Spirit of slain Elerewe torments his killers


                ……….SUSPECTS  HAVING NIGHTMARES                                                             ………THE LATE CHIEF WILL BE BURIED  ON …( WATCH THE VIDEO AS MD. DEOLA ANNOUNCES ..)

                    ……….NO NEW  ELEREWE WILL  BE INSTALLED  UNTIL ……


Aguntasoolo…the late Elerewe of Owo Kingdom

 Iku wo ‘le ola ….

Osika ranti Ola…

Ajo ko le dun k’odidere ma re’wo

Ko ma s’eni ti ko ni r’orun

B’ areni l’owo ninu iku  Elerewe

Ipade d’ijo agbeunde….

Ibi ti Baba  o niwoju omo o,

Oko ko ni woju iyawo re mo o,

Egbon gbami gbami o si o,

Ore gbami gbami o si o ….


Ba r’eni to f’ori pamo l’owo ninu Iku Elerewe 

To so ‘yawo d’alai l’oko o

To s’omo d’alai ni Baba oo

Onitohun ko ma ma ku mo 

Ko fi jo Baba Baba re  ti kooo ku o

Doris ku iroju 

Oloun Oba a duro ti e oo


B’aiye lo pe pa e

Onitoun a ku iku moto t’omo t’omo,

Bo ba l’ogun ile a wo,

Bo r’egbefa moto a d’anu ,

Bo ba  b’igba omo  ko ni ku ‘kan soso

Oni t’ohun ko mama ni  ku s’ibi  aso re gbe wa…

..Iku wole ola,  Chief Ilori Elerewe lo n’ile 

Doris ku iroju



Since December 15, 2021 when some assassins   brutally killed  Chief Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom the  suspected killers know no peace. While the    news making  the rounds is that some of these suspects are running from pillar to post as they run to spiritual homes contacting Marabouts  because  the spirit of the Chief  is haunting them.Yes, some of these suspects  are under spiritual incubation ( aabe aabo) begging for forgiveness and seeking the face of God. 


According  to investigation ,since the gruesome murder of the late Chief Elerewe  of Owo Kingdom some of these suspects  are sighted in spiritual  homes. While some attend functions so as not to be suspected. Some too are treated like leper as nobody wanted to be identified with them. One of them was not allowed to have access to the first traditional ruler cum spiritual  head of the town again and he is being dealt with at an arm’s length  .

             Some, according to reports are consulting Native Doctors , Muslim and Christian Clerics ,Star Gazers ,Soothsayers and  the  Alfaa and Priests to let the case die down.   These suspects invited some Marabouts from Okenne. They  went  as as far as Ghana,Togo and some  villages in Nigeria seeking for spiritual assistance. They   buried animals alive and   offered  sacrifices and performed  rituals in the river for the  case  not to  see the light of  the day. But eewo! Iro nla! Uro gbuuu m’aiye mi, mii Uro gbuuu Bami, mii oghon puro jooo, for Baba nla wahala is coming. It’s on the way. Eni ba pa igun will get the result. Eni ba pa akalamagbo so also eni ba pa igunigun will get the result. So Oghon siii!.                 

     Walaitalai  they have swallowed the pestle and can no longer stand upright . Won ti fi owo f’ona won ko le duro, and  the heat is on . Yes, they can no longer sleep since that time. It is ara ko ro okun, ara ko ro adiye .They have become the proverbial bird who perches on the rope.  Beeni it has become a big error! . They killed Elerewe by error. Now they are offering sacrifices and performing rituals  in the night.( Nwon n’gbebo  won loganjo  oru nitori  awaaa..) at the T junctions and going to Priests for prayers Walaitalai  ko le je!!!

May those who killed Elerewe end up like the Mythological Niobe, AAAASSSSSEEEEEEE

Those who killed Elerewe  will end up their lives together like Niobe .Yes, remember what happened  to  Niobe and her  children in Greek Mythology . Niobe,  the daughter of Tantalus. Again may the killers of Elerewe end up like Niobe herself. Walaitalai emi o fo bee, na me talk am and Baba Goodu ti fi ase si.

Information gathered that some of these suspects are having nightmares and seeing the dead Chief  in their dream .One of the suspects confided in one of his friends that he used to see the late Chief in his dream pursuing him . Yes, Chief Elerewe is pursuing them , his spirit did not die . According to the sister of the late Elerewe , ”the late Chief said until all  those who had hands in his death confessed , exposed   and  fished out before he could be  buried”.

Elerewe  ( latest news..….)( Check the video)

Federal Government and International Community will soon be involved  in  further investigation of  the death of the late Chief.


