If Tai Solarin were alive today……..


I shall pass this world but once

  Any good thing therefore that I can do,

or any kindness that I can show to any fellow  creature,

let me do it now; let me not defer  or neglect  it ,

for I shall not pass this way again

                                 Stephen Grellet (1773-1855)

…...Tai Solarin would have protested against 
…….Corrupt leaders
……….Fake Investigative  panels
 …….. Ajegudujera politicians
……….Jaguda paali armed robber politicians
……Business Churches and  business men called Pastors etc 
   The above  quotation  of Grellet was the  favourite quote of the late Dr. Tai Solarin who died on July 27,1994.
The late Atheist, Educationist , Human Rights activist, anti Corruption Crusader and Founder of May Flower Secondary school, Ikenne  was a thorn in the flesh of the then Military dictators. He yearned for democracy. He was  physically and emotionally brutalized  by the Military regime  infact he was detained several times by the military junta for speaking out .
The late Tai Solarin did not only criticized the military on their anti people’s policies but also spoke against the way and manner Christianity was  practiced , he believed in God but was against the idle way Nigerians took the Religion thus he resulted calling himself an atheist .
Today  seeing what is happening in Churches he is proved right .Today we can see  fake Miracles performed by fake prophets. Today we can see how the so called Men of God fleeced and milked their followers in the name of religion  .Today we can see how some  of the so called Men of God use voodoo on their church members .Today we can see how some  Church leaders are  forcing their followers  to pay tithes in their poverty state and in the COVID19 condition.
If Tai Solarin were alive today he would  have criticized the Armed robbers that full the National Assembly. If Tai Solarin were alive today he would have gathered Nigerians together and protested against the jegudujera  and jaguda paali bilisi who are  armed -robber politicians  parading themselves as our representatives guarding our interest .Today  Tai Solarin is justified in the end .
If Tai Solarin were alive today …
Well he had gone but where are those who incarcerated him today?
.If Tai Solarin were alive today …….

Mama Sheila 


This story was first  published in taiwoabiodun.blogspot.com some years ago with the title ” Tai Solarin the great”. It is now republished in  memory of the late Tai Solarin

Corin during the interview

BoN with Mama Sheila 


Tai Solarin
Mayflower school without Tai Solarin
Since the death of the late activist Dr. Tai Solarin,in 1994, his family especially his wife, Sheila and daughter , Corin , the two of a kind have been keeping the legacy of the school while Sheila has not stop condemning the social ills in the society. Taiwo Abiodun was at the family house in Ikenne during the week.

…….  Babangida  caused more damage to Tai’s  health

She is a striking resemblance of her mother , not only in beauty or humility but also in her activities. Blunt, straight forward , no official place for an interview , She has no time table or appointment to be booked before any interview. She was busy attending to students and at the same time answering all questions without taking offence. Radicalism, hard work and courage flow in her veins like her father too. Call it like father like mother , this, she did not deny .

For Corin, the first child of the late activist, serving humanity is her concern. No wonder she left the luxury and where everything is affordable in the United States for a rural place, Ikenne but not choice places like the Victoria Island in Lagos or Abuja. ‘’I want to serve humanity , I want to see these children grow and we are doing it .I want to make sure this school is fully privatised before the demise of my mother and that is what can make her happy in her life time,’’ Corin told  this reporter  as she answered questions fired at him by this reporter .
. Today, she runs the Mayflower private school and said she wants the school to be fully privatized ‘’We have so far hired good and experienced teachers. We have SS1, SS2, and we are looking forward to SS3, it is a slow process because it has deteriorated over a decade. It is doable and we shall continue to do our best.’’
She described the public school as non performing ‘’ public schools are starved of funds , they are having problems of funding of a lot of infrastructures .When a school is privately and properly managed there is money for laboratory equipment, computers .The infrastructure repairs that is needed, having qualified staff , that is the main difference, the money is deployed to the right place’’,
She however said that the number of the students is now up to1800 in the hostel and the standard has also gone up as they are hoping to have SS3 class come September.
The family will find it difficult to forgive the military especially , General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida for the long detention and suffering the late Solarin was subjected to in his life time……..He  ( Tai) was tortured and lost about 50pounds in weight, when he came out (from detention).His wrist watch fell off from his wrist. He lost many of his things.He suffered many unbelievable torture.He was in a room where they[detainees] could not sleep lying down.There was no enough room for those people in jail where one would sleep and the other would sit up”
Corin praised Nigerians who are in the education sector saying ‘’ you can’t compare Nigeria’s education system with that of United States where I come from and what obtains here .But given the Nigerian circumstances I give Nigerians a kudos and a lot of praises for they are creative, very innovative and very resourceful for the very meager amount given to them.’
Corin said she came back to Nigeria few years ago to contribute her own quota to the development of the country and said it is not difficult to stay in Nigeria having left a very comfortable place for Ikenne, she said ‘’ it is not difficult for me, I am very much at home and I enjoy it. .The only area I found frustrating is that the school has not been fully privatized , which is our mother’s wish. As soon as it is completely privatized she will be very happy and I will be elated for her. I wanted it to be privatized during her life time., she is so much looking forward to seeing it.’’
On her father’s friends, the woman said most of them had died , and said she used to visit some of his father’s freedom fighters, like Prof Wole Soyinka, and added that ‘’ you know very well that mama is 87years old. Papa senior mama. So many of Daddy’s friends are late.I have in mind to go and see Professor Wole Soyinka, he has just celebrate his birthday, he’s much younger than Mama.Professor Babs Fafunwa is late , he just passed away recently , I visited his widow .Many of Papa’s contemporary are gone .’’
What of the activists , are they still playing their roles? She responded that they are there , ‘’ many of the journalists are working and many of the activists are on the net
But why is she vocal than her younger brother , Tunde? Corin replied ‘’we are two individuals and you know we women we talk a lot. We are giving the talking so that it’s the best for nation .
The woman who herself talks tough like her father said activism runs in her blood like her late father claims there is a degree of activism in her wanting to do the right thing for Nigeria and Nigerians , the activism runs in me as it does to other members of the family, she said.
At the family house , the bungalow which has changed as two sculptors are placed at the gate on two pillars which Corin said its from her own making as a lover of sculptors
She spoke about the grave of Tai Solarin of which she said will soon be turned into a meditation garden , as she insists that his late father was not materialistic and hated wasting money’’ From what I was told before Papa before he passed on was that there should be no head stone, no covering the grave, so I would like it to see it to be as a meditation garden where one could go and see and close to the grave. I don’t want to disrespect his wishes .He doesn’t want a mausoleum , he doesn’t want a big structure .Its[grave] there , its available for everyone to see.I will like it to be people friendly where people can sit and meditate.
Corin who was once an agnostic unlike her parents who are unrepentant atheist said marriage changed her belief ‘’.Papa , I think he called himself an atheist and Mama is definitely an atheist .I want to say that I am an agnostic but I married somebody who was a Catholic faith. I converted and raised my children in Catholic faith , took them to Catholic school and church and I am still or called a relapsed Catholic’’
Asked why she cannot change Mama’s position about religion , the slender woman looked at this reporter with a cheeky smile and with a voice raised , said ‘’No, because when it is time to go to heaven , mama is assured .Mama has her own way of doing things and I have nothing but infinite respect for her.I would hardly tell her my own way is right and her own way is wrong.Mama’s stand on religion is that Nigerians spend too much time going to church while the pastors took their vulnerability and …………………………,
The Solarins are still concerned about most of the publish works of their father of which they can no longer lay their hands on, she pleaded’’I am appealing to Nigerians who have any of his books or articles to help us , bring to us, I will photocopy, scan it for further reprint for Nigerians and for his library. I promise I will return them in good condition.For Mother With Love , his Biography, we have it on the internet on amazon.com which is a big US book seller.
The family will find it difficult to forgive the military especially , General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida for the long detention and suffering the late Solarin was subjected to in his life time.When asked how she felt remembering all these, she shuddered , blinked for some minutes and with cracked voice that betrayed emotion and  said’’He was tortured and lost about 50 pounds in weight, when he came out [from detention]. His wrist watch fell off from his wrist.He lost many of his things.He suffered many unbelievable torture.He was in a room where they[detainees] could not sleep lying down.There was no enough room for those people in jail where one would sleep and the other would sit up.
”And inspite all that they did not break his spirit, he continued to say what he wanted to say, continued to live the way he wanted to live.They made a dent in his physical health but mentally they did nothing to break him’’
Would she like to come through Tai Solarin again if there is reincarnation ?’’Yes, ’’she replied ‘’Of course , I wouldn’t change my father for anybody in the world’’.
‘ I am not happy with Nigerian workers’ condition’
Madam Sheila did not only lament on her husband the late Tai Solarin but also missed her pet, Rosa , a dog she kept for many years that died sometimes ago .Taiwo Abiodun was with the old woman in Ikenne

