These four voted for the new Olowo of Owo

Chief Famulagun narrates how the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye stopped sudden death called magun
Only ”Four” people voted for Prince Ajibade
The following four people/factors voted for Prince Ajibade

  1. The late Olowo of Owo Oba Kola Ogunoye’s good legacy
  2. Ajibade’s good manner
  3. The Omolowos
  4. Owo people

In his Book, In the Wilderness of Life , (The travails and Triumphs of His Royal Highness, Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III (CFR)) On page 11, the Monarch wrote on the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye ”…..Yet, his twenty –five-year reign witnessed a lot of progress and significant development .More schools , motorized roads, and a polytechnic , Owo Polytechnic (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic , Owo) were established .His greatest achievement was the election of an Owo man , Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin , as the first democratically elected governor of the defunct Ondo State in 1979. Olowo Ogunoye was ordinarily a level-headed, genial, easy -going and unassuming king with talents as a consensus builder” .What an achievement the Owo people will not forget . No wonder the shout allover the town that if a father could be successful like this , his son will perform wonder!. And if the late Oba Folagbade -Olagbegi could write this in his book, then the late Oba Ogunoye II was a great man , and his son , Ajibade would perform!
The first woman Chief in Owo since 1961 ,Madam Christiana Fehintola Famulagun Obajerewa of Owo Kingdom who is now 97years old and who had witnessed about five Monarchs ( Olagbegi I, Olowo Ajike, Olagbegi II, Ogunoye II, Olagbegi II(return of Oba Olagbegi II), Olagbegi III and this present one Ogunoye III said ” the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye was a very good man, when many men and young boys started dying in Owo as a result of Magun (don’t Climb) laced on women against any man that sleeps with them , that resulted to the death of many young and old men Ogunoye put a stop to it. According to her , the late Oba Ogunoye rescued Owo when both young and old men were dying as a result of lacing women and ladies even spinsters with a mysterious and powerful juju called Magun, the late royal father came out publicly to lace curse on any man that laced their ladies, girlfriends or wives the deadly magun ( Don’t climb) .He also cursed those who would continue the wicked activities of sending a mysterious disease called eta or ofa (arrow) in local parlance . This was corroborated by Chief (Madam) Sikirat Ogunbodede the Iyalode of Isokun Odo , Ijebu -Owo. The Iyalode of Isokun Odo who spoke on phone with this reporter prayed for the new king and said ”There was a time when life was cheap and male folks were dying cheaply as a result of Magun some men laced on their wives .It was his ( Ajibade) father(Kabiyesi Ogunoye) who stopped the lacing of the deadly magun , young men were dying as a result of this , he cursed whoever did that again. And that was the end of it!. During his time there was peace , no trouble as the town was peaceful”.
Madam Oluwafunke Samuel (aka E ku fee)is well known in Owo. Go to oba- adekola-ogunoye-saved-me/
Oluwafunke [aka E ku fee]was summoned to the palace in the 80s for selling powdery corn -a banned product ( elekute) in the town. The poor woman was excited for not being punished or fined .
Ogundowole Joseph wrote in Owo Kingdom on this post ‘’ Kabiyesi Oba Ogunoye is [sic]always like dat, he did the something when some people wanted to take my father’s land from me .May his soul rest in peace’’
Adewale Olatunbosun Olagbaiye Doherty also wrote He once intervened for my mam, though she’s his daughter , but to the surprise and administration of those present .This is a story of another day
Abass Samson wrote ”The past king of our time without replicant (sic).The name rings bell.
The crisis that engulfed Owo in 1999 cannot be easily forgotten when some of the indigenes ran to Akure for safety. While in Akure many Owo people were said to be on the payroll of Ajibade. A reliable source said ”His house in Akure became a Mecca of sorts , as he was there for them to give them succor”.A man posted on face book and wrote how Ajibade paid for his fine when he was arrested for contravening the Traffic law .He is from Owo.
An old woman who begged this reporter not to mention her name said ” this man, Ajibade is a silent philanthropist , he gives me money every month and makes sure he takes care of me”.An America-based businessman Lobo Agaun said ” let me tell you , Owo youths are for Ajibade,he is a great silent philanthropist, he has assisted many , paid many students’ school fees .The Prince Ajibade, is humble and a complete gentleman who did not go about bragging that he is a Prince”.
According to a reliable source each time he met the late immediate Olowo of Owo, Oba Folagbade Olateru Olagbegi III during the meetings of Ondo State Traditional Rulers/Obas Council, he would prostrate to him and greet him .
The Olunaun of Unaun, Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde describe the new Olowo –elect thus , ” he is gentle, humble, unassuming, a man with large heart and a cool headed man.He is not different from his late father , Olowo Ogunoye in his simplicity and humility. Kabiyesi Ajibade’s face, physique , his stepping while dancing is exactly like his father”
The Omolowos voted for the Prince , when they knew the sterling qualities Ajibade possessed . When they knew he would take them to the promised land. A man who begged for anonymity said ” Ajibade is a good man. I am from Ehin- Ogbe, we all know him to be a quiet and nice guy. Apart from that ,he is a man to be proud of , he read Law, that means a lot.A man who begged for anonymity said ”there could have been war in Owo, war, I mean war because we all heard all the behind the scene stories and if the story had changed all the Omolowos will know what we are talking about”, he continued ” We heard stories now and thank God things did not change and they would have heard wen , we were battle -ready and the Operation Wet ti e of the 60s would have been a child play, even June 12 na small e go be for here”.
4. AJIBADE’S GOOD MANNERr [Manner maketh man]

