Help me , I need a wife-MAPA

Taiwo Abiodun and MAPA

…….I have spent 41 years abroad

…….No wife, no kid

……. I need a wife

…….. I am a citizen

For over 41 years Benjamin Bodunde Akinrinbola [ aka MAPA] has been incommunicado  as nobody heard from him again especially from his country home, Owo, Ondo State. Until last week when Taiwo Abiodun ran into him at African  Palace Restaurant owned by Mr.Kofo Osun at St. Louis, Missouri,(America.)MAPA spent a few minutes to chat with this reporter.

It is not funny. it is real.  He meant it. He is serious. He needs it .  He needs a woman now in his life .He wants a kid . He wants to raise a family .  He has wasted  years  struggling  to survive . It is  not too late for him  for God’s time is the best, the saying goes. Forget his age , age has nothing to do with destiny.  But MAPA, as he is popularly called  is not a prodigal son, he did not  waste his father’s resources  but struggled with the storm of life.For him life has not been funny at all.

Dressed in his winter coat, he looked  at  this reporter and could not believe his eyes , he quickly  ‘abandoned’ his friends  and screamed  ‘’Mr.  Journalist, Taiwo ,Bobo T, T Bobo, Babalawo of the Nation!’’,  he continued calling this reporter on top of his voice to the surprise of all who came to the Restaurant. He was overjoyed , full of hope and bubbling . It was as if he had won a jackpot   but when he  started narrating his story  his face changed, his voice which  was  raised before became low. His voice cracked and tears almost dropped from his eyes, he  said ‘’,  I have no wife and I have  no child , I need a wife, please find me a wife’’, he said.

Still in the euphoria  of joy, he said ‘’  it is nice seeing you after many years . I have lost in touch of you and many people. I have faced hurdles  and that is storm of life   but I thank God for my life , that is all I can say.  For me  life has not been rosy neither  has it  been fair  but I believe when there is life there is hope’’, he said, as he took everything in a stoic way.

Reminded that he left home over 40years, he responded with total humility   ‘’ Yes it  is up to that , my brother the journey had  been rough.’’, he said and  started his story;

‘’You know that I traveled out  of Nigeria and later  had a scholarship from the Ondo State government during the  late Pa Michael Adekunle  Ajasin regime [1979] and I went to Russia to study. I spent   nine years in Russia . From there  I came to America.  I am  now spending 32years in America. I don’t have a wife or a child. Please I need a wife, I mean a responsible one . I am an American Citizen now   please I am looking for a wife, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke’’, he told this reporter. He asked after many people he knew at home, and abroad , he was overjoyed but one thing he hope to do is to get marry now and settle down with a responsible woman.

As  he took  a picture with this reporter while picking up his food he came to purchase from the  African Palace Restaurant. As he was  about to  enter his car , the snow  flakes started dropping, yet he clutched his pack of food by his side , opened the door  , waved again to this reporter and drove off.

Many who know the man whose nickname is  MAPA at home said he is a very nice , gentle and  easy going man. Investigation revealed that  he had  left Nigeria in  the late 70s. He had a scholarship and went to Russia to study .However to find his feet was difficult for  him , Back home  many had the erroneous  thought he may have joined the ‘’Saints’’ as they didn’t hear from him for more than two decades while some thought he may have spiritual problem. But whatever the case may be  , here is the popular MAPA, he is alive and kicking, “He is not dead” which many thought to believe.

One thing you can not take away from the man called MAPA is happiness, joy , hope  and faith. While others in similar situation will keep quiet,be unfriendly, temperamental  and  lose hope but not for MAPA.

Up to you ladies and  single mothers looking for a husband . MAPA needs a woman to raise a family with   before he grows old.