How God saved me from Coronavirus-Muibat Oshodi Ogunsakin


( In Owo dialect) Eghen Oma Ogho e ba mi sope ghon’Oloron ooo o

……How Coronavirus dealt with me

……..How God  brought me back to life

……. I celebrated my birthday

…My plan to establish jewel factory in Nigeria


Yesterday was Mrs. Muibat Oshodi Ogunsakin’s birthday as she added another year to her age.  While her children woke up and sang  a  birthday  song for her  but she did not cut cake and did not receive visitors instead   she  was on phone  thanking everybody and God   for their  support and  prayers for witnessing another birthday in her lifetime. Mrs.  Ogunsakin narrates her near- death experience to Taiwo Abiodun


The  Nigerian businesswoman who  has spent 30years in America   said   she will live to remember how her hope of going back to her country, Nigeria  was aborted when  her preparation had reached 90 per cent  to go back home . She said  ”after spending 30years in America , I planned to go back home and established a jewelry factory. I  had already shipped most of my  things  to Nigeria when tragedy struck. I became sick  as I contracted Coronavirus  and could not go again.”


The business woman who has shops at Maryland, America continued her story ”I have two shops where I sell wigs and jewelries .I am a mother of three  and was planning to relocate back home to Nigeria  when I contracted this deadly virus. Infact I was already  shipping my things to Nigeria before I fell ill. It was like a joke  until the reality dawned on me .

”Well, I have a two day business store in market place  which are Saturday and Sunday and  always very busy in there so I didn’t know exactly when  I contracted the disease  but I started having running nose  in one of the Saturdays in there, so  I thought it was just  the normal headache and fever.Normally  I don’t like taking medicine . But when it started getting worse then I started taking it from talinum   then followed by headache . shortly  after that my children wanted to take me to the hospital.

”I  had the dreaded disease  and I believe that I got infected from my shop where I sell wigs and jewelries . I believe I  caught the virus actually at the early stage  because I was falling sick and of course nothing like coronavirus was on my mind .I was having fever  and in the middle of the night I would be sweating even  if I  take off my dress. I would be sweating even if you squeeze it you  will see a lot of water.  Little by little and slowly I was losing my strength  and with so much high fever  all the time and loss of appetite, but  I  was thinking that may be  it was just a little  cold  or something that  I would just sleep it  over, may be if I sleep or if I  do something differently it will be over but it kept growing. Then I couldn’t walk , if I had to walk I would  hold on to something , then if I  was going upstairs it would  take a long time ,so it was getting worse . I did not want to scare my children but being who I am I thought that   everything  was okay , I just slept over it, thinking everything would  be alright ,that was all  about it .Then it started to get into me deeper and deeper  that  occasionally  I would  have this high fever , very , very high; then  all of a sudden   it will become cold , very cold ; very ,very cold. I don’t know what kind of cold  for I have not experienced  such  in life.Day  by day  it was getting worse and worse,then the loss of appetite  and  I couldn’t smell anything . I couldn’t eat and in the middle of the night, it became nightmare . My children offered  to take me  to  see the doctor but I said it was nothing and that  I would  get over it anyway.  One night  when  I slept I was very weak, I didn’t complain , all of a sudden the heat came upon  me, it was like a big blow into my head ,  my body my blood was very hot it was  too was as if I had gone , gone  out of this world.I  was totally gone. I was watching myself on the ground , I couldn’t get up from the floor,luckily I saw one pastor  I will not mention his name , he was  standing beside me while   I was looking at my body  on the ground and the pastor at the same time looking at me trying to get into my body , he touched me , got inside my body and I came back to life !.It was in the middle of the night”.



”When I woke up my children came to see me in the morning and  were giving me all medicines in this world .I was thinking i  would be okay .My body temperature would be so hot then my kids offered to take me to the  hospital ,the doctor  said there was nothing they could do since the emergency was full. They  said it was coronavirus,  they gave me same regular talinum …no medicine , no vaccination for it so the doctor sent me back home, its like sending a sick man back home to go and die .So  my children gave me green tea and ginger a lot ,I  take lemon in the morning before I eat, I eat  ginger  from morning till night. I couldn’t eat , there was loss of appetite,that was all , then I started to eat little by little , the coronavirus doesn’t go away but it is not like before.It will attack you and will not go away, I don’t know how to explain it . Since then  I take ginger and tea, I  take lemon , so that is it .I  thank God almighty so ginger perform so many wonders.


”There are stages to it , I am not a medical doctor, some can have it mild, some in a way  that will take away  their  lives. Some have good immune system ,some have weak immune system, some with high sugar, high blood pressure , some suffer for a while  because  I  know some damages it has done on me.I bounced back ,after that I still  managed to do some exercise  with machine .

”Now I  am trying to stay away from the  crowd. I  quarantined  myself for about three weeks . I kept away from  my children so as not to infect  them.I pray for you not to be infected , it was a nasty experience.




”Yes, the sick ones could be easily  infected because of their low immunity I believe  so , because I  have problems its  like borderline.  I have diabetes, high blood pressure ,I  am trying not to take medicine, because once you  start , you  will not stop taking it . I believe I am going back to my country and don’t want to go through their medical system.

”Well, when there is no medicine  I know of now , I don’t know if people say chloroquine is to be taken  .We need to take herbs  which saved my life,  we should take lime, garlic and ginger , that is it” .


According to  Mrs.  Ogunsakin  she is at home doing exercise, walking  and going to physiotherapist for exercise , ”I am  still taking  herbs  and I am doing exercise which  is the best and also part  of medicine. I go to the treadmill . I am getting much better everyday”

She sent her words to many  at home  ”obey the rules of hygiene, take your herbs, take hot and good food , take or eat a lot of ginger, lemon and garlic which are very medicinal and cover your nose with masks above all observe the six feet social distance.”



Ogunsakin who said she is going to establish a Charity Home in Nigeria said ”I thank  Owo indigenes , my friends, my well wishers and the Almighty God for saving my life. Yesterday was my birthday.I am getting better everyday and when the airports start working I will go back to Nigeria to start my jewelry business”.