Day law enforcement arrested Chief


  Chief Olounada Aiyesoro murdered in cold blood


……A chief scaled the fence and ….

….Another Chief was hiding behind the door

…..The big one ran towards Benin / Abuja 

……The ancient town  called  BoN    entertained  two visitors few weeks ago .

……The two visitors are Olounesan   Kilonleyin and Musicians


MIND is powerful, it can construct and put things in shape. It can mar or make you. It can make you sad or make you happy . Your mind  can   travel  one million miles  while on your bed . It can transport you  from where you are  to anywhere in the world .It can catapult you  and make you sit on   Kilimanjaro mountain . With your mind you can be in Heaven or Paradise . You can be in Hell burning and can be in Heaven rejoicing and shouting Hallelujah  with your mind  . You can be like Satan or Angel depending how you want  your mind to  work. No wonder Williams Shakespeare said it all ”There is nothing either good or bad , but thinking ,makes it so ”.  I was  alone laughing  yesterday while  tears was coming from my  eyes. Nobody to laugh with me but I told a friend  to imagine how it must have been . Chei , if Baba Sala were around he could have made a movie from it . If Ajirebi, Aluwe ,  Awada Kerikeri, Baba Mero, Baba Suwe, Lukuluku Fantasi etc. were here.

Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN, Babalawo Of  the Nation

Here is an imagination of a story  from a town called BoN. A Chief was murdered in cold blood and suspects were rounded up .



Immediately    Chief  Mojebi Iku  heard that the Police  officers were around, he peeped through the window to be sure . Yes , they were Mobile Police officers  also known as Kogberegbe  led by a Yoruba man Olounesan   Kilonleyin ( Deputy Inspector  General ). He screamed ” Wahala de, mo gbe !oghan mo r’oran!.  He  ran into his room and picked his  traditional flowing gown (agbada)  and his native cap ,but did not know he was wearing different buba and sokoto , all were not matched at all.  He  pretended he was going to a function . No, he did not tell his wife  where he was going . He was confused . Who will blame him? who will see danger ahead and be talking ? Abeg which kind talk o jare?. He  acted   like that Jamaican athlete,  Usain Bolt  the fastest runner in the world but Chief  never succeeded  like Bolt.

He wanted to   scale  the fence but  it was too high and  his flowing gown   could not let him be free , he  then removed it  within a twinkle of an  eye. Ah!, how will they hear that they got me , emi odindi  chief! .He  ran   into his room ,  looked for Gamallin 20  and  Andrex 40 ,( apigi )  .Yes, he  wanted to drink them to end his life , after all iku ya ju esin lo . No way, he did not see  them  under the bed  where he kept  them . What of  the oogun eku , Soole, I mean rat poison ?, no way , he couldn’t find it again.  Maybe I left them  in the  farm , or maybe my  wife  took it away , he thought . He became confused . Oloun Oba o, the  armed -to-the teeth-policemen had surrounded  his  house .He thought of what he could do again . Then he remembered there is a well in the compound , he   went to the  well ,  untied  the rope from  a bucket and looked  for a tree to hang himself but he  saw no tree. Where are the cashew trees? Where are the  Mango or guava trees? .None seen , he only sighted a pawpaw tree and pepper tree . Oh my God , so I don’t have  mango trees here , he now remembered  he  had the trees on his farm, about 50kilometeres away!.

No, this pepper tree will not work, and this pawpaw tree is not strong .He then had a suggestion, let me climb the fence and jump from here . He scaled the fence but  when he saw that his shoe was an impediment and the cement was smooth . He removed  one  of the the shoes and threw  it away!. Then he flew his cap away! fiamMo gbe , they must not catch me , he soliloquized . He struggled to climb the smooth brick wall, ha! , its not good to be fat o. The more he climbed the more its slippery, while his beads were dangling on his neck. Kai alangba kare laiye! a lizard will climb it with its claws and snake will manage to do same but I will try my best , he said .

Chief  Mojebi Iku scaling the fence

But this man is neither a snake nor lizard, he is a human being but  trying to behave like  one. The more he struggled to climb it like agama agama lizard the  more  he suffered  setback. He managed to climb the brick wall that is as  smooth as butter  and as he landed  on the ground  he could not shake his head and praise himself like agama agama lizard who said if he was not praised he would praise himself for a job well-done ,but what did  Chief  see? two police officers waiting!  Laiye , igbe aa fe ewe. As he made  spirited effort to stand up, he failed. Oh my God he has become weak., he must have hurt his leg . He screamed ”Esee mi ooo’‘ (  my leg hurts), he must have sprained his leg because the brick wall fence is high , and while in secondary school the Chief did not participate in Sports not to talk of High Jump. Wahala de!

