Orlando Owoh was arrested because of Dele Giwa’s album-Orimipe Owomoyela

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……. Orlando Owoh was beaten by the Police  while sleeping

……Orlando  was gifted

…….Story of Orlando’s seized 504 Car

……Meaning of  my name ‘Orimipe’



”I was there at  the time of his arrest  . I had just graduated from School of Aviation where I specialized in   Ticketing , Reservation  and  Cargo Handling  and it was three days after my graduation  when   the law enforcement  officers  came . They came to raid , everybody was running helter- skelter .They came from  three stations : Moloney , Alagbon  and  Agege , and  my father was sleeping when they arrived . There was noise .They arrested all of us and packed  us into    the living room . They  went to wake up my father with  severe beatings and in all honesty they did not know it was Orlando  and when they  put us together and then  asked who is Orlando ,  my father showed up  .They said they were sorry, and they said that  that they could not identify him.


”They came for him  because of the record he waxed on Dele Giwa who was brutally killed with a parcel bomb .They knew Orlando  was smoking ganja and he even waxed records (Ganja 1,Ganja 2) in its praise  ,everybody knew him for that . Their annoyance  was that they did not disturb him smoking his ganja  but he went ahead to  wax a record on Dele Giwa ,that was the main reason why they came  . They took him away .But   as I told you people come to our  house , and our house was like Fela’s house or  Fela’s shrine.

‘He was arrested because of the album he waxed for Dele Giwa , he waxed the record that it was  letter bomb that killed Dele Giwa  which everybody knew  .It is because of  the case of Dele Giwa .There was a song Orlando sang , Kini ka ri ka ma gbodo soro, oro yi si mbo….oro yi si nbo wa dija  …

”When these  policemen    saw me, saw  Orlando’s wives and anti Shade (Nee Olagundoye) and they  asked  who she was , she told them she  was the last wife  of Orlando  and they also  asked who I was and I  introduced myself too. They left anti Shade and myself   and  said they  would leave us behind to  take care of the  house ….. it was a very long story”.


”Yes, they saw cocaine , but this  is what happened :when everybody was running helter-skelter  they saw little quantity in the front of my father’s house , but you know  whoever  they  found it in his house is liable. Orlando smoked igbo,he smoke cigarette .It is true cocaine, heroine he did it before but   then  the time they came he had since  stopped it.


”He was arrested because of the album he waxed for Dele Giwa , he waxed the record that it was  letter bomb that killed Dele Giwa  which everybody knew  .It was because of  the case of Dele Giwa .There was a song Orlando sang , Kini ka ri ka ma gbodo soro, oro yi si mbo….oro yi si nbo wa dija  ..., people were saying this is Orlando everybody said he was smoking weed.When he waxed record Babangida was  the head of state then. Everybody knew that Orlando was smoking Igbo  ,it was not new. Policemen come to our house to smoke igbo, soldiers used to come, Pastors  do come , Judges, Lawyers used to come .My father sang the reality , not that he fabricated it .It was the reality of what happened in the world of  ganja .

Kini ka ri ka ma gbodo soro,

oro yi si mbo….oro yi si nbo wa dija 

”They said to him ‘we did not arrest you  when you were  smoking your weeds  and  did not fight you  , now when something happened which is the secret from the government of which you should keep shut but you are saying ……..’ that was what  they  said, they had to do something about it, it was not because of Igbo or cocaine.  Musese and all us us went to places.That night when he was arrested I went to tell to Owo to tell Mama ( Orlando’s mother ) what happened”.

 Doctor before Doctor

”Policemen used to  come to our house to smoke igbo, soldiers used to come, Pastors , Judges and Lawyers used to come .My father sang the reality , not that he fabricated it .It was the reality of what happened in the world of ganja ”

Orlando smoking his ganja

”We were in  Court one day  expecting Orlando to be released , but not then they said one head of state called them that instead of taking his case to court he  should be taken to Tribunal , we all waited but .. then he was taken from Tribunal to Kirikiri. Usually they should have  taken him to Alagbon or ..but the then head of State …… who was….. The Judge in charge then adjourned the case then  that was how we were ….until God came to discharge and acquit him.”


Orimipe said Orlando counseled him  on  marriage, he said ”My father called me one day and said ‘Orimipe , I want to give you a good  advise , don’t  have harem of wives and don’t have one wife .It is poverty (Osi) that makes a man to have one wife and it is a cursed person or person with bad head (Oloriburuku) that makes a man to  have harem of wives. Don’t have harem of wives and don’t have one wife’, he counseled me . I went to ask my mother  the meaning of what he said .My  mother  defended the  philosophy and said   that it is  poverty  that makes a man to  have one wife while   a man with many wives is cursed.

”Then my journey in life landed me into it .I did not marry when  I was in Nigeria and when I came to Chicago , here in America I married a lady here. The lady gave me a child , he is my carbon copy . Later in life we  quarreled  and we parted and I remarried. One day Orlando’s words came into my mind  . Today I cannot say that  I have one  wife ,no, because two women had children for me .And  I did not  have harem of wives  as he strongly  advised me against it .So I am in the middle as  he  wanted me to be in the middle” .

Taiwo Abiodun during an interview with the late Musician’s mother


Asked to tell the meaning of his middle name, Orimipe, the man burst into laughter and  asked this reporter to pronounce the name again, ‘Orimipe’  . He then said  ”A pe mora eni  la npe temidire ( You  attribute good things to yourself). My father said ‘whose head is not correct?, who would say his own head is not correct?’.   He said when I was born he was at the war front  where  they were shelling bombs, he said he was in danger zone and was bitter but when they announced my birth to him it became a mixture or combination of good and bad , Bitter  and sweet, he then told them that ‘as at now my head is correct right now’  , Orimipe .That was how the name came out. Whoever knows his head is not correct should now say so”.


Orimipe said his father , Orlando faced a lot of challenges ,”His problems were many, when I was young  he  told me stories. The Alagbon problem is one of them. As  I knew he  had gone  to the hospital and cleared his system , detoxified drug from his system and  was not doing it again.When they came they entered my room and searched for drug but  they   found nothing . It is true he had done such thing before but he had stopped, and flushed it out from his system. He was sleeping when they raided , you will remember the song he waxed ”Oju orun ni mo wa mo ngba siesta mi lo, igbaju ni won fi ji mi loju orun o, nitori gbaana”, it is true he was sleeping when they came .But when they  came  they rough handled everybody and were beating all, his case is like Jesus Christ among his disciples you will not know him, until he is  introduced. When Orlando was with his people or among his Band  members  if you don’t know him you will be asking  for Orlando and he will quietly leave and it could be Baba Osenepen or my brother Elvis or  Baba Musese  or anybody  who  would then ask who they are looking for and if it is an important thing we would then call Orlando.You know how they do in Nigeria.That was it then .They all came from Alagbon, Moloney, Agege, later they  said they were sorry, but had beaten him to a pulp.


