I almost died on my way to Europe by road

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……….65 arrived Spain out of 670 Immigrants
…….My parents were shocked to see me
…….My friend had married my fiancee
…..Some came back insane



“I was lucky to be taken into their detention camp where I met  over 2,500 people who had spent one, two and three  years there, all these immigrants   were  from different countries in Africa. l became an interpreter for the Arabs  and others, and they  used to send  me on errands  to buy food .Many die daily and I assisted them to pack these corpses   and the stench of the place was unbearable”.


”Our plan to go to Spain materialized  when we were taken to the Seashore to go in a boat .  They brought a flying boat and taught two of us how to operate it .  The boat’s owner   collected 700 euro  from about 700 Immigrants  and  we  were later told that only two of us would be trained to operate the boat. When we were about to cross to Malta on river, we were seeing Spain.  At a point   I did not want to  continue  the journey .We asked of those who had gone before us where they were now , no news was heard about them- whether they had landed or not.  The owner of the boat  made sure the money paid  covered the price of his boat and gains then  he  trained two of us who were Immigrants   and pushed us  to the Sea to  Malta . Not all of us got to Spain as many died on the Sea , some fell into the river while Custom officers shot many  who were caught climbing the fences.  Some fell  while climbing the fence and , some  were hit by bullets.

”While on the sea you cannot drink  water, instead we were drinking the  soda water we took along because the river was smelling , and you cannot drink ordinary water.


”I was among the 64 Immigrants that arrived  Spain with God’s mercy , we were 760 that went via boat and 64 arrived , some were shot dead, some fell into the water. It was a nasty experience”.


”The reason why I was deported was that I was with fake documents and I was advised by some Immigrants  to go and report myself. I did report myself and sought for deportation on my own.

”I was with my South African passport with the name John Matthew .When they asked where I came from in South Africa I said ‘Johannesburg’ .  I later confessed to   them the  truth about my identity and was taken to the Nigeria embassy where I was issued  a new passport as a Nigerian. I met Nigerians who had spent years there  about to be deported  . A Libyan gave me 100 dollars and we boarded the plane President Obasanjo sent to Spain to evacuate us.

”From the plane we heard rumour that we would  be   arrested  by the security men. We were told that the then President Obasanjo   had ordered our  arrest on  landing  .They rumoured  it that Baba (Obasanjo) said  that if  we  could  be bold and risked our lives and  took  those routes to Spain through Sahara Desert then they should enlist us  in the Nigerian  army .But guess what happened when  our plane landed and we alighted from the aircraft –  we all ran away and escaped”.

”I remember one of my friends we were living on the same street became mad, we came back with nothing , they seized our belt, even we did not wear chain, or w/watch so that we would not commit suicide.We were treated like criminals.We were given 100 dollars each and that was 13, 300 naira then.


 Now happily married with children


”When I arrived home, my parents  threw sand on me  thinking  they were seeing my ghost. They  said they  had consulted soothsayers, Babalawos , Alfas who told them I had died and therefore had to perform the necessary  rituals  .It took me time to gather and adjust myself .


What of his friends  whom they traveled together from Nigeria? he was asked , but the Man looked up and down then shook his head and spoke ”There were about five of my friends I knew we went together, there was one I saw that came back , he had become insane and I didn’t see him again while others who lived on our street were no longer seen till today .I guess they had died on the road too.There were  some who became mentally unsound , some went back home, some back to farming , some were doing car wash , some sleeping under the bridge at Osodi …..


”When I got to the house I rented it  had been re-allocated to another man ,my property had been ….I no longer trust any friend again except Jesus . Could you believe that when I got home things have  changed…my business has gone  and the most painful aspect of it is that   my best friend before I came back had married my fiancee!.I was devastated.I did not know where to start from.I learnt that the two of them died later.’ I became jobless , nothing again!. My friends deserted me , even  if you see me  I didn’t look like a man that traveled out.I started sleeping  and waking up in the church and serving a Pastor, one day I heard a voice and that was where the God’s work started.


” Could you believe I was still tempted looking for easy way to get money? With the little money in my hand.I  changed my 100dollars to naira and went to  a Babalawo and   told him I wanted to do juju for money .He collected money from me and gave me  charcoal to lick. When I got home one of my brothers who had never been rude to me was rude to me and even slapped me during an argument . On the  third day according to our agreement I went to the Babalawo .But lo and behold , the Babalawo had equipped his living room with a ceiling fan and bought a  new television with my money!. From here  I discovered I had been fooled . I now said it is high time I served the Lord.

Oluwadayisi Olabode is now a Prophet and a Counselor .Contact us if you  need his number