, the wiseacre added jokingly ” this house is like nose that never dry, a stream that never ceases to flow” . The griot said “while some too only come here just to relax and listen to stories like Tales by moonlight and Tales by “Daylight” that is why we call this house Igbo Nla. Infact politicians and so many people have lived here.My house is for everybody irrespective of who you are “.

Culture inherited by children

Madam Christianah Famulagun is a griot, a library for Owo culture. Her thoughts , actions, dresses smell Owo .” Infact my song , my water , my food everything about me is Owo”, she declared to

In actual fact some of the children , grandchildren and great grandchildren of the nonagenarian are politicians , theatre guru and are neck deep in cultural activities .Yes , they inherited it from the Mama , who is a politician, custodian of culture and a chief in the ancient community . Mrs “Morenike Oladimeji said “Mama ‘s house is where researchers must visit If you are writing stories about Owo and if you have not been to her then your story is incomplete”, she swore,

To approach the woman of Culture is simple , as you go into the building you will meet a woman who look 60 on a three seater foam chair with her costumes like coral beads or chains dangling on her neck .She is ever neat and wears perfume always .Yes, you could take her for a young girl looking for husband but when you get closer you will know she is going to a century .


 Olowo of Owo is God’s gift for us

Asked to speak on the present Olowo of Owo, hear her ” I appreciate Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru- Olagbegi III.He is a peace maker.He is a soft spoken man that will never hurt anybody’s feelings .I love him.He is very, very brilliant and a lover of peace. I wish him years and years and years of more ..He will,live longer than his fore fathers” , she prayed and continued “During his time Owo has more banks , and many things have improved in this town.During his period the town developed , the roads are tarred and graded, there is functioning street light and this makes us sleep late as the town has become El dorado .Owo is progressing and I thank God for doing this .I am very proud of him , he is Yemi, my son’s childhood and intimate friend .Olowo has performed excellently well, he is after  the progress of Owo. He is wonderful and believes in God the almighty.He is recognizedboth home and abroad, no wonder the federal government awarded him CFR . We should honour and appreciate him the more”.

I want to write a book

Madam Falagun said ” I want to write a book .My stomach ( touching her tommy) is full of many things .I can’t divulge anything again.I receive visitors from America, Brazil, India who  do come here to ask questions about our culture.Recently a lady who is a native of Haiti came to Owo here to  marry my cousin.The lady was so fascinated about our culture and language .We are rich in culture , ours is fantastic ,the Benins are following us behind in costumes’

My tortoise- Mayamije

The chief for many years kept a pet , tortoise called ‘ Mayamije’ , the  story about the  which   was once published in The Nation’s newspaper

She said”The mysterious animal acts like human being , at times it would stand on its two hind legs like human being,at times it would be running to where I am and I would scream that it should not come to my side and I would ask whether it wanted to bite me .It was an interesting but a mysterious pet.Unfortunately it died some years ago after living for 20 years .I love keeping pets”.

To be continued ,

In the next edition Mama Falagun speaks about her being only child of her mother,  Politics , Owo Culture, her Christian live cum tradition and culture , UPN,why she decided to take the chieftaincy title , her bitter experience in life, What ‘ Ajo’ means , the secret of her living and what she is doing now and many more .

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