I taught for 35 years



Speech delivered by the outgoing  Headmistress Mrs Morenike Olajide of Community primary school , Oyoyo, Igbe- Owo recently

    ” I shall pass through this world but once
       Any good therefore  that I can do

        Or any kindness that I can show to any human being,

       Let me do it now
       Let  me not defer  or neglect it,
       For I  shall not pass through this way again”
                  Stephen Grellet (1773- 1855)

Good morning my fellow teachers, pupils , Commissioners, the SUPEB chairman, Chiefs , Kabiyesi , the Olowo of Owo, Oba DVF Olateru Olagbegi III , the Oyoyo Community members , Pressmen , ladies and gentlemen .
This moment is that of sadness and joy which reminds me of an old Magazine in the 1970s that used to tell us stories of  sad and happy moments and endings .Yes , it is sad that I am leaving you behind as I would no longer be in your midst again but at the same time a day of joy for I have laboured and served the government for 35 years and therefore need to retire home to go and rest- this is what everybody prayed for and I  thank God that I lived up to that in good health.
Speaking about this occasion I like the quotes above . I have done my best,  impacted knowledge into pupils , who turned out later to be students in secondary schools and metamorphosed to be graduates from institutions of higher learning where they came out to be bigwigs in the society, politicians , professionals and what have you.
Yes, we teachers have taught kings, chiefs, heads of state , medical directors , engineers among others , and I want to tell you how. Ask me how?
These notable people in all various professions have passed through kindergarten and primary schools in their formative years and their teachers’ names will ever remain in their memories  .Take for instance our Monarch the Olowo of Owo in his Book ” In The Wilderness of Life” , Chapter 4, page 37 , paragraph 2 where he mentioned some of his teachers like Mr Aralepo ( Now Chief (Pa)Aralepo) at Government Primary School, Owo. While the Chief is proud to say he taught our King in school , our King too is proud to say the old man taught him too. What a story!
What of Chief Rotimi Ibidapo – ( Bassey) an Owo born multi – millionaire who few years ago went to St.Andrew’s primary school , and built some Classrooms for the school appreciating his first step into acquiring knowledge in life!
The late President of South Africa Nelson Mandela in his book “Long Walk To Freedom” , on pages 14-15 narrated how his school teacher , Miss Mdingane gave him his name  Nelson  which eventually  became his name he was and is known for. He wrote  On my first day in school my teacher, Miss Mdingane, gave each of us English name and said that from henceforth that was the name ….That day Miss Mdingane told me that my new name was Nelson.
For me , it a big honour to  retire and joined the senior citizens who have contributed immensely to education in Ondo state .
Before I retired , I have taught in various schools in 14 local government ; Utaja Primary School ( on the top of Idanre Hills), St Theresa , Alade Idanre, AUD primary School , Omuo, Community Primary school , Imorun,( Ondo / Ogun boundary ), St.Saviours Primary School, Odigbo; Emure Ile, St Pius ( Now Mega School , AUD Ago Alao,Ipele( Along Idoani Road) as an Assistant Teacher, AUD I, as an assistant .I have taught in over 25 primary schools until I got to Oyoyo Community primary school as the headmistress where I served and retired .My joy is that I am retiring in good health. I know many who retired with sadness after falsifying their ages by subtracting from it yet not satisfied while retiring.Many unfortunately fell on the way by one way or the other .
I thank my able teachers ,Mr Ibrahim, S.O, Mr. Gani Aliu, Mr Ali Nosiru for their cooperation .The PTA chairman is a fantastic man who all possessed exemplary character and with his Solomonic wisdom was able to lead us through within that short period l spent with them. Baale Nuru is full of wit, sense of humour , cool headed, and cannot hurt a fly.Infact he is a gift to humanity .

I will surely miss you all; your jokes , your charismatic nature, your laughter and the sense of belonging you showed me especially my teachers and townsmen .Life is a stage , according to Shakespeare , one acts his part and leave.I have acted your part , and if I had in anyway stepped on your toes, been rude and crossed you during my job please take it lightly, it is part of life and please forgive me I never meant to hurt anyone. 
No one is perfect , and no man is infallible for we are bound to make mistakes.
I am proud to remember the Latin word and say Veni, Vidi, Veci ( I came , I saw , I conquered )
I appeal to you all to please cooperate with the coming Headteacher for a tree does not make a forest.

Fare thee well.

Fare thee well


                                                       FARE THEE WELL,

                                            By Mrs.Morenike Olajide

A farewell speech by Mrs. Morenike Olajide,former Headmistress of Community Primary School , Oyoyo, Igbe- Owo , Ondo State as she says final goodbye to Ondo State Civil Service Commission during her thanksgiving service at Rock of Ages (C& S )Sanctuary, Iregun- Owo, on 24 December 2017, taiwoabiodun.com was  there

  Do all the good you can                             

By all the means you can

In all the ways you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can
John Wesley ( 1703- 1791)


Olajide at the church during her thanksgiving service

Good afternoon our State Governor, Arákùnrin Rotimi Akeredolu, HRM ,the Olowo of Owo; Oba ( Dr) David Folagbade Olateru Olagbegi III( CFR), Ondo State great Teachers, my church members , members of CDHR Ondo State Chapter , all my former pupils , pressmen, ladies and gentlemen .
Today is not a day for me to talk much but to give thanks to God for what He has done in my life .I am here to thank those who are here and also those who are not here!.