At the entrance of the bungalow are two sculptors , one erected by the right and the other on the left are the busts of the late Dr.Tai Solarin and his wife Sheila, in her eye glasses. The house that is adorned with beautiful flowers and flower pots. The building now has an iron gate painted black unlike before when there was no gate Some birds were perched on the trees were singing and others flying from one tree to the other as monkeys too were not left out hopping from one trees to another some others too were playing around the vicinity.
Taiwo Abiodun with Mama Sheila
Mama keeps parrots; one outside the house and the other in her living room as her beautiful and robust dog pet Rosa had died.
Sitting on her wooden chair, with her reading glasses and her hearing aid glued to her ear, Mama Sheila was busy reading some papers printed from the internet. The only company she has now in the house are parrots unlike before when her dog, Rosa would sit by her side. Decorated on the walls are painted artworks of hers and her late husband on the wall. The living room is jam packed with books and she has a big table where she keeps her computer. Madam Sheila now walks round the house without the aid of walking stick but cannot go far again no thanks to old age, at 87.
Despite her old age she still has good retentive memory and knows everybody that comes her way and she still teaches few students at home. However, when asked how she still manage to do all these in spite her age, she explained that she exercises her body always .’’ I have retentive memory because I don’t stay idle, I use my head. If you keep on using your head as you use your body then you will be okay .I still walk round the garden in the morning . I try to do things and keep my head, if you just sit down and do nothing you will rot’’
Reminded about her late husband and her dog She kept quiet for sometime and adjusted her body then said: ‘’You know I lost my big dog , Rosa sometime ago, it died due to old age, and it was about 13 or 14years of age. It could no longer see or hear again ,when it died it was my son that buried it. I am now old and tired of keeping dogs but now I have parrots now that keep my company, but this one does not talk for it is still small, it was Corin that brought it.The one outside the house talks’’ as she said this she took her mug and sipped her tea.
On her husband ,Tai , she is still sad that what her husband fought for are still not achieved.
Asked whether she will go to Lagos to attend the annual Tai Solarin lecture , but she said emphatically’ NO’.’’I am not going ,I don’t have the strength. You know I am getting old and the roads are bad , there is insecurity in the nation, people are hungry , no food for the poor, The education is poorly funded. I am not happy, and these are the things Tai fought for…’’as she said this , she put down her hands with all her energy’’
She spoke about the Boko Haram , and said sending soldiers to the place is not the solution , ‘’ Do they have education? Are they employed ? the government should look beyond deploying soldiers to Maiduguri’’.
Not satisfied with the welfare condition of Nigerian workers , she lamented that the state governments should be able to pay .’’don’t you know how much the House of Representatives .Deputy speaker, the speaker and other politicians are earning ?The government has promised let them fulfil their promises, she said.

Mama said , the government should not toy with the mission schools as they are planning to , ‘’ I don’t think his[Tai] good idea is taken to, you know he [Tai Solarin] said government should not run the schools, they took over the school in 1976 and now are coming back .Two years ago when we took over the junior school we rejuvenate the school but now the government want the school back, but I don’t think its going to happen. In fact some of the missionary schools are kicking about it now and may end up in court.’’.

I sold my car, land, bed ; my family suffered – Adeseye Olateru-Olagbegi

He speaks impeccable English .He is an Orator and  a Gospel Singer . At his age ,70, he devotes his time worshiping  God  and,   fasting  and  praying . For him, it is ‘Watch and Pray’ for he does not know  when the trumpet would sound and when  He would appear from the sky!. Although he is  hated by liars, according to him but this does not move him. But for those who love the truth he is loved by them .

Welcome to the life of  the retired Combatant Soldier who served in the Nigeria Civil War but   now  serving as a  Soldier for Christ  .He quotes  conspicuously  from the Holy Bible  making references,  without making mistake .Every Friday he  prays for  over 1,600 people at his altar..

My Father paid our School fees

This is the life of a retired Combatant Soldier- Apostle Joshua Adeseye Olateru -Olagbegi  who bears same name with  the Biblical Joshua who  led the Israelites to the promised land , Canaan  . So also he wants to lead multitudes to Christ before he departs from this sinful world.The Prince is one of the late Sir Olateru Olagbegi’s children .He is a Musician, Song Writer,  retired Soldier, Accountant and Preacher . He spoke with Taiwo Abiodun about his life and times.

Pastor Joshua Adeseye Olateru-Olagbegi

……My father had 170 children,I am number 25

……My father did not wage war on  Usho Community 

……My Grandmother was a powerful woman, died at 150

…… Why I sold my car, land, bed ; my family suffered



Through  the God’s grace I am Apostle Joshua Adeseye Olateru -Olagbegi,one of the humble children of the late King of  Owo, His Royal Highness  Sir James Titus Olateru -Olagbegi II ,the  Olowo of Owo of the blessed memory.I was born   in the palace  of  Owo on the 8th of September 1949.

I grew up in the Palace. I  started my elementary School at St.George’s Primary School , Owo. From there I went to Imade College , Owo . I was a little bit troublesome ,  a radical. As a result of  polygamous intrigues  I was going from one school to another  not because I was a dullard, to God’s grace I was brilliant. I was expelled from Imade College,  Owo  in 1966 when we led a riot ,(I don’t want to hide anything ) from there to Ado Grammar School.I finished my school Certificate  in 1968 at Oke’Badan High School, Ibadan , Oliyoro.




After my secondary school, you know that time my father was sent away from the throne .My father had  been dethroned  as  Olowo , so this time around I had a  love for the Military  , so I told my Dad that I would like to join  one of the Forces , either Navy  or Air force .By God’s power I was able to be enlisted into the  Nigerian Air force as at 1969 when I was 20 years old .From Lagos  I got to the Air force through one Captain Ogundadegbe , that time Air force was using Army rank ,he was a Captain, his father’s name in Owo was Chief Odogun. So I came to Lagos to be enlisted , from Lagos we were driven to Kaduna by train at Four  Battalion,  Kaduna where I was trained as a Combatant Soldier, that time the Civil war was  still going on.


As at that time I was 20 years old .  I was told that my father betrayed Chief Awolowo, even most of us thought that . We were many , my father had so many children up to 170 according to  what he said in one of his interviews in some Dailies  some years ago but we are now 117.So people complained that Action Group was inaugurated  in my father’s palace in Owo in 1952 , I was only three years at that time , I knew nothing  about that .So eventually when Chief Akintola became the Premier of Western Region . There was a big crisis between Chief Awolowo and Chief Akintola  and according to my late father , the king, he said Chief Akintola came to Owo  palace three times to beg him  to join his  political party , I have forgotten the name  of the  party .As  at that time I heard that Chief Akintola said that any king that refused to join his party would be made to earn a kobo in a year , and because of the multitude of  my father’s children  to God’s grace , my father had to give -in in order to take  care of us. But by the time the coup of 1966 came up when the  army took over through Major  Kaduna Nzeogwu we asked our Dad after  our worship in the Chapel at Owo Palace ‘Your Highness we were told that the Action Group started in Owo , why did you leave Chief Awolowo?’. So my father said because of us children that the Lord has done for him everything he wanted but had it been he did not join Chief  Akintola , he said  Chief Akintola came to my father’s palace at Owo on two occasions and prostrated for him ,and my father had to join because of his children in order to be  granted …….financially  to take care of us .My father said had he been he  refused to join Chief Akintola  and  he was made  to earn a kobo as a king , where would he get the money?. All of us are educated , there was only one king I knew that time  that refused to join  Chief Akintola and his name was Demo of Ishara .


For God’s sake ,let me tell you the truth ;as at that time  most people even the Westerners now Ogun , Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo states  were solidly behind Chief Awolowo and that time I think  Chief Awolowo’s party was  Action Group. I don’t know much .But what really happened was that some people went to the houses of the supporters of Chief Akintola to set them  ablaze in Uso and Owo , eventually they went to the police station to report and by the time the policemen were invited back to Owo the people of Owo and Uso  attacked the policemen, they went back to their station to  report and were given the power to fire back, that was what I heard, the truth I don’t know .  as a man  of God, right now.