Information gathered that some  are working underground to become the new Elerewe no wonder why  some of these people are canvassing for a quick burial of the fallen Chief . Now it is counting  from hours to days  and from days  to weeks and  from  months  to only God knows .Yet there is no hurry to bury the fallen hero, No. We cannot hurriedly bury  Tunde Ilori the Elerewe of Owo kiakia , Iro ,Ko joo. Walaitalai he is still the Elerewe of Owo Kingdom until after  he is buried. As at this moment he is STILL ON HIS FATHER’S THRONE  with the tittle of THE ELEREWE OF OWO KINGDOM. But when will he be buried? Next week? ,Next month or when? The question is :the corpse is still at the mortuary , autopsy not yet done, case not started   , so the burial arrangement is not in sight , Yes, for those thinking he would be buried soon, it is o ti di gombe!.  It is faaa faaa foul! .According to Mrs. Deola , the older sister to the late Chief ” the body  has gone back to dust  so why in a hurry to bury the dust . We shall drag this case to a logical conclusion . When the  killers are brought to justice then we will bury the Elerewe .It could be today or tomorrow and it could be five or 10 years. For Baba Elerewe said he should bot be buried  without bringing the killers to book”


I am in total support of Deola’s idea   after all when the Ashipa of Oyo, Chief Amuda Olorunkosebi  was brutally murdered on 26 November 1992 in his farm, according to report, the assailants  waylaid him on   the way  to his  farm  and overpowered him , then  broke his neck by twisting it  and poured acid down his throat . They snuffed life out of him in  the most wicked  manner. Believing that the Ashipa might not easily give up the ghost, his assailants did not use gun or cutlass on him. He was buried seven years later after one of the assailants was jailed. So why should the Elerewe be in a hurry ?.

She pleads to the Federal and International Community to wade in

My opinion is there is still the  Elerewe of Owo Kingdom  on the throne. He is spiritually on  the throne , though his mortal body is not there but let me tell you the spirit is fighting . According to a source some suspects imported some Marabouts to their house praying daily  to let the case die down and for him not to appear to them again!.


We want Gani Fawehinmi. We want Femi Falana .We want a ‘Saviour ‘ to rescue Owo  .  The Ondo  and Ekiti towns have great sons who are lawyers and Human Rights activists  who are fighting for the poor . Who are fighting for justice , who will not because of butter and bread sell their birthright . Who will not  because of money sell their conscience to the devil. Yeparipa we want good , sound, God-fearing lawyers. Walaitalai we want    lawyers who have conscience  to defend the late Elerewe’s murder case.

Listen as she pleads to the Federal Government and International Community to help

Owo Indigenes are brilliant ,well groomed and fantastic so therefore let our lawyers tori Oloun stand up and b’eru Oloun jare  . I remember a song ‘‘ Waa b’eru re n’ibode , bi o se buruku  boo s’eere waa beru re n’ibode. 

Let  us fish out the main culprits and stopped accusing  or guessing who did it. Let us not put the  innocent or  suspected people believed to have done it into problem .At the same time let the suspects submit  themselves for scrutiny and thorough investigations to make them be clean from this stain.

Elerewe in his beautiful embroidered regalia 

Abeg which stain? Stain that they had hands in the death of the late chief!.  Let the suspects swear with native powerful gods like Aiyelala, Ogun  and  the spirit  Oro. Above all ,let the suspects help us to find the killers of Elerewe and let them be freed  from being suspected tabi?

For the mischievous people complaining  and sending messages to my friends to warn  me  to stop  publishing Elerewe’s stories , I pray May this type of calamity  befall  their family .

KSA sang;

Ika  a ponika ooo

Rere a beni rere

Eni ba se ‘ka l’aiye

Omo re a je, aya re a je

oun naa jiya ika

Bi o gbon bi ifa , bi o mo bi opele….

While Tope Alabi the Gospel singer cried out

Waa be ‘ru  re ni’bode

Bo ba se ‘ka bo l’apa o ka ye

Waa b’eru re ni’bode

Ologbon aiye e sumobi bi…..

Gbogbo ohun e ba se lee lee o ro bee de be  ba nibode

omo re a je nika

For those criticizing this writer let me remind  them KSA’s song

Ojo ni wa awa o beni kan s’ota 

Eni eji ri leji npa 

o ti d’ami loju pe  eni binu mi 

E ni r’oko  sibi a ti je

Bo ba r’oko sibi a ti je

E ni p’onmi sibi a ti mu

Bo ba sesi  pon’mi sibi a ti mu

Eni m’ona to ma gba…..( Guitar:panran pan ran, pan ran pan ran)

Ebenezer Obey cried:

Rere a pe , Ika a pe , ile ni yo m’eni ti yoo te oun pe

Iwa ika ko pe ara mi , yee ma dan wo

Iwa ika ko pe ara mi rara ko daa


Mo l’eni kan .. oun nikan ‘lolubewo aiye mi ati lo ati bo mi l’owo re lo wa 

Bi mo se buburu tabi mo se rere ..Eri okan mi ma lo..

..Eri okan mi jowo da mi l’are……


Mo lo s’oko mo b’olu oko o ni nwa ..

Mo so lodo , mo b’oluweri o ni nwa gbe’ja ..

Mo de’nu igbo …

Mo de buka awon ore mi nbuta ,

Mo de abete igba nla nio …

Mo wa dele mo ba

Ni nba ko ni nba ro

Oro gbogbo aiye niise

Boo baa o paa o l’omo araiye oo

Boo ba o buu l’ese  l’omo araiye oo ……

Eniyan bi aparo l’omo araiye nfe oooo aaa.

For those complaining of publications of Elewere’s stories , I pray

What they did to Elerewe will be done to them IJMN

Their lives would be as restless as the sea waves

Joy will elude them

Sorrow, tears and gnashing of teeth will be their own portion. E NO GO BETTER FOR THOSE CRITICIZING ME.


Haa! And they killed this man