Should I talk?. I know you will all ask “When did Mrs. Olajide become a preacher ?” Yes, I am happy and May God fill your heart with happiness.

The celebrator being honored by Bishop Gideon Olubode Ashogbon as the Iya Ijo of  Rock of Ages (C& S )Sanctuary,

It was Logan Pearsall Smith who said ” There are two things to aim at in life: First, to get what you want ; and after that , to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieved the second”, but let me re-frame Smith ‘s words : “There are two things to aim at in life …………..Only God that can give mankind achieved the second “.
My dream and life’s ambition was to teach and retire home in good health and God has given me the grace. Please shout Alleluyah !!!
Having sailed through the desert , walked through the shadow of death and passed through the turbulence period of ” Oga Nbo” , ” Report Now! Now!!,”Your attention is needed” , “According to the circular ” , ” Write a letter of Apology “, now everything has ended.Now , It is like the children of Israel who walked on the dry land in the middle of the red sea and after their great rescue they happily cried “Who is like unto thee…..” (Ta lo dabiii re?) .
I know many who did not live to retire as many  had died, many  are bedridden while many were disgraced out.
Now I rely on pension no matter how small but ” A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety”, says Aesops (550BC).
It was 53 years ago when I was seven years old in primary school that I fell in love with teaching. We used to honour and respect our teachers, we used leaves as Ijoki (local leaves with charcoal ) to dye our slate and our class blackboard but today these materials have changed but NOT the teacher!.
There are teachers like : Jesus Christ , Mohamed, Socrates , Plato, Aristotle , Diogenes Tao, Lao Tzu, Awolowo,  Ajasin, Pa Aralepo, the Olowo of Owo, and many great people who are teachers so I am proud to be a teacher. We are not only mind builders, future builders but also character builders and we impact knowledge into children whose brains were , according to John Locke , tabula rasa ( clean slate ) when they were born.
Before retiring , I have taught in various schools in 14 local governments ; Utaja Primary School ( on  top of Idanre Hills), St Theresa , Alade Idanre, AUD primary School , Omuo, Community Primary school , Imorun,( Ondo / Ogun boundary ), St.Saviours Primary School, Odigbo; Emure Ile, St Pius ( Now Mega School ) , AUD Ago Alao,Ipele( Along Idoani Road) as an Assistant Teacher, AUD I, as an Assistant Head Teacher .I have taught in over 25 primary schools until I got to Oyoyo Community Primary School as the Headmistress where I served and retired

The celebrator’s sisters : Abeni and Ibukun

Remember that philosopher, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878- 1962) that says
“One song leads on to another
One friend to another
So I’ll travel along
With a friend and a song”
Yes, I am beginning a new chapter , singing a new song ….will now add to my friends as I travel along and that is song of love, hope and spirituality.
I have left the office and I pray for those coming behind me the very best. I appreciate High Chief Yemisi the mother and owner of Oyoyo Community, my predecessor Mrs. Kelani, Mr.Ibraheem S., Mr.Nosiru Ali, Gani Aliu, Bale Nuru S, S Aneve, Hon . Aladegoroye.

Bishop Gideon Olubode Ashogbon, his wife and members of Rock of Ages[Cherubim and  Seraphim] Sanctuary who stood behind me with their moral, financial and spiritual support I say a very big thank to you. 

Let me quickly add that there is no amount of hard work , love and friendship you put in don’t expect miracle, praise and reward from anybody but from God for you cannot satisfy human being so please always be good to whoever you meet for ” No act of kindness no matter how small , is ever wasted ” according to Aesops! . I used to advise people what John F .Kennedy wrote in his 1945 notebook , which was ascribed to Chesterton that “Don’t ever take a fence down , Until you know the reason why it was put up”.Always be patient and exercise caution while in office for you too will soon leave .I thank you all for your support

The celebrator with Princess Kehinde Olateru-Olagbegi

According to Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616) , “A close mouth catches no flies” , yes for me I will not close my mouth as a teacher for I will sing your praises for your cooperation.I am thanking you who are present here for your love and cooperation, I thank my mother; (Iya ni wura iyebiye, ti a k’ole f’owo ra………” ) , my great able brother ,Elder Yemi Abiodun, Akin Famuwagun , my sisters Mujidat, Bola Suara .My great mentor HRH Ologunboro of Logunburo Oba Mayadenu , Air Vice Marshal Dipo Ogunseitan, Pastor Okun Ogunseitan , Mrs Bukky Akinbote , Mrs.Abeni Abiodun , mama Akande, Mummy Biodun , Mummy Ladejola Oginni, Yemi Ogunseitan , Kola Ogunseitan , Daddy Mi ‘Erin Akanni Ogunseitan’

The celebrator with her sisters

”It is not the man who has too little ,But the man who craves more , that is poor”, says Lucius Annaeus Seneca (8BC – AD 65) and Publilius Syrus (First century BC) says A good reputation is more valuable than money .Let us always put these two quotes in mind .Thank you and  God bless you .I love you all.
O digba o se , Ka ma f’iku ya ra wa , ka ma f’arun y’ara wa!