Don’t disclose that I have joined the Army


Bobo T  in uniform

…………..Why I joined the Army

…………on the battlefield

………..I was wounded , thrown into the bush

…………I have  one artificial  arm now! 

Family members and friends did not know my whereabouts  for  the past  two years .In fact they did not know that  I  was conscripted into the  Army to fight in the war as a Combatant Soldier .On the battlefield I saw  broken limbs and human flesh that  littered everywhere . I saw human heads  rolling on the ground while I heard the shrill cries of wounded soldiers. Now I am with one arm.Taiwo Abiodun narrates  his experience .


My dearest Children,

                    Please don’t tell your friends and family members  that  I  have joined the Army . Don’t tell  that I am presently on the battlefield fighting  for their hearts would be in their mouths. Don’t tell that with my naked eyes  I am  seeing  hot bullets  flying past my ears as I escaped being hurt  by the whiskers or by  a hair’s breadth. Few days ago   grenades  were thrown to where I was standing , though  I was not hurt but some of my combatants  were mortally wounded.   Imagine  I have no basic training but only trained how to use the gun. I only had  One Station Unit Training (OSUT) for two weeks before we were despatched  to the War front.

T Bobo ready to fight

I cried when I remember that you could become fatherless if I die in this war. Who will take care of you?. I know you will all call me useless and good- for -nothing father who brought you into to this world to suffer. But don’t blame me , blame my destiny .Now I forced myself to be reciting   Psalm 23  by fire- by -force  for I don’t know when last I went to church. I am forced to be singing  ” Nearer my God to thee….” when seeing death face-to-face.

I am with  some armed-to-the – teeth nicotine-stained -teeth  angry   soldiers  with blood-shot eyes  who throw grenades and enjoy sending sorrow into people’s lives. 

           Last month I  was   in charge of one of the   armouries  where they stored  ammunition like : Submachine guns, Heckler & Koch, Light Machine guns, M60 Machine guns, Vickers Machine guns,General Purpose Machine Guns, MG42  among others before  I was drafted into the middle of War.  My  loaded Beretta M9A3 gun  replaced my old SIG P226 and now is in its  holster on my waist.     

Could you believe that everyday, bombs and  ballistic  missiles are thrown to where I am ? . It is like  I am  the enemies’   target during the counter offensive  to  take over the territory .      I was almost captured as   enemy combatants surrounded some of  us and opened fire on us  but I shook off  my body as  if nothing  happened . Some believe  I have African Bullet Proof. They were all surprised as one of them with a bayonet  rushed at me   ready to butcher me like a cow  but the bayonet  broke into two.

Babalawo Of the Nation (BoN)

From  the air, enemies  are  dropping F-16 Fighting Falcon,P-51D Mustang  dropping bombs. Combatants wait  behind minefields .Our enemies attacked us with drones , fighter bombers patrol. We retaliated and   attacked  them too with  the newly acquired sophisticated BoN 7174, war planes.The  sound of bombs , rockets and other weapons were thunderous and deafening .

          One  evening  I visited a nearby town  that had been ruined by soldiers  with their weapons . I did not know when I broke down and wept like a baby seeing how devastated the town has been reduced to  .I developed goosebumps  when I saw domestic  animals who  were confused as they run around, trembling  on hearing the booming of guns and other sound. Dogs were barking  restlessly . Goats were bleating  and running for safety while cats were meowing  and running around. Two big cats  sat on a sofa chair  with their owner who was already dead, he was said to have been hit by bullets . The cats dreadfully sat  with  their scary eyes  glowing   but the  chicks and chickens  were running around pecking grains  from the waste bins suddenly I saw  massive   buildings  came down crumbling as a result of  bomb. It was like an earthquake   while some bungalows obeyed to the law of gravity. Infact  many  lost their lives as a result of being hit while some were electrocuted .  Many were buried  alive while some were  under rubbles. War is not good. Some parents left  their children behind  and ran for their dear lives while some took shelter in  underground or   basement .Government and private institutions were attacked .Streets were  littered with decomposing corpses. A two- year- old blood- soaked  toddler was playing with her mother’s hair  not knowing  she was dead as a result of the shrapnel that tore her stomach and another  lodged in her heart.

 One could see the mushroom cloud forms  all from  the detonated bombs .Their water was polluted. The air was polluted as a result of stench coming out from the dead corpses and the blue sky  turned  dark  as a result of these pollutants .In the night one could see fire that ‘lighted’ the city as a result of  the burning houses -no thanks to the enemies’ rocket launchers . Churches and Mosques all went up in conflagration .Human beings  were roasted alive in their homes and offices. I wept when I saw what war has caused   in this town. 