”Nobody would leave his house and stay  in other places and be comfortable , West, East, North and South  home is the best. His case was like the  Parrot the    enemies dipped its feather into the  palm oil in order  to be stained  but  the palm oil added beauty to its features and  it came out more beautiful.  With the Alagbon’s case God turned his case to the best. God had a purpose and  wanted to keep him for a while. At last he  was freed at the Supreme Court”.

  I knew he  had gone  to the hospital and cleared his system , detoxified drug from his system and  was not doing it again. When they came they entered my room and searched for drug but  they   found nothing . It is true he had done such thing before but he had stopped, and flushed it out from his system. He was sleeping when they raided , you will remember the song he waxed ”Oju orun ni mo wa mo ngba siesta mi lo, igbaju ni won fi ji mi loju orun o, nitori gbaana’

Orimipe  with his friends singing in Chicago,USA


”At my age I cannot lie , I am not happy with him , though if I see him there is nothing I will do, God knows everything .He (Orlando) came out alive,he was discharged and acquitted and for the main fact that he ( the  head of ….) planned such thing was not a good thing . He was called President then , he was a military man and called himself President , he did all these .Its like going into the Lion’s den and came out .Each time I remember this I feel bad,  I have forgiven him ,I have forgiven him.”


Reminded about the car impounded by Orlando’s friend when he defaulted , Orimipe said  ”They were all friends then ,the story is true but it is sad. Whenever something happened to him God  wanted to bless him and let his glory shine . When he was bluffed  about the car, Orlando went to buy that type of same Brand, color and  the number of the first car was 1111 and  the second one was 4111, it was a Peugeot 504  then. Baba Die The Matter was there then he also assisted my   father, he knew about it.God will just raise Orlando’s   glory when something happened to him  . Orlando purchased the  car  from his friend a Car dealer and because he defaulted to pay as at the time he should , the car  was seized .It was a Peugeot 504 with the registration number 1111 while he bought another new one and of same brand, colour and registered number as 4111.God has been kind to Orlando.That was when he sang ” Ogedengbe.. O gbe mi lori esin…..”


Orimipe delivering a speech in America


 Orimipe said he is sad when  he heard the news of  the death of his   half- brother  about two years ago. In his words , he said ”I cried when I heard the news of the death of my brother , Sunday.Her mother is my father’s wife and she is also my mother .I feel for Sunday’s mother, it is painful that her son, Sunday died .But what ought to  be done should be done. Sunday was very close to me same thing with all other younger ones.They are all married and in their matrimonial homes now.


Sunday’s mother

 I asked a friend to help me to be  doing the needful for the boy ”

Asked  his  best music in Orlando’s album, Orimipe   sang A mbe laye , alaiye nsaye lo , ti a ba tun kuro nibe..mo ti se won ti mo le see ( crying)


”I would say he was a millionaire, my father did not believe until you have 10 million naira before he helped you .He never begged before he died . Orlando’s house was free what he would not   not accept is armed robbers .He would not eat alone , you will eat from same plate ,that is what  I learnt from him that is what we call a rich man and  that you have millions ,that is what we call eniyan laso mi (human beings provide the body of a more protective covering than clothes ever will ).That is why the honour and dignity  he had was more than money”

Asked  his  best music in Orlando’s album, Orimipe   sang :A mbe laye , alaiye nsaye lo , ti a ba tun kuro nibe..mo ti se won ti mo le see  (crying)


Yes, several times ,he used to appear in my dream  that is what I am saying that he should be resting , when it is time we would do the needful’


Taiwo Abiodun during an interview with the late Orlando


          ”His members are still alive.I have two brothers singing at home, Daisi and Duro.I don’t know why they did not get along with them I am still  trying to   make effort to do that. Even if they  don’t for  play us  again  we should call them and celebrate them in remembrance of our father”.


” Apart from being my father’s friends , they are those I also know as my fathers. Anywhere I was , if I got broke they would give me money .It is what they give their children they also gave me.I remember when  Kabiyesi Apata insisted that I must go back to school when I was about to go my final year exam in secondary school, Apata stood up and asked what I was doing at home, and he  said ‘Orlando come ‘, and he counted some  money and  handed over to Chief Osennepen who in turn gave me and asked me to e go back to school .These fathers assisted me . Chief Osenepen was my father’s manager and his right hand man.Anywhere u see Orlando you will see him same with Musese. We all did a lot during the Alagbon episode, he was the PRO , he did great.

”They are my fathers , I thank them very well for taking care of my granny, I pray to be able to  pay them back .They all stood by my father , it is a different thing to say one is a friend when alive and dead , they are great friends of my father”.


”She was my father’s wife, and the respect I gave my mother is what I  gave her. Now let me tell you this story ,if you have the opportunity ask  if you can go to these people ask whether its true or false.

Shade ( Nee Olagundoye)

”One day I was at home with Baba Osenenpen, anti Shade who was  my father’s wife , Mummy Niyi -(anti Funke ), Anti Muibat [mummy Tope ] these four people with my brother , Elvis and his wife , we were many in a room, Osenepen was asked to call me , and I came and my father was lying down , and he said ‘if anything happen to  me , if I die .. , these are my wives which one would you  take care of ?’. I responded ” God forbid , we will all be in this house and they will all take care of their children”.Baba Chief then  praised me , but my father said what he meant was which among them will I marry ? And I said ‘ha , it is forbidden a son does not have  s… relationship  with his mother , eewo” .I said your wife is your wife , it cannot be my wife, that  would be ……. I   said no. I thought he was going to say I was stubborn and that I might send them away when he is gone, but he said and meant another thing ”


”There are many Ojooos, he sang  their praises …that Ojo di meji sodo mi ( Ojo has now become two in my domain). His younger ones who are bearing Ojo are three , so I cannot know the real Ojo since he did not finish the name Ojo”.



Jesus is coming back -Abduljelili Abdulraheem



..….Jesus Christ is coming back

…..To fight SOLIJAJA

……Will  get married 

…..Will  die and be buried in …….

While   I was in the popular LT  commercial Bus in Lagos , this Muslim Cleric and some  passengers  were in a serious argument discussing  about Jesus Christ. An  old man said “Jesus has finished his assignment on earth and he’s not coming back ”. But this  Muslim  Cleric said ”Jesus is coming back  but……..”


     Heresy or not?

“My name is  Abduljelil Abduraheem. Jesus Christ is coming back to destroy SOLIJAJA who the Christians call  ANTI CHRIST or 666 . Jesus Christ is coming to destroy his ( ANTI CHRIST) government. He is coming back to this world to marry, to procreate  , die and be buried. He was taken to heaven but the next time he comes back he will die and be buried. 

Abduljelil during the interview 1

“He will be buried in Medina and the space where he will be buried is kept there to date, it is by the side where Mohamed is buried”.

He continued”Jesus Christ  is not the son of God but a Prophet of God .For God said that He has no child of His, has no friend and no relatives . He is the only One.

”About 14,000 souls leave the earth and go to heaven everyday and are replaced by same 14,000 that are born daily. God changes the souls in heaven and earth daily.   


