Adieu, my Bose

         Adieu, my Bose

         Sleep on my beloveth  Bose 

         We both trod the path in the past 

          Now you are going   alone 


          But don’t worry I will  join  you  one day 

          To  continue from  where we  stopped  

          It’s just a matter of time

        Goodbye and goodnight

My beloveth Bose

I removed my belt, wrist watch, bling bling , shoes and raised up my hands to be searched .I then passed through the screening gate  .My eyes were red, swollen and heavy but I maintained that  bold face .As I looked back at her and the poor boy our eyes  met.They cried loudly and waved their hands again.Not knowing that would be the last time I would see her .

The above drama was displayed   at Gatwick Airport , United Kingdom before boarding the plane back to Nigeria  on the 17th of January 2017.

Before I  left  Longheath Gardens, Surrey, UK we discussed how we would start our own on- line media. She studied English from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria and capped it with a Master’s degree while in the UK where she had spent almost 14years  and already a citizen. Infact  she had just arrived from the United States to meet her nieces ( the Lambos ) to inform them of her application to one of the Universities for her Phd program. She was a British citizen by  naturalization .Yes, we were good combination, she read English and was good and  me too  can walk all the  length and breadth of Lagos and Yoruba land sourcing for stories   and she in the UK had known many places too.

Bose, ever smiling

We had a big dream, big one .Dream that was later shattered into pieces. Dream that was never realized. Dream that never berthed .Dream that was  shred into pieces. I am pained .

Then the big sad news erupted like volcanic  eruption in the evening of March 22 last year as my cellphone rang and the following conversation ensued   : “Is that Mr.Taiwo Abiodun, I am sorry your wife can no longer breath again , her breathing is bad”, an Apostolic Church Pastor  in the UK where we both worshiped told me on phone .I asked “Is she

Bose with her confidant, and next of kin Mrs.Kennie Aderiye[nee Lambo]

 Is she dead?Tell me ”.” Yes, she had just passed on”, he said in low tone. On hearing  the news my heart sank .I became restless.My head was swollen. I developed headache, stomach ache  .I walked like a mad man .I was confused .”What type of pastor is  breaking  this sad news  to you .Does he know where you are? Is  this how to break bad news?” , my former boss Mr .Olayinka Oyegbile [Deputy Editor Sunday] cried. Yes,  I was in his car going home with Mr.Yemi Ajayi, head of Computer section  Sunday Desk, at The Nation newspaper .

I managed to get home.Time  now 11:30pm . I live alone .Living alone  is bad .It is suicidal .It is not good .I went to the kitchen , grabbed a kitchen  knife .Different thoughts flooded my mind : should I stab myself and go the way she went? .who will know ? . What will people say ? I later called my landlord and told him what happened at 12:30 am .I waited impatiently to hear the cock to crow.I went to bed thinking it would be a dream.Yes, we used to dream that something happened , and would be dream not reality. I prayed it should be a dream.No, it wasn’t .

The following day I started receiving  calls , calls from local to international. .And I was weeping like a baby. It was a big loss. A big blow. My eyes were swollen. I blew my nose .I looked askance. Living alone is bad and dangerous , unfortunately I am now used to it .

Ours was pure and undiluted love.Ours was love wantintin, Love in Tokyo.

Bose with her sister, Dr.Esther Lambo , Dr. Bola Ogundimu [nee Lambo] and Lambo’s grandchildren in Atlanta

I had prayed to  let us become the Greek mythological  Baucis and Philemon ,the  couple who loved each other and prayed to God not to see each other’s death .And they later became  a tree and one became a rope and intertwined .Today , if you see a rope that twined on an oak tree that is the couple .I would have let us become …..we loved ourselves .

We met in Owo  in 1981 while she was in her final year at St Catherine’s Girls school .Immediately after her school

In Owo in 1981,self and Bose

certificate she  went to live with her sister in  Ibadan and trust me ,  I pursued her there. While briefly in  Lagos we gave ourselves no breathing space . In Ilorin where she schooled and stayed with her sister,  Dr.Esther Lambo ( wife of Professor Eyitayo Lambo , former Health Minister ) I was there.

Bose  with Dr. Bola Ogundimu [nee Lambo] in Atlanta, USA

No lady came across me that I fell in love with like Bose for she possessed exemplary character , she had that beautiful  face with a gap tooth and rotund body .That is the story of Peter Taiwo Abiodun and Evelyn Bose Abiodun [nee Aragbaiye].She walked gently and ran away from trouble .She was NEVER a fault finder like some women who complain , talk and talk and talk without an iota of sense .Yes, she was unlike some women who would all their lives be messing around with  men . She maintained good culture .She could stomach many things . She preferred to keep quiet when annoyed  and walked away , she could be confided in , she was neither  loose nor  garrulous. 

She was unlike me a talkative, going out type, and rascal .

What could have snuffed life out of her? you will ask .

Yes, it is that dreaded  monster that knows no bound irrespective of sex and age ,race, culture and  irrespective of medical facilities and daily research on it.