The late Olowo of Owo Sir Olateru Olagbegi and Apostle


May God bless you, I heard the story as well as  you did .What type of scholarship? My father did not …I don’t know about my three brothers ,the  late Oba Of Owo  Oba Folagbade ,  Professor Banji  that read Town planning ,and  former Chairman of Owena Bank, Prince Yanju I know nothing about them.As for me I never went through any scholarship .I  am now 70 years old , 70 years eight months , now .My father did not get any scholarship, whether he got it that time I don’t know . I only know that my  three brothers left for  England  to study whether it was on scholarship  that I didn’t know but for me  when  I was in the secondary school my father used to give me check  because I  was the oldest among my brothers that were schooling with me together .My Daddy would address the check  ‘ to your Principal’that is all I know about my Dad.

You know as an  Owo indigene  too I was told the story that no king has ever come up in Owo without rebellion- that is their business”


What I was told  was  that the Ogunoyes, the Ajikes, the Olateru Olagbegis are from the same lineage but for the fact that people are interested in  ……this is where the bitterness came up .Chief Ajasin was the  first principal of Imade College,  Owo. it was my Dad that introduced Chief Ajasin to Chief Awolowo and Chief Awolowo being the leader of the then Western region all these people were faithful to Chief Awolowo  during the time  he was in prison, and  eventually by the time he came back ,  he toured all the then Western Region and when he got to Owo my mother said he promised that every rubbish in Owo will be swept off  and a new carpet will be laid down – that is  all I heard. As at  that time people  were urging that  my father should leave the throne.


”The truth is that  Jumoke  the lawyer …..I  think she is the third  child of Chief Ajasin, she was kind to me . When the Lord punished me, the Lord gave me instruction to become a full Minister of God after I was told to leave my former Church (I don’t want to mention any Church) of which I  will not mention its name. I had trouble with them , they hated me  for telling the truth,so  that time the Lord  gave me instruction ‘go and   and preach the gospel’ and  I said ‘no I can’t preach your  gospel’.God be  my witness, I sold my car , sold my land ;  my wife suffered with me, my children suffered with me. But right now I am in my own  bungalow at Ayobo here. So it was  Lawyer Jumoke   Anifowose  who assisted me when  I  went to her  she gave me a car  and a driver to drive me round   when I was looking for a house to rent   ….we are friends , we are friends. She is a very nice woman .She is good to me .We are still communicating , we spoke on phone sometimes ago.”

Apostle with his lovely wife


My father was dethroned and deported to Okitipupa  rest house , we always go there to visit him most  especially for our school fees and my mother Olori was one of the Oloris that was with my Dad then  at that time , so we were communicating with my Dad . After he was released from exile he came back to Ibadan  where we used to visit Baba and  then in Owo my father  had some houses where all the wives were residents  and the children were all staying with their   mummies and them , my father had another upstairs that harbored boys , most of us  that were young as at that time. So I was visiting my Dad. When he  was exiled in Okitipupa, from  there to Ibadan , from there back  to Owo rest house at Owo towards Ikare road , that was where I used to meet my Dad until he was reinstated back to the throne”


Left for me I must tell you something, I am not saying this to ridicule my family, I am grateful to my God and also to my grandmother  who was a Muslim ,  she fought tooth and nail to save my life , because in the polygamous houses……  so the moment you are born they know who to become the king ,so  eventually it is not a big deal because my grandmother was going from one  herbalist to another to save my life ,because she was  Princess from Ipele and also a Sango Priestess.During the days of my grandmother , my grandmother  would wake up early in the morning , she would  face the East and  would tell God saying ‘ Orisa Oke , heavenly God I didn’t offend anybody’s child if I try it destroy me  , if anybody tries to destroy my  children I will destroy him by thunder , Sango-that is what I used to hear from Mama, she lived  for a period  of  150years. So there was no difference .


According to what he wrote in the paper during his lifetime


The  truth is that we know each other by facial appearances even when my late  father  whenever  he saw anyone of us he would ask you ‘what is the name of your mummy?’ because my father had 42 wives,’What is the name of your mummy? ki loruko Iya re?’ So you would tell him the name of your mummy , eventually we were so peculiar to one another .


My Daddy gave us instruction because when you get to the palace of Owo today  you will see a Chapel there  that was built by my father and when my senior brother Folagbade who died last year February ,while he was on the throne he gave the Chapel to Redeem Church because he was a member of  Redeem. In those days  when we were in the palace on  holidays  we always attend the Palace Chapel, where my father would serve as a Pastor , after that we would all go and greet him before we return  to our mothers’ houses and then to our  quarters so  our father told us that his father’s name was ‘Olagbegi’ , his own name was ‘Olateru’ and we should combine the name  together  as a compound name that where ever we go in order to differentiate  us from other Princess in the town , that is where we came  by it. We came  about that name – Olateru Olagbegi ,my father’s  real name is James Titus Olateru, then his father’s  name was Olagbegi ,but  after the  directive and  instruction  given to  us by our late father , we all started bearing Olateru Olagbegi , when you  hear that even my children who are all graduates   are also   bearing Olateru Olagbegi,by the time you hear Olateru Olagbegi  you know the lineage.



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Happy post humous birthday Oba DVF Olateru -Olagbegi



Today the Olowo of Owo , HIM would have clocked 79.



I am only one ,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything ,

But still I  can do something ;

And because I cannot do everything  I will not refuse to do  the something that I can do  . (Edward Everett Hale 1822-1909


KABIYESI , I am writing on your birthday because you clocked 79 today.  I can still do something for I cannot do everything as   Edward Everett Hale said.

I received a phone call from my older brother, Professor Rowland Abiodun from Massachusetts, America immediately after the     announcement that   Olowo  of Owo, Oba ( HIM) DVF Olateru -Olagbegi  III  had passed on . The professor asked me what I can say  about the late Olowo , and I described him thus   “He was gentle-spirited with a simple outlook but with a razor-sharp intellect . He was gifted with Solomonic  wisdom. He had the power of a lion but did not use it to revenge .  Though he was grossly misunderstood but whether they  like it or not he left his good  footprints​ behind. He was  quintessential . He had the opportunity to live and act arrogantly.  He had the opportunity to use and  abuse his power . Yet he had no Bodyguards!. He had the opportunity to live a flamboyant lifestyle but he declined it.  He had the power and opportunity to revenge on his  perceived enemies but he chose not to. He was humble that in Church he would remove his cap or crown, dance and kneel down to pray .Compared with some  other Obas  who would not remove their caps or  Crowns in Church giving reasons . But for HIM Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III, he mixed  freely with people ,I repeat , no Bodyguards!.  He sat on a very powerful throne and was invested with the  royal  authority, academic and influence  yet did not use the power to influence  it  on his own children. With his infectious smile he would tell you  “exercise patient , God’s time is the best”. The professor of African Studies responded with a heavy sigh and  said “learn from that , it is a great opportunity to  have a close relationship with such a powerful , influential with International clout  and a man with robust testimonials  who was closer to God”.

Today as he clocks 79 , and for his posthumous birthday join me  to  shout 79 gbosas to Kabiyesi:Gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa.gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa, gbosa…….Let us celebrate him .Let us  give it to him .No, I  did not say he was super hero. He , when alive did not say he was perfect rather he would tell you that  he was still learning . He would ask you to go to school or learn a trade.

One of Goya’s etchings shows a decrepit old man ,and underneath  are these two words Aun aprendo, meaning  “I am still learning” , this is humility .  the late Olowo of Owo, His Imperial Majesty was humble.He was full of humility.

I remember an incident that happened few years ago at a function  when  a man (names withheld) dragged me, removed  his  shirt then bellowed   “this is my belly full of scars ,  it was ripped open , I was stabbed and almost died .My belly  was stitched  because of  your Monarch.  I will kill you  and nothing would happen. We put him  there and  we can remove him. Why are you defending him everywhere? “. It took the intervention of some people  before I was freed from the man’s iron hand as I was breathing like  Agiliti of the famous Igbo Irumole  of D.O. Fagunwa’s Yoruba novel .When the Monarch heard , he called me and pleaded to me ”exercise patient , just keep your cool and avoid him. Go and write it down this same man would one day repent and beg you”. Few years later the said man   met me  at the  Olowo’s  palace during Igogo festival and  I reminded him what he did .He tendered an apology, and I forgave him. Olowo did not ask  him to be arrested and did not even send for him to ask him but how and who told him I did not know, instead  he preached peace.