Those who knew him know he is a quiet man. They know he is a material for Owo. He is humble, unassuming, talented, simple,a go- getter and a man that has endurance. All these made Owo people love him the more.Ajibade’s good manner voted for him.All hail the King! Kaaaaabiyesi oooooo

How Olowo of Owo was elected

   Tension was   high. Peace was fragile. Eyes   widely opened.  Ears kept  to the ground .  It was like a vigil. Nobody   slept. It   was   a world of gloomy and uncertainty. Some who would have loved to stay neutral or aloof  could not for it was not this time  . It is like watching the World  Cup, no, it was like Barrack   Obama’s   first election   when the First Black man contested for the America   Presidency, the election was watched by the whole world with rapt attention and pumping hearts. Yes , it was  like when President  Barrack Obama and his men were watching how America SEAL Team Six  bombarded  Osama Bin Laden’s house in Abbottabad , Pakistan on May 2, 2011.Tension filled the air!.Back home, it was like the June 12 presidential election.


Olowo of Owo -elect addressing the Chiefs and crowd

    The Olowo of Owo’s  Palace was full. Some came to watch  how the election would go while some were there to start the joyful mood when announced while others were ready to ….. if there is any magomago or wuruwuru.

       Yet,   it is like sitting on a keg of gun powder. Time  bomb. Many had their blood pressure shot up. All kinds of   rumors  and gossips  went  round the town. Text messages were flying like kite .

     All hands were on deck.      Hmmnn , Owo  a town honoured and respected in Yoruba land . Owo  whose   name is in the Bible , known as the   land of Honour . A town  blessed  with erudite scholars, political juggernauts , successful business men and business women .A town that has its natives in Diaspora .

 Owo is  one of the most sensitive towns in terms of politics and chieftaincy titles. Owo indigenes   hate  cheating.  Don’t toy with Owo when it comes to politics and chieftaincy titles . No wonder Socrates said ”Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom’’.Owo will perform ‘’wonder’’ if anything contrary to their wishes happens.

 Olowo-elect waving to his supporters

Who will become the next Olowo of Owo ?. Who will become the King and be addressed as  Kabiyesi oooo?. Who will be greeted thus : Okun Aragbarigbi , akata ila  bori Ogho male, ogede so too too?(the mighty expansive ocean , the great white umbrella –like shelter of Owo. The prolific banana tree that bears so much fruits-Courtesy Prof . Rowland Abiodun).

 Who will occupy the highly revered  throne  in Yoruba land? .Who will fit into the late Olowo of Owo  HIM Oba David Folagbade’s  shoe? . From Owo, Lagos, United Kingdom , Canada , France and  America  different  news flew round.


    Immediately the late  Olowo of  Owo Oba David Victor  Folagbade Olagbegi III joined his ancestors  on the 16th of April  there were speculations of who is qualified and  not qualified to be the King .When Pastor Enoch  Adeboye , the Spiritual Leader of The Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) came to the town to commiserate with the family and kinsmen , he prayed that God should provide another King  that would bring peace and development to the ancient town. He also prayed that God will give the town a King that would be after His heart.


