I was a drug Courier, Baron now a Pastor

BoN during the interview with Pastor Oluremi

………I was a drug Courier  for many prominent Nigerians

……..I later became a Baron

…….Traveled with 400 grams day Ojulope,Ogedengbe and Owoh were killed

…….I was the only child of my mother

…….Now with a Doctorate degree and a Born-Again 

Meeting  the Man of God is interesting. He is a reporter’s delight . Pastor Oluremi Peter is a very popular  and respected Man of God in Owo , Ondo State .His church is one of the most fast -growing churches with a large number of congregants. He is a prayer Warrior and has delivered many from their infirmities.Barren women have good stories to tell . Pastor Oluremi in this interview tells his story of how he met God after many years of carrying drugs.

 Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Oluremi Peter, I am 59 years old

How did you become an Evangelist

” Bearing an Evangelist is a thing of  spiritual , not an in-born thing , the time that the gift began to manifest was about 18years ago. when I went through CAC Seminary  , Ilesha for two years  then became Associate Pastor  in 1999 in Efon Alaaye .To be  an Evangelist is a gift from God .I am a Prophet /Evangelist  by call but ordained as a CAC Pastor in 1999.



I was once a Courier then Baron now Man of God

”This is a very big question . I went through life . At the tender age of 19 I had been self-employed , traveled abroad and doing all sorts of  business . I can say precisely that I am what I am today by the grace of God  as  per  what I had gone through in life.

”I used to say that anybody that  cannot relate with his past is not really a Born Again .

I met God

”Before I met Christ on the 5th of August 1996 I used to be  a traveler to the USA, and several countries. I used to be an international business man, I deal with drugs traveling  to  USA  several places , dealt with hard drugs like cocaine , I swallowed it  to the USA and would escape it.I  would sell it and come back to Nigeria.


”There are several airports  in the world , mostly I passed through JFK Airport severally  in all the trips .God was precisely with  me   until I met God  on the 5th of August 1996. I lived in hotel room for seven years in Lagos  where I met God on that fateful day. He gave me three lashes and I woke up  and with the instruction ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME”. I stood up from my sleep , sat down and was wondering what was happening  but the instruction kept on coming ”STAND UP, PACK YOUR LOAD AND GO HOME ”So I stood up packed my things and left the hotel room in Lagos , that was how I found myself in the seminary on the 5th of August in 1996 where I spent two years in training  and by His  Grace has remained steadfast  in His vineyard .

The Man of God telling his story

”I went through a lot of journey of  life .All those period I never knew God , I never had no reason to pray because there was no reason to pray  about . I had money I had influence , there were women around me and I didn’t go to church .Though I am from a very very religious  home .I am the only child of a woman who was a midwife for CAC church for 25years, very dedicated woman .I am a product of grace.


”During this period  I was married with children .I had children .Nobody was aware of what I was doing .I never  discussed my personal life with anybody , it was just between me and God.

When I heard such instruction that I should pack my things and go home .I went to my mother in Owo and told her . I said this was my experience … I was later ordained as a Pastor in 1999.


” While I was ..to the things of the world …I didn’t acquire much, I made my money and I spent it on women , I lived in hotel  for seven years . I bought cars , I bought land  and enjoyed myself  my brother until the grace of God came into my life.


”The properties?. We are talking about 18years ago ?. I lost all of them even my passport was stolen with visa to the USA , England, to Germany was stolen twice. It was dawning on me that the hands of  God was working  and finally struck.


”I didn’t go to school as such ,  but I have School Certificate which is the only visible certificate  I had before I met Christ. Later I went through a lot of schools of Theology , today I  have  doctorate degree in Theology (Phd) . I don’t have  much education .I speak good English by the grace of God.

‘Its not about being profitable , its never my dream to become a pastor but divine because I remember my mother told me she was barren for 18years and when she met a prophet who told her she would bear a son  and the child would be a servant  of God , must be given to God  Immediately I am being weaned and come of age . So, when I was six years old I was given to a Pastor where I went to secondary school, and went away from the presence of God until I finally met God in 1996. Between 1976,77 to 1996  I never went to church.


”Yes , of course there was and is . Can you take temptation away from this work?, we are only being sustained by the grace of God  , so like you  said  when I was much younger.  I remember I was traveling from Murtala Mohammed  Airport, Lagos  to JFK  when our plane broke up, one wing of the plane broke off,. we had to wait for 18hours in Lagos  and I had about 700 grammes of cocaine in my stomach .Right there one or two women were chasing me , one was going to Texas , she had to stop in New York and went to my place in New Jersey, so the issue of women was a thing of pleasure in those days .Paul said ‘I am what I am  by the grace of God ,he said ‘ yet not I  but the grace of God’. So I want to thank God for His grace in my life.


”Whenever  I arrived at my destinations  I would go and lodge in an hotel then contact my customers.

”At a time  I was a carrier for some prominent   Nigerians then later I became a Baron  myself, doing it for myself.


”You are asking too many questions. I visited a lot of countries . I remember precisely this particular incidence , the very  day that   Idiagbon(the late Major General Tunde Idiagbon) killed Bartholomew , Ojuolape  and Bernard  Ogedengbe , I remember I  traveled that night  to deliver  400 grammes of cocaine  (In Denmark)  for I was already billed for that trip.I watched them being killed , and for the same offence these people committed  were killed for  I still traveled for the same offence  I have a special grace. Ojuolape was the only child of an 85year -old- woman . I felt so bad  about the death of the young man because the man was on bail  that time before the Decree of the ’85 came out , they now rolled it back .Ojuolape was the only child of the old woman , they asked Idiagbon to leave  her son because the boy was already on bail before the decree was enacted  and he was roped in and was killed .It was sympathetic”