”I drank dog’s blood to cure myself”


…..Has no breasts and does not menstruate

……..Drank blood of slaughtered dog to cure her ailment


…….Father wants to donate her to Varsity

Bisola Ibrahim will  clock 26 years next year  March 7, but she is praying to  celebrate her birthday if she can be healed from her health  challenges. Since  the  age of 5 she has been battling  a strange disease. taiwoabiodun.com met her



Bisola Ibrahim

Her palms and feet are full of sores while her fingers and toes have deformed.

      She wears socks to cover her feet while the legs have become thin. She wobbles  as she walks for she is no more  balanced . Handling  cutlery has become difficult. No, Bisola was not born like this. Her life started  crashing at the age of five. Medical and spiritual solutions were sought for ,but her health continued to deteriorate  until she found herself in this present condition.

        For a girl of her age who should have completed higher institution and be preparing for marriage , but no! opposite is the case as she is at home battling with strange ailment.

    For the family of Mr. and Mrs Ibidun Ibrahim who live at No 11B , Igbanasa Street , Oke – Ijebu , Owo , Ondo State they have been facing a hell of problem since their daughter , Bisola was five years old.


Will I celebrate my 26 birthday?

    Now , the girl , Bisola who has been looking forward  to her 26th birthday next year says her  Christmas and New Year prayer is to get healed and leave her parents house as she wants to be independent.

Born in March 7, 1994, but she  had not  celebrated her birthday for a long time for she has neither male nor female friends to celebrate with her .During her last  birthday rice was cooked and no cake was cut to celebrate her birthday .Not only this, the sadness that enveloped the family over her matter could not let them remember that her birthday was at hand.But according to her father , ” My  New Year wish for her is to release her to any University Teaching Hospital  to do research on her on why her ailment defied medical solutions and why she does not menstruate and does not have breasts at the age of 25”.


Narrating her ordeal , the mother, Madam Ibidun who is a petty trader said her daughter Bisola was not born like that “she was a normal child  when she was delivered  until when she was five years old when a  boil was found on her feet and was taken  to a private hospital  where she was treated and given some injections, but  when there was no improvement we took her to the Federal Medical Center , Owo where  was also given eight injections.”

She continued ”When  there was no improvement in her health she was referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where   she was subjected to series of laboratory tests and was given some drugs .When we came back home there was a little change though we found it difficult to get some medical cream and drugs recommended for her coupled with our poor financial stand to continue going to LUTH for other medical tests .Later she continued her school and completed her primary school from there she gained admission to St Louis Girls’ school , Owo, but  again her condition was getting worse.  While the disease again infected her two hands .One day [in 2010) , her school principal invited us (her parents) to school and advised us to take her away and go and take care of her , in fact a written letter was sent to us, that was how she stopped school at JSS1″, the mother said in tears.

“While some suggested it could be leprosy that was the reason why I thought the school sent her away to go and take care of her so as not to infect other children , again laboratory tests were done which proved negative. If it is leprosy, it would have affected all of us living in the same house here”, Ibidun , her mother stated.



On the efforts the parents had made so far, the father who is a civil servant said ”we have taken her to many healing  homes like  spiritual homes, Alfas and herbalists.In one of these homes they asked her to drink the blood of a slaughtered dog and that she would be will be healed .In my presence a dog was killed and she was given the blood to drink , after the ‘medication’ nothing changed. Aside this , so many rituals and sacrifices had been performed or offered to make sure she regained her health back .It got to a stage I asked whoever could assist in healing  her should come out”.

The mother continued her story ” Then when she was still between five and 10 years old I used to carry her on my back , we were given papers to do medical tests of  which she did,there was no tests we did not do; skull, nose, brain, skin, we did so many tests.After spending two months we were just doing series of tests , I then begged them to give her drugs to use for sometimes because she was in pains and agony  She was given drugs and was asked to come back six weeks or a month.They did not have most of the prescribed drugs in their pharmacy .We were given appointment to come back but we could not go back again for we had no money to go again. The cream called ‘SS of 20percent’ palm cream’ was recommended but we could not get for we only saw 10 per cent which worked partially for the recommended one was 20per cent. And she was getting better , but if it were 20per cent then may be she could have been much better then but we couldn’t get in addition we had no money again .It was money that caused it if she were to be taken back to LUTH then she would have been much better .We were struggling then, then there was no money to continue the treatment .Later we contemplated going to Spiritual churches though a doctor looked at her and said her problem did not need spiritual healing but I took her to the Synagogue in Lagos for spiritual healing.I took him to Pastor TB Joshua , the white Clergymen who officiates with Pastor TB Joshua attended to us and prayed for her .They asked us to go that she has been healed , we were asked to pray on water when we get home and that she should drink from it and wash her affected hands and legs with the water and  she would be healed.We did all these yet we did not see any changes “


The mother is concerned , as she wonders how a girl of her age has not exhibited features peculiar to a girl of her age ” She is at home doing nothing , she is just there she does not do her monthly period and her breasts did not grow .This is incredible and I am worried .

”There is nobody to help, no assistance .It is not leprosy , she has been taken to hospitals for series of tests . I was told it is not leprosy but skin disease but what of her not seeing monthly period? I am confused “

Now when her  friends  are either planning to leave higher institution or  getting married she is at home with her parents  . She cries everyday while asking herself what sin she has committed .


Bisola speaks out

Now Bisola finds it difficult to eat as she manages to use cutlery  for her hands are full of sores and she wears stockings to cover her deformed toes .She hides  away from people as she stays in a corner of the father’s living room always .

When taiwoabiodun.com approached her , she  introduced herself  “My name is Ibrahim Bisola , it has been a long  time since this thing happened to me . I just saw something like boil on my legs and I scratched it that was how everything began.but before you know it it had spread to my hands. I was later taken to the hospital ,  .I was taken to Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital , Ile -Ife, LUTH , private hospitals and many places .I am going through hell.I had stopped schooling since the year 2010. I wear socks to cover the sore and my deformed legs .At my age  I have no boyfriend , I am not menstruating and I don’t know how it feels like .My chest is flat and I don’t know why and I am not a man”, she cried.

I don’t have a boyfriend

Asked whether she has a boyfriend , she replied ” Boyfriend ? I don’t have .  Me to have , who will even toast me ? .I don’t go out , I don’t have male or female friends”.She spoke with pity   and  with head drooped.

Bisi is now incapacitated by her deformed fingers and toes , her palms are full of sore while the fingers and toes are disfigured as some had fallen off and most of the time she would burst into tears .

Now ,she is aging and at home , she read only Junior  Secondary School 1 .She does not learn a trade or a  skill .Will she stay forever in her parent’s house ?.And who will marry her in the future?. Time will tell.

The father’s cellphone number is 08060168494 for any medical assistance .