My husband sent me out due to my childlessness – Selimo Esther



….. I trekked from Ilorin to Lagos- Selimo Esther

……I taught her Typing and Shorthand in the ’80s ….. Rev. Aiyedun Sosanya

….. Selimo has  depression,needs help- Dr. Biodun Adeneye- Marcus 

…… I cannot continue harbouring her-Banjo Olusanya

Selimo Esther ( aka Adaramaluti)

Her story is pathetic, mind- boggling and emotional. Childlessness is one of the major causes of broken marriages especially in Africa where they count so much on Children unlike in the Western world where love is the key . Selimo Esther is a victim. Taiwo Abiodun writes

…I  typed projects for UNILAG and Yaba  College of Technology  Students

….I trekked from Ilorin to Lagos

…….I want to go back to school

…..I don’t want drunkards  and smokers as suitors

……..Why they  call me Adaramaluti

Selimo  ( aka Adaramaluti) in a dilapidated building

         As the  56 year – old woman walks around with her bag and baggages soliloquizing those who  saw  her at Fadipe and  Odubanjo  streets, Shomolu, Lagos remembered her very well during her  spinsterhood. A woman ( names withheld ) recalled ” She was beautiful and respectful. I knew her very well. I don’t know what could have happened to her .

Those who knew her at Sabo- Yaba, Market Complex ,Lagos described her as a professional typist whose typing speed was  60 words per minute. An ex- student ( who does not want his name in print) of Yaba College of Technology  told  this reporter on phone that Selimo used to type his assignments and projects while a student of University of Lagos described the woman as a genius in typing in 90s  .

At  Sabo Market besides  Yaba Post office, she was  known for typing affidavits , private and official letters and post office- related materials.

An old man who lived at Birrel Avenue , Yaba  confirmed her story and said ”Selimo was  responsible and respectful when he knew her in the 90s”.

Today, Selimo has changed: Her words are incoherent no thanks to her mental  state of her health yet her beautiful face remains the same. Now  she moves  from one place to another. According to her, she trekked from Ilorin to  Lagos, and came to  Shomolu where she once lived as a Spinster. What baffles many is the fact that she came back to  where she once lived as a  Spinster and still has good  retentive memory  as she recollects names of some landlords , friends ,about her past activities and many more.

A call from Ilorin confirmed that she lived there in the early 80’s. While residents of Somolu who knew her for years confirmed she  was once a resident in their environment too.


Selimo  during an interview with Dr.Biodun Adeneye – Marcus


According to Selimo  she walked from Ilorin to Lagos and was on the road for days before she arrived   Lagos.


When asked to introduce herself, she smiled and started” My name is  Selimo   Esther .I have both Christian and Muslim names .They call me Adaramaluti ( Beautiful without piercing earlobe ( for earrings). My father’s name is Adebowale Adebayo . I was born on   May 30, 1968.I attended St. John Anglican  Primary School  Iwo Road, Ibadan  and later  proceeded to Adebowale Private Secondary School, Ibadan. When I came to Lagos I attended  Adebisi Commercial Enterprises School Oyingbo, Lagos.


Selimo Esther without earrings


Asked what she was doing for a living before her present state  , she responded” Sebi I told you that I am a typist or Stenographer .I worked at Nkemu Business Center Sabo Market by Yaba Post office . I also typed projects for students of higher institutions like  Yaba Technology  and University of Lagos  I  used to type their projects and many ,many have graduated today!”, she said.

She gave a heavy sigh and  continued”I worked as a stenographer . Do you know I learnt typing with manual typewriter? .Again I also used  electronic typewriter but now they are using computer of which I have to go back to school and learn how to use . You know technology has changed many things”, she said jabbing the air with her fist.


Selimot said she didn’t enjoy her  marriage . “You see I married a man called Toyin (surname  withheld) from Osun State but after some years his senior wife ( names withheld )  and my husband  sent me out packing ,they said I am barren. I don’t know it’s a sin if you don’t have a child. But I believe and hope in God.”


Selimo  still believes she would marry one day and would meet a man who understands her feelings but not just any man. She said “there was a time I had suitors coming but many of them are smokers and some  are drunkers, I cannot marry such a person. But if I see a responsible man who has the fear of  God, fine. But for me to marry a drunkard  or a smoker no way.”


On why she moves around aimlessly,she said “my family members don’t want to see me. I have no parents again. I am moving around to save my life, no where to sleep . I sleep anywhere but I am managing this place.

“I clocked  56  last  month ,May 30. I am not getting younger. You see I need a padlock …( Her words are no more coherent).

Selimot answering questions from Dr. Biodun Adeneye- Marcus and Prince Ferera 


Dr. Biodun Adeneye- Marcus , an author and publisher cum media/ Public Relations practitioner described the lady’s situation as pathetic . He said ” She knows many people here in Somolu and can still recognize where she lived at Fadipe/ Odubanjo streets. I know those who knew her very well when she was still young. I believe she is out of her mind. She must have suffered depression. “According to her , her marriage crashed because  of her childlessness and  was sent out ,this could cause depression for her “. Adeneye -Marcus said  the woman needs rehabilitation. “I want people to come to her aid before it is too late because she is vulnerable now. Ritualists could take advantage of her and she could be as well be raped by these ruthless boys. Aside that ,she is being stigmatized and she is not violent”.

Selimo during an interview with Dr. Biodun Adeneye- Marcus

Adeneye -Marcus continued ” The state government should come to her aid for her to regain her sanity .You can imagine , she could talk and explain very well on any  topic but would atimes missed her point “.

A politician ,Prince Babajide George – Ferera who was a one -time Ward  chairman in Somolu described the woman as  harmless and only needs care . His words” Those who knew this woman described her as a gentle woman. I can see that she’s harmless and not violent. She needs care. I want the state government and NGOs to come and assist her. She needs to be attended to. She needs care. She needs love . She should not be stigmatized. And she’s lucky to have found herself back in the community she had been known for years. She is vulnerable. Please the Lagos state or good Samaritans should come to assist her. Time is hard now there is little one can do for her”.

Mr. Adebanjo Olusanya  another good Samaritan saw  Selimo moving around the vicinity  and decided to harbour her after doing a research on her. He said ” When I saw her walking about aimlessly and nobody to harbour her I then made inquiry about her.  Dr . Adeneye – Marcus also encouraged me to assist her.I discovered that many who had  lived  in our vicinity know her  very well. And when I discovered she is harmless and not violent I decided to give a a space in our compound  at 12, Efon Alaiye Street, Somolu to stay.

“I am pleading to the good – spirited Nigerians to quickly come to her aid because I cannot continue to be harbouring her and take care of her.I know  this is  a big risk yet  I have to rescue her from being molested or abused by these roughnecks. If she falls into their hands they could rape her and again do dirty things on her” .


Reverend Aiyedun Sosanya said Selimo was his student in the 80’s. He said ” I taught her Typing and shorthand in the 80’s when I was running my school , Aiyedun  Commercial Institute which I later changed to Aiyedun Business Center ( ABC), Somolu. Selimo was a very brilliant girl then.However,  the last time I saw her was  about 15 or 20 years ago.I don’t know about her marriage. But I knew then that Boys always approached her but she always turned them down .”

Now Selimo is living in a dilapidated building,she needs medical care ,and other she needs help or else her condition could  become worse.

She said she needs a computer, typewriter ,photocopying machine and wants to go back to school to learn how to use Computer.

Nobody knows her relatives. She has no child to call her own .She is lonely.please help her before it is too late.