The late Olowo of Owo dancing during a thanksgiving service   in Church(no cap on his head)

In one of  my discussions with the late Monarch , he said  “Taiwo , I heard all what they call me but I don’t worry . I  forgive them .You see, many don’t know that I heard all these”.

At a time I was with  the late Olowo when a  young man came to  him to sign some documents for him, he signed all the documents  .The Monarch asked after the welfare of the young man’s father and the young man responded.When he left Kabiyesi said to me  “Taiwo  iba omade yi ee ki mi o’‘( meaning Taiwo , this guy’s father does not greet me o). But why are we troubling ourselves?. Who knows where we would meet or our children would meet in the future?”. What of the Chief who was accused of felling some trees? When I approached and begged  Kabiyesi on his behalf , the Monarch explained intoto. “If he somber and  remorseful I will reinstate him  but I must make sure he showed remorse, and mark you when he is reinstated he will not come to you again, he will even be boasting . Mark my word”. In the end the man’s chieftaincy title was restored and  I did not  hear from him again, while those who contributed to the return of his tittle told me same thing ”. The words of our elders are words of wisdom.

The above stories are true life stories showing the type of  person the late Monarch was.He was a forgiving Man.       

Kabiyesi told me a  case of a young man who took a case to Court , despite  pleading  to him to drop the case, he refused and was obstinate . The Monarch called him and begged him but the young man insisted going further .The Monarch said ” this man does  not know law at all. He is guilty of what he was talking about.He is ignorant about the law he was quoting  but he will fail in  Court , let him continue,  leave him”. Eventually the man failed in High Court , he went to Appeal Court and failed WOEFULLY. When I reminded him another case he tried to stop but the man  was as arrogant as  the Devil ,the Monarch said   “Don’t you read about Pharaoh in the Holy Bible? .God made sure Pharaoh remained  stubborn for him to perish. I knew where it will end from my personal experience and prayer . The more the man  goes further the more he would fail and be disgraced. I pray he goes to the Supreme Court and let me tell you , he will fail and the whole world would hear of  his disgrace. We should learn how to be humble and respect the Monarch no matter how old or young the Monarch is , their words are  powerful for they represent God on earth”, he said.

On Igogo Festival , the late Monarch was  accused that he was more of a Christian and  in God than Culture and this caused some disaffection in the community .When I challenged him on this , he said ” I respect Culture but Taiwo there is nothing like God. God is above all. We would die and leave all these . Jesus is the only Saviour I have  , nothing more!”. He was even ready to be 100 percent in Church …The late king acted like the story ( excerpts from a book) below :

St. Francis , who traveled quite extensively in his missionary work , in 1219 visited Egypt, where he hoped to convert the sultan, al- Malik al- Kamil.The sultan laid a trap for the saint, spreading a carpet decorated  with crosses in front of his divan.”If he treads on the crosses I will accuse him of insulting his God and if he refuses to tread  on the carpet , I will accuse him of insulting me ”. Saint Francis  walked straight onto the carpet , to the jeers of the sultan.”Our Lord was crucified between two thieves ”, said the saint , undisturbed .”We Christians have the True Cross.The crosses of the thieves we have left for you , and I am not ashamed to tread on those.”

When I missed a programme of which I would have traveled with him , the Monarch  said “God’s time is the best.Those who rushed things in their lives things rushed them too. You will be a great man in life. You are a good ambassador of Owo. I thank God for having a son like you”

Today as Kabiyesi clocks 79 , I guess what he would have said and done. I remember  his last Birthday , he called me on phone  and said he was marking his 20th Coronation anniversary, but I could not attend because I was not in the country. But I said “Kabiyesi , make it loud . Let the press cover it. Spending 20years on the throne is not a joke”, he responded ” Ha , Taiwo  there is no need for making it loud.”

But we still need to thank his wife,Yeyesa Ololade  her Queen who was always by his side. Yeyesa a lawyer and a Senior Lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin  University , Akungba. On  phone we relate , we talk . She reminded me yesterday  that Kabiyesi would have been 79 today.I screamed  “79?. How time flies”. She said  “I will light 79 Candles for him”. The Queen reminds me the words of Sir Walter Ralegh ( C 1552-1618) that says

But true love is a durable fire,

In the mind ever burning ,

Never sick,never old, never dead ,

From itself never turning  

For me who he always referred to as “My adopted Son” ,I will celebrate him today. I will light 79 candles for him. I  will pray for him. I will weep . I will pop  Champagne. I will pray for him that God should forgive him his sins. I will weep for those who did not understand him .I will drink Champagne to celebrate him for he clocked 79 and was a successful Monarch.  He has left the world .He has done his part and left the rest for us to continue.

For those who continue  to criticize him let me remind them John 8:7 where many people wanted to throw stones at a woman who was accused  of adultery but Jesus said ” He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her ”.

Wherever you are Kabiyesi, I am shouting Happy birthday to you and many happy returns. I know one day your statue will be erected  as your name has been added to the ancestors ; Olowo Ojugbelu,Imade, Kodo, Agbologo , Odondon Omasan, Aladetohun, Ataneye , Ogunoye I, Olagbegi II …..to Olagbegi III.

Happy posthumous birthday.

I was a drug Courier, Baron now a Pastor

BoN during the interview with Pastor Oluremi

………I was a drug Courier  for many prominent Nigerians

……..I later became a Baron

…….Traveled with 400 grams day Ojulope,Ogedengbe and Owoh were killed

…….I was the only child of my mother

…….Now with a Doctorate degree and a Born-Again 

Meeting  the Man of God is interesting. He is a reporter’s delight . Pastor Oluremi Peter is a very popular  and respected Man of God in Owo , Ondo State .His church is one of the most fast -growing churches with a large number of congregants. He is a prayer Warrior and has delivered many from their infirmities.Barren women have good stories to tell . Pastor Oluremi in this interview tells his story of how he met God after many years of carrying drugs.

 Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Oluremi Peter, I am 59 years old

How did you become an Evangelist

” Bearing an Evangelist is a thing of  spiritual , not an in-born thing , the time that the gift began to manifest was about 18years ago. when I went through CAC Seminary  , Ilesha for two years  then became Associate Pastor  in 1999 in Efon Alaaye .To be  an Evangelist is a gift from God .I am a Prophet /Evangelist  by call but ordained as a CAC Pastor in 1999.



I was once a Courier then Baron now Man of God

”This is a very big question . I went through life . At the tender age of 19 I had been self-employed , traveled abroad and doing all sorts of  business . I can say precisely that I am what I am today by the grace of God  as  per  what I had gone through in life.

”I used to say that anybody that  cannot relate with his past is not really a Born Again .

I met God

”Before I met Christ on the 5th of August 1996 I used to be  a traveler to the USA, and several countries. I used to be an international business man, I deal with drugs traveling  to  USA  several places , dealt with hard drugs like cocaine , I swallowed it  to the USA and would escape it.I  would sell it and come back to Nigeria.


”There are several airports  in the world , mostly I passed through JFK Airport severally  in all the trips .God was precisely with  me   until I met God  on the 5th of August 1996. I lived in hotel room for seven years in Lagos  where I met God on that fateful day. He gave me three lashes and I woke up  and with the instruction ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME”. I stood up from my sleep , sat down and was wondering what was happening  but the instruction kept on coming ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME ”So I stood up packed my things and left the hotel room in Lagos , that was how I found myself in the seminary on the 5th of August in 1996 where I spent two years in training  and by His  Grace has remained steadfast  in His vineyard .

The Man of God telling his story

”I went through a lot of journey of  life .All those period I never knew God , I never had no reason to pray because there was no reason to pray  about . I had money I had influence , there were women around me and I didn’t go to church .Though I am from a very very religious  home .I am the only child of a woman who was a midwife for CAC church for 25years, very dedicated woman .I am a product of grace.


”During this period  I was married with children .I had children .Nobody was aware of what I was doing .I never  discussed my personal life with anybody , it was just between me and God.

When I heard such instruction that I should pack my things and go home .I went to my mother in Owo and told her . I said this was my experience … I was later ordained as a Pastor in 1999.


” While I was ..to the things of the world …I didn’t acquire much, I made my money and I spent it on women , I lived in hotel  for seven years . I bought cars , I bought land  and enjoyed myself  my brother until the grace of God came into my life.


”The properties?. We are talking about 18years ago ?. I lost all of them even my passport was stolen with visa to the USA , England, to Germany was stolen twice. It was dawning on me that the hands of  God was working  and finally struck.