Interview 2

”Jesus Christ is not the son of God but Prophet of God .Though some call him son of God but it is not so for God Himself …


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why I contested for Olowo of Owo’s throne -Leke Olateru -Olagbegi


……..I am missing my father

……..Oba Ajibade Ogunoye III  is ordained by God

….. My father’s crisis was caused by the then governor

……..They did not cut my father’s head


             The  beads on his neck  and wrists  were  dangling   like pendulum as he  was responding cheerfully  to  the barrage of questions thrown to him. He    exhibited a   high level  of maturity with  sense of humour. He still enjoys  the royal dignity, respect and honour  from his kinsmen wherever he goes.  Despite the fact that his father is no longer the  traditional ruler of  the ancient town, Owo, Prince Leke as he is popularly called is respected and loved by Owo people as his  relationship cuts across all  social  status: rich or poor,young or old and above  all the Olowo lineages:  Ogunoye , Ajike and Olagbegi .He is called a bridge- builder ,  a very straight forward man and Man of the People.                


  As the smooth -faced Prince wiped his brow with handkerchief , adjusted his embroidery Yoruba traditional agbada  and cap he answered all the questions thrown at him without bitterness.


    During the  impromptu interview the Prince who  is a Senior Lecturer at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic  in the department of Public Administration  brilliantly, meticulously   and technically   delved into history and archive  thus  challenging   researchers and lovers  of History . .Infact Prince Leke Olateru- Olagbegi is rich in Owo history.

   Taiwo  Abiodun spoke with him , a year after his father’s death.



  Leke  with his late father during Igogo festival


   “In Owo tradition technically  the Olowo is always on the throne (Oba kii ku) that is king don’t die”. He continued “on daily basis , whenever I remember my father who   was a very, very good father  and  was a quintessential man. He was  too good  even to a fault .He was very nice and generous .He was  a disciplinarian .I am proud that he was my father and I  give glory to the  almighty God, so celebrating him is just like looking into mirror and flashing back to my daily routine  and activities  and memories of him , these are the ways I will remember him.

“But in respect to tradition , you know after the royal tussle for  the throne we now have my father Oba Gbadegesin Ajibade Ogunoye  III so I am also celebrating him.  He  is also a perfect gentleman and  a great father  to look up to and the entire community is looking up to him .So that  how the position  is  if I can submit  that way.

The late  HIM Oba  DVF  Olateru -Olagbegi III


    The prince gave a graphic detail of   the last days of his father , he said  “I saw him   last on Sunday and I think he passed away about  48hours later. Em, em after church service    he called me and in the presence of  one of his  Chiefs, precisely Chief  Osuporu  and  he asked us to go upstairs because the church service was downstairs and we went upstairs. He went as usual into discussions , he loved to discuss  issues to clear positions. I was very happy that I  had that opportunity, he continued to  teach me the normal  traditional ways , the normal ethical ways of life . And I was surprised when he mentioned that if ever the throne was vacant  that I  should definitely make sure that I  vie for it ,because whoever   is going   to be king  would first of all have to vie and then  if he had been ordained from heaven it would be his.  And I  was shocked to my bones as he discussed with me at the last minute and he also admonished that myself and my siblings ,my senior sister and  rest of my junior ones  should  hold ourselves together and continue to meet and hold in high esteem all  he has taught us throughout his life.



        When reminded that he lost in the election and how he felt, The Prince laughed ,  and went into  Owo History of electing  their monarchs , he  said “Well ,that itself is another story. In Owo we have a  democratic way of traditional installation ,so  it is not  like directly from father to son like my father  had inherited it. We have  precisely three Ruling Houses and anyone could have been chosen out of the Ruling Houses  so  I was very  ready  for whatever  the outcome could have been . I went into it with clear mind and  I was still  standing with a clear mind as my father had  always said  that  whoever would be king would definitely have  to have been ordained from heaven so I believe Kabiyesi Ajibade Ogunoye  III  had been ordained from heaven for him to be sitting on the throne in the palace”.


Reminded that his late  father and  grandfather were there before and now  and he  was coming to vie for it again,  …… In response , the Prince laughed  and said   “well for those who  don’t  sincerely understand our culture per se , yes ,may be  they can feel like that but if you  study Owo  ancestry  the throne had passed  down from father to son,from father to son(repeat)  and then at some point it even  became  from brother to brother  but we don’t necessarily have  a specific direction -it could be anywhere, it could be cousins to cousins, brother to brother , father to son. Like I mentioned earlier , my father inherited the throne   in 1999 from his own father , so I don’t think people from Owo would have had  any objections .Although yes , like you have rightly cited,  the other ruling families might also have some sentiments that ha! , how can it continue  in  that direction but as far as I am concerned it could have gone into any direction because  the Owo traditional stool is decided by  the Senior Omolowos and whoever is chosen is final”.


His response    “Haa , you are going into contemporary politics, when  it comes into  contemporary politics ,it seems we have to make it a rotational  affair or we have to satisfy this side of the family , that side of the family but  I just think take for instance in the olden days when the oracle  was the one to choose and if oracle says its that direction who is anybody  to go against the Oracle? .But in terms of satisfying the human nature , yes I can agree  that  may be after a particular lineage had been there for  a while .Yes, if   Ifa  Oracle chooses another lineage , it’s welcome .But  what I am stressing is that  if Ifa Oracle so  chooses  from that same lineage it is also welcome because we are all from Elewuokun Dynasty”.


“Personally I am excited about him.I have known him all my life , although he is older than me but we grew up together . I am very familiar with the Ogunoye lineage and I am also very close to  the Ajike lineage so I am not a novice to any of the lineage family . But he particularly​   is a very kind person , very soft-spoken person ,you can rarely found him  any place where there is violence , where there is any form of disgruntlement , no, he was a very private person ,very hard working and he is very honest .When he was chosen ,if you look at the video  if you play it back you will notice that I immediately embraced him when he won . And that was exactly my position .”



On the relationship ” I am very close to him .At any point in time when I need to see him because he is a father figure to me .Now he has inherited our father’s position,he has become the head of the Elewokun Dynasty.By and large he has also become my father .I relate to him the way I would relate to my father and discuss lot of issues that I normally would  discuss with my father, and with him now in that position and if there is any issues  that comes up as such I go to him and discuss it with him .Recently I was with him  and we always have  a good time  anytime we were together and I am very close to him as usual from time and would for ever be”.


The Prince responded “It is a good thing you cited that, because  if we go into the history of Owo from time immemorial most especially from the very first Olowo which was Olowo Ojugbelu , history tells us that Olowo Ojugbelu’s father gave him the name ,Omo Owo by the  virtue of his noble character : he was a  handsome prince , very soft spoken person, he was ahead among his peers, he has all the qualities that you will admire in the current Olowo and also in my father which will also seen in most of the Olowos .I agree with you that he has the peculiar  characters of a noble King of  Owo”.


