I cry everyday-Father of the late Olori Bola


Pa Adepoju  (speaking in Yoruba language)lamenting the death of his daughter

Olodumare oooo!! Haa! this is our royal father , traditional ruler, our Oba ,our Monarch ,our King . Look at his agbada, torn!.

      Look ,look,  as he is  struggling  and fighting his Olori  in the public.Ooo my God,  Ah, where are his beads? [Ileke/akun]- they are dangling on his neck . Abomination, Eeewo, a a ti gbo?. Yegede! odindi Oba!. This is desecration of  the throne.Oh my God!.

      How come? What happen?.Kilo sele? kilo de? In the end , nothing happened, no justice . It was a bad story .Nothing is heard about the case again.It all happened  nine  years ago in Akure, Ondo State.

      Human Rights Activists, Women groups were upset while the  king makers  removed him for bringing shame to Yoruba culture and tradition. They  took up the case. From Owo, Akure , Lagos, United Kingdom  and to America the cries went up to high heavens that the  wife of a  first Class Yoruba Monarch  was   dehumanized.

        Haaa! whaaat?. She was  beaten and substances suspected to be acid was poured on her at her residence , 141 Hospital Road , Akure .


Interview (in Owo dialect), says it was the strange woman the King brought home that caused all the problem

It was controversial .It became a Police case,  and Court case . She was taken to the hospital  for treatment and later died!.

Dead?.Ku ke?. Yes she died and on  that 12th of July 2011 and her remains were brought from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Lagos (LASUTH) to her  residence in Akure where she was buried. May her soul rest in peace.Shout a big Amen!.

 Ah! the first Class monarch was banished from the throne   and hometown , Akure  to GRA , Owo,  his in-law’s town. Oloun oo, o gbele ooo! itiju nla!.

Chei ! Osanobua !!!. Disgrace. A first class Monarch, the Deji of Akure  fighting in the public?. Ahhh, look at his agbada, torn! .Look , he is struggling  and fighting in the public. Ah, with beads on his neck and wrists? [Ileke/akun]. Abomination, Eeewo, a a ti gbo?. Yegede! odindi  Oba. Haa odindi Kaabiyesiii. This is desecration to the throne. 

How come? What happened?. In the end , nothing happened. It was a bad story. Nothing is heard about the case again.Haaa where is justice? Nigeria!Nigeria!! Nigeria!!!. It all happened eight years ago in Akure.

That was the story behind the banishment,  deposition and dethronement of  the Deji of Akure , Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju who allegedly accused his wife on of adultery , accusation

Taiwo Abiodun visited  the  father of the late Olori Bolanle in Owo.


The old man narrated the story as in this two video clips [in Yoruba language and Owo dilalect]

Today , nothing is heard about the case again!

 The deposed Monarch

Pa Fadeyi said ”my late daughter and the deposed monarch, Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju courted for six years and did engagement in my house here in Owo .The husband came to demand her hand in marriage in the year 2001 while he became the Oba of Akure in 2005.

 When I was told that my daughter had been hospitalized I went to see her at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC ) Owo, before she was transferred to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital ( LASUTH) Lagos where she later died .She didn’t know she would die.  .

”I was told that they poured some things on her that …..

 ”I can’t forget her, She was buried in her house in Akure .I am sad, sad and sad.It is very painful.


”During the fracas , I went to the monarch in Akure to beg the king and to reconsider his wife but he refused to take his wife back .I knew when he was at the District Officers’ ( D.O) quarters in my town , Owo where he was banished to “.

”Each time I look at her pictures I feel sad , these are her photographs from her spinsterhood till when she got married.

Pa Fadeyi said the quarrel between his late daughter and the deposed Oba (husband ) was more than ordinary , he said ” It was the woman he (the monarch) brought to the palace that caused everything .It was a big error , when the monarch was telling me he said he didn’t know what came over him. The devil really used him.

”You can see that I am old now , and can no longer work . The late Olori’s younger ones are the one assisting me now since my daughter has gone , it is very , very sad.


Pa Fadeyi going through some pics of  his late daughter

Haa, o ma se o! now the Olori’s  father is at home weeping for the loss of his daughter while the mother was somewhere taking care of the two kids the woman left behind.

And the questions  are  ” What will the deposed Monarch tell his kids in the future? Where is the woman that was said to have caused all these problems?”.