As he  struggled to free himself ,  he heard some  croaky voices ”kai ,  wanka ,sege barawo, you wan run? if you run  I  go shoot !, the  officers shouted .They  welcomed him with beatings of his life  and with gun’s butt .   Now he became gentle as a lamb  and   could not bear the beating anymore. The two police officers rained beatings on him .Yeeparipa , a whole chief! .His upper lip  had cracked and swollen and now    separated from the lower one. Kai, one tooth is gone  and another one is shaking . Why not? . Kondo Olopa ni now, it speaks volumes on him. Blood , yes he spat , but didn’t see sputum but blood.  He has developed a mountain on his head .Oga e jowo now, he begged but trust them, they did not  understand  Yoruba language for  they are from the Northern part of Nigeria . They are kiigbo, kii gba, kogberegbe Mobile Policemen. They are all dark in complexion with frightening facial marks. Immediately  the chief saw them he  became humble and gentle  .Again they beat him like the Yoruba  beaded gourd, sekere. after all igbaju igbamu ni sekere fi n’ti ode  ariya bo. Yoruba gourd  returns home well battered    from outing entertainment .

Family members crying over the loss of their breadwinner, Chief Olounada Aiyesoro who was brutally  killed by suspected assassins 

As he was struggling with the policemen , he suddenly became gentle because he  could not receive  the  ”royal’ beatings anymore. What of the Olori Oko? Immediately  he was intimated that  they were after him he picked his car and faced Benin road. The rest is now  history.


As Chief Motidaran  Edarijimi   sighted the police van , he screamed ” Ye mo gbe , oghon ti wa, o ti mu mi oooo, mo juya (I’m in trouble , the police have come to arrest me), please let me go into hiding . He then went behind the door to hide but the police officers saw his toes showing under the door and chorused   ” this no be  goat’s leg o, na human being be this , and they dragged him out from there with welcome beatings from there. Chei! wonder shall never end , the Chief started confessing like a tormented Witch saying ” Na true , I kill the Chief  just because of money ni o, na Olojukokoro sent me oo I have not even received my balance.

Chief Motidaran  Edarijimi  behind the door

Please forgive me , Allah go forgive you” but trust the Mobile Policemen , they did not listen to him as they dragged him out and gave him a dirty slap in the present of his wife .The wife was asking what her husband did , but this annoyed the police officers as they  rained beatings on her too, she screamed  ” Oghon me a pa mi ku  ooooo( they   wanted to kill me oooo). One of his children advised his father to confess his atrocity and be free but trust the stubborn man , he was ashamed to do that in the public. The couple were dragged to the station where they started confessing like a tormented witch. The couple confessed and said  ” na devil’s work o, please forgive us ”, 

While  Mr. Asiritu  Olojukokoro  who paid for the assassination was intimated that the Police had arrested some  of his men , Chei  , what will  he do ?. He took his car key ,threw it away then began to run , and run and run and run ... Mo gbe ooo . Mi ma fi asisri a tu ooooo, if I had known I wouldn’t have planned this , he was telling one of his friends.  On his way he went to some villages to consult some of his Babalawos , he told  them  that Oka ti fo, asiri ti tu , then what will I do now? The Babalawo told him not to be scared and gave him etu, tira, and ehin oka , ehin ejo, iru kiniun, ehin adiye,  with imi ojo and osumare to bathe with. After three days he came back to  the town , BoN . He spent money and said he was ready to spend 50million  naira to evade justice. Ah, if  I had known, and I don’t want to be jailed for life. Since then some of the suspects have been walking free and avoiding social gatherings . They have been to places doing sacrifices and rituals to let the case die down.But will the case die down? Laiye, eewo , aa tigbo?.

When the suspects talk in the public , they would  just be talking and talking without sense just trying to defend themselves whereas the people of BoN are just watching . Mr. Orunrie Seotan said ” No matter  how they run they will still get them because the Chief they killed is not resting , he will fight spiritually .