”I didn’t go to school as such ,  but I have School Certificate which is the only visible certificate  I had before I met Christ. Later I went through a lot of schools of Theology , today I  have  doctorate degree in Theology (Phd) . I don’t have  much education .I speak good English by the grace of God.

‘Its not about being profitable , its never my dream to become a pastor but divine because I remember my mother told me she was barren for 18years and when she met a prophet who told her she would bear a son  and the child would be a servant  of God , must be given to God  Immediately I am being weaned and come of age . So, when I was six years old I was given to a Pastor where I went to secondary school, and went away from the presence of God until I finally met God in 1996. Between 1976,77 to 1996  I never went to church.


”Yes , of course there was and is . Can you take temptation away from this work?, we are only being sustained by the grace of God  , so like you  said  when I was much younger.  I remember I was traveling from Murtala Mohammed  Airport, Lagos  to JFK  when our plane broke up, one wing of the plane broke off,. we had to wait for 18hours in Lagos  and I had about 700 grammes of cocaine in my stomach .Right there one or two women were chasing me , one was going to Texas , she had to stop in New York and went to my place in New Jersey, so the issue of women was a thing of pleasure in those days .Paul said ‘I am what I am  by the grace of God ,he said ‘ yet not I  but the grace of God’. So I want to thank God for His grace in my life.


”Whenever  I arrived at my destinations  I would go and lodge in an hotel then contact my customers.

”At a time  I was a carrier for some prominent   Nigerians then later I became a Baron  myself, doing it for myself.


”You are asking too many questions. I visited a lot of countries . I remember precisely this particular incidence , the very  day that   Idiagbon(the late Major General Tunde Idiagbon) killed Bartholomew , Ojuolape  and Bernard  Ogedengbe , I remember I  traveled that night  to deliver  400 grammes of cocaine  (In Denmark)  for I was already billed for that trip.I watched them being killed , and for the same offence these people committed  were killed for  I still traveled for the same offence  I have a special grace. Ojuolape was the only child of an 85year -old- woman . I felt so bad  about the death of the young man because the man was on bail  that time before the Decree of the ’85 came out , they now rolled it back .Ojuolape was the only child of the old woman , they asked Idiagbon to leave  her son because the boy was already on bail before the decree was enacted  and he was roped in and was killed .It was sympathetic”


Why Orlando Owoh was not rich -Musese


A great  and notable  man in Owo

……Why Orlando was not rich

…….I’m Muzeze not Musese

……..I’ve never smoked in my life

……..I could have been arrested

….. Story behind ‘Musese l’oko Dupe’

It was a beautiful evening . Meeting the heavily- bearded man  was interesting as he was not difficult to recognize  or locate in Owo , Ondo State. He is a very popular and notable figure , above all he is humble and approachable.

Some call him a philanthropist while some  look up to him as a mentor and  want to drink from his fountain of  knowledge. He is well traveled and exposed. Rich in experience no wonder he is good in counseling for the Solomonic wisdom he possessed . He is contended and believes  in God  . While some would prove too difficult  to be interviewed  but he does not as he was willing to talk especially on the late African Kennery, Dr.Orlando Owoh. No wonder he is loved and more popular even after leaving Orlando as his manager for years.

If you are not careful  and very observant you could go to his younger brother for the interview as both of them wear grey beard .


Sitting comfortably at his Ijoko Agba  section , (Seat of Elders) he said ” this place is not meant for just anybody or everybody, it is for decent old people not for riffraff , that is why we called this place Ijoko Agba”. He said in a very serious and sharp voice that would send  pretenders or roughnecks packing !. Truly , within 20minutes   the place began to receive visitors  having intellectual  discussions  from religion, politics,  among others while reeling with laughter .

 Mr. Samuel Olayiwola Ogunleye  (aka ‘Musese’) was the Manager of the late  High Life  musician Dr.Orlando Owoh.  ‘Musese’ spoke on how he used to pack  the illegal substance -Indian hemp in his stockings for the late musician while he  himself  never smoked  cigarette not to talk of touching Indian Hemp. He spoke about the late musician’s  travails especially the Cocaine saga.


He is  a man of  average height and  dark complexioned. His   bushy grey hair  attracts everybody as he ‘celebrates’ it by always  combing it wherever he is. He said ” I cherish my beard and take proper care of it .It makes me  stand out like an albino in the market”, as he said this he burst into laughter.

Asked when he started keeping his beard, he could not remember but said ” When I started working with Orlando was when I started keeping my beard, we have beard in our family , my father had and my brothers too.Our beard is a trade mark  in my family, when they see us they will say this is Musese and this is his brother too.Orlando too kept beard and it was after the trial after he won that   case that he  got rid of  his beard. We were both having beard.

Musese said he does not smoke  or drink alcohol  as many erroneously thought. Though he is over 70 years but  does not look his age , he said ” many don’t know I am as old as that and the secret of my  looking young  is that I don’t do all these things that would make me go old prematurely  .I don’t  smoke  or  drink alcohol but I  drink special  wine.” As he said this , he brought out a special wine , opened it and burst into laughter again.

He continued ” Many thought because I used to  keep  Indian hemp for the late Orlando to smoke  while on tour erroneously  thought I too indulged myself in smoking it , but let me put it to you and set the record straight for the  whole world that I had never for once  smoked Indian hemp in my life”, as he said this he burst into a prolonged laughter , and  continued fiddling with his grey beard he  cherished most.

 Ogunleye , popularly known as ‘ Musese’ . According to him ” only very few people know his real name as he is only known   as ‘Musese’ the late Orlando’s manager  during his life time . Ogunleye spoke on how he got the nickname , ‘ Musese’, he  replied ” I don’t know the meaning ,and the name was given to me by a lady who is not a Nigerian .She is no more alive now  for I would have asked her the meaning and I  have been given that   name since when I was in primary school.  When I was young I had an Italian pen-pal living in Italy who became  my girlfriend while living in Italy  , she was the one that  gave me the nickname  ‘Muzeze’, but my people  at home did not know how to spell or pronounce it , and they started calling me ‘Musese’ , I tried to correct them but  failed . I later left  it as  they understood it,  ‘ Musese’  eventually became  a household name”.

Musese  said  when he went to  Italy  to meet the lady ( he could not remember her name again) that gave him the nickname , his girlfriend at home  (Dupe) was writing him .He said  “Before leaving here( Nigeria )  I was going out with  a lady called Dupe  whom many thought I would marry. She used to write me  while in Italy   while the Italian lady too  was exchanging letters with her thinking she ( Dupe ) was my sister as I introduced her .But  while staying in  Italy I was  receiving Dupe’s letter  as well unfortunately the bubble burst when the Italian lady discovered  the letters and found out that Dupe was my girlfriend .The Italian lady later   reported  me to the authority that was how I was deported back to Nigeria  in 1971. When I was deported from Italy I went to Ibadan  to settle down .


Asked  to comment on the waxed  record of ‘ Musese loko Dupe‘ ( Musese is Dupe’s husband ) , “this is another story”, the septuagenarian    declared as he does not want to talk about it again, but when pressed further he said     “It was a talking drum of Chief Ebenezer Obey that  its beat sounds  like that , it was not meant for us ( Musese and Dupe).  But when she ( Dupe)  was celebrating  her birthday in the 70s ,my friends  mischievously translated Chief Obey’s talking drum to it . I think it was in  ‘Ajo Mo re Oluwa  si mi dele’s’ album”.

Asked where the Dupe is now, but the grey bearded grandpa said in a voice laden with emotion ”Dupe  died  long time ago , it was unfortunate we did not marry .She was my girlfriend. She was attending   St. Louis Grammar School, Owo while  I was a student at  Imade, Owo , Ondo State”, he continued ”Dupe’s  parents accommodated me when  I was living in Lagos .They were great people . But we did not marry and that is life”, he said , shaking his head intermittently.

Asked to talk of how he met and became the Manager of  the late Musician,Dr.Orlando Owoh,  the grey- bearded man went down memory lane   ” On  my deportation  from Italy  I went to Ibadan to settle down .Anytime  my older brother who was serving in the Nigerian Army in Kaduna  comes home he would bring  Orlando’s records .My street  was very close to   Orlando’s own , while I was living in Omodigbo Street  Orlando was  living in  Oremeji”.
He continued ” There was a man called Orimaro he was a palm wine tapper and that was where we used to go and drink anytime I go to Orlando’s place …myself , my late friend , Kanakana Olympio was in   Custom , we all lived very close . And anytime Orlando was around we would go to Orimaro  to play .One  day we asked Orlando what his problem was , and he said there was no Owo native  who had ever come to help him financially or whatever .And he said he  had nobody from Owo to manage his band .He ( Orlando ) then  asked  me to come and manage him ,that was how I  became his Manager “

A man of  Culture, during Igogo festival

Musese who spent over 30years as  the Band Manager of  the late Musician said it was not easy with the late ganja singer , ” He had so many obstacles , he was a great man … When I met Orlando he had no instrument , he had  nothing. And when  I came ( from Italy ) I still had some money with me and we started hiring  instruments , he (Orlando) appreciated it and was telling everybody  about what I did” , Musese said .