 Christians prayed while the Moslems were not left out. Infact according to rumour the Chiefs  and Ifa Diviners went as far as to another town  to consult oracles like the Oracle in Delphi. Then a shock that almost threw everybody off balance landed as  a man who claimed to have come from an area released  a video that went viral . He came out  with  shocking messages  that  some traditional title holders would die before the town can enjoy peace. Yes, the man goofed as Owo became peaceful without the death of those he mentioned. I wish the man is  fished out  to tell us where he got the message!.

Who will Ifa Oracle  pick that would not cause problem? .Who will God chose among these Princes? Oro nla!.

Many contestants came out , pulling their weights. We need to thank Ojomo Oluda and the Omolowos for their wisdom and boldness to do the job as the town did not go into crisis.

Arguments flowed freely as questions were asked: How can someone who lives far away from home come back home to  contest  for the throne? .Did these contestants have   investment that will  benefit   Owo?. Who should be the next ruling house to contest?. We don’t want old people to be King. Haa! You should allow another ruling House to contest.  We don’t want this and that ruling house again, all these arguments and counter arguments were raised and  debated upon by many but having forgotten that the choice lies in Omolowos who are Kingmakers headed by Oba Kofoworola Oladoyinbo the Ojomo Oluda of Ijebu Owo.

      The envious  seat became  hot cake and big debate of all as some members of the three  ruling houses  viz; Olateru- Olagbegi, Ajike and  Ogunoye came up. Arguments heated up , some said they are all from same Elewuokun ruling House and anybody among them could vie for it.    There were about 18 contestants   vying  for  one position. These contestants  flexed muscles as nobody wanted to step down,  those begged to step down did not oblige. Haaa!, Kilode? -Only one position. Social media was  awash with stories and references  .

    While all these contestants   were greeted in the public as Oba l’ola (Future king ) . Then  the political  song of 1960s  Bi o r’owo mi oo r’inu mi Demo ni mo wa …. came to mind . Some of these contestants were supported publicly but not supported privately. Speculations went round that some of the contestants  promised cars,promised  to  bring business to Owo, and to turn the ancient town to Eldorado, and many more if elected .


Contacts were made as  everybody was battle -ready . The town was guarded  by  armed- to- the teeth Mobile Policemen in order   to forestall break down of   law and order. Yes , the governor has to do this  because the ancient town has  records of  violence in politics  and  chieftaincy matters .Unconfirmed rumour has it that  some of the town’s boys too were ready to strike in case the people’s wish was not accepted .Filling stations were shut down as no one knows what will be the outcome  of the election.  Only few went to the market and they closed early. Mark you, Owo does not tolerate cheating , no matter how simple it is.



Day was Friday. Time ticked. The day seemed to be too  slow  and  before you knew it  the appointed time came : 3pm on the dot for the voting .

Eyes were blood shot. Some had their blood pressure high .And the questions on everybody’s mouth is  ”Who will support who?’’

Votes were cast , Prince Suyi Olagbegi scored one vote , he came second  while some scored zero but at least they were present to mark register and added to the number of the people who came   to witness the heroic occasion .Then came the result and  announcement , Prince Gbadegesin Ajibade Ogunoye scored 14 out of 15 votes. There was public cries of joy, shouts of hallelujah rent the air. The result was signed by those that mattered while Kabiyesi Ojomo Oluda Kofoworola signed .

Like a heavily pregnant woman who had just delivered in the  labour room . Tension died down. .Jubilation filled everywhere . The townsmen jubilated . Everywhere went frenzy .Beer parlous gave free drinks. Many declared free drinks. It was the first time Owo spoke in one voice, said Honurable Murtala Ahmed.

 Mr.Matthew Obajuluwa said ”this is the first time Owo will  elect their king without any crisis and we  are happy’’, Obajuluwa said on phone, he added ” the Oba -elect Ajibade is loved by the old and the young .This is a new beginning in Owo,Imagine , there is no trouble of any kind as everything went peacefully”.


 Vox Populi , Vox Dei

Phones rang everywhere and the voice heard  or the message was ”Ajibade has won! Ajibade has won!!Ajibade has won!!!God has taken control”. This was from Nigeria , then from the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, France .There was celebration all over the world . Lobo Agaun far away in Missouri celebrated the victory, he said ” that is what we want , the young and ebullient Prince has become the King.The man has charisma, loved by all and is very accommodating and humble .No arguments and no story ”, he said joyfully .The good news spread like wildfire and the following story went like this ;

”Ajike was the first to  embrace Ajibade then Leke while  others followed suit. According to information gathered all the contestants had been made to sign a treaty that whoever won the election should be accepted by all and there should not be fight over this”, Jide Tububo said.