As these suspects were fleeing ,  Bob Marley’s album Kaya  was playing ” ‘Running Away’

Ya running and ya running
And ya running away…..
But ya can’t run away from yourself
Can’t run away from yourself…..
Ya must have done (must have done)
Somet’in’ wrong (something wrong)….
Why you can’t find the
Place where you belong?…..
Running away 
Peter Tosh’s track was being played 
Down pressor man
where you gona  run to on that day,
if you  run to the  sea , the sea will be boiling
, if you run to the rock , the rock will be melting ….
Peter Tosh Equal Rights

Professor Wole Soyinka  recently said he wants  killing cases in Nigeria  open and he is ready to testify in Court again after 21 years of the assassination of  Chief Bola Ige.

The late Thomas Sankara who was the Burkina Faso Military head of state  whose childhood friend,  Blaise Compaoré  brutally killed in 1987 by soldiers outside his office.

Compaoré ruled for 27 years before  he was  ousted in another coup in 2014 and fled to Ivory Coast, where he lives now. He was given a life sentence in absentia  last week by the Burkina Faso Military government over his involvement of the killing of Sankara. .

  Genesis Chapter 4 VS 9; Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?.
Lucky Dube’s killers were eventually nabbed same Peter Tosh and were given death sentence.
Williams Tolbert  who was the President of Liberia between  1971 to 1980 was brutally murdered by Sergeant Samuel  Doe  which  shocked everybody    but Doe was disgraced and openly murdered , his ear was cut and  his nakedness was  displayed open  to  the whole world . What a shame!

When Murtala Mohammed was killed  on February 13, 1976 and Major Suka  Dimka  who planned the coup was nabbed , he was smiling all through as he was singing like canary bird. General lliya Bisalla  was implicated in the coup but he pretended he was not part of it but in the end asiri tu, and he was shot dead alongside with the coup plotters who killed Murtala Mohammed the then Nigeria  Military head of state.

The death of Basorun Gaa in Yorubaland  was interesting, he killed many people publicly , he was feared but in the end  he was killed in a  market place for everybody to see. He was hewed into pieces.

Ha my brother , you killed me because of …..
An old man reminded us the old song, story  of a  man who killed his younger brother and took away his  beautiful flower, but his dead brother didn’t allow his wicked brother to rest as he sings ;
Egbon mi owon
Egbon mi owon
Egungun mi lo n’fon
Iwo lo pa mi si  papa to m’ododo mii lo
Egbon mi Owon egbon mi owon egungun mi lo nfon…..

Who is the next victim after Elerewe?

…..Haa! see  the next   five victims to be killed

…..Elerewe fought for his family’s freedom

 ……. His statue to be erected

…..We all keep quiet yet not safe

….Full names of the suspects and their addresses 

I AM  writing this piece in tears. I am writing this piece blowing my nose and wiping tears from my face . I am writing this piece with heavy heart. I looked around and asked myself how I would tell my children in the future the story of   my home town  without mentioning how a first Class Oba , the Olufon of Ifon Oba Israel Adeusi was killed, and  what happened afterwards ? Nothing !. How will I omit the story of how a whole High Chief  Elerewe , Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom who was  the  third position to the Olowo of Owo Kingdom  was brutally murdered in cold blood. What happened next?, Nothing,  ko si jare! .How will I narrate the story of the  suspects,  arrests, denial and release and will they believe my story? L’aiye, ko joo , Na lie would be their response. So I will tell my children how it has  become  clownish and called Awada Kerikeri,  O  ma se o. Shior! So nobody could fight like  Timothy Adegoke’s brother ,Gbade who  fought gallantly and leaving no stone unturned to unravel the mystery behind his brother’s death? .

The world is a dangerous place to live  not because of people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it says Albert Einsten. As brilliant  as Owo indigenes are and as popular the  ancient town  that   has produced  sons and daughters in all fields  is ,nobody , no group , I mean no formidable group or individual could come up to fight for his  cause.  Kai it could happen to you, this reader. You are only writing ” Rest in peace, the killers must not go unpunished” etc, is that what we want from you?. It is Elerewe   today we don’t know  whose turn it would be tomorrow. Kai! o ma se o, we all keep quiet trying not to be seen as a whistle blower or   or bad boy or with bad belle.