Painfully   it all happened where all facilities are available .But what exactly killed her ?

Bose in Carlifonia , 2016

Bose at St.Louis,  Missouri in 2016, during the 50years anniversary of St.Catherine’s Girls, Owo

It is that terrible , stupid,  idiot ,good for nothing monster that consumes anybody irrespective of status , sex, height .She died of Cancer .

When I was informed ( after keeping it for weeks ) that she had cancer , I was shocked for she never exhibited any trait of sickness at all while I was  there .

She only complained of dizziness, fatigue and that was all.We went to her GP for check up .She forced me to check my BP for I have phobia for these medical …..

We would leave  our baby at home and go to places , many places like London Bridge, Essex, Cardiff, Manchester , we traveled by air, sea and underground train. We went to theatre , rode in a boat, ship and went to  tourist centers .Yes we visited  many other places not knowing that was the last enjoyment we would have. And the questions that came to my mind is ”Did she have the premonition of her death?

We took pictures, laughed and ran about like babies. She would call me Babalawo of The Nation and she would introduce herself as ‘ Iyawo Babalawo  of The Nation’, Oh my God. It was as if we had just met .

Every morning I would walk down with her to her workplace and she would call me after closing to come and join her to walk home .

It was love , we walked together, ran ups and downs like babies!

‘Taiye, Bobo T, T Bobo, I am Babalawo  of The Nation’s wife ”,she would hail me .She understood me the more , accepted my rascality .

And the service of songs  was held  in London led by Mrs .Kennie Aderiye( née Lambo) and another in Nigeria .

At St Patrick’s church we were billed , and this is a story for another day .I will write epistle on ‘ burial in Anglican churches’

Yes, we all gathered together. Her school’s alma mater , St Catherine’s Girls school came to pay their last respect.They also contributed financially.She was popularly called Evelyn Aragbaworld among her classmates.

Professor Eyitayo Lambo and his wife , Dr.Esther Funmilayo Lambo wept as they saw the corpse .Yes, Dr.Lambo  summoned courage to give her younger sister her last respect. Bose was the last born of the Aragbaiye family.Can one imagine the pains and agony, no wonder we gnashed our teeth. She had seven living older  brothers and sisters .

The Lambos were fantastic, they did not forget their great auntie who took care of them when they were young.Rev.( Mrs) Ladun Adenikinju ( née Abiodun ) was proud of the Lambos for flying  the corpse down to Nigeria as she said ” Ori Ade ko nsun ‘ta” ( Kings are not buried in foreign land).My great thanks to Rev[Mrs Lovett Adenikinju for her support throughout the period.

How many can fly a corpse down to Nigeria? It is very expensive .No wonder many are buried over there, what of the logistics , mental torture and stress one goes through to bring down the corpse?.It was a painful exit .Need not to tell how we broke down and wept when asked to identify her corpse  for the first time at LASUTH, Ikeja – Lagos. Bose  was sleeping peacefully in that trunk box with her scarf/muffler on her neck .

And the question on everybody’s lips is ‘Why Bose? why?’. Mr Dare Aragbaiye was present at the wake keep.He was too sad , very sad seeing his younger sister going six feet below the ground.No,ooo.He wept.He  is a complete gentleman who hardly speak but always smile, but that day , no smiling.

[from left] High Chief represented The Olowo of Owo , Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III, Charles, Professor Abiodun Olotuah, self[ BoN] Mrs.[Deaconess Remi Ogundowole and Stella

Great thanks to St.Catherine’s Girls School old students who played the roles of sisters, friends , mother and all in all.Many were present too numerous to mention their names.They played moral  and financial for the burial . I pray May the Good Lord bless you all.

But I need to greatly thank Owo Socialite Club in the United Kingdom who contributed a lot.The Owo Socialite Club members , President of Owo Socialite Club, Prince Yomi Obasusi and his General Secretary in person of Mr.Sola Ladenegan who    strongly supported us  will forever be remembered for their advise and roles they all played before, during and after the burial ceremony both in the UK and in Nigeria .

In her honor the Olowo Of Owo, HRM Oba David Folagbade Olateru -Olagbegi III sent his royal staff to honour Bose. Dr.Bolu Ogundowole and his wife,Mrs Remi Ogundowole ,  Mr.Ademola Adetula [ former MD The Hope Newspaper , Mrs. Idowu Omolayo, played major roles to make sure she was given a befitting burial.

Thanks to my twin brother , Kehinde Abiodun for his moral and financial support.To Ulado and his wife Ibidun , GEE DEK, we thank you all.I will not forget Ranti Bular, Taiwo Lawal ,Theophilus Olowa ,and host of others

The FUTA staff and students we say a big thank to you. The Nation newspaper and other media that covered the event we thank you all for the comradeship, Thanks to Mrs Bosede Adelaja of Vanguard Newspaper.Our  thanks also go to  Engineer Emmanuel Akinlotan, Engineer Banjo Sule, Mr.Gbenga Adenikinju, Shagari Estate residents.

