I don’t know my age, says Baba Kekere










            At the Palace of Alaafin of  Oyo is this honourable and respected old  man  who has witnessed the reigns of three monarchs and  whose age can not be ascertained. Some guess  he should be  close to 100 years  which he did not dispute . He is popularly called  Baba Kekere , he spoke with Taiwo Abiodun

Baba Kekere

              He is called Baba  Kekere possibly because  of his stature .He should be about three feet tall.He wears his muslim praying cap. Call him Baba Kekere and he would reply you.He is funny and jovial as he relates with everybody without annoyance.

 According to him , he has been living in the Alaafin Palace for several  years, he said he once served AlaafinO ba Adeniran  Adeyemi II who reigned between 1945 -1956, (the father of the current Alaafin)  he also served Oba Ladigbolu who reigned between 1956-1968, and he is serving the present Alaafin Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, 1970-present ,thus he has served for  71 years and still counting.

When asked of his children, Baba Kekere said they are in the Northern area while his wife was at home at the time he was being interviewed.


     Baba Kekere and BoN

  BoN:  What is your name ?

 Baba Kekere : My name is Morenikeji

   BoN: Morenikeji what?

  Baba Kekere: Morenikeji   Laisi

   BoN:  What do you do at the Palace

 Baba Kekere :  I run errands for the King

 BoN: Since when have  you been in the Palace?

 Baba Kekere:  I  have been here for a while

 BoN:  How many Kings have you  worked for?

  Baba Kekere:  I have worked for three Kings

  BoN: What is the name of the first one you worked with?

Baba Kekere:  I have  worked with the father of the current Alaafin, [Alaafin Oba   Adeniran Adeyemi II] , Alaafin Ladigbolu, and the present Alaafin Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III

   BoN:  How old are you?

   Baba Kekere: My date of birth was not recorded at the  time I was born

 BoN: Then you must be up to 100 years old

Baba Kekere: Yes, of course

BoN: We are informed that you are the tallest in this palace

Baba Kekere: [ laughs] Yes, I am the tallest

BoN: Where are your children?

Baba Kekere: They are in the Northern area

BoN: How many wives do you have?

Baba Kekere: I have only one wife

BoN: Where is she

Baba Kekere: She is at home

BoN: Is she taking good care of you very well  or should I help you look for another one?

Baba Kekere:I don’t want another one , it’s money that I want now! [ laughter]

BoN: What did you call your name again?

Baba Kekere: Morenikeji

BoN: Thanks a lot, I am humbled


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2 thoughts on “I don’t know my age, says Baba Kekere”

  1. Will he ever retire, and when? Run errands, what ki d St his she. He is certainly older than the king he presently setvee. I hope his children will retire him do he can rest for the rest of life.
    I wish him more ato, good health, add.
    He must be full of information. He is the kind I would to interview once I get my wuestion listed. He most likely will be a good source for Oduduea’s civil wars, even the jihatdists’ eat from the north, particularly, info on how Oduduwa watriors lost ilorin to the jihatdists’.
    Thanks for avsiling me the opportunity of this great elder.

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