Why I joined…..


Bobo T 

…….My regret

……Some Miracle Workers are members

…….I came across some friends

…….The rich and Philanthropists

……. Don’t trust anybody

    When it was my turn  I knelt down and like a giraffe I  stretched out my neck to pick the raw meat with my mouth and ate it. That was the first time I would  ever eat raw meat dripping with blood. After this , an old man who had loincloth on his waist beckoned at me to walk backward three times without looking back. Later I was instructed to use my mouth to catch the pebbles thrown  in the air.  However I was able to catch five, ” anyway you will be rich but have only five years to spend and enjoy your wealth”, an old woman said in  cracked voice. I was then asked to chew the pebbles and swallow them . That was the end of the first initiation

T Bobo

The following day my phone rang and I knew who was calling in  that dead of the night. I told my wife I was going to a party , she bade me goodbye and jokingly asked me to greet my babes.

Communication is by gesticulation for they don’t talk at the meetings. Suddenly a man with facial marks brought out a powdery substance and rubbed it on my face -that was all I could remember as I woke up in a dingy room the following day and found myself surrounded by eight old men and two young ladies.” Now it is time for you to eat the food of success”, one of them said  as they brought out a bowl filled with charcoal . At first I didn’t feel like eating the ‘ food’ but one of them warned me that if I refused to eat the special food I could go mad because this is part of the initiation. I picked the first Charcoal and ate, later I continued eating the charcoal and eating it one after another like àkàrà balls,  one after another. After my horrible ‘breakfast’ these men formed a circle and surrounded  me and started  chanting  incantations while I was made to sit on a one-legged wooden chair .

The third day , I was  present there as usual , and for the first time I was able to talk to one or two people there . But what struck my mind was the man I saw there, he   is  the gatekeeper of our office where I used to work. I saw another  man who is my  very good  friend and a devoted pastor who is known all over my area. He used to perform miracles in his church . The man called me ” Bobo T, how are you doing? You are welcome into our club’. I replied “Haaa, Oga Pastor so you are here?”, he quickly covered  his mouth and asked me to keep shut. He told me this is where he belong and the members of this Club have been assisting him to perform miracles. He said ” there is no offense in performing miracle as long as you don’t tell anyone where you got your power”.

I saw my Boss who used to brag in the office that nobody can sack him. I saw small, small girls who joined the secret society looking  for fame and money !. Wàláítàlàì I saw a first Class degree holder who joined the Club because he is looking for an appointment  in oil company.

Taiwo Abiodun 

On the fourth day I visited them again at the normal place at nocturnal hours. Activities started again: Before my very eyes they broke three bottles and ground them. Later I was asked whether I wanted it to be mixed with beer or milk to enable me drink it with ease. I said I preferred beer . I remembered the traditional dance in Indonesia called Jaranan. When the Shaman say some prayers, and a dancer was in trance , then he proceeds to eat broken glasses , light bulbs  stabbing himself with bottles and knives and nothing would harm  him. This gave me confidence that nothing would happen to me. They brought two bottles of my choice beer and emptied the powdered / grounded bottle into the beer of my choice . I drank it with ease before a big shrine. But before I say Jack Robinson about seven girls who are virgins all  dressed in white  came with seven calabashes and asked me to open ONLY one to know what the future has in store for me .I asked what the contents are, but they declined to say it .I was blindfolded and asked to open one of the calabashes. When I did open,they now unfolded my eyes and showed me what I picked . Inside the calabash were scorpions crawling , snakes hissing and a toad jumping about in the calabash. The man who was to interpret it to me screamed and spoke in YORUBA language ” Haaaaa! Iwo omo yi ki lo nwa nibi? Why are you in a hurry to be rich? . I told him I wanted to be rich at all cost because poverty is a disease. He looked at me with pity , he started shaking his  head saying ” what is wrong with our youth?. They are not contented. They are not creative positively. They envy their friends .They are lazy and looking for short ways to success”.


But how did I join? It was one of my childhood friends , Mr. Arítenimòòwí Fiàpáàdìbotirèmólè who introduced me to the club when he saw me suffering .I didn’t know that some of my friends are members . Fiàpáàdìbotirèmólè convinced me that joining the Club would pave way for me in life. I would be wealthy , have many children and would be respected in the community. Among our members are Pastors , Chief Imams and other notable people in the community that I cannot mention their names .

Readers , I know you will be blaming me for this , but don’t blame me. I was very poor and we couldn’t afford three square meals a day . One day I woke up my wife and told her that we need to find solution to our problem  or else we would forever be poor  and die in poverty. Who doesn’t like good things of life?.

It was around 2am in the dead night when my friend ( names withheld) whistled to me that we should go.

When a preacher preached to me that I should go and burn my   powerful red clothe that could send me to hell fire I snubbed him.

Suddenly I saw about eight people who surrounded me saying ” this man is drunk. Look at what he has been drinking since last night at his friend’s birthday party . Olóríburúkú, ológógóró. That was how they stole his car five years ago when he was dead drunk. Haaaaa! Bobo T, T Bobo, Babalawo of the Nation, BoN you sabi drink ooooo”

Babalawo Of the Nation ( BoN)

Author: Taiwo Abiodun

I am a blogger . taiwoabiodun.com and TAIWOABIODUN.BLOGSPOT.COM

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  1. It’s a a spellbound narrative. The first person narration or the Eye-of-God perspective gives the story an edge. Keep it up!

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