How Sango Festival Was Celebrated In Cotonou

Many people may not know that as the Yorubas have the Sango festival in Nigeria, the Bennenoirs also have same Sango festival in the Republic of Benin.

Taiwo Abiodun was in Cotonou live and he captures the festival as it happened in Benin Republic.

“I was there when Arewa Omo’ba Oduduwa coordinated six (6) spiritually strong women to The Great Babalawo of the Nation Taiwo Abiodun last year August for holy marriage together at the Republic of Benin,” a Nigerian Prince Oba-Loye Adimula who attended the event told Taiwo

Adimula added that, “Whereas the deity of Ogho land Tunde Onibode was the Best man! — with Onisile Olanrewaju, Arewa Omo’ba, Erelu Ibukunoluwa Omomoh Adedokun, Taiwo Abiodun and Tunde Onibode.”

It was fun as Nigerians trooped to Cotonou to see the Benin version of the Sango festival. Of course Benin Republic formerly called Dahomey was once an extension of the Oyo Kingdom and no wonder some festivals and traditions of the Yoruba kingdom are still being observed in Benin Republic till date.

Author: Taiwo Abiodun


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