Bobo T inspecting a grenade 

I knew all these would happen to me  because it was  war. The fiercest battle I ever faced was the the night our Army’s 67th Mechanized Assault Brigade   was bombarded by stupid , good  for nothing and blood thirsty  ragtag soldiers  who had used all kinds of hard  drugs from Indian hemp to Cocaine . Up till this moment I refused to wear my helmet because  it is too heavy. Although I forgot my Compass at home .Our  32 Mechanized Brigade Army  was supplied Ordnance.

  Our soldiers  fought using submarine  weapons from water .We fought by air and by land  , we didn’t care about their  landmines.  Yes, the enemies shelled us with their  artillery bombs and rockets  where over 500 soldiers were torn into pieces like rags . The sight of the dead and wounded soldiers is horrific .It is gory . It is  gruesome .  Stomachs were ripped open , eyes gouged out , shattered bones all over the place while human brains mixed with blood as bullets  were lodged in some of their skulls.

This is not the war one would be equipped with AK 47. This is not a war  one would go with ordinary amulets  or talismanic rings. Yes, of course I went with my charmed  rings , amulets , gbetugbetu but non worked .Some of our soldiers were taken as Prisoners Of War (POW).


T Bobo 

Presently  all the  rivers  are dirty and had been polluted while the rain that fell few days ago was black in colour no thanks to the smoke  or emissions released from the guns and bombs.There is far -reaching environmental damage. The plants , food and crops are contaminated .  

Could you believe that we have little time to relax  and have fun with women? . Me who love women more than anything . Me who love anything in skirt. Me who love sikisiki. Ah,  my manhood shrinks whenever I heard the sound of the booming of the guns and sighting war planes hovering round where we are. Where is fun on the battlefield? .I have heard and seen great men who fell by the wayside because of women . It  happened two weeks ago  , bombs were rained on men and women copulating!. I did not pity the men  who  exited this planet earth   through same ‘ way ‘  or passageway they came into the world.

                  Could you believe that two of our soldiers were summarily executed for betraying us? .The two soldiers  were Judas as they connived with our enemy combatants  and showed them some of  our armouries. They revealed our  War strategies to the enemies. The cat was let out the bag when  one of them who was found with wads of currency notes spilled the beans when he was drunk. Our Infantryman (Leader) called the two and they confessed , that was how they were asked to dig a trench and were shot dead right in our presence  to teach others a lesson. We were betrayed no wonder why some of us were captured or killed like flies.

Taiwo Abiodun at it again

Last month  I was wounded .As  I  bend down to pick a  Mark II 20 lbs   bomb  and another  German SC250 aerial bomb,  it exploded and cut off my right arm completely. I just found myself among those presumed to have died  and  was evacuated into  the bush. Among the dead, I saw some wounded soldiers  still struggling to stand up  but fell again while  wild animals like wolves   were  eating up human beings who were not dead yet but struggling and twitching – half dead! .

I saw vultures feasting on dead bodies. I was weak and had lost pints of blood . It was  one of the soldiers who came to dump dead bodies that saw me jerking and shouting that took me back to  the Camp  where the surgeon clinically cut off my hand that was dangling for only a tiny flesh that held it. It was already gangrenous and  decomposing !.

We don’t know when the war will be over as they had just supplied us  new ammunition like planes,tanks, tank destroyers,trucks,aircraft among others.

In the war I heard the clanking of guns, and soldiers brazenly using their swords and Bayonets on their enemies. I saw human skeletons  still in military uniform with their helmets on their heads. I saw headless bodies and some  dried human  skulls  these soldiers used  to drink water , in fact some of the soldiers who believe that drinking human blood would add to their physical and spiritual power  drank the blood . I saw some who are Cannibals, eating human flesh . I saw a  man who used one hand  to fight  when the other had been severed but still fighting with the other hand .I saw one legged-soldier   like Long John Silver in the Book, Treasure Island, fighting for his life.   

Happy Father’s Day, I will soon be back home 


When my bullet-riddled body is brought home  please dress me very well in my Jeans Jeans. Don’t forget to put my rings on my fingers and my necklace to let them know I am that Bobo T, T Bobo, Babalawo Of the Nation, BoN. Give me the Military salute.  Remember to sing  that emotional and thought -provoking song written by Jeremiah Rankin in 1880

God be with you till we meet again,

By his Counsels guide ,uphold you,

With his sheep securely fold  you,

God be with you till we meet again…..


     Crazy guy called Bobo T, T Bobo, Babalawo Of the Nation, BoN