Why did I vote for Aketi ?

                         Adventure     of     BoN

             Why  did  I   vote  for Aketi ?-Ibrahim

BoN: I am sad and everybody is sad (crying)I will  not vote for Aketi again

T Bobo: You are always sad , idiot, bastard.I will vote for him and he will serve 10 terms

Bobo T: Don’t call BoN idiot or bastard pls,but BoN why are you sad?

BoN: If I talk you will cry along with me.I pitied Adekunle Ajasin University  Akungba’s students, parents and guardians for the increment in their school fees!

Bobo  T & T Bobo: ( loud cry) We have accepted our fate .Go to  public places like market, church, mosque  even Alagbaka Government  House and  ask the market women ,religious leaders, civil servants  and others , they  are all ‘praying’ for the governor 

BoN: We will all vote for him to do second term,third term , fourth term and tenth time .Go to the market places (burst into tears again ).

Your Excellency ,  

For the past four weeks I had been very upset because each time I remember  how Alhaja broke down and wept when the Adekunle Ajasin University students’ school fees was increased from 31, 000 :00 to 150,000 and 200,000 Naira . I feel sad.

Alhaja is a widow with  five  children in various universities, three  in AAU. Oh my God, when  I heard the sad breaking news  that Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba , Akoko School’s fees  had been jacked up   and after demonstration you agreed and asked them to be paying fees between 120 and 15000,00 naira .I broke down and shed tears .

“Oh my God ! , Oh my God!! Is this what Arákùnrin  Oluwarotimi Akeredolu ( SAN) promised us? Oh my God “, Baba Kunle who fought tooth and nail for Arákùnrin to be voted for in his ward looked  ruffled .He cursed the day he voted . ” I will never believe anybody again in my life again, this man came and campaigned that he will not increase school fees , see what he has done now”,he lamented over the phone.

BoN is angry

Mama Alakara ( she sells bean cake ) has three daughters who are teachers in Ondo state and the old woman contribute to  her grandchildren’s school fees from the proceeds of her akara, why? All her  sons -in laws are also Civil servants.I was informed  two weeks ago that Mama had died  while one of the  children collapsed .She was not grieving because of the old woman who died but ‘ who will pay their fees again?’

As I am writing this piece , I peeped through the window, saw some students hissing and cursing (????)and I pitied these students .I pitied their  parents and I pitied their guardians .Now , armed robbery will be a child play while prostitution will now be a normal thing,  after all they must pay their school fees!

Sir, Let me briefly tell you my story .

My father was already old before he gave birth to us .We are four from my mother side ” My older brother is Gbenga, my twin brother , Kehinde ,Myself -Taiwo ( BoN, Bobo T, T Bobo) and our last born is a lady, Idowu.

In the ’70s our father was already  old.Yes, he had us at old age  .He was in his late ’70s already and I used to ask my late mother why she married an old man like my father .We went to All Saints’ Modern School, Owo, Ondo State .In actual fact he always paid our school fees before we resume for the new term.Later we went to Adeyeri Grammar School , I came out with GRADE ONE , this was rare in those days !

In a nutshell in 1985 our  father died! That was the very year I gained admission into the University of Ife ( after my HSC , Igbobi College, Lagos) and Wahala de!. Who will be responsible for my upkeep? 

Who will pay for my handouts? Obafemi Awolowo University then was not paying tuition fee but what of  other necessary things like handouts, hostel accommodation(15 Naira then) , feeding among others.

During the  burial meeting of  our late father while  our other siblings were  discussing and planning how the party would go , one of my brothers , Professor Rowland  Abiodun [of Fine Art Department, Obafemi Awolowo University) sat on the table,  looked round and in annoyance burst out  ” We are discussing how to bury  Baba  , it is good , but what of  these boys ;Taiye and Kehinde who are in higher institutions?”. .All attentions were  focused on  how to give our father a befitting burial.

The Professor said ” Taiye  and Kehinde don’t worry I will take care  of you by God’s grace but don’t disappoint me “.

Money had value then and difficult to get.At Alacarte , in OAU one would be fill his tommy  with 50k  ( NOT 50 Naira) for a plate of rice.Later my brother relocated to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where he has been since 1988.

From the United States he sponsored  all my University education , OAU IFE, University of Calabar and Lagos State University ( LASU) . If I had not gotten such a brother I bet you I would  not have  gone to any higher institution in my life .

And back to you sir,  Arákùnrin, I hate politics , I don’t write about politics for I believe they  are all liars , however, that is my personal opinion.

During my visit to the United Kingdom my late wife campaigned for you ,she forced me to campaign for you  (because she knew  I hate politics ).

I remember when you  campaigned that you will not increase  students’ school  fees .I jubilated .

Yes, I jubilated for the poor students had seen a messiah .I jubilated for most of these students’ parents are farmers  and had little or nothing to give their children.I jubilated because some of these students sponsored themselves .I jubilated because our man who was robbed or denied from becoming the governor later was voted in. I jubilated because our man is from Owo, my beloveth country home .

So the  stories in the Bible   are true?  .So there is somebody called Jeroboam in the Bible .So it is true he was ill-advised by his friends .Oh my God so  what we called  proverb is not ordinary one , it is real   I remember Jeroboam who said “my father chastised you with whips but I will chastise you with scorpions”, And Jerobaom did , he made their yoke heavier than that of his father .What happened to him later is in the Bible .

Sir, you   have  disappointed us , and not doing what you  promised. An old man who called his name Ibraheem  cried ”Why did I vote for Aketi?”

I wish you  disguise or send your  staff  to the market , to all the ministries , churches , mosques and other public places to feel the electorate’s pulse.No, no, it is a sad story .No one is talking good about your administration at all.You have increased their yoke.

Yes, it is true you need money and other institutions are paying higher and you  can increase the fees but would have been gradual but from 32,000 to 150,000 Naira is too harsh.

According to reports  you  said you were   not the one who increased the fees but the Committee set up to look into the school’s case and recommend  ,  my lord that  is not an excuse , remember  that was how Jeroboam too was ill -advised by his peer group.

Our governor  you have disappointed your people. Those who voted for you  are crying.

Now, I am sure many students will withdraw from school, many will turn to criminals while others will be cursing the day they voted you into power.

Now students will withdraw from school to learn skills while deaths of pregnant women will be on the rise and secondary students will be trekking home.

Maternal Care will go into oblivion as you have asked those coming to deliver in Iya Abiye hospital to be paying .while secondary students will be trekking to school since you have asked them to be paying.

Painfully, the past state governor  Dr.Olusegun Mimiko will be laughing wherever he is now while the electorate would be biting their forefinger and the only word that would come out of their mouth is ” if”.

And the complete words are ” if we had known , we wouldn’t have voted Aketi  into power” , while me too is now saying ” I said it. I   that I hate  politics “

I am still regretting for jubilating  for you.

Sir,your popularity is waning.Whenever  you passed bye and people wave at you it is a lie .

.Don’t let the sycophants decide for you . Ondo state people are not happy with you.That is the bitter truth .Yes, you  will say time heals wounds, but not for the Ondo people we all know.