Listen carefully to the names and addresses of the suspects and the next victims marked down in this video


So these killers did not hear what Abraham Lincoln said ”I would rather be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody”. Now   they have been let loose like angry and hungry  lion ready to devour anybody . If they could kill a first traditional ruler and a High Chief and nothing happened then  the town’s men are like Chicken coop  in their pen, the assailants would just wake up in the morning go to pen and pick one rooster and kill. Kai O ma se o. But let the suspects know that investigation could be five years , seven years even 10 years. Let them not be at ease now for Lie detectors , sophisticated investigative apparatus that would expose  their  deeds of over five years are on the way , its just a sophisticated investigative gadgets similar to the one the Yoruba Novelist  the late  D.O. Fagunwa wrote in  his book  Irinkerindo Ninu Igbo Elegbeje when they got to  the  bridge of  the River of  Blood  (Odo Eje) their tongues started confessing  all their evil deeds yet they cannot control their tongues .



We play dangerous politics with our lives . We play politics with the lives of our children . We play politics with everything . We politicized virtually everything  . Everybody is afraid , But why? the reason is that we are afraid to die and you  and  I  will die one day. What are the roles of our traditional rulers ? .What are the roles of the Inner Caucus?  Where are the powerful Babalawos in Owo? . What are the roles of Ogboni in the society?. Why are we afraid?. Three  years ago I visited a tourist centre , Dollar City in Branson, America . Among their tourist  attractions  are coffins of all sizes while many were taking pictures with it. It was fun. An old man  went in and took  photograph, when he came out I  was curious , I ran to him and said in Africa seeing a coffin is an abomination ,he replied  ”this   ”Box” is made of wood . It is the shape that gave it another name. Whoever is afraid of it should not sleep on his bed, should not sit on a chair and should not use any wooden material at all. We are afraid of the ‘Box’  because of our handiwork. Be good to everybody and have a clean heart my son then you will not be afraid of anything ”. As he said this I went to some of the life size coffins and Ronnie , my wife gave me shots.

You will die , I will die , we will all die


Is assassination  of Elerewe the first time ? .No , he would not be the first or the  last . The mistake assailants make is turning their victims to heroes. When the late Elerewe  ascended   his fore father’s  throne he made positive  changes, he was fighting for his family’s property that were  stolen with the  money in the Bank and farmland. What was his offence? Ki lo se? Ki lo de?. The big family house had no toilet facilities but he provided .He had planned to  build a  Museum in the compound , he wanted the stolen farmland retrieved and given back to the family. His heart was clean. Not a single person spoke ill about him. Yes, that is what surprised  the assassins , they thought people would speak ill about him and be justified , No. Capital ”No”.

At Memphis Museum where Martin Luther King’s  items were on display in Lorraine Motel now

History did not tell us that Murtala Mohammed died in his sleep. No, he was brutally murdered in  Lagos   in February 1976  .

The American Baptist Minister and activist Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray at 6.05pm on Thursday at the Lorraine hotel in Memphis in 1968. When I visited the Motel which had been tuned to museum  in Memphis I   broke down and  wept.  He was 40. But his memory lingers on.

Civil rights leader Malcolm X was shot dead at  the Audubon Ballroom, in Manhattan on February 21,1965. while delivering a speech.  He was 39.He was  immortalized.

President  John Kennedy was assassinated  on November 22,1963 while riding a motorcade in Dallas, he was shot in the neck and head. He was 46.

It was after their death they become more popular and appreciated. Today their names can never be erased from History same thing  with the latest assassination. High Chief Ilori Tunde  the Elerewe of Owo has become an hero , a legend and a god in the History of Owo , infact he has broken a record of the first  High Chief to be murdered in a gruesome manner.  Nobody came across the High Chief  and  regretted  it . He was gifted , he has wisdom, he  was among the best dressed  High Chiefs  , infact he was a super star in dressing no wonder he represented the Olowo of Owo Kingdom many occasions.


Let us  erect  a statue in memory of   the fallen Chief . It should be a monument where life would breath so that the evil men would suffer from automatonophobia while    seeing  it daily and be regretting their actions. His lovers would be seeing it daily and know their beloveth one is not dead. Yes, statue speaks volumes, it tells stories no wonder why we have in public places.

Did Thomas Fuller not say it all  that  Memory is the treasure  house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.

Today, all the  victims of assassination have their statues erected  and have their things  kept in museum . Let Chief Ilori Tunde the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom’s  statue be erected and placed where these assassinators would be seeing it everyday and have their heart bleed and be regretting .Let us build a statue of Elerewe  in his regalia and erect it at the frontage of the Elerewe’s  building.