What was the form of his burial , he was asked , the Senior lecturer responded ”I can tell  you categorically  because   I  was a party to it  and  everything that  the Adanigbo and the  entire Iloros requested was met and the duration of time in which it has to be preserved was met and during the time he has to be interred  and everything that has to be done traditionally was also done so throughout the Ogbigbo the whole process and procedures,the way its been done traditionally  was done so  I can categorically say yes  he was buried exactly how the tradition says.”


The prince screamed “No, no , no. that one is an old tradition, (laughed ). He died in 2019 ,so I doubt if there is anybody that can do  that and get away with it  .I  think  that is old tradition . There was a time in Owo when an Oba dies some individuals  would go along with him that was at one point in our tradition but I think  tradition has stopped that.


Leke shouted  “No, no,nobody was buried along with him(laughed)as  far as I know o”.


       The Prince intelligently answered ”  Well, you know for every Oba there  is always circumstances surrounding it , in the time  of my father , the history says the  incumbent  governor of the state( Governor Adebayo Adefarati) was actually against my father’s ascension to the throne ,that was the reason why there was a bit of disgruntlement​ and at that time  it wasn’t actually the people ,because  Owo kingmakers actually chose my father .Since Owo chose him , there was no cause for fighting but because of  outside influence . In the current Kabiyesi ‘s time remember we have an Owo man as a governor  in person of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu  and the senior Omolowos chose him and the Oracle has spoken and the  governor is not against them..”

To be continued next week





I am coming to exhume Orlando Owoh’s bones -Orimipe Owomoyela



………I take ewe ola, not igbo, it is medicinal

………I’m coming home to exhume my father’s remains …

………What my father told me


         He  looks  every inch like his late  father Oladipupo Olaore Owomoyela the African Kennery, Dr. Orlando    Owoh.  Orimipe  Owomoyela DihardOne’s  voice ,  boldness  in  speaking  the truth and  hitting the nail on the head, native intelligence , Solomonic  wisdom  cum his humility are all what  he inherited from his father . He is  witty  as he cracks jokes .His words are   rich in proverbs  and  anecdotes .He   could  speak  English ,Yoruba and  Owo dialect fluently . In spite the fact that  The President  of  Kenneries Music  and Films Ltd DihardOne ORIMIPE OLUSESI OWOMOYELA   has spent over 20 years in America , he   did not allow the American  accent  reflect in his voice .Orimipe  did not   forget his roots and land   of  his birth. He said he is proud of his native land as he  speaks  Owo dialect undiluted.He  spoke with Taiwo Abiodun in America .




      Orimipe  Owomoyela  is pained.  DiHardOne is angry . Olusesi is sad .DihardOne did not    only show it  but voiced it out.  He said ”I am  not happy that my father, Dr.Orlando Owoh  left his aged  mother behind” but  apart from this he lamented ”above all  I am  not happy that my father was buried in Lagos instead of his hometown, Ifon”. He has  vowed that until the needful is done the late musician’s (Orlando Owoh) spirit will not rest until his remains  is taken to his country home , Ifon to rebury, then his soul will rest.



He started , and said ” My name is Orimipe Olusesi Owomoyela also known as DihardOne. I am   the first child of Orlando Owo.I live in Chicago in America . I have been here for over  21years”. On why he has been away from home for a long time , and on why  he did  not come home for his father’s burial, the Scion of the Musical family  replied with a proverb ”A woman does not bear the name ‘Kumolu’ without a reason . I came with my late father to America in 1998  and I  decided to stay behind . Many things had happened, a lot of water has passed under the bridge   but I  thank God for everything.



Despite the  fact that Orimipe was thousands of miles away from home he was still in contact with his late father when alive . He said he was communicating with him  on phone for he loved Orlando so much  till death took him away on November 4,2008  .He said  ” I felt sad when I heard  the news about  my father’s death .The family members did  the normal burial ceremony .Earlier before  his death every month I  used to send money to my late father as a son’s  filial  duty to his  father. I called him one day and asked him whether he was the only one at home and he said ‘Yes’. The mistake I made was that I did not record his voice which could have been an evidence for me today.I only spoke with him without recording his voice .I told him our discussion was about father and son.


”You see when my mother died  I could not  come home and  when he  (my father ) was sick I couldn’t come again. Nevertheless we were always communicating on phone .During one of our conversations he told me that  once a man and twice a child .He said he was once my father but then I had become his  own father   too and whatever I say should be accepted and taken serious  and be obeyed  since I am the first child. I never knew he could leave before his mother  because his mother is still alive .I asked him what should be done  if anything happened to him ( death) . Mind you,  as at that time  I had not perfected my residence  papers in America. And he advised  me that  I should make sure I have all my papers before ever coming back home. Only God knows the time  and he said If I did not  get what I wanted I should not come back home but should send voice note home. But I asked him if anything happened to him what should we do?. He said his prayer was to bury his mother and when the house  which was under construction   in Ifon, his home town  is completed he wished to relocate   there.He also said  that when  his mother  dies he would like to bury his mother  in his house in Ifon”.

Orimipe continued ”my father  said   he had told his mother  that when  she dies he would like her  to be buried in Ifon and when he too dies he should be buried by  the side of his  mother’s grave.  My late father  instructed  me to tell the family and I did . Unfortunately I had not seen what I was looking for then(Residence papers). I sent message home that he should be taken to Ifon in his house and be buried there.Unfortunately I had not seen what I was looking for , so I stayed behind .Although  my brothers and sisters performed the normal rites   but he(Orlando)  was  buried in Lagos. I  don’t   believe he has been buried . He has not rested .I know my father very well ,  he was a mysterious (abami) man. With that if a  man does the rightful thing he would see signs and if one does a wrong  he would see it too… I was very furious to them at first . This time there are no more quarrels .There are corrections to be made  if there are mistakes ,there are remedies or corrections to be made.”


   Asked to buttress his point on the ”correction  to be made”, he made mention, Orimipe  laughed and said ” You want me to nail it on the head?. I am saying   that if it is 20years  or 20months whenever I come back   home I  will exhume his body and take it to Ifon to bury. If  it is only one bone that remains in that grave  I will exhume it and rebury  his bones. If they ask  who has the right to change his words it is me the first child that has the right and if they also ask  who has the right  to remove the curse  it is also  me that has the right to revoke all the  curses .When it is time I will do it.”



Does he play music like his father too?, this reporter asked and he replied in his usual manner with proverb saying  ”A child takes semblance  of  his father. I am playing music   and have waxed three albums .I waxed  Tribute to my Father (Kennery Transformation ) the second one is  Echo of an Orphan, I am an orphan and I was born with words  so it is  like weeping or groaning on  what happened  to me and I called it Uleleje,it is a compilation of many  things that happened to me , the Yoruba would say  – arokan oun lo nfa ekun aida .


