teachers and parent remanded

‘ Teachers and parent remanded’

Two teachers: Mrs.Aladeniyi  Folashade, Mr.Femi and a parent , Mr. Ordu Ogbonnaya are presently remanded in prison when they could not perfect their bail yesterday .The three were arrested  for fighting.Investigation reports that Ogbonnaya went to lodge a complaint about his son’s school’s uniform which led to fracas at Ogo Oluwa Group of Schools, Uso , Akure -Benin Road .

taiwoabiodun.com reports

Two primary school teachers [ Mrs.Aladeniyi Folashade and Femi] teaching  at Ogo Oluwa Group of Schools , Uso,along  Akure/Benin Road were remanded yesterday in Owo for fighting in the public .

According to investigation , Mrs Aladeniyi  who is a classroom teacher warned  a pupil Samuel Ogbonnaya to stop wearing the old uniform to school and when the boy got home he told his  father.The father, Ogbonnaya Ordu then went to school to report , and  it later turned into physical combat , in the process blood flowed. The school authority then  invited  the police and the case was reported at Uso Police Station .

When our reporter got to  the house of Folashade  at New Church , Fajuyi street Owo she was in bed and she said she had just been discharged from the hospital.

Again, our reporter  visited the school premises in Uso where the teachers work and met Femi and the School Bursar who gave the graphic  details of the story.

Ogbonnaya was met at home with his two children and his wife , he too explained his own side of the story.

The Police confirmed the story and said the three will  be charged to court.

Mrs. Aladeniyi  Folashade

Mrs. Aladeniyi

”I was in the class on Tuesday  when  I  saw  a man in front of my class ,  he called me to come outside and I too asked him  to come in, he then asked  me whether I am Mummy Korede, he asked ‘’why are you threatening my soon’’, I asked ” how ?”,  he then   dragged me outside the school compound  and tore my clothes ,he  beat me with his elbow while the school  children were shouting ”‘Daddy Samuel  had killed our auntie ,that was how a teacher came from the secondary school section to rescue me for in our Nursery and Primary school we are all women working there .The  man  held  the teacher’s clothe and gave him head butt, he    wounded him. We called the police ,reported the case at the police station and the   DPO took me to his  office where I fainted , later I was rushed  to the hospital  and then to  General hospital .They have just discharged me from the school”.


Uncle Femi

”After leaving my class I was called by one of our staff in Primary section  and I was told a man came to  attack one of our staff here , on getting there I saw the man who was very furious   , very furious in manner and in  anger . I saw the kind of beating he gave the woman , and I tried top stop him , but he he was trying to fight him back, trying to  forge his way …I said how can he come to the school and fight one of our staff ,  as I grabbed him he also grabbed me back ..I said you cannot beat this woman its not possible, I held him so that the police would meet him here  ,  along the line   when he knew he could not go  , he then knocked my mouth .

The blood on my shirt is from the   stain of blood  where I was being knocked

And he started spitting the blood on his shirt .It was a stain of blood where I was being knocked by the man , he is Mr.Ogbonaya,  he has two children in that primary section. Immediately they took us to the police station


School Bursar narrates her own side of the story

My name is Mrs .  Olorunfemi Mopelola, I am the school’s Bursar. I was in school on Tuesday and while   in the office   one of the pupils ran to me and  shouted ’’ mummy, mummy Daddy Samuel has killed our anuntie o ‘’o  and I rushed to the class and met   the man beating the woman [ Mistress]  Mrs Aladeniyi  Folasade .We took her to the police station the woman, Mrs.Aladeniyi  now  fainted then we took her to the Health Centre later to General hospital, Owo where she was admitted .

Uncle Femi

Ogbonnaya Ordu

”I  have two children at Ogo Oluwa  Nursery and Primary school, and on Monday when    my child , Samuel  Ogbonaya arrived from school, he said one of their aunties beat him  on the ground that he wore new uniform [ which is the old uniform the  school is  phasing out  . According to him , his teacher  said he should not come to school the following day.

I used to buy the   uniform from school, and for the fact that  this one has torn I went  to the market to buy the old one , they are still using it along side with the new one .  And since it is the same old  uniform they are still using .And on Tuesday the following day  I went   to the school and  I met Mama Seun the  school bursar and asked her why  they  are  beating my son and he said he was not going to school  unless  we go with him. I met mama Seun the bursar who denied  they were not chasing them out .

I went with him and showed them the torn old one, I pleaded to them that I had just paid 14,000 naira their school fees .I  told Mama Seun that I wanted to tell the teacher that I had no money to buy the new one now.I said let me go and explain to  the teacher but Mama Seun the bursar said no.On reaching there, my son said they sent one  Nove to call him and their teacher   started beating him.