Walaitalai I will not encourage  anybody to visit my town now .Call me a bastard, fine. Label  me an anti Owo that is okay . But  who will rescue or fight for  my visitors if  they are kidnapped or  brutally killed in the name of knowing  my  place of birth?. This is Elerewe of Owo Kingdom an Owo indigene killed  before our own  eyes and we are grunting like a pig!.

Yes, Eric Donaldson the  Jamaican reggae artiste in one of his popular albums  Land of My birth, he  sang ” This is the land of my birth , I say this is the land of my birth , I say this is Jamaica , my Jamaica , the land of my birth ….I will never leave her shore , I will never run away ….” To many of Owo  indigenes they will leave their  shore and run away .


Donaldson  continued ” Mr. Tourist , Mr. Tourist , leave your land  and come …. We will share a lot with you , our people they are true , they will want to be with you , they will love , they will help , they will give , if you wish my friend you can live …..You will  be  a happier  one in the land of the rising sun….Can you sing this type of song and be proud of your  Owo our native town? Our people are not true  , they don’t want to be with you , they will not love you, they will not help you , they will not give , and you will never be happier  in the land of  Owo where  human lives are cheap!


If you are one of the marksmen  or sharp shooters  you have one more victim to shoot , that is me, this writer.  When you see me don’t waste your money or time to add charm or juju with   six inches nail  in the AK 47  but just give me ordinary shakabula or dane gun  shot , and that is all. I am not afraid to die. You all Baaaastarrrdd!. You are all coward.  The fact is that you have murdered sleep and will forever have insomnia till death. I know in the corner of your heart you will be regretting your wicked act. Yes, you thought they will lie against Fulani Herdsmen . You thought he would be buried in a week or two and  be forgotten, unfortunately it is not so!.

The late High Chief

It is Tunde Ilori today and do you know the next victim? It could be me , it could be you , It could be your father, mother, uncle, Niece or Nephew!


Now in the future the Owo Community will make references to suspects. It is a pity their children would ask their fathers ” Did you have hands  in the killing of this Chief?”.  In the middle of the night their wives would wake up their husbands and say ” tell me the truth , did you participate in the killing and  did you hear people are talking about you and running away from you in this small community? ”

Friends  and families will be wary of those suspected to have had hands in it .They will say Et tu Brutus? .And their minds would be   Chei  they  got me . I have collected money . But will they behave as Judas Iscariot behaved?. Judas Iscariot  returned the 30 shekels of silver [ owo eje] to the Chief Priests. The chief priests decided that they could not put it into the temple treasury as it was considered blood money, and so with it they bought the Potter’s Field ,where Judas was buried.


The Marksmen and their Strikers  will soon strike again. About five names were  mentioned here , the first target is this writer, Taiwo Abiodun and others are   Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN, Babalawo Of the Nation

Reason for being marked down , it is because  they wrote about the killing of the High Chief  and if killed nothing will happen  after all  they killed  a First Class Monarch nothing dey sele. They killed a whole High Chief nothing sele! It is ”All correct , shon sir , we don finish that stupid man called  Bobo T, T Bobo, BoN, Babalawo Of the Nation, who be the next target ? just buy me igbo or tramadol and pay my balance”.


The late Elerewe during Igogo Festival


Do you know the full names of these suspects? If you want to know watch this video in full and you will be shocked . Please don’t edit it or remove anything from it .

The question on everybody’s lips are : Where are the local  or traditional crime trackers?. Where is Oro Or Ogho ? When something like this happen all traditionalists would come out and perform rituals and sacrifices  to expose the killers but we have not heard anything or is  Oro or Ogho  not potent or effective again?.



We need ase, epe, oogun abenugongo and curse  those who planned and killed Elerewe. Lagbara Oloun they will one day confess

As I am listening to Jimmy Cliff ‘s track , I said he could be right after all when he sang

Hypocrite, you dirty hypocrite
You’re gonna pay the price some day
Hypocrites, all of you hypocrites
You’re gonna pay the price some day
Words you speak from your mouth
But your heart is telling lies….

We walked, we talked together, yes we did
We ate, we drank together, yes we did
But when I find
You’re a snake in the grass
My heart grieved to be taken for an ass
(Ooh hoo) but…