 The chiefs asked the Oba- elect to prostrate for the last time  and greet them all. He obeyed as he prostrated and greeted Kabiyesi  Ojomo Oluda   Ojomo , the Omolowos and  other chiefs.

The new Oba -elect  who wore an immaculate white agbada  with a white cap to match  addressed the crowd  as the shout of Olowo  Baba O! rent the air. He   entered an open roof Jeep and   started waving ,  and thanking his supporters and   the kinsmen for their support.

Investigation revealed that some sacrifices and rituals had commenced since then.

”Immediately they start the  other sacrifices the marketers  will  leave Ogwata  and go back to  the King’s Market which had been shut since the demise of the Olowo Olateru Olagbegi III”, a source dislosed.



Olowo throne is significant because it has become a tale of three lawyers .A lawyer succeeded  a lawyer  and a lawyer  will  give staff of office  .The late Olowo of Owo was a Lawyer while the Oba -elect is also a lawyer and Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu the Ondo State governor who will give the royal staff of office to the new -elect Oba is also a lawyer.What a coincidence!.

The late Olateru -Olagbegi III assumed his reign  in his 50s while Ajibade assumes in his 50s too.

The late Olateru -Olagbegi III was as gentle as a dove ditto Ajibade who is simple and humble too

The two became  the third (Olagbegi -Olagbegi III and Ogunoye III). The two royal fathers served the government too.In Missouri , America the rhythm continues

Bade de ade

A o baa dee,

Bade de ade Oba,

Haa , e wo bi t’omode t’agba ti nwariri fun Bade ,

Bade ti di Oba

Goodnight Olufunke Olakunri

Congregants singing a Hymn


…She survived cancer 20years ago

She was my mentor and mother –Gani Obanigba

Yesterday, a Memorial Service of Songs and Celebration of Life was held  for Mrs. Olufunke Oyeyemi Olakunri at  The Redeemed Church of God (RCCG) City of God at 8614 Manchester Rd, St.Louis , MO 63144, America .

The  programme which was organized  by Gani Obanigba who was a brother in-law to the deceased was attended by many people from family members to friends and acquaintances.Pastor Niyi Aruwajoye the officiating Pastor implored everyone present to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, he said  ” we came with nothing and will surely go empty handed ”, he counseled.Pastor Akin Aruwajoye also added that ”since no one knows when he is going it is better now to repent because we will all die one day”.Pastor Omiye consoled the family and friends and implored everybody to be strong.

The service  which started at 2pm did not close until after 5pm as everybody  was discussing about how nice the  the   woman was. A member of the family described how she survived cancer of the breast 20 years ago but fell cheaply and painfully into the hands of suspected herdsmen or killers, no one is safe again, she concluded.

Some songs were rendered as many used handkerchief  to clean their misty eyes . Among the songs are   On the resurrection morning , Soul and body meet again , No more sorrow, no more weeping , No more pains …. A woman could not sing along as she kept on looking at the pictures in the program and weeping profusely.


Mr.Gani Obanigba who is a brother –inlaw to the late woman described the woman as a nice, humble and a great philanthropist  who will not allow anybody to suffer.

According to Gani, ‘’ I called her my mother , mentor and God-sent. She facilitated my coming to America  and I shall for ever be grateful to her”., he said .



Pastor Idowu  ,described the woman as a rare gift to humanity whose life was brutally cut down.  He said ”She used to call me Uncle, Uncle and I too would call her Auntie , Auntie. She was a wonderful individual , woman of  accomplishment. She worked hard , blessed people and was a  strong pillar of the family”’

When Seun Obanigba held the microphone and was   about to speak about her , she broke down as hot tears cascaded on her cheeks, she could not talk.,

 Born on June 11, 1961 in Akure to the families of Chief Reuben Famuyide  Fasoranti  and Frances Oladiwura Fasoranti who were both teachers .

Olufunke attended St. Stephen’s Primary School in Iju -Itaogbolu , Ondo state , She also attended St Louis secondary school , Ondo for her secondary school where she spent two years but due to transfer of her father again she went with him to Olivet Baptist High School , Oyo where she completed her secondary school .She proceeded to Federal School of Arts and Science Ondo for her Advanced level .

