These four voted for the new Olowo of Owo

Chief Famulagun narrates how the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye stopped sudden death called magun
Only ”Four” people voted for Prince Ajibade
The following four people/factors voted for Prince Ajibade

  1. The late Olowo of Owo Oba Kola Ogunoye’s good legacy
  2. Ajibade’s good manner
  3. The Omolowos
  4. Owo people

In his Book, In the Wilderness of Life , (The travails and Triumphs of His Royal Highness, Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III (CFR)) On page 11, the Monarch wrote on the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye ”…..Yet, his twenty –five-year reign witnessed a lot of progress and significant development .More schools , motorized roads, and a polytechnic , Owo Polytechnic (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic , Owo) were established .His greatest achievement was the election of an Owo man , Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin , as the first democratically elected governor of the defunct Ondo State in 1979. Olowo Ogunoye was ordinarily a level-headed, genial, easy -going and unassuming king with talents as a consensus builder” .What an achievement the Owo people will not forget . No wonder the shout allover the town that if a father could be successful like this , his son will perform wonder!. And if the late Oba Folagbade -Olagbegi could write this in his book, then the late Oba Ogunoye II was a great man , and his son , Ajibade would perform!
The first woman Chief in Owo since 1961 ,Madam Christiana Fehintola Famulagun Obajerewa of Owo Kingdom who is now 97years old and who had witnessed about five Monarchs ( Olagbegi I, Olowo Ajike, Olagbegi II, Ogunoye II, Olagbegi II(return of Oba Olagbegi II), Olagbegi III and this present one Ogunoye III said ” the late Oba Adekola Ogunoye was a very good man, when many men and young boys started dying in Owo as a result of Magun (don’t Climb) laced on women against any man that sleeps with them , that resulted to the death of many young and old men Ogunoye put a stop to it. According to her , the late Oba Ogunoye rescued Owo when both young and old men were dying as a result of lacing women and ladies even spinsters with a mysterious and powerful juju called Magun, the late royal father came out publicly to lace curse on any man that laced their ladies, girlfriends or wives the deadly magun ( Don’t climb) .He also cursed those who would continue the wicked activities of sending a mysterious disease called eta or ofa (arrow) in local parlance . This was corroborated by Chief (Madam) Sikirat Ogunbodede the Iyalode of Isokun Odo , Ijebu -Owo. The Iyalode of Isokun Odo who spoke on phone with this reporter prayed for the new king and said ”There was a time when life was cheap and male folks were dying cheaply as a result of Magun some men laced on their wives .It was his ( Ajibade) father(Kabiyesi Ogunoye) who stopped the lacing of the deadly magun , young men were dying as a result of this , he cursed whoever did that again. And that was the end of it!. During his time there was peace , no trouble as the town was peaceful”.
Madam Oluwafunke Samuel (aka E ku fee)is well known in Owo. Go to oba- adekola-ogunoye-saved-me/
Oluwafunke [aka E ku fee]was summoned to the palace in the 80s for selling powdery corn -a banned product ( elekute) in the town. The poor woman was excited for not being punished or fined .
Ogundowole Joseph wrote in Owo Kingdom on this post ‘’ Kabiyesi Oba Ogunoye is [sic]always like dat, he did the something when some people wanted to take my father’s land from me .May his soul rest in peace’’
Adewale Olatunbosun Olagbaiye Doherty also wrote He once intervened for my mam, though she’s his daughter , but to the surprise and administration of those present .This is a story of another day
Abass Samson wrote ”The past king of our time without replicant (sic).The name rings bell.
The crisis that engulfed Owo in 1999 cannot be easily forgotten when some of the indigenes ran to Akure for safety. While in Akure many Owo people were said to be on the payroll of Ajibade. A reliable source said ”His house in Akure became a Mecca of sorts , as he was there for them to give them succor”.A man posted on face book and wrote how Ajibade paid for his fine when he was arrested for contravening the Traffic law .He is from Owo.
An old woman who begged this reporter not to mention her name said ” this man, Ajibade is a silent philanthropist , he gives me money every month and makes sure he takes care of me”.An America-based businessman Lobo Agaun said ” let me tell you , Owo youths are for Ajibade,he is a great silent philanthropist, he has assisted many , paid many students’ school fees .The Prince Ajibade, is humble and a complete gentleman who did not go about bragging that he is a Prince”.
According to a reliable source each time he met the late immediate Olowo of Owo, Oba Folagbade Olateru Olagbegi III during the meetings of Ondo State Traditional Rulers/Obas Council, he would prostrate to him and greet him .
The Olunaun of Unaun, Prince Olanrewaju Abegunde describe the new Olowo –elect thus , ” he is gentle, humble, unassuming, a man with large heart and a cool headed man.He is not different from his late father , Olowo Ogunoye in his simplicity and humility. Kabiyesi Ajibade’s face, physique , his stepping while dancing is exactly like his father”
The Omolowos voted for the Prince , when they knew the sterling qualities Ajibade possessed . When they knew he would take them to the promised land. A man who begged for anonymity said ” Ajibade is a good man. I am from Ehin- Ogbe, we all know him to be a quiet and nice guy. Apart from that ,he is a man to be proud of , he read Law, that means a lot.A man who begged for anonymity said ”there could have been war in Owo, war, I mean war because we all heard all the behind the scene stories and if the story had changed all the Omolowos will know what we are talking about”, he continued ” We heard stories now and thank God things did not change and they would have heard wen , we were battle -ready and the Operation Wet ti e of the 60s would have been a child play, even June 12 na small e go be for here”.
4. AJIBADE’S GOOD MANNERr [Manner maketh man]

Those who knew him know he is a quiet man. They know he is a material for Owo. He is humble, unassuming, talented, simple,a go- getter and a man that has endurance. All these made Owo people love him the more.Ajibade’s good manner voted for him.All hail the King! Kaaaaabiyesi oooooo