Since a son takes after his father, he is asked again whether he smokes ganja like his late father. He responded as he gave a hysterical laughter  and said ”in Yoruba they call it igbo, you see God created herbs and plants, but we use them  differently .I don’t smoke hemp or igbo but I eat ewe ola”                                                                 

He continued ”It depends on how one   uses it  . Some would wrap  and smoke it  , some use it as  medicine . Where it is legalized , it is for medicinal purposes that is why it is legalized. Some are not used to it but it is from its  (igbo)’blood’  we were born .It cannot affect me  but I eat it. I  don’t smoke igbo or cigar but I chew it , I make  tea out of it , make it as agbo,herbs, I can chew it because it works in the body. It destroys the lungs of those smoking it. I see nothing bad in it ,but  should be used in a good way”, he emphasized.


He said ”All my father’s wives from the oldest to the youngest wife,  Shade  are my  mothers .Any right and respect I can give my mother   the same I give  to them.There could have been misunderstanding  before but now things are running smoothly. We have settled our differences  . They are expecting me to come home”.


On what makes him to be humble he said that is how he was raised. He however shed light on his good  behaviour and humility. He said ”You know  we came from different background , I am from Ifon,if you  ask my  father’s wives they will tell you about me, they will vouch for my character  and my humility .I was trained by my   grannies, I grew up under them .  I will never be rude to anybody . I grew up  under my grandparents and they did not teach me to be rude to old people but to respect them. My father trained us to respect elders and I later on found out in life  that humility pays . I will tell you one story….”

To be continued


…..How our house was raided

….. The Cocaine /Alagbon saga etc

I almost died on my way to Europe by road

Continued from Last week https://taiwoabiodun.com/we-bought-womens-urine-some-drank-human-blood-in-s-desert-oluwadayisi-olabode/
……….65 arrived Spain out of 670 Immigrants
…….My parents were shocked to see me
…….My friend had married my fiancee
…..Some came back insane



“I was lucky to be taken into their detention camp where I met  over 2,500 people who had spent one, two and three  years there, all these immigrants   were  from different countries in Africa. l became an interpreter for the Arabs  and others, and they  used to send  me on errands  to buy food .Many die daily and I assisted them to pack these corpses   and the stench of the place was unbearable”.


”Our plan to go to Spain materialized  when we were taken to the Seashore to go in a boat .  They brought a flying boat and taught two of us how to operate it .  The boat’s owner   collected 700 euro  from about 700 Immigrants  and  we  were later told that only two of us would be trained to operate the boat. When we were about to cross to Malta on river, we were seeing Spain.  At a point   I did not want to  continue  the journey .We asked of those who had gone before us where they were now , no news was heard about them- whether they had landed or not.  The owner of the boat  made sure the money paid  covered the price of his boat and gains then  he  trained two of us who were Immigrants   and pushed us  to the Sea to  Malta . Not all of us got to Spain as many died on the Sea , some fell into the river while Custom officers shot many  who were caught climbing the fences.  Some fell  while climbing the fence and , some  were hit by bullets.

”While on the sea you cannot drink  water, instead we were drinking the  soda water we took along because the river was smelling , and you cannot drink ordinary water.


”I was among the 64 Immigrants that arrived  Spain with God’s mercy , we were 760 that went via boat and 64 arrived , some were shot dead, some fell into the water. It was a nasty experience”.


”The reason why I was deported was that I was with fake documents and I was advised by some Immigrants  to go and report myself. I did report myself and sought for deportation on my own.

”I was with my South African passport with the name John Matthew .When they asked where I came from in South Africa I said ‘Johannesburg’ .  I later confessed to   them the  truth about my identity and was taken to the Nigeria embassy where I was issued  a new passport as a Nigerian. I met Nigerians who had spent years there  about to be deported  . A Libyan gave me 100 dollars and we boarded the plane President Obasanjo sent to Spain to evacuate us.

”From the plane we heard rumour that we would  be   arrested  by the security men. We were told that the then President Obasanjo   had ordered our  arrest on  landing  .They rumoured  it that Baba (Obasanjo) said  that if  we  could  be bold and risked our lives and  took  those routes to Spain through Sahara Desert then they should enlist us  in the Nigerian  army .But guess what happened when  our plane landed and we alighted from the aircraft –  we all ran away and escaped”.

”I remember one of my friends we were living on the same street became mad, we came back with nothing , they seized our belt, even we did not wear chain, or w/watch so that we would not commit suicide.We were treated like criminals.We were given 100 dollars each and that was 13, 300 naira then.


 Now happily married with children


”When I arrived home, my parents  threw sand on me  thinking  they were seeing my ghost. They  said they  had consulted soothsayers, Babalawos , Alfas who told them I had died and therefore had to perform the necessary  rituals  .It took me time to gather and adjust myself .


What of his friends  whom they traveled together from Nigeria? he was asked , but the Man looked up and down then shook his head and spoke ”There were about five of my friends I knew we went together, there was one I saw that came back , he had become insane and I didn’t see him again while others who lived on our street were no longer seen till today .I guess they had died on the road too.There were  some who became mentally unsound , some went back home, some back to farming , some were doing car wash , some sleeping under the bridge at Osodi …..


”When I got to the house I rented it  had been re-allocated to another man ,my property had been ….I no longer trust any friend again except Jesus . Could you believe that when I got home things have  changed…my business has gone  and the most painful aspect of it is that   my best friend before I came back had married my fiancee!.I was devastated.I did not know where to start from.I learnt that the two of them died later.’ I became jobless , nothing again!. My friends deserted me , even  if you see me  I didn’t look like a man that traveled out.I started sleeping  and waking up in the church and serving a Pastor, one day I heard a voice and that was where the God’s work started.


” Could you believe I was still tempted looking for easy way to get money? With the little money in my hand.I  changed my 100dollars to naira and went to  a Babalawo and   told him I wanted to do juju for money .He collected money from me and gave me  charcoal to lick. When I got home one of my brothers who had never been rude to me was rude to me and even slapped me during an argument . On the  third day according to our agreement I went to the Babalawo .But lo and behold , the Babalawo had equipped his living room with a ceiling fan and bought a  new television with my money!. From here  I discovered I had been fooled . I now said it is high time I served the Lord.

Oluwadayisi Olabode is now a Prophet and a Counselor .Contact us if you  need his number

Goodnight Gboyega Aruwajoye

…….Buried like a King

…….Don’t mourn my father

……..Tears as he was lowered into the grave

………His last words


Chief waving: Goodbye to you all

The church was as silent as a graveyard  while  the music  written by  Jeremiah   Rankin  in 1882 was in mezzo forte  form

God be with you till we meet again;

By His counsels guide uphold you

With His sheep securely  fold you,

God be with you till we meet again…..

