Apply wisdom to this Ekiti election

                          Apply wisdom to this  Ekiti Election

Ekiti State  known as Fountain of knowledge is full of highly intellectual , good-spirited , honourable , gifted  and respected people but they should add wisdom to make it complete.Today,the old and the educated ones will add wisdom while the foolish and greedy ones will allow  money to rule them as the Mother of all elections  holds. However writes

Today , Saturday, July 14 my advise to  some of these  political thugs before leaving their homes  is  to sing ” Nearer My God to thee”, I am coming home”, ” This world is not my home…”

Today blood will flow as guns will boom. People will be killed while some will be maimed for life. Many children will become fatherless while wives will become widows except only if……..

Unfortunately some political leaders will not be affected same with their family members for they would have adequate security.When two elephants fight the grass suffers, this we all know.

Some supporters of these parties , sorry, political thugs after smoking Indian hemp and taking hard drugs along with the 4k offered them will be on the street with cutlassses, guns and other cudgels and will surely do their worst to rig the election in support of their candidate.

These people , sorry , these political thugs who will work today  must have forgotten that they left behind their aged parents, siblings and defendants at home .Now they would  be  happy in advance over the political appointments and mouth-watering money these politicians promised them but it is Fa Fa Fa foul!!.

No, I am not a prophet of doom but it is in our character , not only in our character but it has been in our blood and  in our political character to foolishly become múgùn, mùmú, dondi united , follow follow,zombie to these politicians who are being guarded by armed -to-the-teeth security men but send  innocent [or foolish] thugs out to unleash terror on the innocent people for a token!.

I remember many houses were torched and people were killed in the 1960s known as Operation Wet e and Wild Wild West also in the 1980s during the political era of UPN and NPN, in Ondo state , some houses were reduced to ashes and dunghills , Infact they have become museum.Till now some of the burnt houses are NEVER rebuilt again while those they supported lived well thereafter.

But wait , why are we troubling ourselves? I learnt that Ekiti State is called Fountain of Knowledge , why did they refuse to put their knowledge into use ?

Oh sorry, they have knowledge but what of wisdom? , but it would have been good to add   wisdom to knowledge  which could have made them greater after all.

Today’s election will be bloody except kogberegbe soldiers, policemen and paramilitary officers do their job. Let the riggers  and thugs be caught and  dealt with .

I wish the thugs learnt a lesson  from the sitting governor Fayose who cried like a baby  and openly confessed that if he as a governor could be treated like this then one should guess what would happen to the ordinary man in town.

In the Bible when  a  war leader is caught the followers give up.They surrender .When David killed Goliath the story ended. The battle on the ground is between Fayose and Fayemi , remember they are from the same Ifa Oracle family.

After the election the two ‘FAs’ will still eat from same pot so why should  we die for these people?

It is a pity some of our politicians are being  deceived by their marabouts, prophets and Alfas who feed fat on them and tell them fake visions that they will win but have forgotten to add to it that they must not shed blood.

Although hardly can we find honest politicians in Nigeria  as one could remember that  Cynic Philosopher, Diogenes who in the daylight was carrying a lantern about in the public places looking for an honest man, but he died without seeing any.I can say categorically that none of our politicians is honest.They are the same , the only difference is that one is better than the other  and One is worse than the other.

I predict today that  there will be rigging, mudslinging, fracas, killings and maiming as blood will flow no thanks to attack and counter attack.I also predict that there would be relative peace if the soldiers do their work with total commitment   and voters and political bandits behave .But will they behave?

From Bobo T,

T Bobo