I sold my car, land, bed ; my family suffered – Adeseye Olateru-Olagbegi

He speaks impeccable English .He is an Orator and  a Gospel Singer . At his age ,70, he devotes his time worshiping  God  and,   fasting  and  praying . For him, it is ‘Watch and Pray’ for he does not know  when the trumpet would sound and when  He would appear from the sky!. Although he is  hated by liars, according to him but this does not move him. But for those who love the truth he is loved by them .

Welcome to the life of  the retired Combatant Soldier who served in the Nigeria Civil War but   now  serving as a  Soldier for Christ  .He quotes  conspicuously  from the Holy Bible  making references,  without making mistake .Every Friday he  prays for  over 1,600 people at his altar..

My Father paid our School fees

This is the life of a retired Combatant Soldier- Apostle Joshua Adeseye Olateru -Olagbegi  who bears same name with  the Biblical Joshua who  led the Israelites to the promised land , Canaan  . So also he wants to lead multitudes to Christ before he departs from this sinful world.The Prince is one of the late Sir Olateru Olagbegi’s children .He is a Musician, Song Writer,  retired Soldier, Accountant and Preacher . He spoke with Taiwo Abiodun about his life and times.

Pastor Joshua Adeseye Olateru-Olagbegi

……My father had 170 children,I am number 25

……My father did not wage war on  Usho Community 

……My Grandmother was a powerful woman, died at 150

…… Why I sold my car, land, bed ; my family suffered



Through  the God’s grace I am Apostle Joshua Adeseye Olateru -Olagbegi,one of the humble children of the late King of  Owo, His Royal Highness  Sir James Titus Olateru -Olagbegi II ,the  Olowo of Owo of the blessed memory.I was born   in the palace  of  Owo on the 8th of September 1949.

I grew up in the Palace. I  started my elementary School at St.George’s Primary School , Owo. From there I went to Imade College , Owo . I was a little bit troublesome ,  a radical. As a result of  polygamous intrigues  I was going from one school to another  not because I was a dullard, to God’s grace I was brilliant. I was expelled from Imade College,  Owo  in 1966 when we led a riot ,(I don’t want to hide anything ) from there to Ado Grammar School.I finished my school Certificate  in 1968 at Oke’Badan High School, Ibadan , Oliyoro.




After my secondary school, you know that time my father was sent away from the throne .My father had  been dethroned  as  Olowo , so this time around I had a  love for the Military  , so I told my Dad that I would like to join  one of the Forces , either Navy  or Air force .By God’s power I was able to be enlisted into the  Nigerian Air force as at 1969 when I was 20 years old .From Lagos  I got to the Air force through one Captain Ogundadegbe , that time Air force was using Army rank ,he was a Captain, his father’s name in Owo was Chief Odogun. So I came to Lagos to be enlisted , from Lagos we were driven to Kaduna by train at Four  Battalion,  Kaduna where I was trained as a Combatant Soldier, that time the Civil war was  still going on.


As at that time I was 20 years old .  I was told that my father betrayed Chief Awolowo, even most of us thought that . We were many , my father had so many children up to 170 according to  what he said in one of his interviews in some Dailies  some years ago but we are now 117.So people complained that Action Group was inaugurated  in my father’s palace in Owo in 1952 , I was only three years at that time , I knew nothing  about that .So eventually when Chief Akintola became the Premier of Western Region . There was a big crisis between Chief Awolowo and Chief Akintola  and according to my late father , the king, he said Chief Akintola came to Owo  palace three times to beg him  to join his  political party , I have forgotten the name  of the  party .As  at that time I heard that Chief Akintola said that any king that refused to join his party would be made to earn a kobo in a year , and because of the multitude of  my father’s children  to God’s grace , my father had to give -in in order to take  care of us. But by the time the coup of 1966 came up when the  army took over through Major  Kaduna Nzeogwu we asked our Dad after  our worship in the Chapel at Owo Palace ‘Your Highness we were told that the Action Group started in Owo , why did you leave Chief Awolowo?’. So my father said because of us children that the Lord has done for him everything he wanted but had it been he did not join Chief  Akintola , he said  Chief Akintola came to my father’s palace at Owo on two occasions and prostrated for him ,and my father had to join because of his children in order to be  granted …….financially  to take care of us .My father said had he been he  refused to join Chief Akintola  and  he was made  to earn a kobo as a king , where would he get the money?. All of us are educated , there was only one king I knew that time  that refused to join  Chief Akintola and his name was Demo of Ishara .


For God’s sake ,let me tell you the truth ;as at that time  most people even the Westerners now Ogun , Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo states  were solidly behind Chief Awolowo and that time I think  Chief Awolowo’s party was  Action Group. I don’t know much .But what really happened was that some people went to the houses of the supporters of Chief Akintola to set them  ablaze in Uso and Owo , eventually they went to the police station to report and by the time the policemen were invited back to Owo the people of Owo and Uso  attacked the policemen, they went back to their station to  report and were given the power to fire back, that was what I heard, the truth I don’t know .  as a man  of God, right now.

