We bought  women’s urine, some  drank human blood  in S/Desert-Oluwadayisi  Olabode



…….Human skeletons,documents and passports litter Sahara Desert

……Some Travel Agents are liars

……I spent 41days in S/Desert

…… 350 passengers sandwiched  in a Jeep

……Many died on the road

…….. I became Born Again

Pastor Oluwadayisi   Olabode who traveled  to Europe by road  through Sahara Desert   gives a graphic description of  his experience . He spoke with Taiwo Abiodun



As the man sat on the chair that day during this  interview, he was nervous as if he has not been set free from the Sahara Desert.  He started  “My name is Oluwadayisi  Olabode . I am 47 years old and I am married with children .I am now a   Pastor  and  a Counselor  .During the President Olusegun Obasanjo regime, precisely in  the month of  November , I planned to travel to Europe  by road .I was convinced that  it was easy to go  by road and would spend between one and two months on the road. I had a friend then called Emeka who introduced me to a Travel  Agent  about this   trip , and I told him I had been to Spain and  London  but deported as all my aim was to get out of Nigeria  for greener pasture”.           .


According to Olabode , he kept the  secret of his  journey  to himself and didn’t tell anybody , he said  ” I went to   ‘Oluwole’ in Lagos Island where fake documents were produced   and I  obtained a passport of South Africa  and affixed my  photograph passport.

”As a man of God and from my own personal experience , traveling abroad via wuruwuru is not the best because of my ugly experience, it is a terrible thing and unforgettable journey . I have experienced the worst. I don’t pray for my enemy to go through the pains I went through ”. He continued ”you see  these Travel Agents are terrible , they deceive clients and with   their sugarcoated mouths and the  money they would be paid  would lie to  their clients that it is one or two months’ journey. They are full of lies, deceits and tricks.They know many are desperate to leave Nigeria that is why many fell for them and become victims”, he  said ,shaking his  head.


”To start with I went to ‘Oluwole’ in Lagos Island where fake documents were being processed   and my  Travel Agent  provided the details  for   my international  passport.However, he    advised  me not to   obtain Nigerian passport  for it would not be easy to pass through as  foreigners make things difficult for Nigerians and would not  honour it. He suggested a Ghanaian or South African passport and   I obeyed  him. I  obtained  the  South African passport and   claimed  the State of Johannesburg. I  changed my name overnight and from the Yoruba name I bear  to  foreign  name and was bearing   John Martins    which was a lie . For  my mother’s name I wrote    Celine Dion .For  processing  my  International  passport  I paid between 11,000 to 12,000 naira to the Agent . We were told we would spend between two and  three months on the  road to Europe.

“We were told to be ready to travel  through the Sahara  Desert from Nigeria to Niger to Morocco and to  Libya where we would enter Europe by Boat.  I left the Nigerian border   with  185,000naira and I went along with  some women who were mostly from Edo State  were  co-travelers . We went  through  Kano  and from there to Niger. I was advised to change my Nigerian money into foreign currencies at the border  because it would get to a stage  when I would not be able to spend  my Nigerian currency . Part of the money was  changed to dollar and the rest to CFA because CFA is their currency in Niger . As I said we passed through  Kano and went to Zinda , from Zinda to Agadez in Northern Niger to … was still bearable.  We were like locust and being led like cows all in the name of going to Europe.Later  we  were led into a  vehicle with the logo of  Malboro cigarette on it  , it is the vehicle they  used to ferry us to  Agadez .


Oluwadayisi said if he had known he would  have backed out from traveling for his friend who introduced him to  the Travel  Agent eventually backed out as he could not continue with the journey . He said ” Ah, the guy Emeka went back ,he said he could not continue the journey any longer. I would have done same thing but I had had it in mind that I must travel out that was why I didn’t turn back”.


”There was a place they called  ”No Man’s Land”   because this is where you meet wicked and heartless people . Here they stripped us naked and took our money  .These strong men beat us and searched our bags,bodies and removed our money  ,no matter where you keep the money for they have known all parts of the body money is being kept., Our water were in kegs , some were with 10, 8, 5 litres.  From Agadez it was terrible. When it  got to a point I missed the Teza cosa Jeep ,  in this jeep we were about 350 passengers, we sat on one another , some would be under.  Some  Chadians were  called “Desert Cruisers” Chadians  were good  drivers and they  knew the routes in the desert  very well, it is like when one is on water , there is no direction, we paid them .We stopped along the way and covered ourselves with blanket, no trees to protect us from the sun or cold  .


Shedding  tears and shivering while narrating his ugly and nasty  experience  , Olabode said ” I am developing goose pimples as I am narrating this story . We faced  many  hurdles  on the way ; there were  accidents, human skeletons , human bones littered everywhere ,decomposed and decomposing human bodies were seen on the road . I believed many died on the way and some wild animals also killed some of the Immigrants  too. We saw International passports of many nationalities  that were  scattered allover the place and that is  evidence that the travelers  never reached their destinations. Imagine  the parents and relatives  back home thought their children or wards had traveled out expecting goodies and calls  from them not knowing they were being tortured and unsafe somewhere!. We were ‘armed’  with only gaari , kulikuli  and litres of  kegs  of water .There was  no place to cook in the Desert  for there are no trees , no stove, it’s pure desert ,  no roofing and we  had  only our   blankets to cover our bodies.