She went to Ondo state Polytechnic where she obtained her HND in Accounting in 1983.

After her National Youth Service Corps in Omega Bank now Spring Bank . She later went to Lagos University to read Law, she was a pioneer student at Nigeria Law School, Abuja

Olufunke attended many courses and programes home and abroad inccluding Havard University , USA.

As a seasoned Banker she worked with Citi Express Bank, Great Nigeria Insurance  and rose to the positions of Secretary in these companies .

She was generous to a fault,

She married Mr. Idowu Olakunri of the Elerewe Dynasty of Owo on February 15, 1985, and the union was blessed with two daughters ; Oyindamola  Weider, Oluwafeyisike  Omosehin  and grandchildren . Olufunke was survived by her husband, children sister  and many family members

May her soul rest in peace.

Those who were present at the event are ; Dr. Layi Olagbegi, Pastor Omiye, Pastor Niyi Aruwajoye, Chief Gboyega Aruwajoye, Dipo Okunrinboye,Mr and Mrs Kofo  Osun, and many others ,

However the remains of the Lawyer cum Banker will be buried today at Akure .

I cry everyday-Father of the late Olori Bola


Pa Adepoju  (speaking in Yoruba language)lamenting the death of his daughter

Olodumare oooo!! Haa! this is our royal father , traditional ruler, our Oba ,our Monarch ,our King . Look at his agbada, torn!.

      Look ,look,  as he is  struggling  and fighting his Olori  in the public.Ooo my God,  Ah, where are his beads? [Ileke/akun]- they are dangling on his neck . Abomination, Eeewo, a a ti gbo?. Yegede! odindi Oba!. This is desecration of  the throne.Oh my God!.

      How come? What happen?.Kilo sele? kilo de? In the end , nothing happened, no justice . It was a bad story .Nothing is heard about the case again.It all happened  nine  years ago in Akure, Ondo State.

      Human Rights Activists, Women groups were upset while the  king makers  removed him for bringing shame to Yoruba culture and tradition. They  took up the case. From Owo, Akure , Lagos, United Kingdom  and to America the cries went up to high heavens that the  wife of a  first Class Yoruba Monarch  was   dehumanized.

        Haaa! whaaat?. She was  beaten and substances suspected to be acid was poured on her at her residence , 141 Hospital Road , Akure .


Interview (in Owo dialect), says it was the strange woman the King brought home that caused all the problem

It was controversial .It became a Police case,  and Court case . She was taken to the hospital  for treatment and later died!.

Dead?.Ku ke?. Yes she died and on  that 12th of July 2011 and her remains were brought from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Lagos (LASUTH) to her  residence in Akure where she was buried. May her soul rest in peace.Shout a big Amen!.

 Ah! the first Class monarch was banished from the throne   and hometown , Akure  to GRA , Owo,  his in-law’s town. Oloun oo, o gbele ooo! itiju nla!.

Chei ! Osanobua !!!. Disgrace. A first class Monarch, the Deji of Akure  fighting in the public?. Ahhh, look at his agbada, torn! .Look , he is struggling  and fighting in the public. Ah, with beads on his neck and wrists? [Ileke/akun]. Abomination, Eeewo, a a ti gbo?. Yegede! odindi  Oba. Haa odindi Kaabiyesiii. This is desecration to the throne. 

How come? What happened?. In the end , nothing happened. It was a bad story. Nothing is heard about the case again.Haaa where is justice? Nigeria!Nigeria!! Nigeria!!!. It all happened eight years ago in Akure.

That was the story behind the banishment,  deposition and dethronement of  the Deji of Akure , Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju who allegedly accused his wife on of adultery , accusation

Taiwo Abiodun visited  the  father of the late Olori Bolanle in Owo.


The old man narrated the story as in this two video clips [in Yoruba language and Owo dilalect]

Today , nothing is heard about the case again!

 The deposed Monarch

Pa Fadeyi said ”my late daughter and the deposed monarch, Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju courted for six years and did engagement in my house here in Owo .The husband came to demand her hand in marriage in the year 2001 while he became the Oba of Akure in 2005.

 When I was told that my daughter had been hospitalized I went to see her at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC ) Owo, before she was transferred to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital ( LASUTH) Lagos where she later died .She didn’t know she would die.  .

”I was told that they poured some things on her that …..

 ”I can’t forget her, She was buried in her house in Akure .I am sad, sad and sad.It is very painful.


