I thought Orlando would bury me-Orlando Owoh’s mother






BoN standing by Elvis Presley’s statue in Memphis, America

While parents pray that  their children should  bury them and never to have their children buried before their very eyes. But  Man proposes , God disposes. It is unfortunate that some  Musicians  like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley , Peter Tosh , Michael Jackson, Dagrin, Orlando Owoh  among others  left  behind their parents .

Elvis Presley King of Rock and Roll died on August 16, 1977 while his father, Vernon Presley  died on June 26, 1979(two years after the death of his son).

James Brown

The World Reggae King Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 leaving his mother, Cedella Booker who died on April 8,2008 , that is 27years after.

                                   Bob Marley’s statue

Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father on April 1, 1984 while his father died on October 10,1998.

Peter Tosh was shot  dead on September 11, 1987 by some robbers in his house in Jamaica leaving his mother, Ms Coke  behind who later died at the age of 96  on October 29,2013.

Luther Vandross  the R & B legend died on July 1,2005 while his mother, Mary Ida  Vadross died on April 15,2008. King of Pop Music, Michael Jackson died on June 25,2009 while his father, Joe Jackson died in June 27,2018.Wacko Jacko’s mother is still alive.

Teddy Pendagrass died on January 13,2010 and his mother Ida Geraldine Epps died at 92 on May 11,2018.

 James Brown

Whitney Houston died on February 11,2012 while her mother Cissy Houston  is still alive .

Afeni Shakur mother of TUPAC  died on May 3, 2016.She lived  20 years after her son Tupac Shakur an American rapper was killed on September 13, 1996.

Back home

Gbenga Adeboye( aka Fun won tan) died  on April 30, 2003, his mother Madam Rebeca Tinuola died in August 3, 2013,  10 years after her son died.

Roland Olubola (aka Baba Ara) died on September 10, 2004 leaving his parents behind .

Oladapo  Olaitan Olaonipekun (aka Dagrin) died on the April 22, 2010 in an auto accident .The rapper’s parents are still alive kicking!

Orlando Owoh’s mother is still alive and she is around 110 years as many presumed while her son died on November 8, 2008.

Today, Michael Jackson ,Bob Marley, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Peter Tosh,  and all other notable musicians have statues erected honouring them  and in fact books are written about them in their respective countries and homes.  Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s statue is erected at Ikeja.Where is Orlando Owoh’s statue?




Ojo Ibrahim complained bitterly that Orlando’s statue is becoming too late to be erected. He said ” What is wrong with our people ?. Are his friends bad or so poor or is it politics? It is a pity Orlando seems not to have any friends. Please don’t tell me  these people are waiting for the family before they can do anything.I am sad”

Another fan of Orlando said ” my brother , so nobody in Owo can assist to erect his statue? It is a shame ”.

Apart from Orlando’s statue it is high  time we honoured our Musicians like Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Epo Akara, Baba ‘Legba, Sony Okosun ,Kokoro,  Ayinla Omowura among others by erecting their statues in their towns and naming centres and streets after them .

We are appealing to family members, fans and friends especially Die the Matter, Oba Francis Apata and other friends to rescue the situation. However   hands are on deck as Adewuyi Folaranmi Adegbite is set   to launch Orlando’s book soon.


I thought Orlando would bury me 

Mama Morenike  Owomoyela is the mother of the late Musician , Orlando Owoh who died 11years ago at the  Lagos State University Hospital, on November 4, 2008 after a brief illness. Mama spoke about  Orlando’s friends and his surviving wives.


According to Mama Morenike, her son was a bundle of talent before  death took away her joy, she said ” I thought she would be the one to bury me but contrary is the case. It is painful , I now pray for his children to bury me”.

On Orlando’s  friends, the centenarian praised his friends like Oba Ipe , His Royal Highness Oba Francis Apata  and Die the Matter who have been of  great help to her  and faithful  friends  of her son since his exit. She said ” the two  friends of Orlando are really taking care of me .If you had come earlier you would have seen him. I went  to his house , he gave me money  and he had just dropped me off here”.She also spoke about  Oba Francis Apata  of Ipesi  , ” Oba Francis Apata used to  come here  and not with empty hand but  always with foodstuff. That is where he used to sit with me (pointing) not minding that he is a royal father. I really thank both of them for taking care of me”, the old woman said.


Mama spoke about the wives Orlando left behind, as  she is full of praise for them she said ” the wives  of Orlando are in their husband’s ( Orlando) house. They do  come here to check on me ,they have been nice and good to me. I really thank them”.

 Though Mama is not happy that Orlando was buried in Lagos contrary to his wish , but what could she do?. According to the wives of the deceased, Orlando was buried where he instructed them to bury him  and investigation reveals that some of his friends and fans  were not happy over this issue.

While his music is played everyday on radio, Mama said she cries anytime she listens to it , ” Yes, I used to cry while listening to Orlando’s music being played on raido.. and each time I listened to the track he dedicated to me… E ba mi ki Morenike , iye t’eja…iye mi a di b’imi (Greet my mother, Morenike the fish monger, if we reincarnate again she will be my mother ),  I feel like crying .”

Ganja and Orlando

While the mother confirmed that her son smoked ganja, his wives too confirmed it and Mama said she was  aware that her  late son smoked Ganja  which  she never supported .   ”What did she do to stop him?”, she replied “I used to advise him  to stop smoking  Igbo, I even went extra mile to prepare  agbo (herbs/concotion ) for him to make him stop it but he did not take the  concoction,  he  would   argue that if he didn’t smoke it he would not have the energy to play and sing”.

When asked to guess her age , she shook her head and said it is difficult to know(since there was no record of birth during her time )  but she  mentioned  her friends like Caroline Oladoyin Abiodun, Mrs. Asagba, Madam Eunice. Adenike  who have all gone  , that is why I am saying  I am willing to die .There is nothing more I am doing on the earth, she said.

On whether she knew  her late son would be great , she replied with total humility that  she  never knew. ”I thank God thatt I had no intention to abort his pregnancy then , he became great in the end”.



Mama’s wish is to be buried at the cemetery for she fervently believe in God and also  the Mama Ijo of St.Andrew’s Anglican Church.She is however treated well as Church Bus is being  used to convey her to church every sunday and she attested to this.

But where does  she want to be buried when God calls her home today?, she replied ”I want to be buried at the cemetery where my people slept, that is my wish ” she said as she emphasized.

E se rere ye o e se rere ,

e se rere ko ba le ye wa ooo.