Till we meet,till we meet,

Till we meet at Jesus’ feet……


                    Born in  Owo and laid to rest in St.Louis, Missouri, America

         The funeral service  started at 12 noon at The Redeemed Christian Church of God ( RCCG), City Of God , St. Louis Brentwood, 8614 Manchester Rd, Brentwood,  MO 63144 Missouri , USA. Those  who could not attend the programe  were watching (and participating ) from   live stream programe .Outside the Church premises too were over 100 people from families and friends who ‘defied’ the  stay at home order courtesy of Corona virus pandemic as they all wore their masks  and sat in their cars to avoid the airborne disease.  That was  on Friday ,April 3  when sympathizers, close friends and family members    came out to pay the Chief their last respect while those who could not turn up were glued to  their phone on live stream  to participate in the funeral  service , thanks to technology  . In fact over 500 viewers  were sighted within 30minutes  while  on live  stream .

Many were shedding tears .Some were groaning and shaking their heads   

Pastor Jegede delivering the sermon

intermittently as tears  was streaming  down  their cheeks .Some  were biting their  lips.  Some wore long faces .The voice of  a female was heard as she showered the  family’s panegyrics  (oriki) on him. Gboyega’s  glorious exit  was colourful  but  emotional and painful .But here psychologically  and philosophically everyone was not only weeping   for Gboyega but  weeping for themselves  for the thought of who next (?) filled their minds. It reminds one  of the  Yoruba’s sayings  that  Oku nsunkun oku ,akaso lori nskun ara won.

Chief Oloja’s Final resting place  in America

    Outside the Church premises  were different types of vehicles. Members of Egbe Omo Owo Association in Missouri  all came to give their  active  member  the last respect and a heroic last honour . Some  called him Adegboyega, some also  called him  after his chieftaincy title Oloja, others too  simply called him Chief. He was installed as Chief Obagbemisugha of Owo Kingdom by His Imperial Majesty Olowo of Owo Oba Gbadegesin Ajibade  Ogunoye III some months ago.Yes, he was popular in St Louis.

                       CHURCH SERVICE

       Only  few people were allowed  in the church with a little distance to one another.Two officiating pastors, Pastors Yomi Jegede  and Niyi Aruwajoye preached .Jegede delivered  a thought-provoking  sermon quoting  some  Bible passages. He made references to the parables of the Rich man in Matthew .He quoted  Psalm 39:6, Matthew 16:24-27. He narrated the story of the Ten Virgins  and how we can build our treasures in Heaven.The Pastor implored every living man to serve God and desist from sins such as fornication,adultery, lies, bribes,masturbation among others in order to gain eternal life.

Pastor Femi Omiye spoke about Chief Aruwajoye

        Pastor   Niyi Aruwajoye  in his sermon described the deceased as a very good  man , he added that  he was happy that the deceased  who was his brother gave his life to Christ before he died .Aruwajoye assured the mourners that heaven is real and  that  Gboyega’s  believing in  God and accepting Jesus Christ as the Lord  and his   Saviour will surely make him to  go to heaven.The Pastor advised everybody to get prepared for one could be called home at any time”


     While giving a vote of  thanks , one of the children of the deceased, Tobi Aruwajoye thanked whose who stood by this father and the family during their trying period.He described his father’s life as an open book, his words ” His life is an open book, I will not call this mourning , please don’t mourn our father  but let us celebrate him. He was always happy even when things were not going on well.”

Tobi went down memory lane and  gave reasons  why his father loved colour white, ” When I asked my father why he loved wearing white, he  said he loved white colour because his late father Chief S.B.Aruwajoye loved  white colour and he always wore white clothes  during his lifetime. Aside that my father used to say that  his  heart was clean and white represents  clean and pure heart. He was never afraid of death”.  Tobi acknowledged his sisters and brother (in Dallas) at home ,infact he mentioned Bolu his father’s adopted child and the last wife of his father who all could not  come all the way from Nigeria to attend the ceremony to  pay their last respect.


           The beautiful white  coloured casket  was kept in the limousine  with a flower on top.The Limousine   was followed in a convoy  to Bellefontaine Cemetery, 4947 W Florssant Ave, St .Louis.MO 63115  with a  Condolence register. Engr. Samson Adekunle Obanigba, Gani Obanigba (President of Egbe Omo Owo Association, Missouri),Kofo Osun( MD of African Palace Restaurants, St.Louis, America and Akure in Ondo State, Nigeria) , Pastor Femi Omiye, Mrs Kike Osun, Pharmacist Bayo Ogunmolawa , Gboyega Lobo Agaun, Bode Fadeyi , among others were not left out to bid   Gboyega a final goodbye .

      The motorcade  was heavy, the limousine car where  the casket was placed had Gboyega’s  big poster in his immaculate white with his beads    on it. He was flamboyant in life so also in death. Pharmacist  Ogunmolawa tried to control the traffic as shown on live  stream. Mrs.Osun  was sighted as she said ”I will miss you Brother Gboyega who would come to African Palace and ask for his delicious food”.


    Only the immediate family members  were allowed to be  at  graveside to perform the dust- to- dust rite . Lobo Agaun who was  present  said ” Infact Brother Gboyega was buried  like a king. The honour given to him was like burying a King. People trooped out , the African-Americans trooped out to say a final goodbye to him.He was greater in death even if his remains  were  brought to Nigeria  for burial he couldn’t have been honoured more than this”

  Although only the immediate family could get closer to where he was buried as fleet of cars that were  there but sympathizers were  in their cars as the rule dictated due to the pandemic of Coronavirus . The white, the Blacks and African -Americans too  were present to bid him the final goodbye .After the dust-to-dust rite performed by  children; Tobi, his sisters and his African -American wife many burst into tears. Fadeyi a close pal to the deceased , said he broke down and could not continue with the recording again. Others in their vehicles said  immediately  they saw him lowered in the grave their  eyes turned red when it now dawned on  them that Gboyega has truly gone, gone for ever.He died at the age of 59.

  From the graveside everybody turned back leaving  Chief Oloja Gboyega Aruwajoye behind. That was the glorious end of a popular man in his own country and in St.Louis, Missouri , America.


How are the mighty fallen!


Tobi ,son of the the late Chief said his father’s last wish was  to  be buried here in America .

         While many called this reporter asking why the remains of the late Chief were not brought back to Owo,his hometown in Nigeria to sleep. Investigation reveals that it would be saddened to bring his remains back home because of his aged mother . Again another caller said money could have been the problem while this was punctured because the Aruwajoye family is rich and could afford  bringing his remains back home .

When asked why  the late Chief was buried in America, his son ,Tobi replied ” That was  my father’s wish.He said he should be buried here in St.Louis , that was what he  told me”, the handsome and brilliant son of the deceased said as American accent reflected from his speech. This view was supported by some friends who said ” he lived all his life here.He had his family here , so this place is his home and  it makes sense .All the children are here  so it is okay for him to be buried here”, his friend who begged for anonymity said .


Gboyega Aruwajoye was a man of the people both in Nigeria and in America, read what he told his people


The renowned Pharmacist said Gboyega was a jolly fellow human being . He took life simple and this I will continue to remember. According to Ogunmolawa              ” when I went to meet him at the hospital , he told me that he would feel bad if he dies  before his mother. He said he would have loved to bury his mother but not the reverse.But I told him that God owes our life.His wish is unchangeable. He was passionate about his mother”.