”During the fracas , I went to the monarch in Akure to beg the king and to reconsider his wife but he refused to take his wife back .I knew when he was at the District Officers’ ( D.O) quarters in my town , Owo where he was banished to “.

”Each time I look at her pictures I feel sad , these are her photographs from her spinsterhood till when she got married.

Pa Fadeyi said the quarrel between his late daughter and the deposed Oba (husband ) was more than ordinary , he said ” It was the woman he (the monarch) brought to the palace that caused everything .It was a big error , when the monarch was telling me he said he didn’t know what came over him. The devil really used him.

”You can see that I am old now , and can no longer work . The late Olori’s younger ones are the one assisting me now since my daughter has gone , it is very , very sad.


Pa Fadeyi going through some pics of  his late daughter

Haa, o ma se o! now the Olori’s  father is at home weeping for the loss of his daughter while the mother was somewhere taking care of the two kids the woman left behind.

And the questions  are  ” What will the deposed Monarch tell his kids in the future? Where is the woman that was said to have caused all these problems?”.


Olaoye- Osinkolu Vs Melrose: Legal battle continues tomorrow


Tomorrow, Tuesday  July 2, 2019 the Ogun State High  Court will be sitting  as the   legal battle between a writer/journalist,  Mrs.  Dupe Olaoye -Osinkolu   and  a global brand book publishing company , Melrose Books and Publishing Limited continue . The case  was adjourned on the 9th of  April when the Court did not sit.

The   case started in  the year 2012 . In an Original Summons filed on her behalf by a Lagos State -based legal firm , Oluyinka Olujimi & Associates , Mrs. Olaoye- Osinkolu  had informed an Ota , Ogun State High Court  that the said company has since the year 2012 held on to her intellectual work , in flagrant breach of a contract signed with her.

She told the court that the publishing company published  in a leading national newspaper asking people with educational children stories to submit them for consideration and eventual publication.

The claimant forwarded her  own contribution of which the considered very good and satisfied their standard and merit. The company, Melrose   later invited Olaoye -Osinkolu  to sign the contract , and among the  terms are that she must not make the story available to any other publishing company  while it made some financial pledges , including  if it failed to publish the work.

Seven years after the company , Melrose Books and Publishing Limited  neither published her work  nor compensated her despite her  demand for her materials  be returned.Now  she  fears  that they must have printed the work in another foreign country under a fictitious name or title.

Mrs. Olaoye -Osinkolu is seeking the following reliefs ;

1. A declaration that the defendant’s failure or neglect and /or refusal to either publish or return the manuscript of the Claimant and /or pay compensation to the claimant is wrongful and constitute a breach of agreement between both parties

2. A sum of N25million (Twenty five million naira) only as damages against the defendant for the loss suffered by the Claimant on the account of not publishing /returning/compensating/the Claimant as contained in the agreement .

3.A sum of N20million as compensation for the loss of another contract suffered by the Claimant on the account of the agreement binding the defendant to the Claimant.

4.Interest at the rate of 10percent per annum from the date of judgement until judgement is satisfied as provided in the rules of Court .However , rather than affirm or deny the claim of the journalist,the company has told the  court  that it lacks jurisdiction to entertain  the matter.

In a preliminary objection  filed  on its behalf  by a law firm , Enitan Associates , the company  is seeking refuge in a legal technicality that the suit was  brought as an Originating Summons and not a Writ of Summons.

Originating Summons are processes in which Courts are asked to interprete  statutes or agreements, while  writs are for contentious matters.

In an interview with , Olaoye-Osinkolu vowed to see the matter to a conclusive end . She was shocked that   the company would  seek refuge in technicalities rather than either admit or deny her claims of being unjustly the enjoyment of her intellectual property.

She said  ”This is real cheating and it is unfortunate we allow this type of fraudulent activities to go on in this country. Now how will others be encouraged or how will they trust these publication companies? .Just imagine, this is the same company that , on receiving our court summons pleaded  for out of Court settlement , and renewed pledges to publish the work .They even hurriedly sent me a hurriedly designed purported book cover in which they misspelt my name .I, in contact with some other writers whose works they also fraudulently obtained and refused to publish are waiting for Melrose Books  and Publishing. Yet, their contact binds us from making the works available to other publishers. We are waiting for them in Court”.

The work  has been with the Melrose Books and Publishing Limited  since 2012.