Jesus is coming back -Abduljelili Abdulraheem



..….Jesus Christ is coming back

…..To fight SOLIJAJA

……Will  get married 

…..Will  die and be buried in …….

While   I was in the popular LT  commercial Bus in Lagos , this Muslim Cleric and some  passengers  were in a serious argument discussing  about Jesus Christ. An  old man said “Jesus has finished his assignment on earth and he’s not coming back ”. But this  Muslim  Cleric said ”Jesus is coming back  but……..”


     Heresy or not?

“My name is  Abduljelil Abduraheem. Jesus Christ is coming back to destroy SOLIJAJA who the Christians call  ANTI CHRIST or 666 . Jesus Christ is coming to destroy his ( ANTI CHRIST) government. He is coming back to this world to marry, to procreate  , die and be buried. He was taken to heaven but the next time he comes back he will die and be buried. 

Abduljelil during the interview 1

“He will be buried in Medina and the space where he will be buried is kept there to date, it is by the side where Mohamed is buried”.

He continued”Jesus Christ  is not the son of God but a Prophet of God .For God said that He has no child of His, has no friend and no relatives . He is the only One.

”About 14,000 souls leave the earth and go to heaven everyday and are replaced by same 14,000 that are born daily. God changes the souls in heaven and earth daily.   


Interview 2

”Jesus Christ is not the son of God but Prophet of God .Though some call him son of God but it is not so for God Himself …


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