He said ” The last time I saw him was when he came back from the hospital and he was bubbling, he told me he was getting better. I was very close to him. I never knew that would be the end. We spoke last on phone, when I saw him he had no strength again.He was a nice man”.


The late Chief  was a half brother to Sanmi. Sanmi said ”I called him on phone while he was still at the hospital, he said ‘I am still here o, I am still alive o’. But I responded that ‘You are going nowhere my brother’ .Painfully , my younger sister called me on  Sunday evening to break the news to me.I was devastated, for I  prayed he should survive it. I am pained”, Sanmi  burst into tears on phone as he cut off the phone in tears.


The late Gboyega was half brother to Pastor Niyi . The Pastor   said  ” I am happy that he gave his life to Christ before he died.When he was in Hospice I was there to see him and the last  words he said to me  was ”All is well” .We spoke and spoke .I encouraged him and told him he should have faith in God .He passed on peacefully.I thank God that he accepted Christ before he passed to glory.”


       The respected Medical Doctor said ”We were classmate, we  attended  same Primary School  in the 60s, since then we have been very close. He was a jolly fellow. The last time we spoke was when I was on my way to South Carolina . I called him and he said ‘ Dr. hope you are doing well o, I am still here and I told him you will be okay in Jesus name’. He was a very, very nice guy .I am pained”.

GANI OBANIGBA spoke with him three days before his death

     The President of  Egbe Omo Owo  Association in St Louis , Gani Obanigba said ” He  (Gboyega) knew he was going , but  I  encouraged him that he should  not  give up. I said ‘Don’t give up, God will do miracle’ , that was three days before his death”.


We spoke last week , he said ‘he couldnt eat , the food is not going , and I told him I would call him back .When I heard about his death I was sad”



  The man of God Bode Fadeyi  was very  close to the late Chief, he said ” I  attended the burial and when I was in the car , and tried to do a video but when   he was being lowered into the grave,  I could not stand it. I was crying , I couldn’t stand it and I left, crying. He was my best friend and brother . So Chief is  gone?”, he lamented and continued crying .


O digba , o digbose


The late Chief Oloja was loved by many , infact he was called ”Man of the People” as Omoloja described him. Omoloja said ”I went to meet him at the hospital .I  never thought  he was going to die  for he was full of life. Whenever I called him he would say ‘I am still here o’.  Sometimes when I called and he  did not pick  , he would later send me text messages   and  replied  that  he was sleeping  when I called. When  I  saw his casket I was shivering .I couldn’t stand it when he was being  lowered into the  grave.I wept .The last time I wept was in 1992 when my father died. The painful aspect of it was that they did not open the casket for us  to let us say final goodbye to him. They just drove straight to the graveside while only his children were there .My daughter , Kehinde wept uncontrollably  and couldn’t eat for days .She wanted to attend the burial but  I didn’t allow her. Oloja’s death is painful,he was jovial. Who will make us laugh again?”, Omoloja burst into tears.

KOFO OSUN of African Palace

The Managing  Director of African Palace in St Louis who also has a branch in Akure, Nigeria spoke glowingly about the late Chief. He said ”I spoke with him before he died , he knew he was going , he called Rotimi my younger brother and told him  to take care of his wife. I  was there when he was rolled  down into the grave.I was touched. He was a good man , he was jovial and loved. I wept .This life is just ephemeral .Only  people like the pastors  and the children were allowed to be by the graveside .  His second born couldn’t come due to his duty. He is  a soldier in Dallas. Gboyega  was a  fun guy , he was jovial all the time , everybody  gona miss him”.


Pastor Femi Omiye  of Freedom Church, St.Louis , Missouri, described Chief’s death as painful and untimely .The Pastor  however produced a small video clip in his memory. Omiye said ”I  prayed  for  him and I always prayed for him .Before he died he called me and asked me to take him to the hospital and I did . But he was weak. Whenever I called I would pray for him and he too   would ask me to remember him in prayer’


The man who was his classmate at Government Technical College, Owo cried on phone, he said ”We were classmate when in Technical School. He was a very nice man. I want we his friends to organize a candle light for him and celebrate him here when this Coronavirus leaves.We should honour him here too .He deserved it ”, he said as he was crying on phone.


The Olunaun of Unaun., Prince Olanrewaju ABEGUNDE cried on phone . He said ” So when he came to Owo last time   was the last time I would see him? .This life  has no meaning at all.But we still thank God that he left behind children and grandchildren.I pray May God console his mother and  the  family he left behind”.


Hezekiah lamented on phone and said ” Imagine how wicked death is, he is still having a mother at home.I know Gboyega very well, he was a nice friend as we both went to Technical College together .Death where is thy sting?”, he broke down on phone and was weeping as his phone was running .

Those who attended the funeral ceremony are :Dipo Okunrinboye, Yomi Fajagba,Dodolewa, Pastor Akano,Mr. Adeniseun Greg, Mrs Haco Omoloja, Mrs. Aariola Olugboroko, Mrs Kehinde Olagbegi -Osinkoya   and Bola her husband  and many others.

Lobo Agaun said ” here was a man who was loved  from  Owo his country home to Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia and America . The story of  Chief Oloja  who was popular home and abroad  makes the beat go on as his humility, simplicity, cheerfulness and social life continues to ring bell” .


Tribute to Gboyega Aruwajoye

      As my   cell  phone  rang I picked  it and looked at the Calling Line Identification . It was very unusual for the caller to call  at that unholy hour.  The caller was not strange but the  voice was unusual for  he was not in high spirit as he used to be . He  now spoke in hushed  tone .His voice was cracking  and shaking , infact his voice was  hoarse and his words  were incoherent .  ”Babalawo of the Nation I called you last night  but you  switched  off your phone. Brother Gboyega  passed on last night”, the caller said. I responded  ”Repeat what you said Lobo  , and he repeated it as he now  spoke in Owo dialect ”i brother Gboyega Aruwajoye Chief  Oloja  ti ku o”, he then burst into tears . I screamed ”Whaaaaaaat?”.  I then switched off my phone.

        I was devastated . I was rattled. I was dumbfounded. I was shocked. I began to sweat ( in the cold weather) like Christmas goat who sighted  a kitchen  knife.

           I screamed  ”Ah! akuko ko l’ehin Omokunrin”. I broke down and wept. I could not sleep again. I   could not call Lobo Agaun my friend who passed the information to me   to ask him questions . I could not do anything . I was furious and within a second I  was temporarily insane. I visited the loo six times  thinking it was a bedroom. I  ran out looking for the car key . I dashed out calling Ronnie to open the garage having forgotten that  she has  gone to work and the car was not in the garage while the key I was holding was not a car key but door key. I thought of driving  to the family house at Owaluwa  to sympathize or commiserate with the family  but I later  discovered where I was .Haaa, this is not Owo , Owo is far  from here .Kai , this is America !.