In spite the fact that he does not smoke he still supported  and defended Orlando’s smoking of  the  ‘weeds’ . Musese  with voice raised declared ” I  supported him smoking of  Indian hemp .Yes, he was smoking ‘Igbo’,  so what? .But  for me I don’t smoke and had never tasted it in my life”.
He continued “I discovered that  Orlando’s smoking  of Indian hemp did not affect him , anytime he smoked he knew what he was doing . Orlando has a secluded area in   Decca’s studio’s compound where he used to go and smoke Indian hemp .When we were supposed  to start  recording by 9pm , he would not come into the studio until around 2am  but would have been quietly  be with his guitar alone smoking his weeds and strumming his guitar .But when he enters the studio he would just be recording without rehearsal .
” I don’t smoke  but I drink  beer  anytime I have money but if I don’t  have I don’t .I don’t buy Igbo for Orlando , he always have in stocks. When traveling  with him and was in my knicker I would put it ( Indian hemp) in my stockings for him .Those who knew us together then knew I don’t smoke .He was a great man. I spent over 30years with him as a Manager before he died”.

Musese did not forget one  of the biggest challenges his late boss faced while alive .Musese said  the cocaine saga that made Orlando sang of his  Alagbon Experience is real  , Musese recollected how it all happened , he said “the day he was arrested I was not in Lagos , if I  was  not around I would be   arrested too.That day when I got the message I had to come down to Lagos  from  Kano  before I got there they were already at Alagbon.I heard about the whole story , how he was arrested , Osennenpen too,infact those who were around him were arrested .If I happened to be around I would have been  arrested too. I was very lucky  that I was not around  for if I were to be around  I would have been taken away , nobody would have believed I don’t smoke or sniff Cocaine for   I was the closest  person to Orlando among the boys , though  I was his manager . The Nigeria security officials  went to Sunny Ade  to ask whether I smoke but he only knew I only drink”.
He continued ” They ( security men ) went to Chief Edebo  who lived in Ibadan to ask too but  they missed me for I took a footpath to Chief Edebo’s house while the chief told  me they came for me from Alagbon .   They even thought  I was giving Investigation Police Officer ( IPO) money  but instead it was IPO in charge of our case that was giving me money , it was a highly celebrated case”.

“No”, the old man said emphatically , and added ” Orlando was never a troublesome person .On   why he didn’t ask  Orlando  to stop  taking  ganja , but he responded ” he is like Fela. Some people take it ( Indian Hemp) and go  mad but when these people take it they would be singing sense and be active.”
 When asked to compare the two with the late Bob Marley    he said ‘ I have never met Bob Marley when alive.
” It was only Orlando who  Fela  allowed to play at  his (Fela’s) Africa  shrine .And he ( Fela ) used to say he does not want cocaine or  heroine at his shrine. He once said if it was only Igbo ( Indian Hemp) that Orlando was accused of    (during his arrest of being in possession of cocaine ) he could have come and fight for him when he was jailed.”
Pressed further on who among the two ( Orlando and Fela)  could win in a competition of smoking Indian hemp, the old man declared without mincing  words that ” Fela  was greater than Orlando in smoking  of Indian hemp” .


Asked the most difficult question he confessed very difficult to answer when asked to tell the best records of Orlando, he confessed ”I cannot  say this is the best record but I  prefer Ero Ki mama mi, infact i cannot say, the one that sold most  and  i cannot say  this one or that is the best record except those who are recording them like Decca people and those people were recording for like Alhaji Shanu Olu, Prince Daile, Jolaosho who can say how much they are selling Orlando records but they will never tell us”.


Musese complained bitterly about the present crop of musicians , he said ”Precisely  I don’t know what they are playing nowadays  for instance they don’t have anybody to emulate, you see if he knows you are being emulated he would be going ahead while you will be coming behind. What these boys are singing nowadays have no meaning .In those days musicians would sit down, song writers  would do their  job . Orlando as a person would not write anything .There was a time he told me that whatever he was going to sing had been written on the blackboard, that is inside the studio.He would not put down anything .Music would come to him immediately he entered the studio.These boys nowadays I don’t know what they are singing, I am sorry to say there are musicians and there are musicians . What they are singing today had no meaning .When Fela sings it has meaning, when Haruna Ishola sings , Sunny Ade sings they have meanings .  I k Diaro  he waxed a record in 1962 , Gbam gbam la ngbo a o mo bi ibon ti ndun, olori dori re mu o,konikaluku  biye sara , oro Nigeria yio o ko ma baa dogun, we have never had anything like Biafran war by then when he sang this song ,then he was warning , he was warning  .But listen to what these boys are singing nowadays”.


”It is the government that can stop them , if anybody is going to the studio let them produce their demo, and if it is good ,okay,  fine but if it is  not good let them forget it and ask them to re wax , they should be stopped.You cannot say because you are a musician and be producing rubbish.If this can be applied  these musicians would sit tight”,  the man said in annoyance .


After the death of Orlando , Musese went  into another business , he said ”I am on my own .I am no more in the music line since Orlando is no more .I am in Owo here , I  have a small beer parlour here called Seat of Elders, I know the type of people that come here , people of like -minds , my old friends .The seat of Elders means , Ijoko awon agba , people coming here are responsible” 

Musese said it was true that the late Musician, Orlando was hardworking ” If anybody say Orlando could have been richer than how he was I would believe it because Orlando was such a person that if you are in need  at that time if he had it he would give you whatever the amount you are looking for  Orlando would give it to you .It is God’s work. T o me personally, Orlando was not reckless but that is the way God wanted him to be  because Orlando would not like to see anybody suffering , that is way he was. When you get to somebody and beg him for 1,000 naira and the person is having 10,000 naira but   telling  you he didn’t have those people get rich quickly because they  cannot spend. And Orlando would have been richer if the people we are recording for are …. like I said we didn’t know how many they were selling records , when they sell about 1,000copies they would tell you they sold only 200copies and there is nothing we can do about it .We cannot go to the market and be asking how much they sold. That is the problem we have all over the place , that is Nigeria recording companies for you for they are there to cheat!. Again ,Orlando   did not place value on money  for  I can tell you this  also that the producers we have in Nigeria are rip-off because our producers are nuisance , when they make  100,000 naira they would falsify the figure , they are not trustworthy , that is why Orlando never made it before he died .Another  factor was overgenerous , he was generous   to a fault  for he was after other people’s welfare .He would not eat alone , and he had a lot of people living with him at his own expense. No wonder some people like a – one time governor of Osun State  Prince  Olagunsoye Oyinlola ,   Abiola of  Ilesha , Die the Matter, The king of  Ipe Oba Apata, the Olugbenga of Ugbe , Ayesoro  a car  dealer in Akure stood by him  by him when he was alive “.


Many did not know the circumstances why he left Orlando’s Band , but the septuagenarian cried  ”I never left him!. What happened then was that he was given a contract in Ondo State then during Baba Adefarati era as a governor so, they said the money of the contract was so small , he was expecting something like 2million and above and this contractor  was given about 650,000 and he refused to do it , and I was asked to return the papers for that contract , when I  got to my friends  who knew about it said why didn’t I do the contract and that if I should return the paper it might annoy the government , may be they have some other bigger thing to give me  and I now came back to Lagos to tell Orlando , will you allow me to do it , and he said ” if you can do it” , that  was what brought me  down to Akure but unfortunately …. I never succeeded in that contract  .Aside that as at that time  my house rent was pilling up in Lagos .Orlando said I should come back and I said I cannot come back, let me remain here ,Even at that time , he was planning  after the ,Ero festival ( Age grade festival) at Ifon because he was one of those who was to participate in the Ero festival then , so I was here in case there is any engagement for him  I would let him know  and we would  be going together .But I just decided to remain here . I was fed up of Lagos .I never had any misunderstanding ,Osenenpen is there to testify to this.I was here , he was there.

