Incredible Twins

Owode Twins : 

They go to toilet same time, get sick same time , eat from same plate , wear same dress from underwear  to headgears. 

Welcome to the world of strange twins : Mariano Sanni( Taiwo)  and Hassanatu ( Kehinde).

They are identical twins,  their children said they hardly know who is who even their friends of many years cannot differentiate them.

Taiwo and Kehinde chorused  ” we  didn’t go to school but were into trading since our youth”the twins chorused.

“We wear same clothes from our undies to our headgears , we have same friends and doing everything same since our youth .

“We married same  day, and our parents did Nikai for us same day and went to our husbands houses same day!”

Marriage lives 

According to the twins when their husbands died  they remarried , “we didn’t want to remarry but our mother objected to it  .When we remarried again  our two husbands have died same time ” . 

Their children testified to their strange lives , according to Alhaja Musiliat Kilani who is one of the children of the twins, ” whenever you want to give them gift , the gift must be same too, but if they are not the same don’t bother to give them for they will not receive  or collect them from you.

When one is sick in the morning the second will fall ill in the evening, she gave several examples ” many times when Taiwo is sick in the morning and was taken to  Oluwalogbon Health Centre, Ishaga -Iju, her twin sister fell ill in the same evening and was taken there too.The two wer discharged on the following day .

It is true they eat from same plate, drink from same cup, eat from same meat , that is they will cut the meat with their teeth and the second will eat the remaining half no matter the number of meat in the plate , they will cut it with their teeth .

The twins added” when we were young we did our mensuration same day , or either one would  start a day earlier before the other  .Up till now we wear same  color of  undies”

What would happen if they don’t do anything together?, Senior Evangelist Saliu Sanni  who also refused to tell who between the two that is his biological mother said” You don’t need to bring unidentical  things for them as they will not receive them, they did everything together . 

Asked to tell which one is his mother but he said ” the two are my mother, I can’t describe them , they are over 100 years of age .The sleep together.  Share same bed, don’t want anybody to separate them even their children , no politics in the family.


In 1982 when they were going for Hajj in Mecca, they caused a stir at the Murtala Mohammed Airport when their names were alphabetically called and Kehinde was called to go into the aircraft but refused and said she must sit by her twin sister, Taiwo  ; after much hassles they bowed to their wishes.Again at the Addis ababa  airport in Ethiopia they refused to sleep in different rooms they gave them and they insisted in  sleeping  in the same room and on same bed!


We pray our children should follow our footsteps where  we have no secret and we love ourselves .We have seen our four generational children 

How we were robbed 

The twins are not happy as they claimed some robbers came to their rooms at night to rob them, ” it was around 3 am as we both went out to ease ourselves when we sighted  two  young boys who entered into our room and asked us to keep quiet , they demanded for the money in our possession, we begged them to spare our lives as we were old  .They carted away with the mosque’s collection , they also went away with some ?????Owo ajo??

Asked whether the roughnecks tried to rape them, the twins laughed and said ‘ no’, we were chanting ” Laila ilalau, Laila ilalau, Laila ilalau, while they instructed us to keep quiet 

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