        So Gboyega died in America here . Mo gbe! So we don’t know where death would meet us?. Gboyega who has just buried his older brother about eight months ago. Gboyega who became a Chief eight months ago. Gboyega the man we used to  call and hail as  Oloja  in Egbe Omo  Owo Association in St. Louis . Oloun Olodumare oo, Death you are wicked.

       I looked at the stupid Month of March .The March did not march  on very well. The March did not match our thoughts. The March  reminded me the Ides of March . The March reminded me how everybody was marched to  ‘prison’ in the month of March no thanks to the pandemic Coronavirus.  The March that that did not match any good thing. The March that used machete on everybody . No, this is one  death too many . Yes , ”your  turn is on the way is what death whistles into everybody’s ears”  (tire mbo , tire nbo n’iku nwi]. I wept  like a baby.

   John Donne  said it all that Death be not proud , though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful,for thou art not so,For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow,Die not, poor death ,nor yet canst  thou kill me. One day , yes  one day the gragra of this monster called Death will  be put to death one day.


Ika ni iku , odaju si ni pelu

Iku a pe eni a npe

Iku a pe eni ti npe ni.

Ika ni iku , iku ni ika ninu jojo

A ni se , oloriburuku ni iku

Alejo oran  nla ni Iku

Alanitiju ni Iku

Iku a wo’le  wuye , igbe a ta

Iku a mu omo ikoko   lo

A mu Omo  lo, a fi  Baba ati Iya sile

Sugbon kini kan ni mo mo daju saka o

Lojo kan, ani lojo kan Owo a te iku

Iku paa paa yio   ku

    No, he did not die from this pandemic called Coronavirus as rumour began to spread and people were asking the nature of  his death. I know this very well. He has been sick for a while and anybody could fall sick. Infact sickness will not announce itself while death too will never tell you he’s  on the way.

   I remember when the late Chief sighted me the first time in St.Louis in an Hotel where the World Council Association of Owo Indigenes  held their Convention two years ago  , he  cried  ”Babalawo of the Nation ,Bobo T, T Bobo where is your opele, where is your Ifa?”he jokingly asked   and added  ”thank God you are here your talent will be rewarded here. Don’t worry you will enjoy your stay”  .When the story of Dele Udo’s  was published in Nigerian  and foreign newspapers;  Reunited after 37 years   of which World News Day  published and received loud ovation , Gboyega  and Agaun celebrated it alongside with my wife at African Palace for  they knew the lady, Angelle Udoh who patronizes African Palace Restaurant in St. Louis .That was when  I started adjusting to the environment

  Few months ago when  he arrived from Owo after the Olowo of Owo’s installation, he spoke glowingly about the royal father, he asked me to come have an interview with him, he  swore  and said ”Olowo did not collect a dime from  me , sincerely speaking  I appreciate him”. Gboyega was rich in manner, he was a man full of ideas.He was witty .He was a lover of people and he was loved too. He would never  talk ill of anybody instead he would say ”settle it, settle it” and that is all.


Agaun and Chief Oja

  He is now free , free from all struggle after all did a French proverb not say ”Life is like an onion that one peels crying ”, he is no longer peeling onion, crying . He has joined the Saints. All the struggle  has ended , he no longer struggle like us -the living , and who knows the next person to answer His call, so Marcus Aurelius was not wrong in his words that ”The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing”.

Gboyega is no more in debt , he has been freed while the living continue , he has transformed or metamorphosed to the spiritual world and  it is the living  who are still in debt as the Book of Common Prayer of Church of England is quoted ”In the midst of life, we are in debt”.

Gboyega, Agaun and Babalawo of the Nation

Did Samuel Johnson not say ” It matters  not how a man dies , but how he lives?” Chief Oloja lived well.No man has ever reported him of any fraudulent activities. His yes was ‘yes’ while his no was ‘no’.

”Babalawo of The Nation please tell Ronnie to let us  meet at African Palace or should I come and pick you up?”, he asked many times .And at African Palace he would ask me and Ronnie, my wife to eat, drink and be satisfied. One day he told us why he stopped taking alcohol . ”You see a Police officer  stopped me , and I stopped . Later I remember that if  I should  smell alcohol it will be a big trouble , since then I had stopped taking any alcoholic drink ”, he said and continued the story ,” You see when  I stopped the engine and when he was coming towards me  I  sped off. I was surprised that he did not run after me”.

The Olunaun of Unaun ,Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde burst into tears on phone , he said ” Gboyega was a star, a loving friend ,  kind, humble and full of simplicity, he   could not hurt a fly . He struggled   to make a living legally in America .He was a very successful man . He maintained his dignity and protected the Aruwajoye  family name. Yes , that is Gboyega for you”.

He was full of  stories .The last time we met was when I went to  see him at ‘Home’ where he was being treated, he summoned courage and said he would be okay .Infact he was bubbling but Aisan lo see wo , a ko ri t’Olojo se.

Ronnie loved him so much that  she always called him to African Palace to  dance , she said ” He knows how to dance our American dance , he could dance and  he dresses very well ”.Gboyega would tell me that ” this Ronnie your wife is a special woman , you are lucky to have met her type ”

And the question I am asking is ”So they will bury that handsome man with white beard? .So his glittering skin and white teeth will no more be seen?. The jokes are no more ? .Well, we are all going the same way but only at different time .

  Rest on Oloja , and keep on smiling after all  we will all return home whether we like it or not for the world is like a market place, where you purchase your goods and must compulsorily go back home no matter how late.

For Aruwajoye his smile would be dearly missed by all especially in St.Louis here in America where the words of George Burns come into action that ”Happiness is having a large  loving family in another city” .

  Bode Fadeyi wrote ” I have known him for over 50years right from Owo in Ondo state , he was always full of life , very lively as there was no dull moment.He was always ready to help.He would be greatly missed”.

 Pastor Omiye wrote ”Its with heavy heart and great sadness but with perfect submission to the will of  God  that we announce the sunset of Chief Adegboyega  Aruwajoye on Sunday March 29,2000, May his gentle soul rest in peace”.

Princess Kehinde Olagbegi Osinkoya wrote ” May his gentle  soul rest in peace” Adesoji Olateru Olagbegi  typed  ”Rest in peace Gboyega”. Pharmacist Bayo Ogunmolawa too  prayed ”May his soul rest in peace and may our Lord Jesus Christ comfort  his friends and  family”

Dr. Layi Olagbegi with heavy heart   wrote ”Rest in peace.”

For the family and friends let us give him a befitting burial, it is sure we shall all go one day ,after all Marcus Tullius Cicero says it all that ” the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living , his memory lingers on in our minds”.

God giveth and He taketh.Yes , he  has an aged mother , but what do we do? .If he had become insane or in vegetable state we would be praying for him saying if …..and if he were still alive we would not be at ease seeing him groaning in pains. Let us take consolation in John 3:16 that says For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish , but have everlasting  life.

Adieu Chief Gboyega Aruwajoye we shall meet on the the resurrection day. Sleep on and rest well .