I told the woman that I wanted to see her[ Mrs.Aladeniyi] the teacher , I explained to her that I had seen Mama Seun who said nobody was driven away because of school uniform but the woman  said I had no right to talk to her and should leave. I told her it is the part of the money I paid that they used to pay her salary , and I said I love the school that was why I was there and that the school met my standard .

She asked me to leave the class , we started argument  and she asked me to leave her office, I was dragging her hand before those people ran inside ,,  ..I didn’t beat her because I   know the implication they would say you beat somebody’s wife .On getting outside , I saw one of them called  Femi who just rushed me without asking anything , and I said can’t you help me out  and the lady too grabbed me . You can see my shirt .. the way they  tied me ,I was choking … … I was chocking, I am a Christian I will not lie even though I am going to court , I just tried to hit the boy with my head , immediately blood started rushing ,when they saw the degree of the blood rushing ,,,,, luckily the police people arrived and took us to the  station and I made my statement , we waited for the owner of the school, they said his brother , a pastor came to bail us .

I didn’t beat the lady , some of them  can frame up just anything.

However, the three showed evidence of their wounds, while Aladeniyi said she was injured and was hospitalized, Femi showed his bruised lips and teeth while Ogbonnaya showed his wounded neck to taiwoabiodun.com

The three were charged to Court and  had been remanded yesterday since they could not pay 20,000 naira in  fulfillment of  their bail condition.

Incredible Twins

Owode Twins : 

They go to toilet same time, get sick same time , eat from same plate , wear same dress from underwear  to headgears. 

Welcome to the world of strange twins : Mariano Sanni( Taiwo)  and Hassanatu ( Kehinde).

They are identical twins,  their children said they hardly know who is who even their friends of many years cannot differentiate them.

Taiwo and Kehinde chorused  ” we  didn’t go to school but were into trading since our youth”the twins chorused.

“We wear same clothes from our undies to our headgears , we have same friends and doing everything same since our youth .

“We married same  day, and our parents did Nikai for us same day and went to our husbands houses same day!”

Marriage lives 

According to the twins when their husbands died  they remarried , “we didn’t want to remarry but our mother objected to it  .When we remarried again  our two husbands have died same time ” . 

Their children testified to their strange lives , according to Alhaja Musiliat Kilani who is one of the children of the twins, ” whenever you want to give them gift , the gift must be same too, but if they are not the same don’t bother to give them for they will not receive  or collect them from you.

When one is sick in the morning the second will fall ill in the evening, she gave several examples ” many times when Taiwo is sick in the morning and was taken to  Oluwalogbon Health Centre, Ishaga -Iju, her twin sister fell ill in the same evening and was taken there too.The two wer discharged on the following day .

It is true they eat from same plate, drink from same cup, eat from same meat , that is they will cut the meat with their teeth and the second will eat the remaining half no matter the number of meat in the plate , they will cut it with their teeth .

The twins added” when we were young we did our mensuration same day , or either one would  start a day earlier before the other  .Up till now we wear same  color of  undies”

What would happen if they don’t do anything together?, Senior Evangelist Saliu Sanni  who also refused to tell who between the two that is his biological mother said” You don’t need to bring unidentical  things for them as they will not receive them, they did everything together . 

Asked to tell which one is his mother but he said ” the two are my mother, I can’t describe them , they are over 100 years of age .The sleep together.  Share same bed, don’t want anybody to separate them even their children , no politics in the family.


In 1982 when they were going for Hajj in Mecca, they caused a stir at the Murtala Mohammed Airport when their names were alphabetically called and Kehinde was called to go into the aircraft but refused and said she must sit by her twin sister, Taiwo  ; after much hassles they bowed to their wishes.Again at the Addis ababa  airport in Ethiopia they refused to sleep in different rooms they gave them and they insisted in  sleeping  in the same room and on same bed!


We pray our children should follow our footsteps where  we have no secret and we love ourselves .We have seen our four generational children 

How we were robbed 

The twins are not happy as they claimed some robbers came to their rooms at night to rob them, ” it was around 3 am as we both went out to ease ourselves when we sighted  two  young boys who entered into our room and asked us to keep quiet , they demanded for the money in our possession, we begged them to spare our lives as we were old  .They carted away with the mosque’s collection , they also went away with some ?????Owo ajo??

Asked whether the roughnecks tried to rape them, the twins laughed and said ‘ no’, we were chanting ” Laila ilalau, Laila ilalau, Laila ilalau, while they instructed us to keep quiet