The late Olowo of Owo Sir Olateru Olagbegi and Apostle


May God bless you, I heard the story as well as  you did .What type of scholarship? My father did not …I don’t know about my three brothers ,the  late Oba Of Owo  Oba Folagbade ,  Professor Banji  that read Town planning ,and  former Chairman of Owena Bank, Prince Yanju I know nothing about them.As for me I never went through any scholarship .I  am now 70 years old , 70 years eight months , now .My father did not get any scholarship, whether he got it that time I don’t know . I only know that my  three brothers left for  England  to study whether it was on scholarship  that I didn’t know but for me  when  I was in the secondary school my father used to give me check  because I  was the oldest among my brothers that were schooling with me together .My Daddy would address the check  ‘ to your Principal’that is all I know about my Dad.

You know as an  Owo indigene  too I was told the story that no king has ever come up in Owo without rebellion- that is their business”


What I was told  was  that the Ogunoyes, the Ajikes, the Olateru Olagbegis are from the same lineage but for the fact that people are interested in  ……this is where the bitterness came up .Chief Ajasin was the  first principal of Imade College,  Owo. it was my Dad that introduced Chief Ajasin to Chief Awolowo and Chief Awolowo being the leader of the then Western region all these people were faithful to Chief Awolowo  during the time  he was in prison, and  eventually by the time he came back ,  he toured all the then Western Region and when he got to Owo my mother said he promised that every rubbish in Owo will be swept off  and a new carpet will be laid down – that is  all I heard. As at  that time people  were urging that  my father should leave the throne.


”The truth is that  Jumoke  the lawyer …..I  think she is the third  child of Chief Ajasin, she was kind to me . When the Lord punished me, the Lord gave me instruction to become a full Minister of God after I was told to leave my former Church (I don’t want to mention any Church) of which I  will not mention its name. I had trouble with them , they hated me  for telling the truth,so  that time the Lord  gave me instruction ‘go and   and preach the gospel’ and  I said ‘no I can’t preach your  gospel’.God be  my witness, I sold my car , sold my land ;  my wife suffered with me, my children suffered with me. But right now I am in my own  bungalow at Ayobo here. So it was  Lawyer Jumoke   Anifowose  who assisted me when  I  went to her  she gave me a car  and a driver to drive me round   when I was looking for a house to rent   ….we are friends , we are friends. She is a very nice woman .She is good to me .We are still communicating , we spoke on phone sometimes ago.”

Apostle with his lovely wife


My father was dethroned and deported to Okitipupa  rest house , we always go there to visit him most  especially for our school fees and my mother Olori was one of the Oloris that was with my Dad then  at that time , so we were communicating with my Dad . After he was released from exile he came back to Ibadan  where we used to visit Baba and  then in Owo my father  had some houses where all the wives were residents  and the children were all staying with their   mummies and them , my father had another upstairs that harbored boys , most of us  that were young as at that time. So I was visiting my Dad. When he  was exiled in Okitipupa, from  there to Ibadan , from there back  to Owo rest house at Owo towards Ikare road , that was where I used to meet my Dad until he was reinstated back to the throne”


Left for me I must tell you something, I am not saying this to ridicule my family, I am grateful to my God and also to my grandmother  who was a Muslim ,  she fought tooth and nail to save my life , because in the polygamous houses……  so the moment you are born they know who to become the king ,so  eventually it is not a big deal because my grandmother was going from one  herbalist to another to save my life ,because she was  Princess from Ipele and also a Sango Priestess.During the days of my grandmother , my grandmother  would wake up early in the morning , she would  face the East and  would tell God saying ‘ Orisa Oke , heavenly God I didn’t offend anybody’s child if I try it destroy me  , if anybody tries to destroy my  children I will destroy him by thunder , Sango-that is what I used to hear from Mama, she lived  for a period  of  150years. So there was no difference .


According to what he wrote in the paper during his lifetime


The  truth is that we know each other by facial appearances even when my late  father  whenever  he saw anyone of us he would ask you ‘what is the name of your mummy?’ because my father had 42 wives,’What is the name of your mummy? ki loruko Iya re?’ So you would tell him the name of your mummy , eventually we were so peculiar to one another .


My Daddy gave us instruction because when you get to the palace of Owo today  you will see a Chapel there  that was built by my father and when my senior brother Folagbade who died last year February ,while he was on the throne he gave the Chapel to Redeem Church because he was a member of  Redeem. In those days  when we were in the palace on  holidays  we always attend the Palace Chapel, where my father would serve as a Pastor , after that we would all go and greet him before we return  to our mothers’ houses and then to our  quarters so  our father told us that his father’s name was ‘Olagbegi’ , his own name was ‘Olateru’ and we should combine the name  together  as a compound name that where ever we go in order to differentiate  us from other Princess in the town , that is where we came  by it. We came  about that name – Olateru Olagbegi ,my father’s  real name is James Titus Olateru, then his father’s  name was Olagbegi ,but  after the  directive and  instruction  given to  us by our late father , we all started bearing Olateru Olagbegi , when you  hear that even my children who are all graduates   are also   bearing Olateru Olagbegi,by the time you hear Olateru Olagbegi  you know the lineage.



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