The role  of the Ooni of Ife , Oba   Okunade Sijuade Olubuse  remains evergreen in the memory of the Manager especially when  Orlando was in jail , he said “many were behind him,  I would say a big thank to Kabiyesi, the  late Ooni  of Ife  who stood by Orlando  while  in prison ,I have never seen any person or king  like him . Anytime  we were from the court , Ooni ‘s palace was always first point of call .Kabiyesi  shall be forever remembered for his great assistance.He really stood by Orlando”.

Though Musese is no longer with the Band , he however added that the Boys had gone  their different ways as the band members are no longer together  ” I am no longer with them .Most of the boys had decided to be on their own .  They might not be able to manage  the Band and they left” , he stated .

What still pained Musese is the way and where the late Musician was buried , according to him, he had wanted Orlando to be buried in Ifon, in Ondo State his country home, he said ”  I was  the chairman of the Burial Committee with Oblazo .After about series of meetings  we went to the late Olusegun Agagu the then governor of Ondo state , there was this Commissioner from Ifon whom Agagu asked to take over .They had completed  Orlando’s building in Ifon  but only the  roofing  left  to be done, we went to Lagos to see the Orlando’s wives ,they said Orlando should be buried in Lagos”.

Bing very close to Orlando , he knew  when he was angry and happy , Musese said ” He is always happy .He has no time .When we quarrel he would say ” You are calling yourself a Manager but you are a ‘damager’, he easily forgives and forgets”.


In tears ,Musese said his saddest moment was when Orlando was arrested while his  happiest moment was  when he was released .But sadly , he narrated how he heard the news of Orlando’s death, he said ”Infact I  never expected him to die when he died  and we never thought he would die , although the thing affected him three times , we never thought that was going  to be  his  end.When he died  there was nothing we could do.I  think he died around 10 o’clock in the  night that day. It was Olu Osennepen who phoned me  immediately that Orlando had passed on that night and I wept for I never knew I would not see him again.”
Musese went down memory lane  and spoke of being athlete,a Splinter , ” I represented 100 meters when Queen Elizabeth came to Nigeria in 1956.Up till 1970 , I represented Imade  College . I was the Senior Boy at All Saints’ Modern  School  , that was 1963/ 64 .I  remember some of  my friends and classmates like Chief Akin Aruwajoye ,Justice Olateru Olagbegi ( retired ) were my classmates, this I remember very well”.As the interview was going to an end , the Elders’ Forum [Ijoko Agba] began to receive visitors and while some came for counseling , Musese said ” you can see and testify to what I told you, this place is always full with good ,knowledgeable and intelligent people”


Musese advised musicians as he did not support drugs , he advise that  if you are taking drugs and it enhances your performance and don’t misbehave, good But if it affects you please don’t take it , he counselled, ”think deeply, know what you are doing  if you know it doesnt help , please stop it ”

”the meaning of Alampasu”


……..I didn’t know my parents

…….Meaning of Alampasu,

…..They rumoured that..

……My son ran away for 7 years


The building has become the cynosure of all eyes as many people now point to it, to describe who the owner. The building which was not completed before had been completed, thanks for the success story of Dele Alampasu the son of the owner of the building, Tomi Alampasu , father of Nigeria Under 17 goal keeper who won the World Cup for Eaglets some years ago.

Meeting Tomi Alampasu is interesting as he was happy , jovial and was filled with praises of his son, Dele Alampasu. As the man who is in his 60s brought out drinks for visitors  , he said” I thank God that I have become a popular man now since my son became a celebrity , I thank God”, as he said  he cleaned his nose ,no thanks to catarrh, he had.  However , he used his snuff to blow it away, and said ” I am happy Oga journalist , I have been expecting you, ”


Tomi Alampasu said he did not pray for his children to experience the hardship he went through, he said ” I did not know my parents. I was told they died in the Nigerian Civil War, this is painful. I only knew my cousins and uncles, but I never set my two eyes on my parents for I was told they both died in the war”, as he said this be blew his nose and tears flooded on his cheeks.He continued  ”So when my son became a celebrity it was a thing of joy for me . I am happy that he is doing well in my lifetime. Suffering is not the best my brother ”.


Tomi Alampasu said  his son left home for weeks and did not come  back home yet did not know his whereabouts .He at a time went out looking for him. ”Later I was hearing rumour that I had used him for money making ritual , they said how would I say I didn’t know where my son went for weeks. But I kept my cool until I found him and everybody knew I did not use him for money making ritual” [ he burst into laughter].
      According to Alampasu, he sent his son to school but he came back one day and said he wanted to learn welding of which he happily accepted and put him  where he could learn it ,” but for some days I didn’t see him , and I started looking for him , infact I wanted to arrest his boss.
 ”Thank God that I saw him at last , but when I saw him he was in a  football boot and I  had to  plead with  him to  come back home but he did not.I became confused .Later he ran away from home for seven years and I did not see him.He ran away from home and I began to search for him.The seven years was hell  as I was disturbed searching everywhere for him”.

Asked how he eventually saw him , the man gave a heavy sigh and said “He left home for seven years before we  eventually set eyes on ourselves but my people used to see him in football  kit either while he was on his way  for training or was going  somewhere to lay his head .Then I was molding bricks to eke a living , in addition to my using my motorcycle for commercial purpose .When nothing was forthcoming I started on full time riding a commercial motorcycle , Okada to  make  money .One day , he (Alampasu) came to play at Odewale,( football field)and at another place called Iso(football field) he then went ahead to drop his phone number at Ajegunle Bus stop our Okada commercial terminal,  in fact  when he passed  bye   I did not recognize him again ,  and he too could not recognize me , his father again.He later called me on phone to come and sign for him.
“The day I went to meet him he asked me to come and sign some documents as his father for his visa , I asked what for? , and he said it was a thing of joy .I then packed my Okada somewhere and went to sign for him , in fact it was another man who assisted me to take my Okada home .Later he didn’t spend up to two weeks before  he went to Abuja from where he called me and said he had been invited to Abuja , I advised him to be of a good behavior .But I must confess to you that I did not regret his running away now for he  eventually brought good result!”


Alampasu said he has abandoned his Okada he uses for commercial purpose since his son had warned him to stop, he said ” My brother , okada business is not easy , it is a hard job and there is no money in it. I did it for many years including bricklaying  but since my son , Dele has warned me and advised me to stop Ihave put a stop to it”.

The Goal keeper’s achievement  opened doors for his father to have access to Federal and state government houses , he said , “Could you believe that  I saw the former Lagos state governor  Mr.Babatunde  Fashola (SAN) one on one and former President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan and I shook hands with them in Lagos state office and Aso Rock in Abuja ? .All through my son who won the cup .I have never met anyone of them except through the television.I was excited when  I saw my son  sitting and shaking hands with the head of State President Dr. Ebele Jonathan   and  Governor Babatunde   Fashola the   then Lagos State Governor   .Who am I to meet these people?, What qualification do I have ? .  Me , an ordinary person? . But I thank God my son  made it, and I am proud of him” .

Asked whether he too plays football, but the man who was excited said ” oh yes, my son took after me, I  used to play football when I was young and in the military but since I left several years ago I  had stopped . Infact I was acting too , I was in theater group  but all these  belonged to the past now”,

According to him , each time he sees his son on television and reads it in newspapers he feels happy  and proud of him , he said  ” sometimes  ago when he came to visit me  at Itoki , Ogun state ,he came in an entourage  ,  while you people (journalists)  were with him asking questions , I felt like carrying him  on my back like a baby .All  the Nigerian newspapers  carried  the news that he came to my house , the radio stations carried it too!”

The man Alampasu said “Everybody  has his own destiny ,one should not imitate anybody . what I am rejoicing for today is  another person’s  regret. Whatever our children are doing they should be allowed to do it since they are not  into  crime .We should stop controlling our children’s future . If I had known that footballing  will lead to my son’s greatness I would have encouraged him since instead of criticizing him”.

Level has changed for Tomi , hear him “Before I became popular  I was the only one living  here , nobody even recognized me , but now  the way I am being greeted  has changed , those who were not greeting me before are now greeting me and  those who were not my friends before have become my friends .Before,  nobody recognized me , but now people greet me and say this is Alampasu’s  father , this is Alampasu’s father (shaking his head), when I was still riding my Okada for commercial purpose I  would come in quietly but now it is a different thing as I am seen and recognized”.