” Again, we met the bad guys  called ‘Mafia’ who were along the way. They  stripped  us   naked us and after beating us mercilessly they removed  our hidden dollars and other currencies from our anus,  from women’s private parts, from our shirt’s collar and  from our  hidden  parts of our bodiess.  They knew all the areas travelers used to keep money” .


He continued ” When we   exhausted the  water each of us carried along  and   were  thirsty and there was  no water to drink we would buy the  women’s urine for  five dollars  while the strong among us would  kill  the weaker ones and drink their blood .The strong ones among us  would  dismember those who were weak and  who  fell along the road and  couldn’t continue the journey and drink their blood. There was no way  to quench our thirst. Don’t blame them for they  did  not kill out of wickedness but they have to drink blood in place of  water to quench their thirst .While in the Sahara Desert  we were    seeing  the street  lights  of Libya afar off thinking it was  nearer and closer , it’s like looking at Abuja’s  street lights  from Lagos , yet far!..I told God that if He  rescued and saved me I would worship Him for the rest of my life . Now the God’s work  He called  me to do  of which I rejected   was being done compulsorily here in the wilderness.I prayed and fasted by force”, he said as he was sweating profusely.


When asked whether they had sex on the way but the man frowned,looked at this reporter  and said ” Sex?what are you talking about?. We were looking for how to survive. Sex? No, Nigerians didn’t do that only the Nigeriens  and  Libyans officials maltreated  our girls and had sex with them and  collected our valuables ”


The man of God said he contemplated suicide  but God didn’t allow  it to happen , he gave the reason why .” It was in this desert that  I got my calling , it all happened like this ; when our vehicle stopped in the Desert  and the passengers alighted to obey the  call of nature and ease  themselves,  I too  went  to defecate somewhere   but before  I  came back the vehicle and the passengers  had all gone leaving me behind . I shouted but nobody heard me , not even an echo.  I was left alone. I became lonely”.

He continued ”With my naked eyes I  saw strange things that are still giving me nightmares till this day.   In the desert I was the only one left ,I did  not bath for months, no water .  I would    swallow close up toothpaste I had with me   and mixed it with my  saliva    then swallowed it  like water in place of water  for my throat was dry. While in the desert you don’t know the time and date while the sun was just up  there shining You   don’t know the day of the month whether it is Wednesday or Monday. I later got to know that I had  spent 41 days in that  desert . As I was walking on the sand  the air was blowing me about . I had no energy and my clothes were heavy on me.I was left with my underwear.I saw human  carcasses on the ground. I saw  wild animals crossing both day and night. My clothes were heavy on me ,oh my God it was terrible. The sun and  moon were up there burning  seriously  that is why nothing can grow there in the desert. Here was where  I met God.


” When the Libyan  soldiers  who were on patrol saw me they didn’t believe I was  still living . No clothes on me.  I had become a skeleton, for my clothes had torn and I had only pant on me and I was like a scarecrow. These soldiers came down and prayed on the sand , scooped  it and  threw it on me to be sure if I was not harmless or a Spirit or something else .Later they carried me into their vehicle. They gave me food and water but l could neither eat nor drink. I was like a patient who had just been operated on. They  took me away and that was the period when the Libyan soldiers were injecting  the HIV /AIDS victims with lethal injection to death when  HIV/AIDS  was just  discovered in their country  and believed  Nigerians  were the ones  bringing it into their country  so they  were going about with the lethal injection to kill  their victims especially immigrants  for they didn’t want to see the Blacks. These soldiers  thought of all these yet with God’s mercy they spared me and put me in their patrol van and rescued me from here. I was later told I had spent 41days  in the Sahara  Desert. From here I was taken to their deportation camp in Libya.


The man continued his story ” When I was dropped at the deportation Camp I met thousands of people from  different nations who were also Immigrants going to Spain. From here I started learning their language .They said Tiara is a vehicle moving on the ground and Siara is an aircraft or aeroplane flying in the sky. I became their spokesman and interpreter . I used to assist them to remove dead inmates outside .A lot of people died in the deportation camp. Later they left us in the town in Libya , from there I went to Tripoli and went to pay   to cross to Malta by water. But  in Tripoli I spent two to three months , yes there was food in Tripoli  but that was not what I was there for . I worked for sometime . They seized my 100 dollar bill. I called my brother in the USA via Yahoo messenger and told him I was in Libya , he was surprised and was not happy  for going to Libya. I  asked him to send 700 dollars to me . I worked in a cyber cafe and when they found out that  I  could speak little of their language they loved me and  I worked for sometime there  .From Libya  I  decided to take  a boat to Malta…

To be continued next week

Out of 670  of us in boat  only 65 landed  Malta…..etc