To the Aragbaiyes, it is painful losing the last born in the family,although the elderly ones could not turn up but thanks for your cooperation and condolences especially from  Elder Bola Aragbaiye, Prophetess Dupe, Dr.[Mrs] Esther Lambo,Mr.Olu Aragbaiye, Engr. Akin Aragbaiye ,  Mrs.Funke Ajidahun and Mr .Dare Aragbaiye, this is a big loss to the family.

Mrs. Susan Ilori Famuyide , Mr and Mrs Musiliu Ayinde Adetunhji Adesina, Mr.Tunde Obasemola, Mr Jide Obasemola, we are grateful to you all .

The only consolation we have is that she left behind three beautiful children behind; Charles, Stella and Nathan.

I flashed  back and remembered how we started in 1981 and hot teardrops fell from my cheeks .So Bose is gone?.

But don’t be in a hurry, death for we are all coming over there .

I have instructed our  children that I should be laid by her side when I’m gone.

St Catherine’s Girls , her alma mater prayed  for Bose before the coffin was lowered into the grave


The Lambos : Taiwo Lambo, Mrs. Kennie Aderiye ( née Lambo) , Mrs  Dolapo Famakinwa( née Lambo)  Dr.[Mrs] Bola Ogundimu ( née Lambo) were great as they contributed to bring their  auntie’s corpse home from the United Kingdom


My ‘Queen’ going to her final resting place

Great thanks to Professor Rowland Abiodun for his financial and moral support, The Olowo of Owo Oba DVF Olateru Olagbegi III who sent the royal staff of office to honour her and was  represented by one of his High Chiefs, Mrs. Yemisi Oriku ( UK), Mrs .Bolanle Akinwale,  Akinwale Dare, Ulado, Matthew Obajuluwa, Hon.Murtala Hammed.The children of late Dr. Sanya Abioduns, Mr Yemi Abiodun and his wife, and the Abiodun family are appreciated.

Thanks to  Members of Owo Socialite Club in the UK, Barrister Adesina Oladokun, Madam Asede Imade  among others are highly appreciated. Mrs.Yemisi Oriku,Abigael  Shanu Ojo.The Online Editor- Mr.Lekan Otufodunrin, Deputy Editor Sunday Nation desk-Mr.Olayinka Oyegbile, Mr, Yemi Ajayi [The Nation newspaper] ,President Yoruba Indigenes Foundation, Dr .[Comrade]Aderibole , Mr.Roland Kayode Joks, Engr. Adebanjo Akinsuyi , Mrs Bimpe Adewale ,the Olunaun of Unaun, Oba Obabiire , and host of others too numerous to mention.

A ko ni fi iru re san funra wa o, ojo a jinna sira o.

Author: Taiwo Abiodun


46 thoughts on “Adieu, my Bose”

  1. So sad, u can’t hold back my tears when I was reading her biography. May her soul rest in perfect peace

  2. So sad, I can’t hold back my tears when I was reading her biography. May her soul rest in perfect peace

  3. It was so funny seeing all the pictures together when you were on holiday. I saw her joy and I saw her laughter. I thought to myself the she must have been an angel to have the capacity to cope with your ways.
    I knew when the holiday ended because you posted it. I said to myself that you’d go back to work and your wife would rest from your wahala.
    So it was a big shock when I read that she fell sick and died. I found it hard to believe.
    Well, the reality is that she’s gone but her sweet spirit lives.
    Be consoled in the fact that she lived a happy life with a man like you.
    May God continue to be with you and the children, ameen.

  4. This is very sad The Lord will console you Tai Keep the children she left behind May her soul rest in perfect peace

  5. Very touching farewell speeches that will forever remain in the memory of the author and husband of the deceased. I remember sometimes in late 2016, when I spoke with her, she was alive and agile.
    But, our consolation was that she came, saw and conquer. May her soul continue to rest with the Lord. Adieu Bose Taiwo Abiodun

  6. Humm. Beloved Taiwo. I couldn’t control it. Very painful loss indeed. But God remains unquestionable. He will preserve the family left behind. Take heart friend

  7. Auntie Bose,the only friend to my elder Olawunmi Ronke Olugbade,May your Soul continues to Rest in Perfect Peace. Adieu

  8. Taiye, I can assure you that it was a painful experience! All the events of your late wife, gave me a flashback of the similar situation I encountered in the year 2011, when my late brother, Pastor Oladapo Idowu died in the UK and we have to repartrait the body back to Nigeria. I can assure you that it was not a palatable experience!!. It was like yesterday!!!. From the experience Of my late brother I always remind my self on daily basis that ‘all is vanity, vanities of vanities all is vanity (Ecclesiates 1). King Solomon further substantiate that to every thing there is season…..,.,,,,,,a time to be born and a time to die. It is a price that we must have to pay at a certain stage when the time is ripe,
    Adieu Bose: rest in perfect peace. Taiye, we have no option than to endeavour to move on. But remember our ways, attitude and behaviour whilst we are here are very important. Take care my friend. Ojo a jina sira won o.

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