When asked  the meaning of Alampasu, the man laughed , and said ”you know names have meanings, deeper meanings, Everybody has names, and all names have meanings , even the Bible gave spiritual interpretations to names , I am an Egun man, I am from Badagry. My son’s name is Dele Alampasu, and Alampasu means a warrior that cannot be defeated or confronted. That is that . Names are spiritual and you know what it means . I thank God in His infinite and help me to pray also”, as he said this , he took his snuff, sneezed and shook hands with this reporter and asked ” please let me know when you publish this story o. i want to read it ”.

I am from Parakoyi family-James Lawal


…… Pastor T B Joshua donated to our Zoo

……When nine classrooms burnt

…….I am from Parakoyi lineage

…….I’m grateful to my wife

        The day was special. It was a bright day  as  the weather was at its best. The atmosphere was also different as the field was full of visitors and guests while the blaring of  music  took over the place. And the question was  ”what could be happening  after this school hours? ”. The answer was not  far fetched with the sight of the ”Birthday Boy”  who is  the school proprietor cum Principal whose dressing said  it all.


         This day he was dressed in an embroidered  Yoruba traditional Dansiki  outfit unlike other days when he would wear Caftan or Suit  during  the office hours. One  can hardly recognize him as the  School Proprietor for he dresses simply  during the school hours .But for today, his dressing was special.He is celebrating   his birthday in the land of the living!.

Popularly called Uncle Lawal  by his students .He is a man of few words, the Proprietor of Greater Tomorrow International (GTI), Arigidi Agbaluku , Ikare -Akoko speaks with our reporter.


He is the Proprietor and Principal of Greater Tomorrow International College Arigidi/Agbaluku  , Ikare – Akoko. The school he founded since 1992 where not only academic pursuit is being pursued  but a place where   morals are  also taught. The school where  integrity is their watchword and honesty their sing -song  no wonder parents send their children and wards  there from abroad  to study in a school built like a University. The school is equipped with a first class educational  materials and the first to be using computers in Ondo- State .His students call him Uncle  Lawal while his peer group and friends   call him Chief . Some of his friends call him Chief Lawal,all in all he answers to all these with total humility and with smile. That is Chief James Olatunbosun Lawal, the Proprietor and Principal of Greater Tomorrow International College(GTIC) , Arigidi, Ikare Akoko


On that day,  his mode of dressing was totally different  as he did not wear suit, Caftan or a ‘T’ Shirt which could have been his normal dressing for school period  and be in the class or office.While many were surprised  of what he wore that day  . Yet many were not surprised as he himself  spoke about it later that his school gave him a surprise birthday gift.


Asked why he dressed in native attire on that  day , but the man replied ”today is my birthday as I added another year to my age. I did’nt prepare or  plan for it but my staff said it is  compulsory for them to celebrate my age with them , I have no option than to obey them”, he laughed

Tortoise in the zoo


     Lawal confirmed that   the journey has not been easy but he however gave  thanks to God , he said ” I  thank God for everything  for what  had happened over the years ,from the date of my birth  it has  all been struggle  and we give thanks to God .we can look back and say thank you God”, he said , looking at this reporter and shaking head.


   In  Yorubaland , where names have meaning the Chief said his name Olatunbosun is pregnant with meaning like other Yoruba names, he said  ” infact I am from Parakoyi family background , we are parakoyis of the  days of yore .You should know that  the parakoyis are the wealthiest families in the  Ikire town , kings of traders , and known all over , far and wide .Its natural that people from that family will bear the name ‘Ola’  and from there we have Olatunbosun.


        Lawal, could not hide his feelings as he dropped a bombshell,that he was from a privileged home and had seen the two sides of life,  he said   ”  I am just like any other child , having come from a privileged  home , only to fall back to be humble , and it has been two wayside , from grace to grass and grass to grace”. He counseled that  no situation is permanent in this world and one should not take ”yes” for failure and should be strong.


Lawal who was a gifted teacher had at a time quarreled not with his boss but with the style of   administration in public school where he cut his teeth in the profession. He said  ”I started my teaching career from Ondo State Basic College  after my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)   and worked for less than two years , it was a public school.  The style of administration  did not enable me to conform with most of these public schools , their style   and their ways of doing things , and I criticized my boss a lot , that was what led to Greater Tomorrow International College . I had to resign  and move to become a private teacher . By training  I am a trained teacher , I  have passion for teaching and I  know an ideal school , I knew  and saw what was going on and that was why I pulled out”.


In GTIC  zoological garden


Lawal said his beginning was not smooth as many didn’t know , the man who had passed through life said easy does it and slow and steady wins the race, he said he does not believe  to be in a hurry in life. ”My own life is a testimony  to all. I started with two pupils , Kindergarten, but thank God the Kindergarten has grown to International school where every parent is proud to bring their children and wards’‘.

         BAD MEMORY

    For Chief Lawal, he had experienced the good, bad and the ugly. The bad memory of his five classrooms that went up in flames still baffles him, he said” I cannot easily forget how I felt bad seeing  this, there was a time when  our four classrooms were burnt . Painfully  about 90 days later addition five classrooms got burnt too., these have been my nasty experiences , but we thank God nobody was in the class and unfortunately it was in the night”.


On how he came about  the zoological garden, the Proprietor said  apart the fact that he is in love with animal especially hearing stories of morals from animal Kingdom and the stories of  Crafty and deceitful Tortoise husband of Yannibo , he said ” in addition to that when the government regulator came here and said the government has made it compulsory for all  secondary schools to  have an entrepreneur subject , then  we chose animal husbandry. Some animals were stated on the curriculum and we are lucky to get some of these animals. We were then lucky as Pastor TB Joshua  of the Synagogue Church of God in Lagos donated some animals to the school , these animals  like Donkeys, camels, monkeys, ostrich, and goats,  and many more’.

”We found it also necessary to have all these animals for students to see with their eyes how these animals look like, We don’t have zoo in Ondo State and students need to see some of these things.It is part of education, how will you feel when these children only see  elephant, goat, monkeys, camel , donkeys on books only?”


In the school, he is called Uncle by his students and he is happy as he said , ” it makes the students get closer to him ,” Yes , the students call me Uncle and makes them  to be free with me , but they have  stopped calling me Uncle , I  am no longer Uncle but  a Chief.I am now a chief.( burst into laughter). Nothing  is constant , I am now authentic Baba Ijo  of  St. Thomas Anglican Church, Ikare ”


In the GTIC  are Church and a Mosque  by each side, on this the man ,Lawal said ”We have diverse people attending the school from Christian and Moslem background .We must be able  to tolerate  these two religion and teach our children about religious tolerance  that is why we have mosque  and church in the  same school premises and by each side. We want our students to be tolerant by the time they leave this place to see their brothers and sisters that they are one and should be tolerant of each other’s religion and   we should let them know we are serving same God”.


While  many are moving to the urban cities only few stayed behind ,But Lawal said his own choice was borne out of choice and determination, he added  ”there is nowhere you stay that is not good , and cannot conquer the world, wherever we  are we can build it to our taste. I left Lagos for Ikare  long time ago to settle and fulfill my ambition I believe  in dream and  I believe I can actualize my dream , in my setting and most preferably my environment. My leaving Lagos for Ikare  resulted to  GTIC. and I have no regret , I thank God”


The school , GTIC  is among the few   using computer for JAMB examination in Ondo state and the Principal argued that one must be among the first, he said ” I always traveled abroad to see how things are being done in both primary and secondary schools  in the civilized countries like the USA, UK, France, Japan. You see we need to be exposed and invest in research. I always traveled to know the latest and update our academic curriculum activities. Everybody should learn how to use computer and should be computer-literate , in these days if you are not  computer literate you can’t achieve anything, all over the world all primary schools in the United Kingdom, America and France where I travelled to are using computer  that was why we started  long time ago .”, he said with full confidence.


While many start their  day by  jogging around the field  but Lawal says ” when I wake up   I will first of all  pray. After my prayer , I will  go to the classroom , it is our culture here  in GTI, that between 6 and 7 Mathematics should be taught. I will go and teach mathematics and also make sure our Mathematics teachers are in the class, we need to teach these children how to wake up early and do all these things, Mathematics refreshes brain especially early in the morning”


Lawal says his bestDodo , wear suit, to school and caftan

what makes me happy

when i see my student progresing outside and doing well, that i have contributed to hiumanity


Lawal describes life as a place where talents are being given and distributed willingly  by God and  should be optimally used . He bared his mind on  what makes him sad , saying  when   he sees people roaming around not using their talent God has given him , he said ”I am always sad seeing people  wasting their time and not using optimally”

 He gave reasons why he gives out , he said ”we should live a life of giving in all our obligations , not only money, but support to achieve their potentials”.